Новые тексты и переводы песен - Страница 1832

Phil Ochs - Crucifixion
Phil Ochs - In the Heat of the Summer
Patricia O'Callaghan - The Book of Love
Phil Ochs - Pleasures of the Habor
Phil Ochs - There, But For Fortune
Andre Nickatina & Equipto - These Clowns
Oceans Ate Alaska - Floorboards
Oceans Ate Alaska - X-Ray Eyes
Obrint Pas - Viure
OHN - Regret
The O’Jays - Who Am I
Old Blind Dogs - Monymusk Lads
Old Blind Dogs - Rolling Home
The Okee Dokee Brothers - Big Rock Candy Mountain
The O’Jays - Something for Nothing
Nothing - Somersault
Nothing - Beat Around the Bush
Nothing - Guilty of Everything
Nothing - Fever Queen
Nothing - Vertigo Flowers
Safia Nolin - Aujourd’hui, demain
Safia Nolin - Valser à l’envers B
Safia Nolin - Le sentier de neige
Nor - Rappelle-leur
Old Man River - Sunshine
Niarn - Dine Øjne Siger Alt
Oficina G3 - Apostasia
Oficina G3 - Meus próprios meios
Oficina G3 - DIZ
Okoumé - Son rire
Siti Nurhaliza - Kau Sangat Bererti
Siti Nurhaliza - Terbaik Bagimu
Siti Nurhaliza - Pintu Rindu
Siti Nurhaliza - Airmata Ibu
Northern Lite - I Don't Remember
Nuttin' Nyce - In My Nature
Olamide - Grind feat. So Sick
Olamide - Sons of Anarchy feat. Burna Boy & Phyno
Esther Ofarim - El Condor Pasa
Esther Ofarim - By Myself
Esther Ofarim - Call the Circus
Esther Ofarim - Love Was a Run
Zuhal Olcay - Ayrılık da Sevdaya Dahil
Oasis - Boy With the Blues
Ojete Calor - Fin de curso
Ojete Calor - Chasca
Ojete Calor - Politica
Oasis - Meaning of Soul (demo)
Aasmund Nordstoga - Det er meg det samme hvor jeg havner når jeg dør
Aasmund Nordstoga - Hør Ellen
Normaal - Lucille
Normaal - Vri-j gezellig
Normaal - Achter ow rug
Normaal - Zal dat wel goed goan
Oasis - Won’t Let You Down
Oasis - Pass Me Down The Wine
No One - Inside Out
Oasis - Rock’n’Roll Star
Oasis - Wonderwall (Accoustic)
Normaal - Wi-j luusteren of niet
Normaal - Ik geef gin donder
Normaal - Een echte hoker
Agnes Obel - Arches
Nórd - Le ciel est la limite
Niño Cohete - Hierba de San Juan
Old 97's - Driver 8
Oingo Boingo - Home Again
Jim Noir - I Me You I'm Your
Jim Noir - Turbulent Weather
Jim Noir - The Tired Hairy Man With Parts
Jim Noir - Turn Your Frown Into a Smile
Oingo Boingo - Dead's Man Party
Oingo Boingo - Forbidden Zone
Oingo Boingo - California Girls
Nucleya - Heer
OK Go - Father Christmas (Kinks cover)
Laura Nyro & LaBelle - Spanish Harlem
Once Human - The Life I Remember
Once Human - Eye of Chaos
Obús - La escalera
Obús - Pagó por ello
Obús - El crack
Obús - Siento ganas
Olive - Speak to Me
Noemi - Un uomo è un albero
Noemi - Alba
Noemi - Il cielo in una stanza
The New York Theater Broadway Choir - Somewhere
The New York Theater Broadway Choir - As Time Goes By
Noiseworks - Simple Man
Noiseworks - Let It Be
nulltarif - Cello
Tommy Olivencia - Trucutú
Rasmus Nøhr - Caboera
Rasmus Nøhr - Pis A (Plan B)
Oliver - Night Is on My Mind
W Witrynach Odbicia - Krytyczna sytuacja
W Witrynach Odbicia - Pozorna harmonia
OceanLab feat. Justine Suissa - Sirens of the Sea
Nine Days - Everything
Nine Days - See You in a Crowd
Old School Tie - Return of Noah
Onda Vaselina - Cualquier extremo
Onda Vaselina - Con la cabeza en los pies
Onda Vaselina - Fíjate en mí
Onda Vaselina - Suave desliz
Onda Vaselina - Todo el universo
Onda Vaselina - Días de escuela
Onda Vaselina - Vámonos al mar
Onda Vaselina - Yo te esperaré
Onda Vaselina - El doctor brujo (Witch Doctor)
Nomy - Little by Little
OnCue - Headlights (prod. Chanes)
OnCue - New Religion (prod. by Party Supplies & Just Blaze)
Navii - On se sent seul
El niño gusano - Duerme
El niño gusano - Papel de regalo
El niño gusano - El jefe de las tortugas
Ken Nordine - Yellow
Aoife O’Donovan - Beekeeper
Aoife O’Donovan - Stanley Park
Aoife O’Donovan - Porch Light
Aoife O’Donovan - Magpie
Aoife O’Donovan - Not the Leaving
Omit - Fatigue
Colby O’Donis - Take You Away
Angel Olsen - Forgiven/Forgotten
Angel Olsen - Hi‐Five
Angel Olsen - Lights Out
Angel Olsen - Stars
Angel Olsen - Iota
Angel Olsen - Enemy
Angel Olsen - Intern
Angel Olsen - Pops
Angel Olsen - Acrobat
Angel Olsen - The Waiting
Angel Olsen - Safe in the Womb
Angel Olsen - Lonely Universe
Angel Olsen - The Sky Opened Up
Angel Olsen - Tiniest Lights
Angel Olsen - Creator, Destroyer
Angel Olsen - Some Things Cosmic
Angel Olsen - Drunk and With Dreams
Angel Olsen - California
Angel Olsen - Only With You
Angel Olsen - May as Well
Officium Triste - Love Like Blood
Oleander - Stupid
Oleander - Why I'm Here
Oleander - Boys Don't Cry
Oleander - Never Again
Oleander - Candy Store
NX Zero - Espero a minha vez
NX Zero - Perto de você (Roots)
NX Zero - Sem saída
NX Zero - Espero um sinal
NX Zero - Guerra por paz
NX Zero - Você me fez
NX Zero - Ilegítima defesa
NX Zero - Promessa
NX Zero - Gritos do silêncio
on a créé UN MONSTRE - Le corps est lourd
Yoko Ono - You and I
Yoko Ono - What Did I Do!
