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Contes (The) - Still Not Dead
Conversation - Tonight Is All I Need
Cool Kids - Oscar the Grouch
Coral Sea (The) - Ah Ah Ah
Coral Sea (The) - Honeybee
Coral Sea (The) - Your Prisons Are Home
Coral, The - Return Her to Me
Coral, The - When All the Birds Have Flown
Corduroy Smile - Came, Saw, Conquered
Corduroy Smile - Wasting Your Words
Corey Hart - Everything In My Heart
Cormorant - Hole in the Sea
Corpus Callosum - 81 (The Bus Driver Song)
Corpus Christi - Fight For Your King
Correatown - All The World I Tell Myself
Correatown - Fascination
Corries - Come O'er The Stream Charlie
Corries - Dumbarton's Drums
Corries - The Massacre Of Glencoe
Corries - The Sherramuir Fight
Corrinne May - Green-Eyed Monster
Cotton Jones - I Am The Changer
Cotton Jones - Up a Tree (Went This Heart I Have)
Count Zero - Shake
Courtney Marie Andrews - Differences and Affairs
Courtney Marie Andrews - One Nighters And Songs
Courtney Marie Andrews - The Buffalo And The Bird
Cowboy Mouth - Believe
Cowboy Mouth - Follow Me
Cowboy Mouth - Outside Looking In
Cracker - Darling We're Out Of Time
Craig Cardiff - Dirty Old Town (You're The One)
Craig Lyons - Moonburn
Crayons Are Yummy - You Ruined My Pizza Man!
Crazy Loop - The 24th Letter
Crazy Loop - Uh-Ahh-Yeah
Creatures, The - Further Nearer
Creatures, The - Godzilla!
Creatures, The - Tantara!
Creeping Lovely - See Me
Cro-Mags - Without Her
Crocodiles - I Wanna Kill
Cromwell - Angel With Broken Wings
Cross My Heart - Are You Still Happy?
Crown Atlantic - O, Verona
Crown, The - The Lord Of The Rings
Crush Luther - Gospel Music
Crush Luther - Oh No Not Me
Crush Luther - We Are Kings
Cruxshadows (The) - Ariandne
Cruxshadows (The) - Breathe
Cruxshadows (The) - Carnival
Cruxshadows (The) - Cruelty
Cruxshadows (The) - Go Away
Cruxshadows (The) - Hanged Man
Cruxshadows (The) - Last Breath
Cruxshadows (The) - Leave Me Alone
Cruxshadows (The) - Love and Hatred
Cruxshadows (The) - Marilyn My Bitterness
Cruxshadows (The) - Memorare
Cruxshadows (The) - Sophia
Cryptacize - We'll Never Dream Again
Crypteria - Facing West
Cryptid - Consumed by the Nile
Crystal Stilts - Love Is A Wave
Crystal Stilts - The SinKing
Cubscout And The Rhinoceros - Freezy Pop
Cujo - 3 - 6 - 0
Cult To Follow - Down
Cult To Follow - Perfect
Cult To Follow - Through With You
Culture Reject - Museums
Cure, The - Switch
Current 93 - Moonlight, you will say
Cut Copy - Sands of Time
Cutting Pink With Knives - Airz
Cyanotic - Transhuman
Cyber Sutra - Summer Sutra
Maldita Nerea - Por El Miedo A Equivocarnos
Maldita Nerea - Tu Mirada Me Hace Grande
Maldita Nerea - Su Película
Kiemsa - Qui Veut Savoir ?
Kiemsa - Sans Un Mot
Kiemsa - Brise-glace
Kiemsa - Salut A Toi (l'intermittent)
Kiemsa - Tête à Tête
Kiemsa - Les Années Passent
Schiller - Sehnsucht
Schiller - You (mit Colbie Caillat)
Schiller - Let Me Love You (mit Kim Sanders)
Schiller - Time For Dreams
Schiller - In Der Weite (mit Anna Maria Mühe)
Schiller - Vor Der Zeit
Nina Zilli - L'uomo Che Amava Le Donne
Maldita Nerea - Cariño Yo Solo Quiero...
