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R5 - Fallin' For You
R5 - Here Comes Forever
R5 - Crazy 4 U
R5 - My Confession
R5 - What Do I Have To Do?
R5 - Without You
R5 - Look At Us Now
Protoje - Kingston Be Wise
Protoje - Hold You Now
Protoje - Someone Like You
Protoje - Who Dem A Program
Protoje - This Is Not A Marijuana Song
Protoje - Come My Way
Protoje - Shot By Love
Protoje - Black Cinderella
Protoje - Hail Ras Tafari
Protoje - Music From My Heart
Gérard Lenorman - Je Vous Reparlerai D'amour
Charly Bell - Laisse Couler
Postal Service (The) - A Tattered Line Of String
Julieta Venegas - Hoy
Julieta Venegas - Verte Otra Vez
Julieta Venegas - Vuelve
Julieta Venegas - Volver A Empezar
Lordi - Something Wicked This Way Comes
Yonas - Temptation
Cristyle - Love Factory
Kidnap Kid - So Close
Kidnap Kid - I.O.U
Erin Boheme - I Missed You Today
Erin Boheme - The Last Time
Erin Boheme - I Do I Do
Erin Boheme - He Isn't You
Erin Boheme - What A Life
Erin Boheme - I'd Love To Be Your Last
Union Duke - Follow Me
Paolo Simoni - Ettore
Paolo Simoni - Io Sono Io E Tu Sei Tu
Los Buitres De Culiacan Sinaloa - Imposible Quererte
Los Buitres De Culiacan Sinaloa - No Es Suficiente
Marybell Katastrophy - There Is No Rhino In This Room
Nembience - From Hell To Eternity
Katalepsy - Evidence Of Near Death (E.N.D.)
Katalepsy - Body Bags For The Gods
Katalepsy - Gore Conspiracy
Katalepsy - Amongst Phantom Worlds
Katalepsy - Knifed Humility
Katalepsy - Taedium Vitae
Nightrage - Insidious
Nightrage - Hate Turns Black
Nightrage - Poignant Memories
Red Descending - Inferno
Red Descending - The Wilderness
Red Descending - Kingdoms
Shaded Enmity - The Botanist
Hollerado - Wonder, Velocity, Charlie And Me
Hollerado - Don't Think
Hollerado - Too Much To Handle
Hollerado - Lonesome George
Hollerado - So It Goes
Hollerado - Pure Emotion
Hollerado - Pick Me Up
Dontae Peeps - Bullet
Mike Hough - Waiting (7 Seconds)
Big Harp - Bar All The Doors
Big Harp - No Trouble At All
Big Harp - Outside In The Snow
Liliane Scharf - Ein Bisschen Schnick Schnack
Mogwai - What Are They Doing In Heaven Today?
Phoenix - S.O.S. in Bel Air
Phoenix - Trying To Be Cool
Phoenix - Drakkar Noir
Phoenix - Chloroform
Phoenix - Don't
Phoenix - Bourgeois
Phoenix - Oblique City
Rita Ora - Radioactive (Remixes)
Swiss Lips - Danz
Nerina Pallot - Finally
Nerina Pallot - Love Is An Unmade Bed
Nerina Pallot - Not Over You
Indochine - Black Ouverture
Indochine - College Boy
Indochine - Belfast
Indochine - Europane (Ou Le Dernier Bal)
Indochine - The Lovers
To Kill A King - Rays
To Kill A King - I Work Nights And You Work Days
To Kill A King - Funeral
To Kill A King - Wolves
To Kill A King - Besides She Said
To Kill A King - Children Who Start Fires
To Kill A King - Fictional State
Phoenix Foundation (The) - Blue Summer
F.R.E.I. - Wo Bist Du
Ben Ivory - Better Love
Taped Rai - Epilogue: I & Ii - Shadow Of The Sun
Autre Ne Veut - Play By Play
Autre Ne Veut - Counting
Autre Ne Veut - Warning
Autre Ne Veut - Gonna Die
Autre Ne Veut - Don't Ever Look Back
Autre Ne Veut - I Wanna Dance With Somebody
Autre Ne Veut - World War
Usher - Go Missin'
Rhye - Open
Rhye - The Fall
Rhye - Last Dance
Rhye - Verse
Rhye - Shed Some Blood
