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P Diddy - come to me
P Diddy - I'll be missing you
P Diddy - Last night
P Diddy - What's Going On?
Page Tommy - I'll Be Your Everything
Palo Jarabe De - La Flaca
Pam Grier - Long Time Woman
Qrockmadam - grenzen
Quatro Suzi - If You Can't Give Me Love
Quinc - ik mis je
Quya - Confusing
Quya - Dream
R Kelly - The World's Greatest
R Kelly - I believe I can fly
R Kelly - If I Could Turn Back The Hands Of Time
Radio's - She Goes Nana
Rafaga - Mentirosa
Raffaela - Mijn Houten hart
Raffaela - Right here, right now
Rafferty Gerry - Right Down The Line
Rainey Fatima - Hey
Raye Collin - I Think About You
Re-Play - Vrienden voor het leven
Re-Play - Ik zal er voor je zijn
Re-Vila - I just want to know
Rebelde - Soy rebelde
Regi - I fail
Reginae - Why?
Reitze - Afblijven
Rene Becker - Alles Of Niets
Rene Becker - Als een komeet
Rene Becker - Ik heb je gevonden
Rene Becker - Jij bent een wonder
Rene Becker - Nu jij er niet meer bent
Rene Becker - Ware liefde
Rene Schuurmans - Hela Ho!
Rene Schuurmans - Laat de zon in je hart
Rene Schuurmans - Leven zonder liefde
Rene Schuurmans - Op de Griekse tour
Richard Marx & Donna Lewis - At The Beginning
Rigby - Everything must go
Rigby - High Life
Rob Den Boer - Doe Normaal
Rob Laufer - Angelyne
Rob Laufer - In the Frame
Rob Laufer - Starstuff
Rob Laufer - Wireframe
Rob Touber - Scoubidou
Robert Long - Vanmorgen vloog ze nog
Robert Long - Waarom huil je nou?
Rogier van oosterhout - schatje mag ik je foto
Ronnie Tober - Petite Mademoiselle
Rosi Golan - Hazy (Feat. William Fitzsimmons)
Rosi Golan - It's Been A Long Day
Rudy Giovannini - Salve Regina
Rudy Giovannini - Silberfäden
Runga Bic - Sway
Söhne Mannheims - Dein Glück liegt mir am Herzen
Sabien Tiels - Is Dit Nu Leven
Sabien Tiels - Moeder Van Mijn Moeder
Sabien Tiels - Nooit Meer Alleen
Sabien Tiels - Verdwijn
Sadrine - Goosebumps
Sakamoto Kyu - Sukiyaki
Salah edin - Koning Te Rijk
Sam Aandewiel - Hier Zo Stil
Sambora Richie - Ballad Of Youth
Samson & Gert - Jimmy de cowboy
Sanatana - Do You Like The Way
Sanatana - i'm feeling you
Sandal Mustafa - Araba
Sandal Mustafa - Aya Benzer
Sandal Mustafa - Jest Oldu
Sandler Adam - Back 2 School
Santarosa Gilberto - Amandote
Sanz Alejandro - Como Te Echo De Menos
Sanz Alejandro - El Alma Al Aire
Sanz Alejandro - Mi Soledad Y Yo
Sanz Alejandro - Quiero Morir En Tu Veneno
Sanz Alejandro - Si Tú Me Miras
Sara Kroos - Kom dichter bij me
Sara Kroos - Papa
Sara Kroos - Windstil
Sarah Conner - Every little thing
Sarah Conner - From Sarah with love
Sarah Conner - from zero to hero
Sarah Conner - I can´t lie
Sarah Conner - I´m gonna find you
Sarah Conner - If u were my man
Sarah Conner - Just one last dance
Sarah Conner - One more night
Sarah Conner - One Night Stand
Sarah Conner - Teach U Tonite
Sarah Conner - Under my skin
Sarah Conner - Where did u sleep last nite?