Yoko Ono - Song for John
Yoko Ono - What a Bastard the World Is
Yoko Ono - Now or Never
Yoko Ono - Looking Over From My Hotel Window
Yoko Ono - Will You Touch Me
Yoko Ono - Rising II
Yoko Ono - Dogtown
Yoko Ono - It Happened
Yoko Ono - Winter Friend
Yoko Ono - Heartburn Stew
Yoko Ono - Growing Pain
Yoko Ono - I Love All of Me
Yoko Ono - Children Power
Yoko Ono - Rainbow Revelation
Yoko Ono - Sky People
Yoko Ono - I Love You, Earth
Yoko Ono - Forgive Me My Love
Yoko Ono - No Bed for Beatle John
Yoko Ono - Angry Young Woman
Yoko Ono - Men, Men, Men
Yoko Ono - My Man
Yoko Ono - I See Rainbows
Yoko Ono - Why
Yoko Ono - Paper Shoes
Yoko Ono - Potbelly Rocker
Yoko Ono - Mildred, Mildred
Yoko Ono - Open Your Soul to Me
Yoko Ono - Yume o Moto
Yoko Ono - You’re the One
Yoko Ono - Nobody Sees Me Like You
Yoko Ono - Turned The Corner
Yoko Ono - Goodbye My Love
Yoko Ono - Ive Peace a Chance
Ooberman - Million Suns
Ooberman - Shorley Wall
OBK - Lo tengo que dejar
OBK - No soy bandera de nadie
OBK - Muero por ti
OBK - Último carnaval
OBK - Mundo perfecto
OBK - En el cielo hablan de mí
Omen - Pokoli évek
November Process - Decadence
Trio Ohashi - Every Day
Olympe - Hometown Glory
Ric Ocasek - The Way You Look Tonight
Erick Onasis - Focus
Iván Noble - Lágrimas de cabernet
Iván Noble - No retiro lo dicho
Josefin Nilsson - Heaven and Hell
Josefin Nilsson - High Hopes and Heartaches
Josefin Nilsson - Leave It to Love
Josefin Nilsson - Now You See Him, Now You Don't
The Offseason - Pride and Progress
Olympic - Osmý den
One Dead Three Wounded - Burning Bridges Is So 1999...
George Olsen and His Music - Beyond the Blue Horizon
Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All - Lean
Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All - Cool
OLIVIA - Dress Me Up
OLIVIA - Because
OLIVIA - Africa
The O.C. Supertones - In Between
Nothing More - Welcome Home
Oppera - Why
Olivia - Look Around
Odio a Botero - Lechoneria Manson
Oques Grasses - Sexy
Ol’ Dirty Bastard - Reunited
One Way Ride - Train Song
Ol’ Dirty Bastard - Good Morning Heartache
Ol’ Dirty Bastard - Windpipe
Nightstalker - The Pain Goes on
The One AM Radio - Don't Panic
The One AM Radio - Gravity
Yasuyuki Okamura - White courage
Brødrene Olsen - Cecilia
Brødrene Olsen - The End of the World
Egil Olsen - California
Pascal Obispo - 1980 (Medium rare remix by Maxime Desprez)
Pascal Obispo - Camille s'endort
Pascal Obispo - La Même Langue
Oberhofer - Heart
Oberhofer - Someone Take Me Home
Oberhofer - Sea of Dreams
Oberhofer - White Horse, Black River
Oberhofer - What You Know
Oberhofer - Earplugs
Oberhofer - Dead Girls Dance
Oberhofer - Mahwun
Pascal Obispo - Le long du fleuve
Pascal Obispo - Les rues d'Israël
Pascal Obispo - Les Fans et les Chansons d'abord
Novedades Carminha - Cariñito
Novedades Carminha - Todo bajo el sol
O'funk'illo - Riñones al jerez
O'funk'illo - En el campito
O'funk'illo - Todo pa' la pacha mama
O'funk'illo - Que la voy a liar
O'funk'illo - Así estás donde estás
O'funk'illo - Cara escombro "El hombre roncha"
One Day as a Lion - Last Letter
Milton Nascimento - Outubro
Milton Nascimento - Tristesse
Milton Nascimento - Às vezes Deus exagera
Milton Nascimento - Ana Maria
Milton Nascimento - Corsário
Milton Nascimento - Um girassol da cor de seu cabelo
Milton Nascimento - O Que Sera
One-Eyed Doll - Crush
Omega - Az éjszakai Országúton - Night On The Road
ORIGA - Mona Lisa
ORIGA - La Ronde Lunaire
Omega - A nyári éjek asszonya
The Only Ones - The Whole of the Law
The Only Ones - Instrumental
The Only Ones - Your Chosen Life
The Only Ones - Programme
The Only Ones - Oh No
The Only Ones - Trouble in the World
Omega - Gammapolis II
The Only Ones - The Big Sleep
The Only Ones - Breaking Down
The Only Ones - City of Fun
The Only Ones - Castle Built on Sand
The Only Ones - Re-Union
Orient Fall - First Dimension - Malthusian Protocol
Okou - À L'Aurore
Omega - Egy új nap a teremtésben
Númenor - The Hour of the Dragon
Oliver - Early Mornin' Rain
Mr. Oizo - The Church
Mr. Oizo - Your Liver
Mr. Oizo - Kylie
The Opposites - Kom nie hier
The Opposites - Geen klasse, geen style
Omnium Gatherum - Rejuvenate!
