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Trillium - Mistaken
Trillium - Into The Dissonance
Trillium - Slow It Down
Trillium - Love Is An Illusion
El Barrio - Andalucia (El Origen)
377 - A Drink For My Baby, Sacagawea
377 - 377
377 - Sound Of Money
377 - Heads Down, Thumbs Up
Omega El Real - El Producto
Antonio Orozco - Una Y Otra Vez
Antonio Orozco - Lo Que Tu Quieras Soy
Antonio Orozco - Ya Lo Sabes (Con Luis Fonsi)
Bjork - Nattura
Victorious Cast - Song To You
Forgotten Boys - Justice For All
Forgotten Boys - Vou Me Entregar
Good Natured (The) - Be My Animal
Amel Bent - Je Reste
Camille - Wet Boy
Camille - She Was
Camille - Mars Is No Fun
Camille - Bubble Lady
Camille - Ilo Veyou
Camille - My Man Is Married But Not To Me
Camille - Le Banquet
Camille - Tout Dit
360 - Run Alone
Mimmo Cavallaro - Tarantella Guappa
Mimmo Cavallaro - A Virrinedda
Mimmo Cavallaro - Lu Padruni Meu
Maeva Meline - Dors Mon Ange
China McClain - Dynamite
Jason Derulo - Together
Christophe Belloeil - Je Ne Vois Pas Le Monde
Yves Jamait - Pauv' Pom'
Yves Jamait - Je T'oublie
Yves Jamait - La Cinquantaine
Lisa Angell - J'ai Besoin De Parler
Lisa Angell - Un Peu Plus Haut, Un Peu Plus Loin
Lisa Angell - Laisse-moi Essayer
Lisa Angell - Mon Ami, Mon Ange
Scouting For Girls - I Love How It Hurts
Signals Midwest - Careful Man, There's A Beverage Here!
Signals Midwest - Calloused Hands
Totalfat - Across The Chance
Totalfat - Ain't Gonna Kill
Totalfat - Ball And Chain
Totalfat - Carry On
Totalfat - Damage
Totalfat - Dance On, My Friends
Totalfat - Dear My Empire
Totalfat - In Your Hands
Totalfat - Invention ~good Morning, My Treasures~
Totalfat - Just For What
Totalfat - Life Like Movies
Totalfat - One Last Time, I'll Try To Be With You
Totalfat - Overdrive
Totalfat - Place To Try
Totalfat - Rainbow
Totalfat - Rest In Peace
Totalfat - Revelation
Totalfat - Ryan, Don't Worry
Totalfat - See You Later, Take Care
Totalfat - Sky Of California
Totalfat - Smile
Monica Molina - Entre Tus Ojos Y Los Mios
Monica Molina - Y De Qué Manera
Monica Molina - Esta Hora De Los Besos
Monica Molina - Tiempo Perdido
Samuel Hernández - Cuán Grande Es El
Samuel Hernández - Levato Mis Manos
Samuel Hernández - Si Esta Almohada Hablara
Samuel Hernández - No Me Digas Adiós
Samuel Hernández - La Historia De Un Hijo Apartado
Hammers Of Misfortune - We Are The Widows
Hammers Of Misfortune - Trot Out The Dead
Hammers Of Misfortune - Widow's Wall
Eva Mon Amour - Vestirò Di Melograno
Eva Mon Amour - La Tua Rivoluzione
Such is life - Play For Keeps
Patent Pending - This Love Can Save Us All
Money in the Banana Stand - 1728
Getaway Plan (The) - Move Along
I Am The Avalanche - Brooklyn Dodgers
I Am The Avalanche - Amsterdam
I Am The Avalanche - I'll Be Back Around
I Am The Avalanche - Dead Friends
Stereo Skyline - Kiss Me In The Morning
Me First & The Gimme Gimmes - Hero
Me First & The Gimme Gimmes - C-c-c
Shaggy - Sugarcane
Shaggy - Dame
Shaggy - End Of The World (Drink Up)
One Direction - What Makes You Beautiful
One Direction - One Thing
One Direction - Up All Night
One Direction - I Wish
One Direction - I Want
One Direction - Everything About You
Taking Dawn - V
Taking Dawn - Black Diamond
Chino Y Nacho - Príncipe Azul
Chino Y Nacho - Sin Ti
Chino Y Nacho - Estoy Enamorado
Chino Y Nacho - El Poeta
Chino Y Nacho - Regalame Un Muack
Chino Y Nacho - Asi Es El Amor
Miguelito - Al Son Del Boom
Miguelito - El Maltrato
Miguelito - Mochila De Amor
Miguelito - Lola
Miguelito - Tranquilo Huey
Miguelito - No Lo Sé
Miguelito - Por Nada En El Mundo
Miguelito - Madre
Miguelito - Si O Si Tienes Que Bailar
Blind Fool Love - La Strage Di Cupido
Blind Fool Love - Natura Morta
Blind Fool Love - Saranno Giorni
Blind Fool Love - La Ballata Della Farfalla Melitaea
Blind Fool Love - I Viali Dell'inverno
Pretty Reckless (The) - Bleeding (Don't You Love Me)
Daughter - Home
Elizaveta - Snow in Venice
Misha B - Would I Lie To You?