Rhye - 3 Days
Rhye - One Of Those Summer Days
Rhye - Major Minor Love
Rhye - Hunger
Kery James - Constat Amer
Unknown Mortal Orchestra - From The Sun
Unknown Mortal Orchestra - So Good At Being In Trouble
Unknown Mortal Orchestra - One At A Time
Unknown Mortal Orchestra - No Need For A Leader
Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Monki
Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Faded In The Morning
Cayne - Waiting
Cayne - Together As One
Cayne - Little Witch
Cayne - King Of Nothing
Cayne - My Damnation
Cayne - Deep Down And Under
Cayne - Black Liberation
Cayne - Evidence
Cayne - Like The Stars
Fedez - Polaroid
Fedez - Presa Bene (Ogni Tanto)
Diamond Youth - Sunburn
Diamond Youth - The Feeling
Diamond Youth - Pleasantries
Robert DeLong - Just Movement
Robert DeLong - Global Concepts
Robert DeLong - Happy
Robert DeLong - Here
Robert DeLong - Perfect
Daniel Bashta - Heaven
Skinny Lister - John Kanaka
Skinny Lister - Rollin' Over
Skinny Lister - Peregrine Fly
Skinny Lister - Plough & Orion
Parquet Chourts - No Ideas
Frightened Rabbit - If You Were Me
DJ Ötzi - Nur Mit Dir Allein
DJ Ötzi - Tirol
DJ Ötzi - Dich Weinen Seh'n
DJ Ötzi - Du Bist Es
Grady Champion - My Time Baby
Grady Champion - Missing You
Grady Champion - Trust Yourself
Grady Champion - Glory Train
Grady Champion - Things Ain't What They Used To Be
Grady Champion - Tough Times Don't Last
Grady Champion - On The Road
Grady Champion - Ghetto
Grady Champion - What Would Christmas Be Without You?
Follow Your Instinct - My City
Union (The) - Fading Out Of Love
Union (The) - Tonight I'm Alive
Union (The) - Tangled Up In You
Union (The) - Lost To The Wind
Union (The) - Marie Celeste
Union (The) - You Can Share My Dreams
Purity Ring - Grammy
Soror Dolorosa - Silver Square
Soror Dolorosa - Sound & Death
Soror Dolorosa - Dany
Soror Dolorosa - The Figure Of The Night
Soror Dolorosa - Motherland
Soror Dolorosa - A Dead Yesterday
Kavinsky - Odd Look
Kavinsky - First Blood
Kavinsky - Endless
Heavatar - Replica
Betty Dittrich - Lalala
Within The Ruins - Feeding Frenzy
Within The Ruins - I, Blashpheme
Within The Ruins - Absolute Hell
Within The Ruins - Weightless
Misfits - Devil's Rain
Misfits - Vivid Red
Misfits - Land Of The Dead
Misfits - Curse Of The Mummy's Hand
Misfits - Death Ray
Misfits - Shining
Dido - All I See
Dido - Everything To Lose Remix
Laing - Ding Dong
Laing - Morgens Immer Müde
Laing - Wünsche
Matt Gonzo Roehr - Vom Ersten Blick Zum Letzten Kuss
Matt Gonzo Roehr - Es Gibt Nichts (Was Für Immer Hält)
Matt Gonzo Roehr - Tage Des Donners
Matt Gonzo Roehr - Träumer
Destination Anywhere - Am Ende Ist Doch Niemand Gern Allein
Thyrfing - Fordom
Thyrfing - Kamp
Thyrfing - De Ödeslösa
Killerpilze - A.W.I.T.M
Killerpilze - Studieren
Killerpilze - Himmel II
Hardcore Superstar - C'mon Take On Me
Hardcore Superstar - One More Minute
Hardcore Superstar - Are You Gonna Cry Now
Hardcore Superstar - Stranger Of Mine
Hardcore Superstar - Won't Take The Blame Pt.2
Hardcore Superstar - Dead Man's Shoes
Hardcore Superstar - Because Of You
Hardcore Superstar - Long Time No See
Henke - Fernweh Ist
Henke - Nur Allein
Kate Nash - Part Heart
Kate Nash - Are You There Sweetheart?