Sarah Conner - You are the reason
Sardou Michel - En chantant
Sasa Matic - Kad ljubav zakasni
Sash ft. Stunt - Raindrops
Saturday Night Fever (Musical) - Jive Talking
Saturday Night Fever (Musical) - Night fever
Save the last dance OST - Get it on tonite
Save the last dance OST - My window
Save the last dance OST - Only you
Scala - Smells like teen spirit
Scala - with or without you
Schürzenjäger - Alle Sirenen Gingen Los
Schürzenjäger - Auf Einmal Warst Du Da
Schnappi - Schnappi
Scycs - Radiostar
Sebastion Mego - You deserve better
Sedat Ucan - Gel tovbe eyle
Sergio - Sister
Shaka Zulu Theme - We are growing
Shaman King Intro - Oversoul
Shaman King Intro - Shaman King Intro
Shane West - Only Hope
Shannen - Caught off there
Shannen - Most of it
Shannen - Show your love
Sharkey Feargal - Teenage Kicks
Shpat Kasapi - Fisnike
Shpat Kasapi - kthehu shpirt
Shrek 2 - accidentally in love
Shrek 2 - Holding Out For a Hero
Shrek 2 - I Need A Hero
Shrek 2 - I need some sleep
Shrek 2 - karaoke dance party
Shrek 2 - livin la vida loca
Shy - Genial Day
Sil - you are wrong
Silent Circle - Stop The Rain
Silver Convention - Telegram
Silverdream - Standing Here
Since1800 - Left & Right
Sinterklaas - Zwarte Piet Ging Uit Fietsen
Sister Act - Hail Holy Queen
Sister Act - I Will Fallow Him
Sister Act - I Will Follow Him
Sister Act - Joyful joyful
Sister Act - my guy
Sister Act - Wake up and pay attention
Sita (k-otic) - Happy
Sjon - De Dag
Sjon - Miranda
Sjon - Samen
Sjon - Strelen
Skretch - Show your love
Slam - Lifetimes
Smudo - Rudi
Snuffie bunny - Snuffie song
Soap - This is how we party
Sonny's Inc. - Caballero
Sophia Loren - Bing, Bang, Bong
Soulsister - The Way To Your Heart
Soulsister - Through before we even started
Sound of music - The lonely goatherd
South Beautiful - Little Blue
Spark - give me a hand
Spark - I like it
Spark - make you look good
Spark - mean mean mean
Spark - Someday
Spark - stupid
Spark - This Day
Spark - under your sun
Spine caroline's - Nothing To Prove
Spring - Dansen
Spring - De Juf Van Fysica
Spring - Jan Zonder Vrees
Spring - Nog een paar hete zomers
Spring - Spring
Spring - Stop de wereld
Spring - We kunnen het leven aan
ST!L - Ben je nou kwijt
ST!L - Je bent hier
Stanley Burleson - Alles Draait Om Jou
Star Five - Any One With Eyes
Starkoo - Hou me vast
Starkoo - Je loog tegen mij
Starkoo - Red de dag
Starkoo - Vanavond
Starkoo - Vrij zijn
Starmaker - I Can't Explain
Starmaker - Sorry
Stash - Adrenaline
Stash - Sadness
Stephan Oberhoff - Merci, Dass Es Dich Gibt
Steve Balsamo - All I Am
Steve Harley - Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me)
Steve Harley - Sweet Dreams
Stonewashed - Courage
Stonewashed - Fire in the rain
Stonewashed - Remember me
Summerlove - Dance On The Beach
Supermannen - Pioniers
Supermannen - Stoppen Is Geen Optie