Desaparecidos - Fiesta Loca
Kenotia - The Real Mcquade
LAK - Trends
LAK - Konsument
LAK - Unter Verdacht
LAK - Soll Das Alles Sein
LAK - Die Letzte Zigarette
Prinz Pi - Homie Hymne 2007
DJ Ötzi - Dont You Just Know It (Dont Ha Ha)
DJ Ötzi - Loop Di Love
DJ Ötzi - Schnee Von Gestern
Manuellsen - Ruhrpott Love
Falco - Jeanny
Falco - Coming Home (Jeanny Part 2, Ein Jahr Danach)
Falco - Poison
Falco - Kissing In The Kremlin
Jason Derulo - In My Head
Koolhy - Nur Ein Traum
Flowin Immo - Urlaub Am Attersee
Gianluca Grignani - Romantico Rock Show
Gianluca Grignani - Rimani Acqua Di Mare
Gianluca Grignani - Sei Unica
Gianluca Grignani - Amica Mia
KäseOne - Liebe Ist
Tal & Acacia - Clearview
Tal & Acacia - Love's Gonna Getcha
Tal & Acacia - Warrior Child
Jeremy Dyen - All My Friends Tell Me Not To Have A Worry In The World
Jeremy Dyen - Play Me
Jeremy Dyen - Kings And Queens
Jowell Y Randy - Loco Contigo
Jowell Y Randy - Luchar
Scenzah - Mein Stern
Scenzah - Nur Weil Ich Dich Liebe
Kyle Bobby Dunn - I'm Gonna Run To You
Richter - Du Bist Weg
Richter - Hoffnung
Richter - Ich Suche Dich
Dø (The) - At Last!
Dø (The) - On My Shoulders
Dødheimsgard - Monumental Possession
Dúné - 80 years
Dúné - Go Go Valentina
Dúné - Last Dinosaur
Dúné - Please bring me back
Dúné - Time To Leave
Dúné - Victim of the city
Džo Maračić Maki - Ti Si Sad Daleko
Despairsray - Brilliant (English)
Despairsray - Gothic
Despairsray - Kaleidoscope [English]
Despairsray - MIRROR (English)
Despairsray - Paradox 5
Despairsray - R.E.M.~Fuyuu no Genchou~
Despairsray - Screen (english)
Despairsray - Yami ni Furu Kiseki
D+ - Heatherwood
D+ - Mistake
Daddy's Hands - French Made Simple
Daddysmilk - The Noise in Lucy
Dado Topić - Kristina
Daisy May - Barely There
Daisy May - Fast
Daisy May - Greens
Daisy May - Mother Moon
Daisy May - Sorrow
Daisy May - The Shoreline
Dali's Car - Moonlife
Dallas String Band - So Tired
Daly Road Records - Daly Street (Livin' It Up)
Damhnait Doyle - I Still Love You
Damien Lawson - Maybe
Damion Suomi - Ghost
Damion Suomi - Sunday Morning
Damned, The - Nature's Dark Passion
Damnwells, The - Down With The Ship
Damon - Don't You Feel Me
Dan Auerbach - I Want Some More
Dan Auerbach - Mean Monsoon
Dan Auerbach - My Last Mistake
Dan Auerbach - Streetwalkin'
Dan Auerbach - The Prowl
Dan Auerbach - Trouble Weighs A Ton
Dan Auerbach - When I Left the Room
Dan Auerbach - Whispered Words (Pretty Lies)
Dan Black - Alone
Dan Black - Symphonies
Dan Black - Wonder
Dan DeMarco - Time Is Short
Dan Mangan - Unnatural Progression
Dancing With The Enemy - The Fire
Dandelion Killers - Going Under
Danger and the Steel Cut Oats - Call Me Home
Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse - Jaykub
Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse - The Man Who Played God
Daniel Jerome - My Best Friend '08
Daniel Johnston - I Killed the Monster
Daniel Johnston - I'm Nervous
Daniel Johnston - Lord Give Me Hope
Daniel Johnston - Love Is Weird
Daniel Johnston - Sweetheart
Daniel Johnston - Take a Little Walk
Daniel Johnston - To Go Home
Daniel Johnston - When We All Become Famous in the Sky
Daniel Martin Moore - Flyrock Blues
Daniel Popović - Varaj Sve Tko Te Varao
Danielle Ate The Sandwich - Born in the Wrong Body
Danielle Ate The Sandwich - Goodbye Frankie
Danielle Ate The Sandwich - One Year Later
Danny & The Juniors - Rock and Roll Is Here To Stay
Danny Kaye - Civilization
Danny Tieger - Goodbye
Danny Tieger - Love A Day Later
Dappled Cities Fly - Kid
Darcy - Ginger Rogers
Darcy - New Song Title
Daredevil Christopher Wright (The) - A Conversation About Cancer