Kate Nash - Sister
Kate Nash - Omygod!
Kate Nash - Oh
Kate Nash - 3am
Kate Nash - You're So Cool, I'm So Freaky
Kate Nash - Lullaby For An Insomniac
Megaloh - Fliegen Davon
Bonnie Tyler - Flat On The Floor
Bonnie Tyler - Believe In Me
Bonnie Tyler - Stubborn
Bonnie Tyler - This Is Gonna Hurt
Bonnie Tyler - Sunshine
Bonnie Tyler - What You Need From Me
Bonnie Tyler - Little Superstar
Bonnie Tyler - Mom
Bonnie Tyler - Love Is The Knife
Bonnie Tyler - Lord Help Me
Bonnie Tyler - All I Ever Wanted
Bonnie Tyler - You Try
Mesh - Just Leave Us Alone
Mesh - Taken For Granted
Mesh - You Want What's Owed To You
Mesh - Automation Baby
Mesh - This Is The Time
Mesh - The Way I Feel
Mesh - Adjust Your Set
Mesh - Flawless
Mesh - Never Meet Your Heroes
Mesh - You Couldn't See This Coming
Enrico Macias - L'accordéon Dans Les Rues De Paris
DJ Antoine - Keep On Dancing
Praga Khan - We Follow The Sun
Praga Khan - Soulsplitter
Praga Khan - The Sinner
Praga Khan - I Am Your Drug
Praga Khan - Lady Strange
Tiffany Evans - 143 (I Love You)
Tiffany Evans - I Ride 4 You
Céline Dion - If There Was Any Other Way
Céline Dion - Ain't Gonna Look the Other Way
Céline Dion - Amar Haciendo el Amor
Céline Dion - At Last
Céline Dion - Baby Close Your Eyes
Céline Dion - Ce Soir On Danse à Naziland
Céline Dion - Coulda Woulda Shoulda
Céline Dion - Feliz Navidad
Céline Dion - Forget Me Not
Céline Dion - Greatest Reward
Céline Dion - Hymne L'amiti
Céline Dion - I Believe in You (Je Crois en Toi)
Céline Dion - I Feel Too Much
Céline Dion - I've Got the World on a String
Céline Dion - If Love Is Out of the Question
Céline Dion - Je Lui Dirai
Céline Dion - La Religieuse
Céline Dion - Le Piano Fantme
Céline Dion - Le Vol d'Un Ange
Céline Dion - Les Derniers Seront Les Premiers
Céline Dion - Live for the One I Love
Céline Dion - Love by Another Name
Céline Dion - Mon Homme
Céline Dion - Sola Otra Vez
Céline Dion - Tout L'or des Hommes
Céline Dion - Twist and Shout
C-Lo - I Am Selling Soul
C-Lo - Moment in Life
C-Lo - Pretty Please (Love Me)
C.L. Smooth - Our Generation (The Hope of the World)
C21 - Be With You Again
C21 - Cuts Deep Inside
C21 - Deep Down
C21 - Don't Wanna Lose You
C21 - Hanging on a String
C21 - She Cries
C21 - You Are the One
Cab Calloway & His Orchestra - Are You All Reet?
Cab Calloway & His Orchestra - Are You in Love With Me Again?
Cab Calloway & His Orchestra - Kickin' the Gong Around
Cactus - Parchman Farm
Cadet - Call Me
Cadet - Nobody
Margaret Berger - I Feed You My Love
Café Tacuba - El Ro
Café Tacuba - Vamonos
Cagnet - Deeper and Deeper
Cal Tjader - I've Waited So Long
Call & Response - Stars Have Eyes
Call, The - Even Now
Callejeros - Jugando
Callejeros - Tiempo de Estar
Cameo - Feel Me
Cameo - Find My Way
Cameo - For You
Cameo - I Just Want to Be
Cameo - Just Be Yourself
Cameo - Keep It Hot
Cameo - Loverboy
Cameo - Single Life
Cameo - Word Up!
