Новые тексты и переводы песен - Страница 230

Alimero - Erreure Commune
Goyko Schmidt - Liebeslied
Goyko Schmidt - Lieder, Die Die Liebe Schreibt
Goyko Schmidt - Und Wenn
Goyko Schmidt - Brei
Goyko Schmidt - Kleine Draisine
Goyko Schmidt - Saus Und Braus
Augie March - Lupus
Metrickz - Er & Sie
Metrickz - Sommernachtstraum
Chrishan - Give P On Me
Amar - Koran
Don Moen - Arise
Georgia Anne Muldrow - Never A Day In Vain
Georgia Anne Muldrow - Run Away
Method Man - St. Ides
Alvin Slaughter - More Than Enough
Jordin Sparks - Art Of Love
Rakim - How To Emcee
Rakim - Man Above
Rakim - Holy Are U
Kyra - Trau Meinen Worten Nicht
Kyra - Du Fehlst Mir
Kyra - Ich Liebe Dich
Shanadoo - Think About
Shanadoo - Japanese Boy
Shanadoo - Heart To Heart
Shanadoo - Bonjour Tristesse
Shanadoo - Fly Me To Shanghai
Shanadoo - Passion Your Eyes
Shanadoo - Guilty Of Love
Shanadoo - Give A Little Love
Shanadoo - Its Like An Anime
Shanadoo - Sayonara Blue
Airys - Ogni Volta Che Penso A Noi
Airys - Io Ho Te
Honor Society - Break Up Break Down
Honor Society - Take You Home
Honor Society - Stumblin'
Kettcar - 48 Stunden
Kettcar - Balu
Kettcar - Nacht
Kettcar - Hier Sein
Leighton Meester - Somebody To Love
Leighton Meester - Your Lies Are The Truth
Leighton Meester - Good Girl Go Bad
Nessbeal - Amour éternel
David DeMaria - Que Yo No Quiero Problemas
Chenoa - Que Yo No Quiero Problemas
Daddy Yankee - Daria
Greeley Estates - A Day To Be Remembered
Just Surrender - Burning Up (Acoustic)
Ke$ha - Run Devil Run
Peter Bjorn And John - I Don't Know What I Want Us To Do
Peter Bjorn And John - People They Know
Fabulous Girls - Butterflies
Silent Envy - Last You'll Hear From Me
Silent Envy - On Your Own Way
Silent Envy - White
Sade - Morning Bird
Sade - Long Hard Road
Sade - Be That Easy
Sade - Skin
Punchline - Over You
Nargaroth - Sommer
Nargaroth - Herbst
Living Sacrifice - Nietzsche's Madman
Through The Eyes Of The Dead - The Manifest
Through The Eyes Of The Dead - Skepsis
Nonexistence - De Nihilo Nihil
Mouthwash - No Fear
Mouthwash - What I Don't Know
Mouthwash - Southbound
Behind Crimson Eyes - Stay With Me
Racing Kites - Home Is Where The Heart Is
Mighty Mighty Bosstones - Not To Me On That Night
Mighty Mighty Bosstones - Wasted Summers
Kidcrash (The) - Slow Applause
Caroline Hat - Zaubermond
Caroline Hat - Mama I'm Big Girl Now
Caroline Hat - Schokoladistan
I.Y.A.Z. - Solo
Iyaz - Solo
Blood Redemption - Our Final Hope
Roimungstrupp - Falsche Freunde
Roimungstrupp - Wir Passen Uns Niemals An
Roimungstrupp - Neid
Republic Of Wolves (The) - Spill
Four Letter Lie - Key To The World
Alexis HK - C'est Le Printemps
Sweet Punch For Kids - 12 Hours
Nephew - Bazooka
Sweet Punch For Kids - All Stars Are Going Down
Alpa Gun - Intro
Vic Chesnutt - Coward
Vic Chesnutt - What Do You Mean?