Supermannen - Veel Te Veel
Supply Air - Lost In Love
Sushi Kids - Geef Me Een Zoen
Switch-Musical - Samen
Switch-Musical - Switch
Sylvia Alberts - Hutje Op De Hei
T Pau - Heart And Soul
T-Spoon - Merry christmas
T-Spoon - Summer love
Tacuba Cafe - Eres
Tarzan NL - Bij mij moet je zijn
Tarzan NL - Het moet, Het moet
Tarzan NL - het zijn geen vreemden
Tarzan NL - Zou dit het zijn
Tassie - See me, see you
Tears of Valiance - scream en cry
Ted De Braak - Zeven Sloten
Teddy Scholten - Een beetje
Tee Set - My Belle Amie
Tehosekoitin - Maailma On Sun
Ten-Hut - White Hot Chick
Tess - Don’t know why
Tess - I will always love you
Tess - Little pink thing
Tess - Stupid
Tess - Walk away
Tessa Boomkamp - Alone
Tessa Boomkamp - Beautiful day
Testpiet - Ik ben verliefd
The Aristocats - The Aristocats
The Baby's - Everytime I think of you
The Beatles - A hard days night
The Beatles - and she sweet
The Beatles - Hello, goodbey
The Beatles - Helter Skelter
The Beatles - I wanna hold your hand
The Beatles - Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da
The better offs - Another year older
The better offs - It's not a sin to separate
The boys you desire - So Much Love To Give
The Cats - One way wind
The City Drive - Bring me everything
The City Drive - Goodbye california
The City Drive - Mistaker
The City Drive - Over and done
The Click Five - Friday Night
The Click Five - Lies
The Dead Angels - Open Your Wings
The Death Letters - Crazy mind blues
The Death Letters - Schizophrenic
The Devastations - Hold me
The Ditch - Far away
The Donnas - dancing with myself
The Donnas - everyone is wrong
The Donnas - i want you to want me
The Donnas - Not The One
The Donnas - play my game
The Donnas - Take It Off
The Donnas - the cold medal
The erreway - Rebelde way
The erreway - Sweet Baby
The Faders - Better off dead
The Faders - Just Look At Me Now
The Fall Of Troy - F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X.
The Fall Of Troy - Tom Waits
The Format - First Single
The Format - The Compromise
The Foundations, - Build Me Up Buttercup
The Hunchback Of Notre Dame - God Help the Outcasts
The Hunchback Of Notre Dame - God Help the Outcasts (Pop Version)
The Hunchback Of Notre Dame - Heaven's Light
The Hunchback Of Notre Dame - Hellfire
The Jacksons - Destiny
The Jacksons - Who's loving you
The Judds, - Love Can Build A Bridge
The Kill - 30 Seconds To Mars
The legion of doom - Bite To Break Skin Remix
The legion of doom - Dottie In A Car Crash
The legion of doom - Icarus Underwater
The legion of doom - Lolita's Medicine
The legion of doom - Stupid Kill
The legion of doom - The Quiet Screaming
The Little Mermaid - For a Moment
The Little Mermaid - Poor Unfortunate Souls
The Moffats - Bang Bang Boom
The Moffats - I miss you like crazy
The Nades - How are you?