Camouflage - Great Commandment
Camper Van Beethoven - Oh Death
Campfire Girls - Someday
Canadian Brass - We Are the Champions
Canadian Tenors (The) - Because We Believe
Canadian Tenors (The) - Instrument of Peace
Canadian Tenors (The) - O Viens Emmanuel (O Come Emmanuel)
Canadian Tenors (The) - The Perfect Gift
Canal Magdalena - Dulce Espera
Candice Accola - Started
Candy Claws - Island Grows
Candy Claws - Snow Bridge
Candy Claws - Snow Face
Candy Claws - Snow Girl
Candy Claws - Sunbeam Show
Candy Hearts - Last Summer
Canned Heat - An Owl Song
Canned Heat - Boogie Music
Canned Heat - Christmas Blues
Canned Heat - I'm a Hog for You Baby
Canned Heat - Lets Work Together
Canned Heat - Rollin' and Tumblin' (With Harmonica)
Canned Heat - So Long
Cannonball Adderley - So What
Canon Blue - Indian Summer (Des Moines)
Canton Spirituals (The) - I Want You to Move
Cantrells (The) - Shooting Stars
Capital Inicial - Sorte
Captain Beefheart & the Magic Band - Ant Man Bee
Captain Beefheart & the Magic Band - I'm Glad
Captain Beefheart & the Magic Band - My Human Gets Me Blues
Captain Beefheart & the Magic Band - Trust Us
Captain Chaos - When You Get Tired of Me
Captain Jack - Holiday
Captain Planet - Wort auf der Bruecke
Cara Salimando - Anyway
Caravan - The Dog, The Dog, He's at It Again
Carcer City - If We Make It Home
Cardigans, The - 03:45: No Sleep
Cardinals (The) - Cold Roses
Cardinals (The) - If I Am a Stranger
Cardinals (The) - Now That You're Gone
Cardinals (The) - Sweet Illusions
Carey Bell - Trouble No More
Carissa's Wierd - Gauze
Carissa's Wierd - Meredith & Iris
Carl Douglas - Shanghai'd
Carl Hennessy - I'm Gonna Blow Your Mind
Carl Stephenson - Dream
Carla Morrison - Lagrimas
Carla Thomas - 634-5789 (Soulsville, U.S.A.)
Carla Thomas - A Love of My Own
Carla Thomas - Don't Mess Up a Good Thing
Carla Thomas - Gee Whiz! (Look at His Eyes)
Carla Thomas - Good Good Lovin'
Carla Thomas - I've Fallen in Love with You
Carla Thomas - I've Got No Time to Lose
Carlene Carter - Heart's in Traction
Carlinhos Brown - A Namorada
Carlinhos Brown - Carlito Marrón
Carlos Gardel - A Media Luz
Carlos Gardel - Fumando Espero
Carlos Gardel - Guitarra, Guitarra Mía
Carlos Gardel - Lejana Tierra Mia
Carlos Gardel - Madre Hay Una Sola
Carlos Gardel - Milonga del 900
Carlos Gardel - Milonga Sentimental
Carlos Gardel - Por Una Cabeza
Carlos Gardel - Volver
Carlos Roberto - La Montaña
Carlos Roberto - Qué Será de Ti
Carlos Varela - Como un Angel
Carlos Varela - Foto de Familia
Carlos Varela - Memorias
Carlos Vives - Décimas
Carlos Vives - Déjame Entrar
Carlos Vives - No Podras Escapar de Mí
Carlos Vives - Quiero Verte Sonreir
Carly Binding - Love Will Save Me
Carmen Cavallaro - All Alone
Carmen McRae - A Song for You
Carmen McRae - Come in from the Rain
Carmen McRae - I Get a Kick Out of You
Carmen McRae - I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know
Carmen McRae - I'll Remember April
Carmen McRae - Misty
Carmen McRae - My Funny Valentine
Carmen McRae - My Romance
Carmen McRae - Nice Work If You Can Get It
Carmen McRae - No More
Carmen McRae - Once upon a Summertime
Carmen McRae - Skyliner
Carmen McRae - Sometimes I'm Happy