Daredevil Christopher Wright (The) - Bury You Alive
Daredevil Christopher Wright (The) - Stewardess
Dark Dark Dark - A Spell For Letting Go
Dark Dark Dark - Ferment In Dm
Dark Dark Dark - New York Song
Dark Dark Dark - Trouble No More
Dark Room Notes - Broken Nail
Dark Room Notes - Elm
Dark Room Notes - Shake Shake My Ceiling
Darling Violetta - Pauline
Darren Kozelsky - Cool Grass
Dartz! - Latin And Greek
Dave Davies - In You I Believe
Dave Davies - Run
Dave Mcpherson - Wicked Man
Dave Rawlings Machine - Ruby
Dave Smallen - Every Time I Leave (I Leave For Good)
Dave Smallen - With The Sky All Blue
DaveDays - Get Out of My Head Miley
DaveDays - I'm Better Than Your Boyfriend
DaveDays - If I Were A Girl (Beyonce Parody)
David Berkeley - Glory
David Berkeley - Hurricane
David Berkeley - Miss Maybe
David Berkeley - Oh Lord, Come Down
David Choi - You Tube (A Love Song)
David Choi - Always Hurt
David Choi - End It All
David Choi - Happiness is Always Near Part 1
David Choi - I Can Get Used To This
David Choi - Won't Even Start
David Dondero - Simple Love
David Hodges - When It All Goes Away
David MacDonald - Let them Live
David MacDonald - Pro-Life
David Readman - Gentle Touch
David Readman - Long Way To Heaven
David Readman - Without You
David Roth - A Little Something More
David Roth - Ahmed al-Khatib
David Roth - Air of the Dog
David Roth - American Car
David Roth - Bake Sale
David Roth - Be Kind to Yourself
David Roth - Before I Die
David Roth - Cape Cod
David Roth - Dragon To Butterfly
David Roth - Earth
David Roth - Everybody
David Roth - First Class
David Roth - Five Blind Men
David Roth - Halloween
David Roth - Holland
David Roth - How Do You Hold On To Love
David Roth - I Do Not Need A Bag
David Roth - I Would Fight For You
David Roth - I'll Be Here For You
David Roth - If You Can't Fly
David Roth - John & Josie
David Roth - Just A Wall
David Roth - Know Your Love
David Roth - Legacy
David Roth - Lend Your Heart to Love
David Roth - Lipstick on the Mirror
David Roth - Looking In For Number One
David Roth - Lullaby
David Roth - Makin' Dough
David Roth - Mariner Fever
David Roth - Morning Person
David Roth - Mother's Day Card
David Roth - My Work Day
David Roth - Pearl Diver
David Roth - Rocket Science
David Roth - Seven Wonders
David Roth - Sister Helen's Lists
David Roth - Some Kind of Hero
David Roth - The Dream
David Roth - The Saga of Freddie & Sam
David Roth - Things That Do Not Serve Me
David Roth - This Is The Year
David Roth - Those Two Times
David Roth - What Can I Do
David Roth - Will You Come Home
David Roth - You Remind Me
David Rovics - Behind That Gate
David Rovics - Best Democracy Money Can Buy
David Rovics - Butcher for Hire
David Rovics - From Kabul to Khartoum
David Rovics - Good Kurds, Bad Kurds
David Rovics - Hiroshima
David Rovics - Minimum Wage Strike
David Rovics - Oppositional Defiant Disorder
David Rovics - Palestine
David Rovics - Parking Lots and Strip Malls
David Rovics - Pirate Song
David Rovics - Pray for the Dead and Fight Like Hell for the...
David Rovics - Promised Land
David Rovics - Punk Rock Baby
David Rovics - Resistance
David Rovics - Roller Coaster Train
David Rovics - Song for Ana Belen Montes
David Rovics - Song for Hugh Thompson
David Rovics - Song the Songbird Sings
David Rovics - Strike a Blow Against the Empire
David Rovics - The Saint Patrick Battalion
David Rovics - Trafalgar Square
David Rovics - Used to be a City
David Rovics - We Are Everywhere
David Rovics - We Just Want the World
David Soul - Bird On A Wire
David Soul - Black Bean Soup
David Soul - Can't We Just Sit Down and Talk It Over?