No One Is Innocent - Automatic
No One Is Innocent - Épargne moi
No One Is Innocent - Nomenklatura
No One Is Innocent - Henry Serial Killer
No One Is Innocent - Le Poison
Patrick Norman - Papillon
Olodum - Todo Amor ( Asas Da Liberdade )
Olodum - Anhangabau
Olodum - Okê Odé Ilê
Olodum - Trem Da Alegria
Olodum - Olodum Pra Balançar
Olodum - Protesto Olodum
One Dollar Short - Tightrope
Noah and the Whale - Rocks and Daggers
One Morning Left - Pardon Me! Where Do I Find 4giveness
Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark - Julia's Song - Re-recorded Version
Roy Orbison - You Win Again
Roy Orbison - Tryin’ to Get to You
Res One - Intro
Okean Elzy - Dolce Vita
Chris Norman - The First Cut Is The Deepest
Chris Norman - Heartaches
Roy Orbison - Help
Chris Norman - Love Is A Battlefield
Onkel Tom Angelripper - Jingle Bells
Roy Orbison - Drift Away
Operation Ivy - Here We Go Again
Ms.OOJA - My Way
Ms.OOJA - Letter
Ms.OOJA - My Boy
Ms.OOJA - Forbidden Love
Ms.OOJA - Shiny Sky
Ms.OOJA - Bye For Now
Roy Orbison - Words
Fernando Ortega - Crown Him With Many Crowns
Fernando Ortega - Flama De Ángel
Fernando Ortega - Canto De La Creación
Fernando Ortega - If I Flee on Morning Wings
Daniel O'Donnell - All My Loving
Daniel O'Donnell - Walk on By
Daniel O'Donnell - Little Arrows
Daniel O'Donnell - Abide With Me
Daniel O'Donnell - My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You
Daniel O'Donnell - Mansion Over the Hilltop
Daniel O'Donnell - Help Me Make It Through the Night
Daniel O'Donnell - A Fool Such as I
Daniel O'Donnell - Donna
Daniel O'Donnell - Green Glens of Antrim
Daniel O'Donnell - Irish Eyes
Daniel O'Donnell - Someday You'll Want Me to Want You
Daniel O'Donnell - The Way Old Friends Do
Orleya - Baby, I Love Your Way
Orleya - Jealous Guy
Orange Goblin - Sabbath Hex
Orange Goblin - Mythical Knives
Orange Goblin - Blood of Them
One Man Army - S.O.S.