Vic Chesnutt - Ignorant People
Vic Chesnutt - Rambunctious Cloud
Vic Chesnutt - Mr. Reilly
Vic Chesnutt - One Of Many
Vic Chesnutt - Drunk
Vic Chesnutt - Super Tuesday
Vic Chesnutt - Onion Soup
Vic Chesnutt - Thailand
Vic Chesnutt - See You Around
Vic Chesnutt - Woodrow Wilson
Vic Chesnutt - DNA
Vic Chesnutt - You May Not Be Interested
Vic Chesnutt - Very Friendly Lighthouses
Vic Chesnutt - 12 Johnnies
Vic Chesnutt - We Should Be So Brave
Vic Chesnutt - Look At Me
Vic Chesnutt - Sultan, So Mighty
Vic Chesnutt - Fa-la-la
Vic Chesnutt - In My Way, Yes
Frei.Wild - Süd Tirol
Frei.Wild - Dein Zweites Leben
Frei.Wild - Freiheit
Frei.Wild - Zeig Mir Das Land
Frei.Wild - Freundschaft
Frei.Wild - Stück Für Stück
Frei.Wild - Unterwegs
Frei.Wild - Südtirol
Frei.Wild - Ich Bleib Daheim
Frei.Wild - B.O.U.L. (Böhse Onkelz Unser Leben)
Frei.Wild - Leben
Frei.Wild - Heimat
Frei.Wild - Gratissäufer
Frei.Wild - Zufriedenheit
Frei.Wild - Eines Tages Fährt Leon Mit Der Straßenbahn
OK Go - This Too Shall Pass
OK Go - All Is Not Lost
OK Go - I Want You So Bad I Can't Breathe
OK Go - While You Were Asleep
Tiffany Page - Walk Away Slow
Marina And The Diamonds - Girls
Marina And The Diamonds - Numb
Revenge Of The Living Dead - Ana's Song
Roseway - If You Hold Your Breath For Long Enough, You Will Die
Roseway - She Prays With Her Knees Clinched To The Carpet
Die Lunikoff Verschwörung - Der Deutsche Sturm
Die Lunikoff Verschwörung - Drei Wie Brüder
Die Lunikoff Verschwörung - Der Keine Hoffnung Verliert
Die Lunikoff Verschwörung - Frei Geboren - Frei Sterben
Die Lunikoff Verschwörung - Der Letzte Ritter
Die Lunikoff Verschwörung - Fels In Der Brandung
Ascendicate (The) - We Didn't Click
Ascendicate (The) - A Bit Of History
Kyra - Keine Antwort
Kyra - Du Warst Immer Für Mich Da
Kyra - Big Love
Kyra - Erinnere Mich
We Butter The Bread With Butter - Christmas Song
We Butter The Bread With Butter - 13 Wünsche
Worfy - Täusch Dich Nicht
Egotronic - Rampue Vs. Egotronic
Egotronic - Vorbei
Egotronic - Raven Gegen Deutschland
Egotronic - Pilze
Mister.Y - Taratata
Take It Easy Hospital - Human Jungle
Take It Easy Hospital - Scenarios And Starlight
Pupajim - Travelling
Pupajim - Business Of War
Pupajim - Dna
Omarion - Code Red
Omarion - On My Grind
Ocean Drive - Because (Connecte-toi)
Ocean Drive et DJ Oriska - Connecte-toi
G-Dragon - Heartbreaker
Limit - Gangsta Rap
Limit - Ich Muss Weg
Limit - Kämpf Um Etwas Zu Erreichen
Roland Kaiser - Der Sommerwind
Roland Kaiser - Es Kann Der Frömmste Nicht In Frieden Leben
Roland Kaiser - Flieg' Mit Zu Den Sternen
Roland Kaiser - Lebenslänglich Du
Roland Kaiser - Nachgefühl
Roland Kaiser - Niemand ändert Mein Gefühl Für Dich
Roland Kaiser - Sag Ihm Dass Ich Dich Liebe
Roland Kaiser - Wenn Wir Kinder Wären
Roland Kaiser - Wind Auf Der Haut Und Lisa
Renate Kern - Balalaika
Renate Kern - Alle Blumen Brauchen Sonne
Renate Kern - Stop The Beat
Renate Kern - Come On Let's Dance
Renate Kern - Supermann
Renate Kern - Silber Und Gold
Renate Kern - Das Schönste Land Der Welt
Renate Kern - Warum Willst Du Weinen
Renate Kern - Rinaldo Rinaldini
Renate Kern - Mach Es Wie Die Sonnenuhr
Renate Kern - Die Welt Ist So Schön Wie Ein Traum
Renate Kern - Kommt Nict In Frage
Renate Kern - Du Bist Meine Liebe