David Soul - Ex-Lover
David Soul - Hooray For Hollywood
David Soul - Rider
David Soul - Silver Lady
David Soul - Tomorrow Child
David Wilcox - Show Me the Key
Dawn Of Ashes - Dark Reality
Dawn Of Ashes - Diagnosis
Dawn Of Ashes - In The Acts Of Violence
Dawn Of Ashes - Killer Instinct
Days, The - No Ties
Daysleepers (The) - Cloudless
De Staat - Wait For Evolution
De Staat - You'll Be The Leader
Dead By April - Leafs Falling
Dead Celebrity Status - Erica
Dead Disco - The Treatment
Dead Heart Bloom - The Up And Down
Dead Letter Circus - Next In Line
Dead Milkmen (The) - The Guitar Song
Dead Or Alive - Far Too Hard
Dead Or Alive - I'll Save You All My Kisses
Deadbirds - happydays
Deadbirds - holy golden
Deadmau5 - Ghosts n Stuff (ft. Rob Swire)
Dear Friend - Home
Dear Friend - Picturebook
Dear Hunter, The - Economics
Dear Hunter, The - Go Get Your Gun
Dear Hunter, The - He Said He Had a Story
Dear Jane, I... - Stayed Up All Night
Dear Jane, I... - Wish Black Wishes
Dear Nora - When The Wind Blows
Dear Reader - Never Goes
Dear You - Wake Me Up
Deathklok - Better Metal Snake
Deathklok - Briefcase Full Of Guts
Deathklok - Hatredy
Deathklok - Kill You
Deb Talan - Body of a Man
Deborah Harry - French Kissin' in the USA
December Drive (The) - 1 - 0
Decks (The) - What You Said
Declan De Barra - 57 years
Deep Dark Woods (The) - All The Money I Had Is Gone
Deep Dark Woods (The) - Nancy
Dehydrated Entrails - Predator
Deine Lakaien - Dark Star
Deine Lakaien - The Night of Love
Delamare - Miss Sunshine
Delay - Can We Be Invincible?
Delay - Drop Out at Heart
Delay - Pizza King and the APD
Della Terra - Tragedy Of Love
Delorentos - Basis Of Everything
Delorentos - Idle Conversation
Delorentos - Stop
Delorentos - Until The Next Time
Delta Spirit - Parade
Den Harrow - Mad Desire
Denez Prigent - Gortoz A Ran (J'attends)
Dengue Fever - Sober Driver
Dengue Fever - Tooth and Nail
Denis & Denis - Cuvaj se
Denis & Denis - Ja sam lažljiva
Denis & Denis - Program tvog kompjutera
Denis & Denis - Sacuvaj nesto
Denis & Denis - Soba 23
Denis & Denis - Tek je 7 sati
Denis & Denis - Telefon
Denis & Denis - Voli me još ovu noc
Denise James - No More Goodbyes
Denison - Hey Friend
Denison Witmer - Are You Lonely?
Denison Witmer - I Won't Leave
Deolinda - Clandestino
Deportees - Missing you, missing me
Deportees - Not tonight
Derby - All Or Nothing
Desolate Ways - Blackness
Desolate Ways - Eternal Dreams
Dessa Darling - 551
Destroyed Room (The) - Drunken kitchen kisses
Destroyed Room (The) - This is not Texas (but we can still get lost here)
Dethklok - Branding of the Gear
Dethklok - Death Race
Dethklok - Destiny
Dethklok - Pull the Plug
Dethklok - Takin' It Easy
Dethklok - Yopo
Detholz! - Kiss Me in Space
Detholz! - Mister Electricity
Detholz! - Rebirth Control
Detholz! - Scientific Eye
Devastations (The) - Take You Home
Devastations (The) - The Saddest Sound
Devo - Head Like A Hole (NIN Cover)
Devon Williams - Elevator
Devoted Few (The) - The Death of Us
Devoted Few (The) - We Burn
Devoted Few (The) - You & Me & Everyone Else We Know
DeYarmond Edison - First Impression
DeYarmond Edison - Time To Know
Diamanda Galás with John Paul Jones - Baby's Insane
Diamonds for Eyes - Talking About It