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For The Atlantic - Keep Shouting
Forbidden Theory - Mezmerize
Forbidden Theory - Right Now
Forced Entry - Never a Know, but the No
Fordirelifesake - Something Missing
Forever December - One Step to Disaster
Forever December - Set Sail
Forever In a Day - I Lie Like I Kiss
Forever Midnight Sun - All hands on deck
Forever Midnight Sun - We Never Sang So Loud
Forever TakeBack (The) - The Beautiful Gift
Forever TakeBack (The) - You Are
Forget Cassettes - Ms. Rhythm and Blues
Forget Cassettes - Venison
Format, The - Wild World
Former Ghosts - Dreams
Former Ghosts - Hold On
Former Ghosts - I Wave
Former Ghosts - Mother
Former Ghosts - Unfolding
Forward Russia - Eight
Foundations (The) - Waiting On The Shores of Nowhere
Fountain Of Tears - Carousel
Fountain Of Tears - Corruption
Fountain Of Tears - Real
Four Hundred Years - Transmit Failure
Four Years Strong - Prepare To Be Digitally Manipulated
Fourth Floor Collapse - Get Up Slow
Fourth Floor Collapse - Someone Else To Blame
Fourth Floor Collapse - Xmas 88
Foxboro Hottubs - Ruby Room
Foxtail Somersault - Escalator
Foxy Shazam! - Sailors Over Rhinosuarus Bay
Fr3mdkoerper - Momente im Leben
Frame By Frame - Like Treason
Françoise Hardy - Comment Te Dire Adieu
Françoise Hardy - Je Veux Qu'il Revienne
Francis And The Lights - Can't Tell Me Nothing (Kanye West cover)
Francisco Vidal Band - Beautiful Song
Francisco Vidal Band - Hey, Sister
Francisco Vidal Band - I'm the One to Blame
Francisco Vidal Band - Tail Lights
Francisco Vidal Band - Where Ever You Go
Frank Hamilton - Friday Nights
Frank Hamilton - Get Home Safely
Frank Hamilton - Silence
Frankenstein Drag Queens From The Planet 13 - Plan 9 From Outta Space
Franz Nicolay - Cease-Fire, or, Mrs. Norman Maine
Fred Thomas - Snow Bight
Fredrik - 1986
Free Design (The) - Don't turn away
Free Design (The) - Umbrellas
Free Design (The) - When Love Is Young
Free Energy - Dream City
Free Energy - Free Energy
Free Energy - Something In Common
Freelance Whales - Kilojoules
Freelance Whales - The Great Estates
Freelance Whales - We Could Be Friends
French Quarter - Bold With Fire
Friday Mourning - Freedom Song
Friendly Fires - Kiss of Life
Friendly Indians, The - acceptance speech
Frogs (The) - Revolution
From Indian Lakes - The Man With Wooden Legs
From Ritual To Romance - Get The Girl Make The Grade
From Ritual To Romance - Movies Where Bad Guys Win
From Ritual To Romance - When The Sun Rises in the West
Frozen Eternity - Soul Slaughter
Fruit Bats (The) - Everyday That We Wake Up Is A Beautiful Day
Fujiya & Miyagi - Cylinders
Fujiya & Miyagi - Knickerbocker
Fujiya & Miyagi - Lightbulbs
FUKKK OFFF - Rave Is King
Full Touch (The) - The Way Y ou Rock
Fumblerooski - The Jerk Store Called, They're Running Out of You
Fun - Barlights
Fun - Light a Roman Candle with Me
Funeral Party - Where Did It Go Wrong?
Furious Frank - For The King
Furniture - Brilliant Mind
Furthest One (The) - Anyway
Furthest One (The) - Doomsday
Furthest One (The) - Pink Lemonade
Furthest One (The) - When Tomorrow Hits
Future Clouds And Radar - Build Havana
Future Islands - Pinnochio
Future Islands - The Happiness of Being Twice
Future Leaders Of The World - Can't Let Go
Future Leaders Of The World - Let Me Out (Acoustic)
Future Leaders Of The World - Longing For
Fweetma - Casey
Hiltrop - Mein Licht
Carnifex - Sorrowspell
Carnifex - The Scope Of Obsession
Carnifex - By Darkness Enslaved
Carnifex - Genocide Initiative
Good Shoes - Under Control
Mickie Krause - Spaß An Vögeln
Mickie Krause - Der Ober Bricht
Mickie Krause - Wir Trinken Alles...