The O.C. Supertones - Adonai
The Old Dead Tree - It Can't Be
The Old Dead Tree - Joy & Happiness
The Old Dead Tree - Somewhere Else
The Old Dead Tree - We Cry As One
The Partysquad - Het is aan
The Pirate Movie - First Love
The Pirate Movie - Happy Ending
The Pirate Movie - Modern Major General
The Police - Don't stand so close to me
The Police - sending out an sos
The Police - Walking in the moon
The Press - Cantara Pepe
The Real Thing - You to me are Everything
The Scene Aesthetic - Beauty in the breakdown
The Sing a longs - Mister Snowman
The Sound Of Music - Climb every mountain
The Sound Of Music - Do-Re-Mi
The Sound Of Music - My Favorite Things
The Sound Of Music - Sixteen going on seventeen
The Stiff Dylans - Ever Fallen In Love
The Style Council - Long hot summer
The Style Council - My ever changing moods
The Suprimes - Baby Love
The Tellers - I Lie
The Tellers - This World
The Time - The Latest Fashion
The Tony Rich Project - Nobody Knows
The Verve - Bittersweet Symphony
The Verve - When the drugs don't work
The View - double yellow lines
The voicebanger - I love you
The Wolverines - 65 roses
The working title - beloved
Thing Girl - Last Goodbye
Thirty Eleven - Ole Ole
Thomas Berge - Zonder jou
Thurrteen - not right now
Thurrteen - see what I see
Tim James - I'll Be Your Secret
Tim Rice - This Jezus must die
Timmy der Hamster - Der Hamster
Tina Trucker - Lady Trucker, Is Mijn Naam
Tirza Didden - Couldn't believe
Tirza Didden - lost in the music
Tirza Didden - My Neverland
Tirza Didden - still in my heart
Tommy Reeve - I'm Sorry
Tone Damli Aaberge - Here I am
Top of the hill - Top of the hill
Toprak - Tot Hier En Niet Verder
Toprak - Tot hier en niet verder!!!
Total Touch - One Moment Your Mind
Total Touch - Somebody Else's Lover
Total Touch - Touch me there
Total Touch - Vlieg met me mee
Treble - amambanda
Treble - Free
Treble - Make your choice
Treble - ten years ago
Tremasdos - mundo trollz
Trio Bier - Regentijd
Trio Hellenique - Meisje, Ga Je Mee
Triplets - Swingen
Tristan en Isolde - Iedere nacht
Trude Herr - Ich Will Keine Schokolade
Truesteppers - Out of your mind
Truus - Eenzaam
Tull Jethro - Living In The Past
Tull Jethro - Locomotive Breath
Tv tunes - Bob de bouwer
Tv tunes - Boes Boes
Tv tunes - Braceface (Beugelbekkie)
Tv tunes - Teddy Ruxpin
Tv tunes - Wicky de viking
Tv tunes - Zorro
Twee Jochies - Wij Zijn De Tamboers Van De Koekblikharmonie
Tweenies - I believe in cristmas
Tweenies - Jump
Twinzz - De eerste dag
Typhoon - Bumaye
Udo Lindenberg - Mister Nobody
Udo mechels - Back against the wall
Udo mechels - heartbroken
Udo mechels - Stay
Ugly Pies - Lost My Wallet
Uncertain - What I really want
Uncertain - You don't need me
V-Male - Between The Lines
V-Male - Break The Silence
V-Male - One Tear At A Time
V-Male - Sometimes I Cry
V-Male - The Less You Seem To Know
Vader Abraham - Het smurfenlied ( dynamite)
Valensia - Gaia
Valensia - Tere
Valli Frankie - Bye Bye Baby (Baby Good-Bye)
Valli Frankie - Grease
Valli Frankie - Let's Hang On!
Valli Frankie - Opus 17 (Don't Worry Bout Me)
Valli Frankie - Tell It To The Rain
Van Dik Hout - Tot jij mijn liefde voelt
Van Dik Hout - Dromendief
Van Katoen - Durf Jij
Van Orly - Did somebody
Van Orly - I do love you (do do)
Van Orly - Somebody hold me
Van Orly - Waterfall of gold
Van Velzen - Baby Get Higher
Van Velzen - Follow Me / Follow You
Van Velzen - On my way
Van Velzen - Shine a little light
Van Velzen - Stay A Little Longer
Van Velzen - Take Me In
Van Velzen - truth of the matter
Van Velzen - When summer ends
W817 band - Tederheid
Wacko Wimo - Zes Of Acht
Wainwright Rufus - Cigarettes And Chocolate Milk
Walter - Ich Geh' Nicht Ohne Dich
Walz Christian - Missing you
Wan Ati - Long watra
Warhols Dandy - Big Indian
Warhols Dandy - Country Leaver
X-Babes - Love You baby!
Xander De Buisonjé - De angel eruit
Xander De Buisonjé - Er is altijd een weg!!
