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Grotus - Wild Bill
Grown Ups - Orange Cat
Grown Ups - Surprise Party
Grundig - Oyster
Grundig - What You Gave Here Wasn't Fear
Guardian - One Thing Left to Do
Guggenheim Grotto (The) - Just Not Just
Guggenheim Grotto (The) - Lost Forever And
Guggenheim Grotto (The) - Sunshine Makes Me High
Guggenheim Grotto (The) - The Dragon
Guidance - Long Distance
Guidance - Standing
Guided By Voices - Get To Know The Ropes - The Rope
Guild League (The) - Mouse vs. Mountain
Guild League (The) - Shirtless Sky
Guild League (The) - The Idea
Gun Club (The) - The House On Highland Ave
Guns n Roses - White Christmas
Guns Up! - How It's Done
Gusto - Disco's Revenge
Gyroscope - Polyphons and Multidors
Gyroscope - The River Between
Gza/genius - Life is A Movie
Annett Louisan - Chancenlos
Annett Louisan - Wer Bin Ich Wirklich
Annett Louisan - Fettnäpfchenwetthüpfen
Annett Louisan - Die Katze
Annett Louisan - Die Trägheit
Annett Louisan - Die Formel
Annett Louisan - Ich Brauch Stoff
Annett Louisan - Drück Die 1
Annett Louisan - Gedanken Lesen
Annett Louisan - Auf Dich Hab Ich Gewartet
Tulsa - Carretera
Tulsa - Ya No Somos Invencibles
Canvas Waiting (The) - Ghosts
Davina - Mommy's Pride N Joy
Arckanum - Røkulfargnýr
Alexander Marcus - Sei Kein Frosch
Alexander Marcus - Daheim
Alexander Marcus - Fashion
Alexander Marcus - Sandra
Go Periscope - Rollin' With The Dead
Virginia Jetzt! - So Schlägt Mein Herz
Virginia Jetzt! - Halt Dich An Mich
Virginia Jetzt! - Du Bist Alles
Virginia Jetzt! - Weil Liebe Dort Beginnt
Virginia Jetzt! - Wo Bist Du Jetzt
Virginia Jetzt! - Halt Die Zeit An
Virginia Jetzt! - Mein Sein
Virginia Jetzt! - Singen Und Singen
Virginia Jetzt! - Bitte Bleib Nicht, Wenn Du Gehst
Virginia Jetzt! - Land Unter
Virginia Jetzt! - Mehr Als Das
Smoke Blow - Iron In My Soul
Smoke Blow - It's In My Blood
Smoke Blow - Killer In Love
Massimo Di Cataldo - Di Cose Belle
Massimo Di Cataldo - Quello Che Mi Andava Di Fare
Massimo Di Cataldo - Palle Di Natale
Rafa Pons - Para Nonainoninonero
Renaud - Sdf
Sophie Forte - Ma Chambre Est Très Jolie
Les Petites Choses - Bol D'air
Six Feet Under - A Dangerous Meeting
Six Feet Under - Pounding Metal
Six Feet Under - Psychotherapy
Manguara - Ole Con Ole
Manguara - Que Nadie Me De Consejos
Manguara - Si Tu No Vienes Conmigo
Manguara - Pensaba Que Era Mentira
Migo - Es Scheint
Los Suaves - Libertad
Everlaunch - Run Run Run
Dillon - Your Flesh Against Mine
Dillon - Contact Us
Los Suaves - Palabras Para Julia
Los Suaves - Sin Techo
Ordarada - Sto Benissimo
Los Suaves - Dulce Castigo
Los Suaves - Parece Que Aún Fue Ayer
David Bustamante - Abrázame Muy Fuerte
David Bustamante - Universo De Todo
David Bustamante - A Contracorriente
Féloche - La Vie Cajun
Féloche - Darwin Avait Raison
Féloche - Eh Toi!
Féloche - Jette Les Gants
Féloche - Laisse Aller
Red Chord (the) - Hour Of Rats
Silverstein - Help!
Silverstein - Go Your Own Way
Orden Ogan - Nobody Leaves
Orden Ogan - Goodbye
Orden Ogan - Easton Hope
Orden Ogan - Requiem
Rocket Summer (The) - Hills And Valleys
Craig David - One More Lie (Standing In The Shadows)
Brainstorm - The Conjuction Of 7 Planets
Adicts (The) - Over There
Hästpojken - Här Har Du Ditt Liv
Hästpojken - Shane Mcgowan
H-Blockx - Ring Of Fire (Johnny Cash cover)
H. Letham - Absence of Time Pt. 2 (The End of Time)
H. Letham - Fires of Myself (The End of Ignorance)
H. Letham - Rock of Sisyphus (The End of Purpose)
H. Letham - There Will Be Time (The End of Assumption)
Half Japanese - Miracles Happen Everyday
Half-handed Cloud - Bees Baked A Loaf For Me (Or Flour From Flowers?)