Mickie Krause - Wir Lagen Vor Madagaskar
Mickie Krause - Meine Oma Fährt Im Hühnerstall Motorrad
Mickie Krause - Laudato Si (Lagerfeuerversion)
Baschi - Unsterblich
Baschi - Wenn Das Gott Wüsst
Baschi - Fürs Volk
Baschi - Heimat
Baschi - Freinacht
Orion Riders - Light And Dark
Floodgate - Before The Line Divides
Prinz Pi - Namenstag
Prinz Pi - Peng, Peng, Peng
Silvia Olari - Inaccettabile
Il Pan Del Diavolo - Il Pan Del Diavolo
Dulce María - Luna
Patty Griffin - Move Up
Patty Griffin - Little Fire
Antifaz - La Escuela De La Vida
Nick Jonas & The Administration - Last Time Around
Nick Jonas & The Administration - Tonight
Leighton Meester - Your Love Is A Drug
Aj Mclean - Sincerely Yours
Wilde Zeiten - Adios Viva Punk
Wilde Zeiten - Morgen Wird Alles Anders
Wilde Zeiten - Wann Kommt Die Zeit
Wilde Zeiten - Ahoi
Wilde Zeiten - Könige Der Nacht
Wilde Zeiten - Jenseits Von Eden
Wilde Zeiten - Der Heilige Gral
Wilde Zeiten - Ob Wir Uns Wiedersehn
StrandHeizung - Mathilde
StrandHeizung - Frühstück Mit Dem Hund
Dillinger Escape Plan - Farewell, Mona Lisa
Dillinger Escape Plan - Crystal Morning
Dillinger Escape Plan - Endless Endings
Nils Landgren - Funk For Life
Freedom Call - Out Of The Ruins
Freedom Call - Resurrection Day
Lost Nebula - Film Inachevé
Damien Saez - Jeunesse Lève-toi
Damien Saez - S'en Aller
Damien Saez - Le Cavalier Sans Tête
Ginette Reno - J'ai Besoin D'un Ami
Ginette Reno - Je Me Souviens
Ginette Reno - Je Reviens Te Chercher
Ginette Reno - Laisser Moi Revenir Sur Terre
Ginette Reno - L'essentiel
Jed Madela - Your Song (disc 01)
Jed Madela - Home
Jed Madela - Changes In My Life
Jed Madela - I Want To Give It All
Jed Madela - Hard Habit To Break
Jed Madela - Summer Breeze
Jed Madela - I Just Can't Let Go
Ginette Reno - Moulin Rouge
Ginette Reno - Remixer Ma Vie
Muhabbet - I Liebes Liedchen
Muhabbet - Bitte
Muhabbet - Schnella Als Ich
Muhabbet - Trauer
Muhabbet - Wie 'ne Lawine
Muhabbet - Schau Hin
Muhabbet - Davon Getraumt
Muhabbet - Du Hast Geschworen
Muhabbet - Erzahl Jedem
Muhabbet - Kein Ausweg
Muhabbet - Ein Teil Von Dir
John Hiatt - Like A Freight Train
John Hiatt - Wonder Of Love
John Hiatt - What Kind Of Man
John Hiatt - Carry You Back Home
Courteeners (The) - Cameo Brooch
Courteeners (The) - Scratch Your Name Upon My Lips
Courteeners (The) - Will It Be This Way Forever
Emilie Autumn - Opheliac
Ginette Reno - T'es Mon Amour, T'es Ma Maîtresse
Ginette Reno - Une Femme Sentimentale
Ginette Reno - Y'a Pas Deux Chansons Pareilles
F.K.U. - Where Moshers Dwell
Demon Hunter - Collapsing
Gabe Dixon Band - Til You're Gone
Gabriel Lukosz - Last One Out
gabriella Cihomsky - Sweet
Gackt - Death Wish [English]
Gackt - Lapis ~prologue~ [English]
Gackt - Rain [English]
Gaelic Storm - Beidh Aonach Amárach
Gaelic Storm - Don't Let the Truth Get in the Way
Galactic - Villified
Galacticos (The) - Rap Battle (with Stephen and Thurston)
Galeb - San
Galt Aureus - Is There Anyone Left?