Renate Kern - Weine Keine Abschiedstränen
Renate Kern - Bis Morgen
Renate Kern - Ganz Genau Wie Du
Renate Kern - Du Musst Mir Die Wahrheit Sagen
Renate Kern - Ein Schlaflose Nacht
Renate Kern - Du Musst Mit Den Wimpern Klimpern
Nick Jonas & The Administration - Who I Am
Schöngeist - Tanz Mit Mir
Schöngeist - Liebeskrieger
Schöngeist - Aus Und Vorbei
Schöngeist - Böses Blut
Ammoniaka - 30 Agosto 2002
Luciole - Grain De Sable
Luciole - Ombre
Zone D'Tambora - Caramelo
Zone D'Tambora - Así Te Amo
Danny Rivera - Chipi, Chipi
Eddy Mitchell - Le Chanteur Du Dancing
Angus And Julia Stone - Hold On
Angus And Julia Stone - Black Crow
Angus And Julia Stone - For You
Angus And Julia Stone - Santa Monica Dream
Angus And Julia Stone - On The Road
Angus And Julia Stone - Walk It Off
Angus And Julia Stone - The Devil's Tears
Eluveitie - Thousandfold
Eluveitie - Nil
Eluveitie - Quoth The Raven
Circle Of Contempt - Concealed
Decomposure - Whose Side Are You On?
Vitaa - Invitaation
Vitaa - Celle Que Je Vois
Pilot Speed - Put The Phone Down
Pilot Speed - Wooden Bones
Queen Killing Kings (The) - Like Lions
Anabantha - Bruja
Anabantha - El Infierno De Tus Ojos
Anabantha - El Resguardo
Anabantha - El Edén De Mis Sueños
Anabantha - Escaparé De Tus Recuerdos
Anabantha - Dando La Cara Al Abismo
Split Mirrors - Exchange
Split Mirrors - Voices
F-raz - Es Tut Mir So Leid
F-raz - Mama
F-raz - Seit Jahren
F-raz - Liebst Du
F-raz - Was Du Wirklich Für Mich Bist
F-raz - Ich Lebe Nur Für Dich
F-raz - Bleib Hier
F-raz - Du Bist Und Bleibst Ein Traum
F-raz - Du Bist Und Du Bleibst
F-raz - Ich Dachte
F-raz - Für Dich Schatz
F-raz - Tränen
F-raz - Viel Zu Schwer
F-raz - Ich Werde Warten Auf Dich
F-raz - Hör Zu
F-raz - Du Solltest Mich Lieben
F-raz - Hey Girl, Heb Die Hände Hoch
F-raz - Engel Weinen
F-raz - Du Wirst Sehen
F-raz - Du Siehst Gut Aus
A boy with glasses - The Penguin Song
A Dead Motion - Glass Wall Scenery
A Dull Science - Because I Can
A Dull Science - Moment of Silence
A Dull Science - Perfect
A Dull Science - Sweet Insanity
A Farewell Fire - Design
A Flock Of Seagulls - Lost Control (Totally)
A Goodnight Crisis - Be Sure To Forget Your Lines
A Hero en Route - Jack (Ruby Shoes)
A Hero en Route - Last Words Are Passwords
A Hero en Route - Your Time Spent in Florence
A Hero Next Door - Right Here All Along
a Jigsaw - A Little Story
a Jigsaw - His Secret
a Jigsaw - Leap of Ignorance
a Jigsaw - Red Pony
A Love Like Pi - All You Do With Guilt
A Love Like Pi - Atlas
A Love Like Pi - My Body
A Sleepless Melody - Family Tree
A Smile And A Ribbon - Babys Breath
A Smile And A Ribbon - Book Cover
A Smile And A Ribbon - Miracles
A Thorn From Every Heart - It's Hard To Move You
A Thorn From Every Heart - The Prediction
A Thorn From Every Heart - Worthless
A Thousand Shades of Cold - Sacrament Of The Sick
A Thousand Shades of Cold - Strings Of Life
A*Teens - A Perfect Match
A*Teens - One Night in Bangkok
A. A. Bondy - A Slow Parade
A. A. Bondy - For A Kingdom
A. A. Bondy - To the Morning
A.C. Newman - Like a Hitman, Like a Dancer
A.C. Newman - Submarines of Stockholm
A.C. Newman - There Are Maybe Ten or Twelve
A.R. Kane - Lover
AA Bondy - A Slow Parade
AA Bondy - American Hearts
AA Bondy - Black rain, black rain
AA Bondy - How will you meet your end?