Carmen McRae - Sunday
Carmen McRae - The Folks Who Live on the Hill
Carmen McRae - The Night Has a Thousand Eyes
Carmen McRae - Yardbird Suite
Carol Sloane - Getting Some Fun Out of Life
Carol Sloane - When I Look in Your Eyes
Carole Bayer Sager - Aces
Caroline Smith and the Good Night Sleeps - Calliope
Caroline Smith and the Good Night Sleeps - Half About Being a Woman
Caroline Smith and the Good Night Sleeps - Hannah's Song
Carolyn Arends - I Can Hear You
Carolyn Arends - Life Is Long
Carolyn Arends - Surprised by Joy
Caron Wheeler - Back to Life (However Do You Want Me)
Caron Wheeler - I Adore You
Caron Wheeler - In Our Love
Carousel - Let's Go Home
Carousel - Open Road
Carousel - Stay Awake
Carrie Lucas - Hello Stranger
Carroll Spinney - I Hate Christmas
Cars, The - That's It
Cash Brothers (The) - Guitar Strings and Foolish Things
Cash Brothers (The) - Nerve
Cassandre McKinley - I Want You
Cassandre McKinley - Til Tomorrow
Cast - Bow Down
Cast Recording - A One
Castaneda - Radio
Casualties, The - Down and Out
Casualties, The - Looking Thru Bloodshot Eyes
Cat Empire, The - Call Me Home
Cataldo - Things You Need To Know
Catatonia - Dont Need The Sunshine
Catch the Rainbow - I Surrender
Catch the Rainbow - Stargazer
Catch (The) - 25 Years
Catherine Wheel - Capacity To Change
Cathie Ryan - Cailn Deas Crite Na mB
Cathy Dennis - Don't Take My Heaven
Cathy Dennis - Everybody Get Up
Cathy Dennis - Everybody Move
Cathy Dennis - Falling
Cathy Dennis - Got to Get Your Love
Cathy Dennis - Moments of Love
Cathy Dennis - My Beating Heart
Cathy Dennis - Our True Emotions
Cathy Dennis - Tell Me
Cathy Dennis - When Dreams Turn to Dust
Catie Curtis - Patience
Cats & the Fiddle (The) - I'd Rather Drink Muddy Water
Cavil At Rest - It's Still Not as Bad
Cazuza - Exagerado 3.0
Cdb - Good Times
Cecil Otter - Black Rose
Cecile Corbel - Mary
Cecile Corbel - Painted Veil
Cecile Corbel - Sweet Amaryllis
Cecile Corbel - Three Ravens
Celso Fonseca - Slow Motion Bossa Nova
Celtic Women - Ding Dong Merrily on High
Celtic Women - My Lagan Love
Celtic Women - Silent Night
Celtic Women - When You Believe
Centro-Matic - In the Strategy Room
ceo - Love and Do What You Will
Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren - Another World
Chad Brock - I'd Love to Love You
Chad Brock - Tell Me How
Chad Mitchell Trio - Dona, Dona, Dona
Chad Mitchell Trio - James James Morrison Morrison
Chainsuck - Dress
Chalk Farm - Hey
Chalk Farm - Lose You Now
Chalk Farm - When Something Becomes Nothing
Chamberlain - South Has Spoiled Me
Chamberlain - The World Don't Want Us
Chambers Brothers (The) - Can't Turn You Loose
Chambers Brothers (The) - Just a Closer Walk With Thee
Champion Jack Dupree - All Around the World
Champion Jack Dupree - Junkers Blues
Champion Jack Dupree - Stack-O-Lee
Chan Romero - Hippy Hippy Shake
Chap (The) - We'll See You To Your Breakdown
Charioteers (The) - Night Train to Memphis
Charlatans UK (The) - Believe You Me
Charlatans UK (The) - Can't Get Out of Bed
Charlatans UK (The) - Cry Yourself to Sleep
Charlatans UK (The) - Good Witch/Bad Witch
Charlatans UK (The) - Impossible
Charlatans UK (The) - Just When You're Thinking Things Over