Xander De Buisonjé - Ik heb je nodig
Xander De Buisonjé - Ik zie
Xander De Buisonjé - Stop de tijd
XYP - Body to Body
XYP - Breathe In Time
XYP - I wanna be like you
Yalin - Üzülme
Yalin - Aşkta Telafi Olmaz
Yalin - Ben bilmem
Yalin - Bir bakmışsın
Yalin - değmez
Yalin - Eyvahlar Olsun
Yalin - Günaydin
Yalin - Keşke
Yalin - Meleklerin sözü var
Yalin - Sahte
Yalin - Seni buralarda bir özleyen var
Yalin - Seviyorum
Yalin - Son Aşkım
Yalin - Sonsuz ol
Yalin - Tek gecelik aşk masalı
Yalin - Yağmur
Yalin - Zalim
Yellowbride - Dance Upon A Time
Zapata - Gonna Go Crazy
Zapata - Tingo Tingo Lady
Ricardo Muñoz - In The Morning Sun
Headhunterz - Victim Of My Rage
Headhunterz - Hate It Or Love It
Headhunterz - The Fear Of Darkness
Headhunterz - Megasound
Headhunterz - Muzikal Revolution
Headhunterz - Qlimax
Airto - True Friends
Funkerman - 3 Minutes To Explain
Funkerman - Fallin' In Love
Bart B More - Finally
Mischa Daniels - Run Away
Vato Gonzalez - Dale Guep
DeeJay David - I Can Feel
DeeJay David - So Bizarre
Cyfer - Take Me
Bingo Players - Touch Me
Aria Urbana - Daca Vrei
Mahala Rai Banda - Kibori
Others (The) - Darren, Daniel, Dave
Others (The) - This Is For The Poor
Evil Conduct - One Day Will Come
Alexandrina Hristov - Printre Flori
Meleches - Triangular Tattvic Fire
LOREDANA - Iubirea Mea
Andreea Balan - Nevermind
Andreea Balan - Baby Get Up And Dance
GeoDaSilva - Far Away
GeoDaSilva - I'll Do You Like A Truck
Sander Kleinenberg - This Is Miami
Kumm - Hi Fi Poetry
Kumm - Hand In A Mirror
Adrian Eftimie - Desire
Adrian Eftimie - No Side Effects
Adrian Eftimie - Where You Are Free To Love
Marius Nedelcu - Walk Away
Marius Nedelcu - Lost
Marius Nedelcu - You Know I Loved You
Marius Nedelcu - Doctor Mary
Brennan Heart - Get Wasted
Лера Козлова - Последний Звонок
Слот - Аниме
One Street - This Time
1 Option - If I Love You More
1 Option - Under The Blue Sky
1 Option - You Are The One For Me
12 Rock Girl - Have Fun
Grade - Ai Plecat
2 Alive - Tell It To My Heart
2 For Good - You And Me
2 For Love - Only For Love
2 Gether - 2gether
2 Gether - Pepsi Commercial
2 Shy - You Give Me All I Need
20 Ani - Pentru Tine
21st Century Girls - 21st Century Girls
Dj Andi - Colours Of Rainbow
Dj Andi - Fire
Pete Philly & Perquisite - Mystery Repeats
Pete Philly & Perquisite - Time Flies
4 Fun - In Bratele Tale
4 Kids - Sha La La La
411 - Teardrops
4fun - In Fiecare Seara
5000 Volts - I'm On Fire
5ive - 12345
5ive - Closer To Me
5ive - Everybody Get Up
68 Beats - Replay The Night (gabriel & Dresden Mix)
9 Days - 257 Weeks
9 Days - Absolutely (story Of A Girl)
9 Days - Bitter
9 Days - If I Am
Orange Grove - Feel That Fire
Orange Grove - Super Californian
Dj Dany - Imn Steaua
Vandenberg - All The Way