AA Bondy - Mightiest of Guns
AA Bondy - No man shall
AA Bondy - There's A Reason
AA Bondy - Vice Rag
AA= - I Hate Human
AA= - New Hello
Aaron Espe - Melody
Aaron Robinson - End of the Year
Abandon Kansas - Falls Apart
Abandon Kansas - February
Abandon Kansas - When Did We Change
Abe Vigoda - Don't Lie
Abe Vigoda - Skeleton(correct)
Abe Vigoda - The Reaper
Abe Vigoda - World Heart
Abigail's Ghost - Sneak Peek
Abigail's Ghost - Visceral
Above the Golden State - Streets
Above the Golden State - The Haunting
Abra Moore - Everything Changed
Abra Moore - You
Absence of Concern - Every Time I Try (re-release version)
Absence of Concern - Okay For A While
Absence of Concern - Waiting on the sun to rise
Absent Elk - Cannibals
Absurd Minds - A Man Received the Answer
Absurd Minds - Legal Force
Abysmal Torment - Colony of Maggots
Acacia Sears - Reason to Breathe
Academy Is..., The - Sputter (feat. Andrew McMahon)
Accident That Led Me To The World, The - Life, as an Anchor
Acid Black Cherry - BEAUTIFUL NAME
Acid Black Cherry - BEAUTIFUL NAME (English Translation)
Action Reaction - With My Voice
Actionslacks - My Favourite Man
Actionslacks - Simple Life (Acoustic Version)
Actual, The - If You See Her
Ad Frank - Only One Lonely
Ad Frank - The Map to Your Good Graces
Adam and Naive - Candy Baby
Adam and Naive - Dark Wood Artist
Adam and Naive - Water Balloon
Adam Arcuragi - Bottom of the River
Adam Stephens - Twitch and Tremble in the Breeze
Adama - I Like To Smile
Adama - Rain
Adama - Silver Tree
Add - Alisha
Adelade - 12 Angry Men
Adelade - Times Like These
ADHLX - Sad and Dark
ADHLX - This is the only song you get
Adrian Borland - Vampiric
Adrian Orange - No More Wild
Adriana Calcanhoto - Saiba
Adult. - D.U.M.E
Adult. - Dance Avoid
Adult. - Dispassionate Furniture (Reupholstered)
Adult. - Don't You Stop
Adult. - Human Wreck (Radio Edit)
Advanced Art - Black Rose
Advanced Art - I Am The Labyrinth
Advanced Art - Steel
Advent - Overcome
Aeon Spoke - Damaged
Aeroplane Pageant - I Rememeber I Think
Aesthetic Perfection - Living The Wasted Life
Aesthetic Perfection - Spit It Out
Aesthetic Perfection - The Ones
Aesthetic Perfection - The Siren
Affirming Denial - Lost
Affirming Denial - This God Does Not Exist
After Forever - Lonely
After Forever - Sweet Enclosure
After Midnight Project (The) - Fighting My Way Back
After Midnight Project (The) - Gone Too Long
Agent - Clown College? You Can't Eat That
Aggrolites (The) - Hot Stop
Ahimsa Theory - Placid
Ahimsa Theory - Synaesthesia
Ahn Trio - All I Want
Aimee Allen - Lean Into Me
Aimee Allen - Save Me
Aimee Allen - Vacation Song
Airborne Toxic Event (The) - Goodbye Horses (Q Lazzarus cover)
Airscape - My Love
Akala - Something Inside My Head
Akino Arai - Gareki no Rakuen
Akino Arai - Idol Talk
Akino Arai - Voices
Akira Yamaoka - Letter - From the Lost Days
Akira Yamaoka - One More Soul To The Call
Akron/Family - River
Akron/Family - Total Destruction
Al Bowlly - Bei Mir Bist Du Schön
Al Bowlly - Love is the Sweetest Thing
Al Bowlly - Lying in the Hay
Al Bowlly - Midnight, the Stars and You
Al Bowlly - You Oght to See Sally on Sunday
Al Lewis & Sarah Howells - Sinking Boat
Alan Yates Band - 16 Minutes
Alan Yates Band - Can You Hear Me?
