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Elvis Presley - I Can Help
Rajaton - Tonttu
Rajaton - Nouse lauluni
Elvis Presley - A World of Our Own
Rajaton - Onni
Powergod - Mean Clean Fighting Machine
Powergod - Into the Battle
Die Raketen - Tokyo, Tokyo
Elvis Presley - I'm Leaving
Elvis Presley - Mama
Priscillia - Vou et mwen
Rags Cast - Not So Different At All
Ragnaröek - Spielmann
Puffra - Overblown Bombastic
Queen - Ogre Battle
Queen - White Queen (As It Began)
Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody
Queen - The March of the Black Queen
Queen - Bring Back That Leroy Brown
Queen - Guitar Solo
Queen - Son and Daughter
Queen - Liar
Queen - Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon
Queen - I’m in Love With My Car
Queen - You’re My Best Friend
Queen - Sweet Lady
Queen - Seaside Rendezvous
Queen - The Prophet’s Song
Queen - Love of My Life
Queen - Good Company
Queen - My Fairy King
Queen - Doin’ Alright
Queen - Great King Rat
Queen - Stone Cold Crazy
Queen - One Year of Love
Queen - I’m Going Slightly Mad
Queen - I Want It All
Queen - Tie Your Mother Down
Queen - These Are the Days of Our Lives
Queen - One Vision
Queen - Headlong
Queen - Long Away
Queen - Tenement Funster
Queen - Lily of the Valley
Queen - Mustapha
Queen - Spread Your Wings
Queen - Sleeping on the Sidewalk
Queen - It’s Late
Queen - Rock It (Prime Jive)
Queen - Dead on Time
Queen - Sail Away Sweet Sister
Queen - Staying Power
Queen - Jealousy
Queen - Don’t Try So Hard
Queen - Tear It Up
Queen - I Was Born to Love You
Queen - Khashoggi’s Ship
Queen - Is This the World We Created...?
Queen - The Hitman
Queen - It’s a Beautiful Day
Queen - Mother Love
Queen - In the Space Capsule (The Love Theme)
Queen - Ming’s Theme (In the Court of Ming the Merciless)
Queen - In the Death Cell (Love Theme reprise)
Queen - Arboria (Planet of the Tree Men)
Queen - The Wedding March
Queen - Football Fight (early version, no synths! February 1980)
Radio Tarifa - Lamma bada
Prof - Church
Prof - I Had Sex in the 90's
Prof - Poor Me
Prof - Figured Out
Raised By Swans - We Were Never Young
Raised By Swans - Night Fighter
Raised By Swans - By an Ion
Raised By Swans - Longer Shadows, Shorter Days
Raised By Swans - A Cipher in a Foreign Sky
Raised By Swans - Sandcastles
Raised By Swans - Still Inside You
Raised By Swans - Phantom Limb / Divided by Night
Raised By Swans - Relentless
Raised By Swans - The Moment That I'll Miss
Raised By Swans - Scent
Raised By Swans - Unrequited / Stolen Lakes
Raised By Swans - Chasms
Raised By Swans - Katla
Raised By Swans - I Know It's Real
Raised By Swans - A Way to Get By
Raised By Swans - Spilled More Blood
Raised By Swans - Except Us Dreamers
Queen - Fat Bottomed Girls
Queen - Bicycle Race
Queen - Don’t Stop Me Now
Queen - Somebody to Love
Queen - Good Old‐Fashioned Lover Boy
Queen - Play the Game
Queen - We Are the Champions
Queen - I Want to Break Free
Queen - Breakthru
Queen - Friends Will Be Friends
Queen - Scandal
Queen - Las Palabras de amor
Queen - Back Chat
Queen - Calling All Girls
Queen - One Vision (extended video)
Queen - Las palabras de amor (The Words of Love)
Queen - Cool Cat
Queen - Tavaszi szél vizet áraszt
Queen - (You’re So Square) Baby I Don’t Care
Queen - Tutti Frutti
Ralph's World - Clean My Room
Ralph's World - Tickle a Tiger
Ralph's World - Barnyard Blues
Project Pitchfork - Timekiller
Project Pitchfork - Drone State
Project Pitchfork - Hunted
Project Pitchfork - Rescue
Project Pitchfork - Eon
Project Pitchfork - Pan
Project Pitchfork - Ocean of Whispers
Queen - Delilah
Queen - If You Can’t Beat Them
Queen - Dreamer’s Ball
Queen - Leaving Home Ain’t Easy
Queen - Too Much Love Will Kill You
Queen - Let Me Live
Project Pitchfork - The Circus
Project Pitchfork - Contract
Project Pitchfork - Storm Flower
Project Pitchfork - Acid Ocean
Project Pitchfork - Nil
Project Pitchfork - Onyx
Project Pitchfork - Full Contact
Max Prosa - Im Stillen
Max Prosa - Bis Nach Haus (mit Dota Kehr)
Puff Daddy & the Family - Been Around the World
Puff Daddy & the Family - I Love You Baby
Puff Daddy & the Family - Señorita
Puff Daddy & the Family - Young G's
Project Pitchfork - Terra Incognita
Project Pitchfork - Blood-Stained (Give Me Your Body)
Project Pitchfork - Blood-Diamond (See Him Running)
Project Pitchfork - Blood-Pressure (Just for My Pleasure)
Project Pitchfork - Blood-Stream (Will I Be)