Gap Band, The - Early in the Morning
Gareth Asher - Remember Me
Garfunkel and Oates - The End
Garfunkel and Oates - Year End Letter
Garlands (The) - David
Gary Higgins - It Didn't Take Too Long
Gathania - Get It Out
Gavin Osborn - Capitalism and Capuccino
Gavin Osborn - Hello, My Name's Charlie
Gavin Osborn - Platform Girl
Gavin Osborn - The First Recorder Playing Rock n' Roll Star
Gazette - 瞞し (Mayakashi - Deception) [ROMANJI+KANJI+ENGLISH]
Gazette - distress and coma
Gazette - Katherine In The Trunk
Gazette - Without A Trace (Japanese)
Gazillion - Dangerous
Gazillion - I Will Not Be Afraid
Gemma Ray - You Got Me In A Death Roll
Gemma Ray - Goody Hoo
Gene Loves Jezebel - Shame
Gene Loves Jezebel - Sweet Sweet Rain
Genelec & Memphis Reigns - Chicken Soup
Genelec & Memphis Reigns - Offerings
Genelec & Memphis Reigns - Sunwheel
GENERATION @.D.D. - Safe and Sound
Generation Unleashed - Who Is Like You?
Geneva Jacuzzi - Clothes on the Bed
Genitorturers (The) - I Touch Myself
Gentleman - Isyankar
Genuflect - Dead Right
Genuflect - Lavation
Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu - Bäpa
George Thorogood - Delaware Slide
George Thorogood - Miss Luann
Georgia Fair - Baby Blues
Georgia Wonder - Hello Stranger
Gerald Tennison - Just A Dream (Dont Wake Me)
Gerbils - Penny Waits
Geri X. - Black Coal Raven Crows
Geri X. - Boy
Geri X. - Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen cover)
Geri X. - Kiss On Both Eyelids
Geri X. - Mum Song
Geri X. - The Dance
Geri X. - Toxic Floating Heart
Geri X. - We're Free
Geri X. - Where Sleep Is King (And We Are His Children)
Get Back Loretta - 95
Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly - D.A.N.C.E. (Justice Cover)
Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. - Let the Journey Begin
Get Well Soon - Help to prevent forest fires
Ghinzu - I Wanna Be Your Dog
Ghinzu - Joy, Success, Happiness
Ghost And The Grace (The) - A Pretty Good Place To Start
Ghost And The Grace (The) - Cloud Of Flies
Ghost And The Grace (The) - The Mall
Ghost Is Dancing (The) - Dream of a Failed Architect
Ghost Mall - 40 Nugs
Giant - I'm a Believer
Giant - Innocent Days
Giant Squid - La Brea Tar Pits (Pseudomonas Putida)
Gichigami - So Many Lights
Gift Horse Mouth - Alice Shrugged
Gilbert Cantalano - Chin Up Beautiful
Gilbert Jaramillo - Why Did You Stop Loving Me
Gilby Clarke - Black
Gilby Clarke - Cure Me ... Or Kill Me ...