Volker Schlag - Halt Mich
Newsboys - The King Is Coming
Newsboys - God's Not Dead (Like A Lion)
Newsboys - Your Love Never Fails
Newsboys - Here We Stand
Newsboys - Savior Of The World
Newsboys - Forever Reign
Newsboys - I Am Second
Tegan And Sara - Alligator
Tegan And Sara - Back In Your Head
Tegan And Sara - The Ocean
Tegan And Sara - Sentimental Tune
Nica & Joe - Vivo Per Lei
Nica & Joe - All By Myself
Rufus Martin - All Night Long
Rufus Martin - Light My Fire
Tristo - I Am The Show
Ting Tings (The) - Hang It Up
Fábula - Photo
Fábula - La Cal
Fábula - Círculo Vital
Pedro Guerra - La Maestra
Pedro Guerra - Teodora
Pedro Guerra - Gente Tóxica
Pedro Guerra - Monarca
Insomnium - Weather The Storm
99 Posse - Yes Weekend
James Fauntleroy II - Dying For Your Love
Adam Lambert - Kickin In
Patrick Stump - Coast (It's Gonna Get Better)
Chicago - Wonderful Christmas Time
Chicago - Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree
Chicago - On The Last Night Of The Year
Chicago - Merry Christmas Darling
Chicago - Rockin' And Rollin' On Christmas Day
Chicago - O Christmas Tree
Erasure - Shot To The Heart
George Benson - Show Me The Love
George Benson - A Telephone Call Away
George Benson - Someday We'll All Be Free
George Benson - One Like You
Rush - BU2B
UB40 - Get Along Without You Now
UB40 - Boom Shacka Lacka
Chris Isaak - My Baby Left Me
Chris Isaak - Oh, Pretty Woman
Chris Isaak - Doin' The Best I Can
Chris Isaak - Your True Love
Chris Isaak - Doncha' Think It's Time
Chris Isaak - That Lucky Old Sun
Sergio Dalma - Senza Una Donna
Tony Bennett - One For My Baby
Tony Bennett - Body And Soul
Tony Bennett - Blue Velvet
Tony Bennett - The Girl I Love
Tony Bennett - Who Can I Turn To
Tony Bennett - Speak Low
Tony Bennett - This Is All I Ask
Tony Bennett - Watch What Happens
Tony Bennett - Stranger In Paradise
Tony Bennett - The Way You Look Tonight
Tony Bennett - It Had To Be You
Fabrizio Campanelli - Lovely On My Hand
Killacat - Il Sole Dentro Me
Croma - Toi & Moi
Gianluca Grignani - Natura Umana
Gianluca Grignani - Lontano Da Te (L'Europa Dall'America)
Smash Hit Combo - Generation Test
Smash Hit Combo - Factice
Aurélie Cabrel - Je Te Tatoue
Los Hermanos Rosario - Mi Tonto Amor
Los Hermanos Rosario - La Dueña Del Swing
Los Hermanos Rosario - Fin De Semana
Los Hermanos Rosario - Digale Que No
Los Hermanos Rosario - Siento
Los Hermanos Rosario - El Milagro De Tus Ojos
Just - Per Un'ora D'amore
Fiocco Di Neve - E.T.
