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Eric Fish - Abschied Nehmen
Jackopierce - Rain
Rotz & Wasser - Szene & Musik
Tanzende Kadaver - Das Leben Geht Weiter
Tanzende Kadaver - Jetzt Oder Nie
Sanremo - Pupo, Emanuele Filiberto E Luca Canonici - Italia Amore Mio
Ella Larsson - Lara's Song
Carlene Carter - Stronger
Carlene Carter - He Will Be Mine
Carlene Carter - Change
CocKoo - Voodotech
CocKoo - Fenice
Serena Abrami - Tutto Da Rifare
Jessica Brando - Dove Non Ci Sono Ore
Boyz II Men - Amazed
Boyz II Men - Iris
Boyz II Men - When I Fall In Love
Ryan Leslie - Nothing
Ryan Leslie - Rescue U
Ron Kenoly - Put Your Hands Together
Ron Kenoly - You're My Everything
Ron Kenoly - Resound In Praise
Ron Kenoly - Use Me
Drew Ryan Scott - Infinity
Canton Jones - You Tube Page
Emil Bulls - Ad Infinitum
Emil Bulls - Nothing In This World
Emil Bulls - Its High Time
Emil Bulls - The Storm Comes In
Emil Bulls - Son Of The Morning
Emil Bulls - I Don't Belong Here
Emil Bulls - Collapsed Memorials
Emil Bulls - Pure Anger (The Hex)
Emil Bulls - All In Tune With The Universe
Emil Bulls - Cocoon
Emil Bulls - Mongoose
Emil Bulls - Underground
Emil Bulls - Water
Emil Bulls - Mirror (Me)
Maurette Brown Clark - Even In The Rain
Alex Sensation - Extrañandote
Alex Sensation - Me Puedo Matar
DJ Ötzi - Hey Baby (Bravo Hits 30 Version)
DJ Ötzi - I Am The Musicman
Tricky - Cross To Bear
Cumulo Nimbus - Vogelfrey
Last Man Standing - Last Man Standing
D-Ren - Wahre Liebe
Voyager - Land Of Lies
Voyager - Total Existence Failure
Voyager - In My Arms
Orphaned Land - Sapari
Orphaned Land - Olat Ha'tamid
Orphaned Land - The Warrior
Orphaned Land - Disciples Of The Sacred Oath II
Orphaned Land - Vayehi Or
I Rival - Make Me Scream
I Rival - The Pieces
Céline Dion - A World To Believe In
Céline Dion - Angel
Céline Dion - At Last (Etta James cover)
Céline Dion - Calling You
Céline Dion - Can't Live With You, Can't Live Without You
Céline Dion - Christmas Eve
Céline Dion - Cry Just A Little
Céline Dion - Declaration Of Love
Céline Dion - Faith
Céline Dion - Falling Into You
Céline Dion - I Drove All Night
Céline Dion - I Love You
Céline Dion - I Surrender
Céline Dion - I want you to need me
Céline Dion - I'm Your Angel
Céline Dion - If You Asked Me To
Céline Dion - Immortality
Céline Dion - It's All Coming Back To Me Now
Céline Dion - Nature Boy
Céline Dion - Reveal
Céline Dion - Sorry for love
Céline Dion - Surprise Surprise
Céline Dion - Tell Him
Céline Dion - That's Just The Woman In Me
Céline Dion - The Power of Love
Céline Dion - The Prayer
Caesars (The) - Boo Boo Goo Goo
Café Tacuba - Una mañana
Cafe Kids (The) - Stupid Boys
Cagedbaby - Hello There
Caitlin And Will - Born Again
Caitlin And Will - Leaves of September
Caitlyn Smith - Crushed and Created
Caleb Engstrom - Nothing Cloud Lion
Caleb Engstrom - The Light in the Room
Call, The - The Morning
Call, The - You Run
Calories - See You On The Expedition
Camel - Lady Fantasy: Encounter - Smiles For You - Lady Fantasy
Camel - Lost And Found
Camera Cant Lie - Casualty
Camera Cant Lie - The One Who Got Away
Camille O'Sullivan - Misery is the River
Camouflage - A Picture Of Life
Camouflage - I Once Had A Dream
Camouflage - One Fine Day
Camouflage - Where Has The Childhood Gone
Can't Be Too Jumpy - All We Know
Canned Heat - Shake It and Break It
Canterbury - Eleven, Twelve
Canvas Waiting (The) - American Tourister
Canvas Waiting (The) - January Dreams
Canvas Waiting (The) - Stepping Stone
Capitalist Casualties - School Shooting
Capstan Shafts, The - St. Paul?
Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band - Hot Head
Captain Chaos - Apples are Apples
Captain Chaos - At Water and Park
Captain Chaos - Cops Can't Dance
Captain Chaos - Dream In Italy
Captain Chaos - Finals
Captain Chaos - I Am Waiting For You
Captain Chaos - I Ate Eight
Captain Chaos - I'm Sorry Friends
Captain Chaos - Last August
Captain Chaos - Return of the Martian
Captain Chaos - Some Monsters Make It
Captain Chaos - The End of Summer for Good
Captain Chaos - Unsung
Captain Chaos - Who is Coming for Me
Carfax Abbey - Evisceration
Carlon - Cantaloupe
Carlon - Young Blind Sue
Carnal Grief - Tin-Winged Angel
Carridale - Like, Seriously Dude
Carrots (The) - Doing our part
Cars, The - Jacki
Carved in Stone - Invictus
Carved in Stone - Son of Dawn
Case of Gretta Conners (The) - Sum of All Actions
Casey Baker And The Buffalo Sinners - Real Life Survival Guide
Casey Donahew Band - Crazy
Casey Frazier - Elysian Fields
Cash Harrison - Summer Song
Casiotone For The Painfully Alone - Graceland
Casiotone For The Painfully Alone - Killers
Casiotone For The Painfully Alone - Optimist Vs. The Silent Alarm (When The Saints Go
Casper & The Cookies - Cloud of Bees
Cassettes Won't Listen - Freeze and Explode
Cast - All Bright
Cast - Canter
Cast - Flow
Cast - For So Long
Cast - Meet Me
Cast - Release My Soul
Cast - Whiskey Song
Cast Before The Break (The) - The Hill
Cast Spells - Glamorous Glowing
Castledoor - Bad Day In Monterey
Castledoor - Dumpster Diving
Casual Wish - Danger Bridge Out Ahead, I Think I'll Keep Driving
Casual Wish - For A Hero, You're Quite The Hypocrite
Casualties, The - We Are All We Have
Catch Me If You Can - Jersey Does It Better (REMXXX)
Catch Me If You Can - Say It To Me
Catch Me If You Can - SummerSweet
Catch Me If You Can - What We Do
Catch the Rabbit - Senses
Catch the Rabbit - Whispers in Wakes
Catch the Rabbit - World of Words
Caterwaul - Dizzy Delirium
Caterwaul - Hummingbird Whir
Caterwaul - The Sheep's a Wolf
Caterwaul - What I Hear You Can't, How Come?
Catherine MacLellan - Everything'll Be Alright
Catherine Wheel - Intravenous
Catherine Zeta-Jones - All That Jazz
Cathy Davey - Mr. Kill
Cathy Davey - The Collector
Cathy Dennis - Just Another Dream
Catlow - Added Up
Catlow - Ocean Space Sand
Catlow - Saint Hate
Catlow - Sun In My Eyes
Cats Laughing - Draw the Curtain
Cats Laughing - For It All
Cats On Fire - Horoscope
Cavalier King - The Unprotected
Cavashawn - Keep the Light On
Cavashawn - The Day You Forgot About Me
Cecil Otter - Little Demon Girl
Celebration - Heartbreak
Celtic Women - fairies
Celtic Women - Green the Whole Year 'Round
Chad Peralta - Song For You
Chad Perrone - Breathe
Chad Perrone - Once In A While
Chad Perrone - The Things We Used To Dream
Challenger - Blackouts
Challenger - Brand loyalty
Challenger - Death museum
Challenger - Sweet vaccine
Challenger - Unemployment
Chargebox - Can't See Through This
Chargebox - Everdream
Chariot, The - Teach:
Charlatans (The) - Blackened Blue Eyes
Charlatans (The) - Missing Beats (Of A Generation)
Charlatans (The) - Oh Vanity
Charles Manson - Close To Me
Charles Manson - Don't Do Anything Illegal
Charles Manson - I am a Mechanical Man (aka Mechanical Man)
Charlie Mars - Listen to the Darkside
Charlie North - Dont Wait For Me
Charlie North - I Cant Promise You'll Be Warm
Charlie North - Its Not Natural
Charlie North - Together, As One
Charlie North - What Is Love Without You?