La Organización - Me dediqué a perderte
La Organización - Aquel viejo motel
One Minute Silence - South Central
One Minute Silence - A More Violent Approach
One Minute Silence - Available in All Colours
One Minute Silence - 210 Dog Years
Claude Nougaro - Nobody Knows
Jeffrey Osborne - Holding On (When the Love Is Gone)
Claude Nougaro - Un été
Jeffrey Osborne - (They Long to Be) Close to You
One Bad Pig - Rock The Casbah
Orbit Culture - I, the Wolf
K.T. Oslin - Do Ya'
K.T. Oslin - Pathway Of Teardrops
K.T. Oslin - This Woman
K.T. Oslin - Hey Bobby
Michiru Oshima - READY STEADY GO
Joan Osborne - Cathedrals
Joan Osborne - The Same Love That Made Me Laugh
Joan Osborne - Champagne And Wine
Joan Osborne - Billie Listens
Joan Osborne - Get Up Jack
Claude Nougaro - Bidon ville
Claude Nougaro - Un été - estate
The Orioles - I Miss You So
The Orioles - Baby Please Don’t Go
The Orioles - Till Then
Joan Osborne - Away in a Manger
Joan Osborne - Angels We Have Heard on High
Ocean Colour Scene - Lining Your Pockets
Ocean Colour Scene - One for the Road
Ocean Colour Scene - It’s My Shadow
Ocean Colour Scene - You’ve Got It Bad
Ocean Colour Scene - Get Away
Ocean Colour Scene - Step by Step
Ocean Colour Scene - Soul Driver
Ocean Colour Scene - Mechanical Wonder
Ocean Colour Scene - Can’t Get Back to the Baseline
Ocean Colour Scene - Something for Me
Ocean Colour Scene - Huckleberry Grove
Ocean Colour Scene - Oh Collector
Ocean Colour Scene - Make the Deal
Ocean Colour Scene - Another Time to Stay
Ocean Colour Scene - Start of the Day
Ocean Colour Scene - Hello Monday
Ocean Colour Scene - I Was
Ocean Colour Scene - Take You Back
Ocean Colour Scene - Better Day (FNAC Acoustic: Spain 28-11-97)
Ocean Colour Scene - Here in My Heart
Ocean Colour Scene - Cool Cool Water
Ocean Colour Scene - Day Tripper
Ocean Colour Scene - Weekend
Ocean Colour Scene - You’ve Got It Bad (demo)
Ocean Colour Scene - This Understanding
Ocean Colour Scene - Foxy Folk Face
Ocean Colour Scene - Besides Yourself
Ocean Colour Scene - Riverboat Song
Ocean Colour Scene - Beautiful Thing
Ocean Colour Scene - So Sad
Bertín Osborne - Cuando aprieta la vida
Bertín Osborne - Dos corazones y un destino
André Rieu und sein Johann Strauss Orchester - O Fortuna
Tomek Organek - Młodzież szuka sensacji
Nine Pound Hammer - If You Want to Get to Heaven
Ostiaputa - Esta Vida
L'orso - Quello che manca
L'orso - Non penso mai
Oliver Onions - Same Situation
Gerardo Ortiz - Perdóname
Gerardo Ortiz - ¿Por qué terminamos?
Gerardo Ortiz - ¿Cómo?
Gerardo Ortiz - En preparación
Gerardo Ortiz - Sentimiento de dolor
Gerardo Ortiz - Un palpitar y un suspiro
Gerardo Ortiz - 14 guerras
Gerardo Ortiz - Soy Familia, soy Michoacano
Gerardo Ortiz - El amor
Osmo - Heaven or Hell
Osdorp Posse - Intro
Alina Orlova - Neramios mergaitės daina
Opera Familia - The Prayer
El Otro Yo - Armas de destrucción
El Otro Yo - Siempre fui yo
El Otro Yo - Astronauta
El Otro Yo - Velero
El Otro Yo - Acuario
El Otro Yo - Rebelión
El Otro Yo - Sígueme
Serdar Ortaç - İstemem mi
O'G3NE - Wait a Minute
Tetsuro Oda - Just Another Day
Palito Ortega - Un muchacho como yo
Noyz Narcos - Game Over
Masami Okui - Friends
Masami Okui - I wish
Ossian - Téged vár
Ossian - Érezd jól magad
Ossian - Ennyi volt
Ossian - A Véletlen
Ossian - A kőszikla
Ossian - Jó id?ben, jó helyen
Opeth - Elysian Woes
Opeth - River
Opeth - Slither
Opeth - Häxprocess
Onitsuka Chihiro - Sweet Home Alabama
Onitsuka Chihiro - The Rose
Orquesta La Palabra - Todo Se Derrumbo
Opeth - The Throat of Winter
Johnny O’Keefe - So Tough
The Ordinary Boys - Skull & Bones
The Ordinary Boys - Club Chez Moi
The Ordinary Boys - I Luv U
The Ordinary Boys - Shut Your Mouth
The Ordinary Boys - We've Got the Best Job Ever
The Ordinary Boys - Walking on the Faultlines (The Ultimate Step)
The Ordinary Boys - Little Bitch
The Ordinary Boys - In Awe of the Awful
Osker - Alright
Osker - Panic
Osker - Fuck Me
Orba Squara - Perfect Timing (This Morning)
Orba Squara - Gravel
One Vo1ce - Here I Go (Fallin' in Love Again)
One Vo1ce - U Brighten Up My Life
Over It - Your Song
Otto - O leite
The Outfield - Young Love
The Outfield - Jane
Our Last Night - We've Been Holding Back
Orphanage - Deliverance
Karim Ouellet - La Mer à boire
One-21 - Nothing to Lose
Anita O’Day - My Funny Valentine
Anita O’Day - Little Girl Blue
Opća opasnost - Rastaviše i nas dvoje
Tony Orlando & Dawn - Midnight Love Affair
David Osborne - His Eye Is On The Sparrow
David Osborne - Tears in Heaven
Owen - Some Kinda Angel
Anthony Newley - Personality
Anthony Newley - What Now My Love
Anthony Newley - Do You Mind?
Anthony Newley - Why?
Anita O’Day - Is You Is or Is You Ain't My Baby?
Anita O’Day - Love Come Back to Me [live]
Anita O’Day - What a Little Moonlight Can Do
Orquesta Mondragón - No quiero verte
Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band - The Sun Is Down!
Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band - Moonbeams
Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band - Tabetai
Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band - Bad Dancer
Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band - There's No Goodbye Between Us
Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band - Watching the Dawn
Owls - Life In the Hair Salon-Themed Bar on the Island
Donny Osmond - Hey Girl
We Outspoken - Monkey Ballsagna
OKAMOTO’S - It's Alright
OKAMOTO’S - Phantom (By Lipstick)
OKAMOTO’S - Border Line
The Osmonds - Why
Il nucleo - Non spegnere la luce
Il nucleo - Gioiello
Il nucleo - Oggi sono un demone
Il nucleo - Chi sono
Il nucleo - Quando mi fermo
Il nucleo - Veloce verso il cuore
Il nucleo - Piccolo
Il nucleo - Quotidianità
Odio París - En junio
Odio París - Geometría coaxial
Odio París - Arder y adiós
Over the Rhine - The Trumpet Child
Over the Rhine - It Came Upon a Midnight Clear
Over the Rhine - Last Night
Oscar de la Hoya - Tú me completas
Oscar de la Hoya - Amándonos
Oscar de la Hoya - Para amarte
Over the Rhine - Fever
Orange Juice - Falling and Laughing
Orange Juice - Simply Thrilled Honey
Orange Juice - Poor Old Soul, Part 2
Orange Juice - What Presence?!
Orishas - Guajira
Orishas - Amor al arte
Orange Juice - Falling and Laughing (Peel Session 30 Oct. 1980)
Orange Juice - Poor Old Soul
Verónica Orozco - Descarada
The Outsiders - Keep This Fire Burning
Orchestra Harlow - Mantecadito
Orchestra Harlow - Cari-Caridad
Oxmo Puccino - Slow Life
Trijntje Oosterhuis - Rock With You
Lionel Richie & Trijntje Oosterhuis - Face in the Crowd
Total Touch - I'll Say Goodbye
Trijntje Oosterhuis - I Say a Little Prayer
Total Touch - One Moment Your Mind
Trijntje Oosterhuis - Whatever You Want
Trijntje Oosterhuis - All That and More
Trijntje Oosterhuis - This Way
Trijntje Oosterhuis - Strange Fruit
Trijntje Oosterhuis - Do You Know the Way to San José
Trijntje Oosterhuis - Goodmorning Heartache [live]
Trijntje Oosterhuis - Love Me in Slow Motion [Total Touch]
Ted Nugent - Baby Please Don't Go
Ted Nugent - Turn It Up
Ted Nugent - Live It Up
Nouvelle Vague feat. Mélanie Pain - Teenage Kicks
Nouvelle Vague - Pride (In the Name of Love)
Tones on Tail - Movement of Fear
La Oreja de Van Gogh - Lloran piedras
La Oreja de Van Gogh - Qué puedo pedir
La Oreja de Van Gogh - El libro
La Oreja de Van Gogh - La carta
Orquesta Inmensidad - El artista famoso
Orquesta Inmensidad - Detalles
Orquesta Inmensidad - Diana
Orquesta Inmensidad - Lo siento mi amor
La Oreja de Van Gogh - Esa chica
Ted Nugent - Star Spangled Banner
Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen - No One Tells the President What to Do
Orson - Bright Idea
Orson - Tryin' to Help
Orson - So Ahead of Me
Orson - Last Night
Orson - Look Around
Orson - Northern Girl
Orson - Jessie
Orson - Save the World
Other Ego - good time
OMC - Pours Out Your Eyes
No Angels - Stop
Orquesta de la Luz - Descarga De La Luz
The Northern Pikes - Things I Do For Money
ONE OK ROCK - Decision (Studio Jam Session)
Donny & Marie Osmond - I Can't Wait
Donny & Marie Osmond - True Love
The Nylons - This Boy
The Nylons - Little Red Corvette
The Nylons - What Can You Do for Me?
The Nylons - Let It Be
The Nylons - Ai No Corrida
The Nylons - God Only Knows
Otogi Banashi - E.T.M.
The Nylons - Good Old A Cappella
The Nylons - Dream
The Nylons - Sign Your Name
Orlík - Čech
Overseer - Doomsday
Nostra Morte - El Llamado
Michel Onfray - La Circulation des idées au XVIIe
Opick - Bila Waktu Tlah Berakhir
Greg Osby - Lover Man
Otsuki Maki - memories
Nik P. - Wie der Wind
P.O.S - Meth-Head vs. McNugget
P.O.S - Bumper
NRBQ - This Old House
Tuğba Özerk - Sefalet
David Osmond - Holy Ground
Old & In the Way - 'Til the End of the World Rolls Round
Oshen - Abécédaire amoureux
Oshen - Mon chat
Orange and Lemons - Chatter's Tale
Os Serranos - Felicidade
Oskorri - Negu Minean
One Buck Short - Takeoffs & Landings
One Buck Short - Kelibat Korupsi
One Buck Short - Fast Times
One Buck Short - Explicit Crimes (Taking the Lead)
One Buck Short - 10:04
One Buck Short - That Day
One Buck Short - Kerana Tiada Plihan Lain
Jimmy Page - When the Levee Breaks
Overdrive - Confused
The Osborne Brothers - Send Me the Pillow That You Dream On
The Outsiders - Time Won't Let Me
Mami Kawada - JOINT (TV Size)
The Orange Lights - Life Is Still Beautiful (Alan Braxe dub)
Padre Marcelo Rossi - Deus do impossível
Padre Marcelo Rossi - Deus é família
Padre Marcelo Rossi - Bandeira do divino
Padre Marcelo Rossi - Não desista
Padre Marcelo Rossi - Repouso no espírito
Patti Page - Come What May
Out of Eden - Soldiers
Out of Eden - Window
Out of Eden - Can't Let Go
One Day - Love Me Less
One Day - Leave Your Windows Open
Osmi putnik - Kasno je za sve
Anders Osborne - It's Gonna Be OK
Anders Osborne - Hell in Harlem
Ol Skool - Am I Dreaming
Estela Núñez - No me trates mal
Estela Núñez - Gracias por volver
Estela Núñez - Lágrimas y lluvia
Estela Núñez - Por amores como tú
Noir Désir - Son style 1
Noir Désir - No, No, No
Noir Désir - Charlie
Noir Désir - Tu m'donnes le mal
Noir Désir - Tout l'or
Noir Désir - Pictures of Yourself
Noir Désir - La Chaleur
Noir Désir - 21st Century Schizoid Man
Noir Désir - Apprends à dormir
Noir Désir - Sweet Mary
Noir Désir - Prayer for a Wanker
Noir Désir - À la longue
Noir Désir - Song for JLP
Noir Désir - Working Class Hero
Noir Désir - Fin de siècle (G.L.Y.O.)