Giulio Montagna - Nessuno Mi Può Giudicare
Hector Acosta - Como Me Curo
Hector Acosta - La Noche
Marco Negri - Lontano Dagli Occhi
David Nail - Grandpa's Farm
David Nail - Let It Rain
David Nail - Half Mile Hill
David Nail - The Sound Of A Million Dreams
Korallreven - As Young As Yesterday
Korallreven - The Truest Faith
Black Sun Aeon - Brothers
Hotel Year (The) - Lonely Hearts Club
Hotel Year (The) - Holiday
VRGNS - Caught On Camera
British Beef - Something Else
Muttonheads - Going Away
Muttonheads - Trust You Again
Izia - So Much Trouble
Manuel Carrasco - Otoño Octubre
Hector Acosta - Como Me Curo?
Hector Acosta - Demasiado Mujer
Hector Acosta - Paz En La Tormenta
Hector Acosta - Obligame
Hector Acosta - Aprendere
Hector Acosta - Dimelo Ahora
Hector Acosta - Me Llamas
Hector Acosta - Se Me Va La Voz
Juliana O'Neal - Te Vas A Arrepentir
Miriam Cruz - Una Mordidita
Miriam Cruz - Otra Vez
Miriam Cruz - Ay Amiga
Miriam Cruz - Quiero
Miriam Cruz - La Carnada
Bertrand Charpilloz - Le Fil Rouge
Bertrand Charpilloz - Mrs Parker
Bertrand Charpilloz - J'te Préfère Nature
Zaniboni - Les Yeux Baissés
Zaniboni - Modi
Asathor - Asathor
Asathor - Raubzug
Avenging Angels - Soulless
Richard Anthony - Un Papillon Qui Vole
Richard Anthony - Quand Tu M'as Parlé
Gérard Lenorman - Reconciliation De Bob Dylan Et Rockfeller
Gérard Lenorman - D'amour
Sarah (FR) - Avant D'avoir Grandi
Die Toten Hosen - Opel Gang
Die Toten Hosen - Sascha... Ein Aufrechter Deutscher
Die Toten Hosen - Strom
Die Toten Hosen - Zehn Kleine Jägermeister
Debout Sur Le Zinc - Indécis
Debout Sur Le Zinc - Plan-plan
Dalida - Memory
Larkin Poe - Desert Dream
Girl Named Toby - Holding A Heart
Like Moths To Flames - You Won't Be Missed
Zamjo - Richtung Sonne
Gloria Morti - The Origins Of Sin
Gloria Morti - Obey
Gloria Morti - The Final Framework
Rihanna - Princess Of China
Slove - Flash
Mansfield.TYA - Cavaliers
In Slumber - Orphaned Heaven
Cipher System - 7 Inch Cut
Cipher System - Forget To Forgive
Cipher System - Gods Terminal
Aura Dione - In Love With The World
Aura Dione - What It's Like
Aura Dione - Masterpiece
Aura Dione - America
Aura Dione - Recipe
Aura Dione - Superhuman
Stéphanie Crayencour - Pleure Moi
Émilie Lévesque - Tout Doucement
Dionne Bromfield - Lost In Love
Martin Madeja - New Age
Raffaela Wais - Soulmate
Gladys Mwachiti - If I Were A Boy
Rufus Martin - Fly Away
BenMan - Jessie
Javier - Crazy
Javier - In Your Hands
Howie D - 100
Howie D - Back To Me
Howie D - Shatterproof
Howie D - Lie To Me
Howie D - Over My Head
Howie D - Sleepwalking
Howie D - Stay
Howie D - Way To Your Heart
Back Alley Hooligans - Guerrilla Warfare
Marracash - Quando Ero Vivo
Starliners - Vertige
Tony Yayo - Charlie Sheen Interlude
David Banner - Dance The Night Away
Fii - Power To The People
Catherine Major - Le Désert Des Solitudes
Catherine Major - Ourse
Catherine Major - Ma Voix
Catherine Major - Chanson Sans Lui
Catherine Major - Soixante