Charlie Simpson - Empty Guns
Charm City Devils - Let's Rock 'n' Roll
Chase Pagan - Paper Boat
Chase Pagan - Push My Buttons
Chase Pagan - Sailors March
Chase This City - Stay
Cheap Girls - Kill Your Mood
Cheap Seats (The) - Our Day at the Zoo
Checks (The) - You And Me
Chelsea Smile - Her only medicine
Chelsea Wolfe - Neon Green
Cherbourg - Horses
Chester French - Nerd Girl
Chester French - Pleasure Squad
Chester See - Falling For You
Chet Baker - You're Mine, You
Chiasm - Cryostat
Chiasm - Deny
Chiasm - Fight
Chiasm - Transparent
Chico Buarque De Holanda - Ela desatinou
Chico Buarque De Holanda - Ole, Ola
Chico Buarque De Holanda - Pelas Tabelas
Chico Buarque De Holanda - Piano na Mangueira
Chico Science E Nação Zumbi - Maracatu Atomico
Chiddy Bang - All Things Go
Chiffons (The) - Sweet Talkin' Guy
Chikan - Transformer
Children Collide - Season's Changing
Chills (The) - Don't Be - Memory
China White - Rhyme Edible
China White - Up & Down
Choir of Young Believers - Hollow Talk
Choir of Young Believers - Next Summer
Choir (The) - Kissers And Killers
Chokebore - Mr. Sky
Chokebore - Pot Head
Chokebore - Son
Chongaz - Hot N Tenda
Chris And Thomas - Don't Hang Your Heart
Chris And Thomas - Horse in the Sky
Chris Clavin - High Hills
Chris Clavin - It Is Spring
Chris Knox - Half-Man / Half-Mole
Chris Moyles - 999 - Bald Headed Woman
Chris Moyles - Billie - She Wants Stew
Chris Moyles - Hepburn - Big Hips
Chris Moyles - Space - Chips
Chris Moyles - Touch & Go - The Famous Version
Chris Squire - Hold Out Your Hand
Chris Squire - Lucky Seven
Chris Squire - Silently Falling
Chris Stills - Flying High
Chris Via - Hey Taylor
Chris Whitley - Kick The Stones
Chris Wollard & The Ship Thieves - In the Middle of the Sea
Christa Black - California Sunshine
Christa Black - Holding My Heart
Christa Black - The Grass Is Always Greener
Christian and the Hedgehog Boys - Sonichu Zip
Christian and the Hedgehog Boys - Yellow is a Mellow Color
Christian Death - Cavity - First Communion
Christian Death - Mother
Christian Death - Skeleton Kiss
Christian Kjellvander - Staying there
Christina Stürmer - Mama Ana Ahabak
Christine Andreas - All My Tomorrows
Christine Andreas - Bill
Christine Andreas - How Insensitive - I'm A Fool To Want You
Christine Andreas - My Heart Belongs to Daddy
Christine Andreas - Show Me
Christine Andreas - Some People
Christine Fellows - Not Wanted on the Voyage
Church (The) - Russian Autumn Heart (Demo Version)
Cicero - Hypnagogia
Cicero - Marlowe
Circulatory System (The) - Drifts
Circulatory System (The) - Overjoyed
Circulatory System (The) - Signal Morning
Circulatory System (The) - Solid Forms Dissolving
Circulatory System (The) - Woodpecker Greeting Worker Ant
Plastiscines - Barcelona
Plastiscines - From Friends To Lovers
Plastiscines - Time To Leave
City and Horses (The) - I Miss It All
City and Horses (The) - Russian Military Badges
City and Horses (The) - Shutter
City Center - Killer Whale
City Light - Apologies
City Light - I See You
City Skyscape (The) - Dear Friend
CIV - Haven't Been Myself In Awhile
Civil Twilight - Something She Said
Civil Wars (The) - Poison & Wine