Old School Freight Train - Superstition
Noir Désir - L'Homme pressé (avec dédicace)
Noir Désir - Le Roi
Noir Désir - Video: Septembre En Attendant
Nemir - Ratatatat
OSIRIS - Into the Madness
Olé Olé - Sola
OutKast feat. Sleepy Brown & Scar - The Train
Off the Beat - Fix You
Pablo Cruise - Don't Want to Live Without It
Pablo Cruise - Atlanta June
OutKast - Claimin’ True
OutKast - Da Art of Storytellin' (Pt. 1)
OutKast - Da Art of Storytellin' (Pt. 2)
Otierre - Ce n'è
Otierre - Rispettane l'aroma
Otierre - Finallafinefininfondo
Otierre - Anothasounwantess
Otierre - Chiedo permesso
Otierre - Secondo me
Otierre - Soci per la vita
Otierre - Play Your Position
The Pains of Being Pure at Heart - Laid
OSI - Christian Brothers
Los Palominos - Quiero Ser
Los Palominos - Por Ella
Los Palominos - Aposté a Ganar
Elaine Paige - Tomorrow
Elaine Paige - Without You
Elaine Paige - Walking in the Air
Elaine Paige - You must love me (Evita)
Natalia Oreiro - Estamos todos solos
Joe Nichols - I'll Be Home for Christmas
Joe Nichols - White Christmas
OutKast feat. Cee-Lo - Liberation
Paloalto - Seed
Joanna Pacitti - Let It Slide
OuterSpace - Angels of Death
Leslie Odom, Jr. - Merry Christmas Darling
Pancho Barraza - La unica estrella
Pancho Barraza - Lloraras por mi
Pancho Barraza - El que busca encuentra
Pancho Barraza - Polvo y nada
Pancho Barraza - Mi dama
Pandora - Con tu amor
Pandora - Mientras Tanto
Pandora - Tocando Fondo
Pandora - Cuando quieras déjame
Pandora - Te voy a olvidar
Pandora - Ya no quiero volver con usted
Pandora - Mañana te acordarás
Pandora - Cuando todo se acabe
Pandora - Te dedico esta canción
Robert Palmer - Some People Can Do What They Like
Robert Palmer - Jealous
Pancho Barraza - Cancion de los dos
Pancho Barraza - Se fue
Pancho Barraza - Una vez mas
Pancho Barraza - Para decir adios
Pandora - No lastimes mas
Pandora - Amor eterno
Pandora - Un mal amor
Pandora - Se me olvidó otra vez
Pandora - El día que me acaricies lloraré
Pandora - Lágrimas y lluvia
Pandora - Yo no nací para amar
Pandora - Abusas de mi
Pandora - Amor, amor
Pandora - Pobre de el
Pancho Barraza - Aqui estoy
Pancho Barraza - Como un sueño
Pandora - Costumbres
Pandora - Tu estúpido rencor
Pandora - Y ven
Pandora - Procuro olvidarte
Pandora - Todo se derrumbo dentro de mi
Pancho Barraza - Dejame y olvidame
Pancho Barraza - Mi serenata
Pancho Barraza - Junto al mar
Pancho Barraza - Desvelate conmigo
Pandora - No sabes amar
Pandora - Lágrimas negras
Pandora - Que ganas de no verte nunca mas
Pandora - Mi corazon reclama
Pandora - Eres tu
Out Came the Wolves - The Curse
Robert Palmer - What a Little Moonlight Can Do
Panteón Rococó - Rubia y el demonio
Paper Route - Tamed
Paper Route - Born in Love
João Pedro Pais - Deixa cair
João Pedro Pais - Tão perto
João Pedro Pais - Preço certo
João Pedro Pais - Sera
Off the Record - Limelight
Pambo - No Sera
Steven Page - Here's What It Takes
Pansy Division - Deep Water
Pansy Division - Male Model
Ginny Owens - I Am Nothing
Ginny Owens - Someone Searching
Ginny Owens - This Road
Ginny Owens - Call Me Beautiful (intro)
Ginny Owens - Let Them Hear
Stacie Orrico - I Promise (Performance Track In Key Of A-Bb)
Stacie Orrico - Love Came Down
Stacie Orrico - O Come All Ye Faithful
Outsidaz - Night Life
Los Palmeras - El bombón
Los Palmeras - Ahí van camino hacia el altar
Los Palmeras - Así es la vida
Los Palmeras - Entre la espada y la pared
Los Palmeras - Muchacha triste
Los Palmeras - Voló la paloma
Los Palmeras - La Mujer Que Tanto Amé
Norman Palm - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
Paper Lace - Billy Don’t Be a Hero
Adriano Pappalardo - Signorina
One Way - Pull Fancy Dancer / Pull
One Way - Lost Inside of You
Paquita la del Barrio - No me amenaces
Pages - I do Believe in You
Paquita la del Barrio - Podrida el alma
Paquita la del Barrio - Los fantasmas de tu amor
Paquita la del Barrio - No chifle usted
Paquita la del Barrio - Alto lucero
P‐Money - Remember?