Catherine Major - Petit Début D'éternité
Zoufris Maracas - Un Gamin
Rihanna - Farewell
Jali - Mon Paris
Jali - Bonnie
Jali - Les Petits Hommes Verts
Jali - Sel Et Citron
Kitty Brucknell - The Edge Of Glory
Cher Lloyd - Want U Back
Cher Lloyd - Playa Boi
Cher Lloyd - Superhero
Cher Lloyd - Over The Moon
Cher Lloyd - Dub On The Track
Sáik - Junto A Ti
Sáik - Justin Beiber
Sáik - Siénteme
Sáik - Te Pido
David Bustamante - Te Mentía
David Bustamante - Me Salvas
David Bustamante - Bandera Blanca
Veronica Falls - Stephen
Veronica Falls - Beachy Head
Brains - Take What I Want
Charly Brunner - Ich Glaub An Die Liebe
Fray (The) - Run For Your Life
Tom Frager - Darling
Xtreme - Baby Baby
Toby Love - Te Parece Poco
Toby Love - Lamento Prohibido
Toby Love - Casi Casi
Toby Love - Y Ahora
Toby Love - Quizás
Toby Love - Como Te Amo
Toby Love - Eres Tú
Toby Love - Corazón
Jaylene Johnson - Closer To You
Florence And The Machine - Bedroom Hymns
Maricarmen Marin - Feliz Contigo
Maricarmen Marin - Locos De Amor
Maricarmen Marin - No Quiero Volver A Verte
Maricarmen Marin - Y Que Me Importa
A Loss For Words - Honeymoon Eyes
A Loss For Words - Raining Excuses
A Loss For Words - The Lost Cause I Used To Be
Maricarmen Marin - Corazon Corazon
Collectif Paris - Africa Pour L'Unicef - Des Ricochets
Karmin - You Can Tell Me
UK Subs - Tokyo Rose
UK Subs - The Axe
UK Subs - Children Of The Flood
UK Subs - Blood
UK Subs - Soho
UK Subs - Spoils Of War
UK Subs - Crossfire
UK Subs - Devolution
Angels And Airwaves - Saturday Love
Angels And Airwaves - My Heroine (It's Not Over)
Angels And Airwaves - Moon As My Witness
Angels And Airwaves - One Last Thing
Angels And Airwaves - Inertia
Angels And Airwaves - All That We Are
Ivan Segreto - Lembo
Ivan Segreto - A La Vo
Julien M'a Dit - Camille
Luana Parricelli - Il Coraggio Che Non C'e'
Lila Downs - Palomo Del Comalito
Lila Downs - Dios Nunca Muere
Lila Downs - Naila
Lila Downs - Sabor A Mi
Lila Downs - La Llorona
Lila Downs - El Venadito
Lila Downs - Simuna
Lila Downs - Yunu Yucu Ninu
Lila Downs - Xquenda
Lila Downs - Mi Corazón Me Recuerda
Lila Downs - El Feo
Lila Downs - Soy Pescador
Lila Downs - La Llorona
Lila Downs - Perhaps, Perhaps, Quizás
Lila Downs - Cielo Rojo
Lila Downs - La Cucaracha
Lila Downs - Paloma Negra
Lila Downs - La Cama De Piedra
Lila Downs - Justicia
Lila Downs - Yo Envidio El Viento
An Early Cascade - Town Of Clocks
Banner Pilot - Eraser
Latin For Truth - Gutter Punk Mixtape
Close Your Eyes - Empty Hands
Close Your Eyes - Paper Thin
Close Your Eyes - Wormwood
Close Your Eyes - Wolves
Close Your Eyes - Heavy Hearts
Latin For Truth - There Used To Be A Marching Band In My Legs
B. Reith - I Know
B. Reith - Rain Down
Micah Stampley - Heaven On Earth
Micah Stampley - Search For You
Micah Stampley - Call Of Love
Micah Stampley - We Need The Lord
Micah Stampley - Marvelous
Micah Stampley - Rain
Micah Stampley - Speak Into My Life
