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Rehlaender - Baila
Rosal - Paseo
Rosal - Nos encontramos
Royz - New AGE
Rocca - Les Jeunes De L’univers
Roxette - The Big L.
Roxette - Church of Your Heart
Roxette - Run to You
Roxette - Place Your Love
Roxette - Queen of Rain
Roxette - 2, Cinnamon Street
Roxette - Real Sugar
Roxette - Try (Just a Little Bit Harder)
Roxette - My World, My Love, My Life
Amber Rubarth - You Will Love This Song
Roxette - Surrender
Roxette - How Do You Do!
Roxette - Stupid
Roxette - Listen to Your Heart
Roxette - No One Makes It On Her Own
Roxette - She’s Got Nothing On (But the radio)
The Rose West - Fear of the Flood
Riot Propaganda - Riot Propaganda
Lee Rocker - Sold Us Down the River
Lee Rocker - The Highway Is My Home
Lee Rocker - Funny Car Graveyard
Lee Rocker - Please don't touch
Rumble Militia - Dead End Kids
Rumble Militia - Treason
Roxette - From a Distance
Roxette - Why Don’t You Bring Me Flowers?
Roxette - It Hurts
Leah Rosier - Like a Lioness
Royal Flush - Dead Letter
Roxette - The Centre of the Heart (G.M. Remaster '03; 2003 Digital Remaster)
Roxette - Crush on You
Uli Jon Roth - Yellow Raven
Uli Jon Roth - Life's Like a River
Uli Jon Roth - The Magic Word
Uli Jon Roth - Light & Shadows
Royal Baths - Faster, Harder
Roxette - ¡Crash! ¡Boom! ¡Bang!
Roxette - No sé si es amor (It Must Have Been Love)
Roxette - Habla el corazón (Listen to Your Heart)
Walter Rossi - Soldiers In The Night
Roxette - It Takes You No Time to Get There
Roxette - My World, My Heart, My Life
Roxette - Seduce Me (demo)
Roxette - Listen to My Heart
Roxette - I Do Believe (demo)
Roxette - I'm Under Your Magic Spell (demo)
Roxette - So You Wanna Be a Rock Roll Star
Roxette - It Must Have Been Love (L.A. version 1992)
Jair Rodrigues - Casa de Bamba
Jair Rodrigues - Triste Madrugada, A Minha Madrugada, Tristeza
Roni Size & Reprazent - Snapshot
Rowwen Hèze - Van Drinken Krijg Je Dorst
J.K. Rowling - The Tale of the Three Brothers
J.K. Rowling - Chapter 14a: The Unforgivable Curses
J.K. Rowling - Chapter 7a: The Boggart in the Wardrobe
Rubyhorse - Long Time Coming
Caitlin Rose - Gorilla Man
Rixton - We All Want the Same Thing
RIP SLYME - Dandelion
RIP SLYME - Galaxy
RIP SLYME - Bubble Trouble
RIP SLYME - Don't Panic
La Rumeur - L'Ombre sur la mesure
La Rumeur - Le Silence de ma rue
La Rumeur - Inventaire d'hiver
La Rumeur - Le Pire
The Rex Carroll Band - Rock My World
The Rooftop Singers - Walk Right In
Asher Roth - Common Knowledge
Asher Roth - Golden Midas
Asher Roth - Insurance
Asher Roth - Dope Shit
Asher Roth - Pull It
Asher Roth - Pot of Gold
Asher Roth - Roth Boys
Antonella Ruggiero - La fabbrica
Asher Roth - Lil Butt
Asher Roth - Be by Myself
Asher Roth - As I Em
Asher Roth - Lion's Roar
Asher Roth - Con-Fid-Ence
Rombái - Segundas intenciones
Rombái - Yo tambien
Rombái - Adios
Rombái - Yo te propongo
Antonella Ruggiero - Ti sento
Antonella Ruggiero - Stasera che sera
Antonella Ruggiero - Vacanze romane
Antonella Ruggiero - Ti sento (timoria)
Antonella Ruggiero - Stasera che sera (ars ludi)
Demis Roussos - Can't Say How Much I Love You
Demis Roussos - I Just Don't Know What to Do With Myself
Demis Roussos - Goodbye, My Love, Goodbye
Demis Roussos - In My Dreams
Demis Roussos - September (I'm on My Way)
Demis Roussos - Who Gives a Fuck
Emma Roberts - Mexican Wrestler
Emma Roberts - New Shoes
The Supremes - Stoned Love
Demis Roussos - Santa Lucia
Demis Roussos - Bridge Over Troubled Water
Demis Roussos - Quand je t'aime
Demis Roussos - Mañanas de terciopelo
Annie Ross - 'Tain't What You Do
Rum Rebellion - Off to Limerick
Demis Roussos - Schön wie Mona Lisa ( Wenn ich ein Maler wär)
Demis Roussos - Danse à la vie
Robert Gass & On Wings of Song - Kali Bhajan
Robert Gass & On Wings of Song - May the Circle Be Open
Roy - Shooting Star
Diana Ross & The Supremes - Young Folks
Maarten van Roozendaal - Vriend
Maarten van Roozendaal - Draaimolen
Demis Roussos - Time
Demis Roussos - Mourir auprès de mon amour
Diana Ross & The Supremes - I Can't Give Back the Love I Feel for You
Demis Roussos - Can't I Say How Much I Love You
Demis Roussos - My Emotion
Demis Roussos - Le destin
Demis Roussos - Pretender
The Supremes - The Ballad of Davy Crockett
Demis Roussos - Guantanamera
Demis Roussos - Perdona me
Demis Roussos - When I'm A Kid
The Supremes - Born of Mary
Anthony Ramos, Phillipa Soo, Lin-Manuel Miranda & Leslie Odom Jr. - Schuyler Defeated
Rise Against - Long Forgotten Sons
Rise Against - Re‐Education (Through Labor)
Rise Against - Audience of One
Rise Against - Hero of War
Rise Against - Savior
Rise Against - State of the Union
Rise Against - Life Less Frightening
Rise Against - Tip the Scales
Rise Against - Dancing for Rain
Rise Against - Swing Life Away
Rise Against - Prayer of the Refugee
Rise Against - Drones
Rise Against - Boy’s No Good
Rise Against - Heaven Knows
Rise Against - Dead Ringer
Demis Roussos - Fallin'
Demis Roussos - La Vie en rose
Demis Roussos - Adagio
Demis Roussos - Red Rose Cafe
Demis Roussos - Mon Amour
Demis Roussos - My Broken Souvenirs
Demis Roussos - Come Waltz With Me
Diana Ross & The Supremes - The Impossible Dream
Rise Against - Make It Stop (September’s Children)
Rise Against - Satellite
Rise Against - A Beautiful Indifference
Rise Against - Dirt and Roses
Demis Roussos - Bailaré bailarás
Demis Roussos - Un mundo de hombres niños
Demis Roussos - Looking for You
Demis Roussos - Dolce veleno
Demis Roussos - When a Man Loves a Woman
Roberto Rufino - La mulateada
Demis Roussos - I'll Find My Way Home
Demis Roussos - Morir al lado se mi amor
Diana Ross & The Supremes - Baby Love
Reset! - Wind Up
Rise Against - Make It Stop
Roser - Fiesta
Roser - Hay que venir al Sur
Roser - Lucas
Robots in Disguise - We're in the Music Biz
Robots in Disguise - The Sex Has Made Me Stupid
Robots in Disguise - I Live in Berlin
Robots in Disguise - I'm Hit
Robots in Disguise - Turn It Up
Robots in Disguise - Happiness v Sadness