Gökhan Özen - Unuturum
Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes - Custard Pie
Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes - Woke Up This Morning
Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes - Heartbreaker
Okino, Shuntaro - Cloud Age Symphony
Matt Palmer - Diamond Love
Pappo’s Blues - Desconfío de la vida
Brad Paisley - Farther Along
Brad Paisley - The Old Rugged Cross
Brad Paisley - Away in a Manger
Brad Paisley - Silent Night
Our Lady Peace - Superman’s Dead
Paquitas - Batatinha Frita
Fausto Papetti - E se domani
Pacifier - Run
Pacifier - Home
Fausto Papetti - September Morn
Ai Otsuka - Kumuriuta
Ai Otsuka - Re:NAME
Pappo - Mejor que vos
Pappo - Nunca lo sabrán
Kevin Parent - Caliente
The Skatalites - Confucius
Palma Violets - Step Up for the Cool Cats
Palma Violets - Rattlesnake Highway
Palma Violets - Chicken Dippers
Palma Violets - Johnny Bagga' Donuts
Palma Violets - We Found Love
Palma Violets - Hollywood (I Got It)
Palma Violets - Girl, You Couldn't Do Much Better on the Beach
Palma Violets - Danger in the Club
Palma Violets - The Jacket Song
Palma Violets - No Money Honey
Palma Violets - English Tongue
Junior Parker - Mother-In-Law Blues
Panic Lift - Awake
Diana Panton - I'm Old Fashioned
Diana Panton - Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars
Diana Panton - Moon River
Belkıs Özener - Sevemedim Karagözlüm
Anna Oxa - Matto
Anna Oxa - Diamante
Anna Oxa - Questa sono io
Anna Oxa - Ho un sogno
Anna Oxa - Il muro
Anna Oxa - Di questo amore
Anna Oxa - Piccolo violino
Jay Park - I Like 2 Party
Anna Oxa - Washington
Anna Oxa - Pelle di serpente
Johnny Pacheco - El faisán
Johnny Pacheco - La esencia del guaguanco
Ray Parker Jr. and Raydio - It's Time to Party Now
Papercranes - What's Left
Florent Pagny - Le Blues
Florent Pagny - La donna e mobile (extrait de 'Rigoletto' de Verdi)
Mica Paris - Where Is the Love
Florent Pagny - Tout seul ensemble
Florent Pagny - L'Hymne à l'amour
Paradise Lost - Drown in Darkness
Antonio Orozco - No vale dormir
Florent Pagny - La donna mobile
Florent Pagny - L'Eau
Florent Pagny - N'importe quoi (version maxi)
Florent Pagny - I Don't Know (Album Version) [feat. Noa]
Oscar Peterson - Tenderly
Patrick Park - Down in the Blackness
Patrick Park - All or Nothing
Palomo - De Uno Y De Todos Modos (Mariachi)
Palomo - Mi obsesión
Ozzy Osbourne - For What It’s Worth
Paktofonika - Rób co chcesz
Ozzy Osbourne feat. Miss Piggy - Born to Be Wild
Parni valjak - Zagreb ima isti pozivni
Alondra de la Parra - Amanecí en tus brazos
Alondra de la Parra - Júrame
Ozzy Osbourne - How? (Benefitting Amnesty International)
Ozzy Osbourne - Paranoid (Encore)
Ozzy Osbourne - Rock N' Roll Rebel
Parni valjak - Staška
Isabel Pantoja - Hoy todos mis días
Isabel Pantoja - Luna llena
Isabel Pantoja - Era mi vida él
Isabel Pantoja - Déjame
Isabel Pantoja - Ese tren de la vida
Isabel Pantoja - Que se busquen a otra
Isabel Pantoja - Igual que tú
Ray Parker Jr. - A Woman Needs Love - 7" Version
Isabel Pantoja - Todo sigue igual
Isabel Pantoja - Amor gitano
Isabel Pantoja - Déjame descansar en ti
Isabel Pantoja - Tú serás mi Navidad
Tasha Page-Lockhart - Different
Juan Pardo - Un sorbito de champagne
Padi - Begitu Indah
Padi - Sobat
Padi - Prolog
Pance Pondaag - Kerinduan
Padi - Tempat Terakhir
Moonface - Shit-Hawk in the Snow
Orion Too - Hope and Wait
Ottavo Padiglione - Giulio
Parangolé - Negro Lindo
The Ozark Mountain Daredevils - Country Girl
The Ozark Mountain Daredevils - Standing on the Rock
The Ozark Mountain Daredevils - Road to Glory
The Ozark Mountain Daredevils - Keep on Churnin'
The Ozark Mountain Daredevils - Leatherwood
The Ozark Mountain Daredevils - Homemade Wine
The Ozark Mountain Daredevils - Arroyo