Micah Stampley - Speak Into My Life (Stampley Boys)
Giant Squid - Mating Scars (Isurus Metridium)
Giant Squid - Cenotes (Troglocambarus Maclanei)
Seal - Love Tko
Seal - What's Goin' On
Seal - Love Won't Let Me Wait
Seal - Oh Girl
Alessandra Amoroso - E' Vero Che Vuoi Restare
Carla Bruni - Jolis Sapins
Dana Kerstein - My Soul Ghost
Daughter - In the Shallows
Daughter - Love
Daughter - Medicine
Daughter - Peter
Cathy Davey - Holy Moly
Benjamin Francis Leftwich - Butterfly Culture
Benjamin Francis Leftwich - Stole You Away
Arrows to Athens - Alive
Arrows to Athens - Chase the Sun
Arrows to Athens - Dust and Gold
Arrows to Athens - Used to Be
Arrows to Athens - Your Gravity
Descendant - Dance With The Devil
Descendant - Before My Time
Leprous - Waste Of Air
Leprous - Passing
Leprous - Dare You
Leprous - Fate
Leprous - He Will Kill Again
Leprous - Not Even A Name
Leprous - Tall Poppy Syndrome
Leprous - White
Placebo - Kitty Litter
Placebo - Special Needs
Placebo - Song To Say Goodbye
Zahara - El Universo
Zahara - El Caso De Emergencia
Zahara - Mariposas
La Casa Azul - Los Chicos Hoy Saltarán A La Pista
La Casa Azul - Colisión Inminente (Red Lights, Red Lights)
La Casa Azul - Terry, Peter Y Yo
Sissel - Velkommen Hjem
Sissel - Goodbye
Kottonmouth Kings - I Don't Wanna Run
Kottonmouth Kings - Kill The Pain
Zucchero - L'écho Des Dimanches
Tyler Star - Ride With Me
Ben Mazué - C'est Leger
Ben Mazué - Je Regrette
Lala Joy - Il Y A
Far Beyond - The Ancient Realms
Mary J. Blige - Why
Mary J. Blige - The Living Proof
Pignoise - Piezas
Pignoise - Nubes De Algodon
Brian Wilson - Kiss The Girl
Brian Wilson - Colors Of The Wind
Brian Wilson - We Belong Together
Brian Wilson - I Just Can't Wait To Be King
Brian Wilson - Stay Awake
Brian Wilson - Heigh-ho
Brian Wilson - Whistle While You Work
Brian Wilson - A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes
Vince Gill - Threaten Me With Heaven
Vince Gill - Who Wouldn't Fall In Love With You
Vince Gill - Billy Paul
Vince Gill - The Old Lucky Diamond Motel
Vince Gill - If I Die
Short Stack - Wherever You Are
Boys No Good - Jeremy Drinks Bleach
Boys No Good - Cut Your Heart Out
Steven Patrick Piu - 50 Special
Eric Roberson - Dealing
Eric Roberson - Picture Perfect
Eric Roberson - Just A Dream
Eric Roberson - Morning After
Cafè Margot - Sempre
Day26 - Made Love Lately
Adam & Eve - Demain Comme La Veille
Adam & Eve - Game Over
Ina-Ich - Animal
Lazuli - La Valse à Cent Ans
Karmin - Crash Your Party
Lowkey - Hand On Your Gun
Lowkey - We Will Rise
Lowkey - My Soul
Lowkey - Haunted
Mario Biondi - Life Is Everything
Legacy (The) - Blindfolds
Legacy (The) - Demons
Legacy (The) - Vices
Patrick Stump - Cryptozoology
Like Moths To Flames - The Worst In Me
Like Moths To Flames - My Own Grave
Massiv - Deutschland Schafft Sich Ab
Singuila - Ma Femme Est Blanche
La Fouine - T'es Mort Dans Le Film
La Fouine - Le Silence
Lowkey - I Believe
Mayer Hawthorne - Henny & Gingerale