Claire Holley - Waving Goodbye
Clan Of Xymox - Imagination
Clan Of Xymox - Obsession
Clan Of Xymox - There's No Tomorrow
Clara Hill - Flawless - Part Two
Clara Hill - Paperchase (Clara Hill Meets Vikter Duplaix)
Clarks, The - Come 'Round Here
Clarks, The - Midnight Rose
Clash, The - White Man In Hammersmith Palais
Classic Addict - Hollywood Is Here
Classic Addict - Running Wild
Classic Tribe - Olive and the Mouse
Classic Tribe - Soft Step
Claustrofobia - It's not enough to exceed You must run over
Claustrofobia - Two Faced
Claustrofobia - Underground Party
Clayhill - Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want (The Smiths cover)
Clayton Senne - Walk Out the Door
Clazziquai - Beautiful Stranger
Clean Equations - French Noise Piece
Clem Snide - Hum
Clem Snide - Lost on the River
Clientele, The - Bonfires On The Heath
Clientele, The - Elm Grove Window
Clientele, The - I Know I Will See Your Face
Clientele, The - Jennifer & Julia
Clientele, The - Never Anyone But You
Clinic - C.Q.
Clinic - T.K.
Clinic - The Return of Evil Bill
Cloetta Paris - Secret Eyes
Cloud Control - Buffalo Country
Cloud Cult - Turn Out The Lights
cLOUDDEAD - Physics Of A Unicycle
Club 8 - Hopes And Dreams
Clues - Haarp
Clues - Perfect Fit
Clues - You Have My Eyes Now
Clueso - Dort wo du wohnst
Coathangers (The) - Stop Stomp Stompin'
Cocoanut Groove - The Looking Glass
Codda - Just Hold On
Codda - Nobody Lives (Your Life)
Codda - Your Heroes Never Die
Codeine - Atmosphere
Cof Cof - Caribbean Boy
Cof Cof - My HDD Is Broken
Coil - Amber Rain
Coil - Broken Aura
Coil - Going Up
Coil - The Last Amethyst Deceiver
Cold Cave - Double Lives In Single Beds
Cold Cave - Hello Rats
Cold Cave - I.C.D.K
Cold Cave - In A Cave
Cold Cave - The Laurels of Erotomania
Colder - Fade Away
Colder - Wrong Baby
Coldworker - A Custom-made Hell
Coldworker - Flammable
Coldworker - Return to Ashes
Coldworker - Scare Tactics
Coldworker - Strain at the Leash
Cole Porter - Anything Goes
Colin Dieden - War Drums
Colin Hay - Down Under
Colin Newman - Not Being in Warsaw
Colin Newman - Output
Color Bars (The) - Marvee Miusov Goes To Pieces
Color Bars (The) - Paralysis A La Mode
Color of Clouds - The Look
Color Turning (The) - Marionettes in Modern Times
Color Turning (The) - Slow As Passing Cars
Colorpulse - A Glorious Dawn
Colorpulse - we are all connected
Colour the Sky - Crashing Cars
Colour the Sky - Rumours
Colour the Sky - Sour
Colourfield - I Can't Get Enough Of You Baby
Columbiana - I need you
Coma Cinema - Daffodils
Coma Cinema - Heaven's Fire Department
Comas (The) - Falling
Comedians (The) - Columns Pillars Steps
Comedians (The) - Scorpio Rising
Comic Book Heroes - Catch Me If You Can
Comic Book Heroes - Wide Open
Commercial Friendly - Blanket Cover Earth
Commercial Friendly - Easier
Commercial Friendly - My Tree
Commercial Friendly - Visible Lunacy
Common Shiner - Bookstore Girl
Common Shiner - May Calling
Common Shiner - The Naturals
Communication Redlight - Chasing Butterflies
Computer Vs. Banjo - Give Up On Ghosts
Comrade - Sociao
Consort With Romeo - Let's Go To Disneyland
Container 90 - Dogwalk
Contes (The) - Front Page News