Project Pitchfork - I Live Your Dream (extended, remastered)
Project Pitchfork - Titânes
Project Pitchfork - Blind Eye
Project Pitchfork - Volcano
Project Pitchfork - Sunset Devastation
Project Pitchfork - Sky Eye
Queen - Brighton Rock Solo
Queen - Doing All Right
Queen - The Night Comes Down
Queen - Jesus
Queen - Seven Seas of Rhye…
Queen - Great King Rat (De Lane Lea demo, December 1971)
Queen - Jesus (De Lane Lea demo, December 1971)
Queen - Liar (De Lane Lea demo, December 1971)
Queen - The Loser in the End
Queen - Dear Friends
Queen - Misfire
Queen - Flick of the Wrist (BBC session, October 1974)
Queen - Keep Yourself Alive (long‐lost retake, June 1975)
Queen - You’re My Best Friend (backing track mix 2011)
Queen - I’m in Love With My Car (guitar & vocal mix 2011)
Queen - You Take My Breath Away
Queen - You and I
Queen - Drowse
Elvis Presley - Medley: Nothingville / Big Boss Man / Let Yourself Go / It Hurts Me / Guitar Man / Little Egypt / Tr
Project Pitchfork - Alien Crossing
Project Pitchfork - In the Year 2525
Project Pitchfork - Lie on Grass
Queen - Let Me in Your Heart Again
The Rumor Mill - Kansas City Shuffle
Joshua Ralph - One Million Miles Away
Project Pitchfork - The Island
Project Pitchfork - Corpus Hermeticum (Body/Spirit)
Project Pitchfork - Tal der Dornen
Queen - No-One but You (Only the Good Die Young)
Queen - Get Down Make Love
The Railbenders - The Outlaw Way
Radogost - Watra
Radogost - Raróg
Princessa Avenue - Only Girl In The World
The Psycho Realm - Psycho City Blocks / Psycho Interlude
The Psycho Realm - Interlude / Stone Garden / Interlude
The Psycho Realm - Love Letters Intro / Love from the Sick Side
The Psycho Realm - Palace of Exile
The Psycho Realm - First Day of Freedom
The Psycho Realm - Unknown Soldier
The Psycho Realm - Dysfunctional
The Psycho Realm - Forget the Faces
The Psycho Realm - False Prophets
The Psycho Realm - Poison Rituals (Pow Wow)
The Psycho Realm - Killing Fields
The Psycho Realm - Lunatics in the Grass
Kirk Knight - Flight 13
Radiopilot - Fahrrad
Radiopilot - Foto von dir
Elvis Presley - That's allright mama (1954)
Elvis Presley - Jailhouse rock (1957)
Timo Räisänen - Without You
Queen - All Dead, All Dead
Queen - My Melancholy Blues
Queen - Need Your Loving Tonight
Queen - Man on the Prowl
Queen - Pain Is So Close to Pleasure
Queen - Gimme the Prize (Kurgan’s Theme)
Queen - Don’t Lose Your Head
Queen - Party
Queen - Rain Must Fall
Queen - My Baby Does Me
Queen - My Life Has Been Saved
Queen - You Don’t Fool Me
Queen - The Invisible Man (early version with guide vocal, August 1988)
Queen - Hang On in There
Queen - Stealin’
Prosectura - Nem hiszem el, hogy jártak a Holdon
Prosectura - Ici-pici
Ram Di Dam - Chances
Ram Di Dam - Half Asleep
Queen - A Human Body
Queen - Life Is Real
Queen - I Go Crazy
Les R'tardataires - " 22 " fais tourner !
Antti Railio - Halla ja etelätuuli
Pearl Jam - Saying No!
Pearl Jam - Believe You Me
Pearl Jam - I'm Still Here/Untitled
Pearl Jam - With Arms Wide Open (Creed)
Pearl Jam - Chloe Dance
Pearl Jam - Lukin / State of Love and Trust
Patty Pravo - Pensiero stupendo
Patty Pravo - Non Andare Via
Patty Pravo - A modo mio (My Way)
Patty Pravo - La spada nel cuore
Patty Pravo - Per te
Patty Pravo - Una mattina d'estate
Patty Pravo - Sono cosa tua
Pro-Pain - Death Goes On
Pro-Pain - Iraqnophobia
Pro-Pain - Lesson Learned
Pro-Pain - Bad Blood
Pro-Pain - Switchblade Knife
Patty Pravo - Sweet Love
Pro-Pain - Un-American
Pro-Pain - Hate Marches On
Pro-Pain - Operation Blood for Oil
Pro-Pain - Torn
Pro-Pain - Unrestrained
Pro-Pain - Destroy the Enemy
Pro-Pain - AWOL
Pro-Pain - Terpentin
Patty Pravo - Io per lui
Pro-Pain - Phoenix Rising
Pro-Pain - Deathwish
Pro-Pain - Want Some?
Pro-Pain - All for King George
Pro-Pain - Pigs in Clover
Pro-Pain - Live Free (Or Die Trying)
Janusz Radek - Uda mi się
Janusz Radek - Ukochana żegnam cię
Pro-Pain - Every Good Boy Does Fine
Pro-Pain - Love / H8
Queen - Rock in Rio Blues
Clockwork Radio - Feel It Up
Clockwork Radio - Tacenda
Rahzel - Suga Sista
Queen - We Will Rock You (fast)
Radish - Little Pink Stars
Queen - Radio Ga-Ga
Queen - Polar Bear (Pre-Queen, Rare 1970 “Smile” demo)
Queen - I Can Hear Music (Larry Lurex, 1973)
Queen - Love Kills
Racing Glaciers - Seems Like a Good Time
Racing Glaciers - Carry It On
Racing Glaciers - Patient Man
Racing Glaciers - Young & Unsure
Racing Glaciers - South