Gilby Clarke - Jugdment Day
Gilby Clarke - Let's Get Lost
Gilby Clarke - Skin & Bones
Gilby Clarke - Something's Wrong With You
Giles, Giles And Fripp - Digging my lawn
Giles, Giles And Fripp - Little Children
Giles, Giles And Fripp - One in a Million
Giles, Giles And Fripp - She Is Loaded
Giles, Giles And Fripp - Thursday Morning
Giles, Giles And Fripp - Under the Sky
Gillian Welch - Black Star (Radiohead cover)
Gillian Welch - I Don't Want To Go Downtown
Gin & Frolic - Don't Ever
Gin Wigmore - Hallelujah
Gin Wigmore - These Roses
Girl Vs Ghost - Nightmares
Girls Can Hear Us! (The) - Wouldn't It Be Nice (Cover)
Girls Get All the Action - Poker Face (Lady GaGa cover)
Girlyman - House Song
Girlyman - Somewhere Different Now
Girlyman - Storms Were Mine
Girlyman - True Enough
Girlyman - Viola
Girlyman - Wherever You Keep
Girugamesh - Barricade (english)
Girugamesh - Enishi 縁 (English)
Girugamesh - Evolution
Girugamesh - owari to mirai [english - End and Future]
Girugamesh - Puzzle (english)
Girugamesh - Shining [english]
Girugamesh - Shiroi Ashiato (English)
Gisli - Change Your Mind
Gisli - I Can Still
Glass Candy - Etheric Device
Glass Candy - Introduction
Glass Candy - The Chameleon
Glasser - Apply
Glasser - Glad
gLee - Care
gLee - To Leave and Go Back
Gleedsville - Nothing Is Good Enough
Gleedsville - Now I Belong
Gleedsville - You've Gotta Pay
Glint - Alone in the Cosmos
Glint - Boy of the Stars
Go Find (The) - Ice Cold Ice
Go Find (The) - We Don't Wanna
Go Find (The) - What I Want
Go! Team, The - I Never Needed It Now So Much
Go-betweens (The) - Rock And Roll Friend
God Help the Girl - Funny Little Frog
God Help the Girl - Hiding Neath My Umbrella
God Module - E.V.P.
God Module - Inside Out
Golden Silvers - Another Universe
Gong - Master Builder
Goo Goo Dolls (The) - As I Am
Good Luck - 1001 Open Hands
Good Luck - Bringing Them Back to Life
Good Luck - Hey Matt
Good Luck - Same Stories
Good Morning Gladys - Remember the Sky
Good Morning Gladys - Shebear
Good Morning June - You Are My Darling
Goodnight Bravado - A Million Ways To Lose Control
Goodnight, Guinevere - The Handheld Wind Machines
Goodwen - Question marks
Goosebump - Never Gonna Do
Gorgeous (The) - The Dreams In Which I'm Dying Are The Best I've Ever Had
Gorgoroth - When Love Rages Wild In My Heart
Gorillaz Vs. spacemonkeyz - 19/2000 (Jungle Fresh)
Gorillaz Vs. spacemonkeyz - Tomorrow Comes Today (Banana Baby)
Gorky's Zygotic Mynci - Anna Apera
Gossamer - Memoir
Gossamer - Sweetest Misery
Gotham O.D - Absence
Gotham O.D - I Gave You All
Gothsicles (The) - Cyanotic vs. The Gothsicles (I Thought The CD Player Was Broken...But It Was Just A Cyanotic Song
Gotthard - Ruby Tuesday
Grace Slick - Let It Go
Grady Drugg - Little Yellow Jacket
Grafton Primary - All Stars
Grafton Primary - I Can Cook
Grafton Primary - The Garden
Graham Parker - Mercury Poisoning
Grampall Jookabox - You Cried Me
Grand Archives - Witchy Park
Grand Duchy - Black Suit
Grand Duchy - Ermesinde
Grand Duchy - Fort Wayne
Grand Hallway - Raindrops (Matsuri)
Grand Island - Wish It Was Summer Always
Grand Ole Party - Love Button
Grauzone - Träume mit mir
Great Bloomers - Fever Days
Great Depression (The) - Kings of Dixie Highway
Great Depression (The) - Whiskey & Rose
Great Fiction (The) - A Long Time
Great White - If I Ever Saw A Good Thing
Great White - Love Is A Lie
Greene Reveal - We Aren't Running Away
Greenwheel - Caving In
Gregory Alan Isakov - Dandelion Wine
Gregory Alan Isakov - If I Go, I'm goin
Gregory Alan Isakov - Light Year
Gregory Alan Isakov - That Sea, The Gambler
Gregory Alan Isakov - The Stable Song
Gregory Alan Isakov - Unwritable Girl
Gregory Douglass - Better Life
Gregory Douglass - Can't Stand Up
Gregory Douglass - I Wanted to Run
Gregory Douglass - Promises
Gregory Douglass - Stranger
Gregory Douglass - This Is My Life
Gregory Isaacs - Front Door
Gregory Isaacs - Never Be Ungrateful
Grimus - In A Glimpse
Grimus - Ready For It
Gris Gris - Mary #38
Gris Gris - Medication #4
Gris Gris - Raygun
Gross Urge - Cat Killer