The Ozark Mountain Daredevils - You Know Like I Know
The Ozark Mountain Daredevils - Mountain Range
The Ozark Mountain Daredevils - If You Want to Get to Heaven
The Ozark Mountain Daredevils - Within Without
The Ozark Mountain Daredevils - E.E.Lawson
El Parque - Cuerpos de Sal
Paraziții - Instigare la cultură
Paraziții - Arde
The Pack - Candy
Paola & Chiara - Ultime gocce d'estate
Yuji Oda - Love Somebody (CINEMA Version II)
Piolo Pascual - Through The Years
Niamh Parsons & The Loose Connections - The Briar and the Rose
Mark Owen - Crush
Mark Owen - Waiting for the Girl
Mark Owen - Wasting Away
Mark Owen - Home
Dueto Las Palomas - Boquita Colorada
Dueto Las Palomas - Ojitos Verdes
June Tabor & Oysterband - Love Will Tear Us Apart
Old - Lust in Red
Dolores O’Riordan - The Journey
Dolores O’Riordan - Be Careful
Dolores O’Riordan - Letting Go
Dolores O’Riordan - Forever
Pantera - Uplift
Ronan Parke - Fix You
PA Sports - Mein Bilderbuch
Los Panchos - Sólo
Los Panchos - Hasta mañana
Los Panchos - Voy a perder la cabeza por tu amor
Los Panchos - Basura
Los Panchos - Nosotros
Alan Parsons - Turn It Up
The Alan Parsons Project - Chinese Whispers
Los Panchos - Media vuelta
Rosa Passos - Preciso aprender a ser só
Rosa Passos - Corcovado
Orquesta La Solución - Una canita al aire
Orquesta La Solución - Sinceridad
Rosa Passos - Ladeira da pregüiça
Rosa Passos - Azul
Rosa Passos - Só Danço Samba
The Alan Parsons Project - Money Talks (rough mix backing track)
Alan Parsons - The Three of Me
Rosa Passos - Beiral
Rosa Passos - Dindi
The Alan Parsons Project - Somebody Out There
Ojos de Brujo - Sultanas De Merkadillo
Passion - Jesus, Lover of My Soul
Gretchen Parlato - Juju
The Alan Parsons Project - The Three of Me
The Alan Parsons Project - Dr Tarr and Professor Fether
The Alan Parsons Project - The Turn of a Friendly Card (Part Two)
PASSPO☆ - Not in theory
PASSPO☆ - Fairy Tale
Paria - ...Human Error
The Notting Hillbillies - Please Baby
Owl Eyes - Nightswim
Owl Eyes - Paper Planes
Owl Eyes - Dancer
Owl Eyes - 1 + 1
Parralox - Eye in the Sky
Hap Palmer - Walking
Paradisio - Dime Como
Paradisio - Sentimental
Harry Partch - Eleven Intrusions: IX. Soldiers - War - Another War
The Owls - Do Ya?
Paola - Yours to Keep
Paola - Hang With Me
Giuseppe Ottaviani & Eric Lumiere - Burn Bright
Passion - Spirit Fall on Me
Passion feat. Chris Tomlin - The Cross of Christ
Parquet Courts - Outside
Parquet Courts - Captive of the Sun
Parquet Courts - Pathos Prairie
Parquet Courts - These Boots Are Made for Walkin’
Parquet Courts - It's Gonna Happen
Owl City - Sunburn
Owl City - Super Honeymoon
Owl City - The Technicolor Phase
Owl City - Panda Bear
Parenthetical Girls - Careful Who You Dance With
Parenthetical Girls - Sympathy for Spastics
Parenthetical Girls - Weaknesses
Parenthetical Girls - Curtains
Patxi - S'embrasser
Patxi - On continue la vie
Patxi - Hegalekin
Patxi - On peut toujours rêver
Patxi - La Marée humaine
Patxi - Te revoilà
Patxi - Lilou
Patxi - À ma porte
Patxi - Mon vieil amour
Patxi - La Dernière Berceuse
Patxi - Paris
Danna Paola - Más que amigos
Panjabi MC - Dhol Jageero Da
Alan Parsons - Don't Let It Show
Alan Parsons - (The System of) Dr. Tarr and Professor Fether
Alan Parsons - What Goes Up…
Alan Parsons - Sirius
Danna Paola - No es cierto (ft. Noel Schajris)
Alan Parsons - You're Gonna Get Your Fingers Burned
Alan Parsons - Standing on Higher Ground
Alan Parsons - Dreamscape
Passenger - Rain
Passenger - Needle in the Dark
P.M. Dawn - Reality Used to Be a Friend of Mine
P.M. Dawn - On a Clear Day
P.M. Dawn - I Hate Myself for You
P.M. Dawn - Hale-Bopp Regurgitations
P.M. Dawn - So On and So On
P.M. Dawn - Plastic
P.M. Dawn - About Nothing (For the Love of Destiny)
P.M. Dawn - Beyond Infinite Affections