Alan Yates Band - Place in the Sun
Alarm (The) - The Deceiver
Alasdair Roberts - Little Sir Hugh
Alasdair Roberts - The Burning of Auchindoun
Alasdair Roberts - The Yarn Unraveller
Alasdair Roberts - Young Emily
Alaska In Winter - Close Your Eyes - We Are Blind
Albatross - Marcus Aurelius
Albatross - Pyramid
Albatross - Real Soft
Albatross - Surf Sisters
Albatross - Think Happy Thoughts
Albert React - The Violet Hour
Alec Ounsworth - Me and You, Watson
Alejandro Fuentes - Stars
Alen Slavica - Maruška
Alert The Medic - The View A Room Away
Alert The Medic - These Walls
Alessi's Ark - Constellations
Alessi's Ark - The Asteroids Collide
Alessi's Ark - The Horse
Alev Lenz - Biggest Adventure
Alev Lenz - Breathe
Alev Lenz - Don't Watch Me Go
Alev Lenz - Flight 1701
Alev Lenz - Guys With Guitars
Alev Lenz - I Watch Too Much TV
Alev Lenz - Maybe One Day
Alev Lenz - Smile
Alev Lenz - The Problem Is
Alev Lenz - Your Sweet Love
Alex Chilton - Holocaust
Alex Chilton - Waltz Across Texas
Alex Goodman - God's Greatest Creation
Alex M.O.R.P.H. - Turn It On (Original Mix)
Alex Roots - Adrenaline Rush
Alex Roots - Fake
Alex Roots - Give It Up
Alex Roots - It's All About Life
Alex Roots - On My Knees
Alex Roots - Put Your Hands Up
Alexander Skip Spence - All Come To Meet Her
Alexander Skip Spence - Broken Heart
Alexander Skip Spence - Cripple Creek
Alexander Skip Spence - Dixie Peach Promenade (Yin For Yang)
Alexander Skip Spence - Givin' Up Things
Alexander Skip Spence - I Think You And I
Alexander Skip Spence - If I'm Good
Alexander Skip Spence - It's The Best Thing For You
Alexander Skip Spence - Lawrence of Euphoria
Alexander Skip Spence - Little Hands
Alexander Skip Spence - Margaret - Tiger Rug
Alexander Skip Spence - This Time He Has Come
Alexander Skip Spence - War In Peace
Alexander Skip Spence - Weighted Down (The Prison Song)
Alexi Murdoch - Crinan Wood
Alexi Murdoch - The Ragged Sea
Alfi Kabiljo - Mi Smo Agenti
Alfi Kabiljo - Neka Cijeli Svijet
Ali Project - Yuukyou Seishunka
Ali Whitton - If It Is So
Ali Whitton - Misery Needs Company
Ali Whitton - The Storm
Ali Whitton - Waiting For Morning To Come
Alias & Tarsier - Plane That Draws A White Line
Alice Nine - Mirror Ball
Alice Nine - Rainbows (English)
Alice Nine - SLEEPWALKER (English trans.)
Alice Nine - Tsubasa (English)
Alice Rock - Broken Heart
Alice Rock - Dot Com Women (Miss Cucaracha)
Alice Rock - Final Solution
Alice Rock - It's A No!
Alice Rock - Kisses
Alice Rock - Mail Order Bride
Alice Rock - Monopoly
Alice Rock - Rockstar'z Chick
Alice Rock - Secret Song
Alice Rock - The Breeding Lady
Alice Rock - Wonderland
All Heroes - My Dad Can Beat Up Your Dad