Hall And Oates - You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'
Halogen - Baby's Eyes
Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds - Fallin' in love
Hamish Imlach - Black Is The Colour
Hand To Hand - Dufresne, Party of Six
Hank Williams - A Beautiful Home
Hank Williams - Angel Of Sin
Hank Williams - Beyond The Sunset
Hank Williams - Faded Love And Winter Roses
Hank Williams - Fly Trouble
Hank Williams - Happy Rovin' Cowboy
Hank Williams - I Ain't Gonna Love You Anymore
Hank Williams - I Can't Get You Off Of My Mind
Hank Williams - I'm Free At Last
Hank Williams - I'm Sorry For You My Friend
Hank Williams - Kaw-Liga
Hank Williams - Leave Me Alone with the Blues
Hank Williams - Low Down Blues
Hank Williams - Mother Is Gone
Hank Williams - My Bucket's Got A Hole In It
Hank Williams - No, Not Now
Hank Williams - Pan American
Hank Williams - Please Don't Let Me Love You
Hank Williams - Roly Poly
Hank Williams - Six More Miles (To The Graveyard)
Hank Williams - Something Got A Hold Of Me
Hank Williams - Thank God
Hank Williams - Why Should We Try Anymore?
Hank Williams - Won't You Sometimes Think Of Me?
Hank Williams - You Better Keep It On Your Mind
Hannah Combs - Broken Promises vs. Broken Glass
Hanoi Rocks - Fashion
Happy Bullets (The) - People In Charge
Hard N Phirm - Moose Lodge
Hard N Phirm - She Named The Pony Jesus
Harder To Fall - Autumn Ends
Harder To Fall - Driving Through the Night
Harder To Fall - The Nights Are Getting Longer
Harder To Fall - Where We Were, In the Car
Hardwire - Reformat
Harlem Shakes - Niagara Falls
Harlem Shakes - Radio Orlando
Harlequin League - Again And Again
Harper Lee - Isn't This Where We Came In?
Harper Lee - Train Not Stopping
Harris Tweed - Beautiful Mistery
Harrison Hudson - Baby Blue
Harrison Hudson - Kill Her With A Kiss
Harry - Follow Me
Harry - Heroin
Harry - Push It (Real Good)
Harry - Taste Like Kisses
Harry Nilsson - Best Friend - Theme From 'The Courtship of Eddie's Father
Harry Nilsson - Daddy's Song
Harry Nilsson - Let The Good Times Roll
Haruko - Autumn, Golden Trees
Haruko - Goodbye My Love, Goodbye
Haruko - Morning Dreams
Haruko - Mountain Adventure
Haruko - The Bright Lights
Haruko - Welcome to Loveland
Haruko - Winter
Harvard - The Earth
Haunt - From The Ground
Haunt - Love Song
Haunt - Poisoner
Haunted Windchimes - Lordy Lordy (have mercy on me)
HavocHate - Cold Embrace
HavocHate - Still Alive
Hawksley Workman - September Lily
Hawksley Workman - Watching the Fires
Hayden - Choking
Hayley Taylor - No More Wishing
Head Phones President - Chain
Headswim - Crawl
Headswim - Gone To Pot
Heardsmen (The) - Killing Me Slowly
Heartbreak - Don't Lose My Time
Heartdrive - I Believe In Love
Heartdrive - I Won't Apologize
Heartdrive - The World We Love To Hate
Hearts Revolution - The Rose and Her Prince
Heather Dale - As I Am
Heather Dale - Call the Names
Heaven - Fantasy
Heaven And Hell - Fear
Heaven And Hell - Neverwhere
Heaven's Basement - I'll Never Write A Love Song
Heaven's Basement - Mirrors
Hedder - for you for me
Hederos & Hellberg - Heaven Stood Still
Hednoize - Drain
Hednoize - I Am
Hednoize - Pay Me No Mind
Heidi Montag - Black out
Helicon Blue - The Great Escape
Helios - Signed I Wish You Well
Helios - Soft Collard Neck
Helium - Lady of the Fire
Helium - Sunday
Hella Fly Cool Kids - Args
Hella Fly Cool Kids - Beside Me
Hella Fly Cool Kids - I Don't Care If You Think I'm A Nerd (Pokemon)
Hella Fly Cool Kids - I Like To Think About
Hella Fly Cool Kids - Malice Von Roe
Hella Fly Cool Kids - Tell Me Why (The Difference)
Hellacopters (The) - Stab Your Back
Hellbent - Fast Car (Original 3 Remix)
Hello Danger - Come On Baby
Hello Danger - Cool Goodbyes, Warm Hellos
Hello Danger - Favorite Color
Hello Danger - Outside
Hello Demons...Meet Skeletons - Ill Keep This Short
Hello Kelly - Simple Love Song
Hello Kelly - The Right Thing
Hello Madness - Change
Hello Saferide - Teen Line
Hello the Mind Control - Summer Air
Hello, Astronaut - My Best Friend
Her Fallen Gown - People In Buses
Her Horses - Make Me Famous
Her Space Holiday - The Heartbreak Moment.
Her Space Holiday - The Year In Review (Version 2)
Here come the birds - Sharp White Teeth
Here Comes The Chaos - Let It Rain
Here We Go Magic - Fangela
Herman Dune - Someone Knows Better Than Me
Heroes On Parade - I Only Like You With Your Mouth Closed
Hexes And Ohs - Wildfire!
Hey - Yeah - Well
Hey Rosetta - Death is Quick
Hey Rosetta - Red Song
HeyHiHello! - Leap Before You Look
Hibernauts (The) - Throwing Rice
High Places - Gold Coin
High Strung (The) - So Dry
Higher, The - The (Runaway) Artist
Hint, The - Always With You
Hint, The - Into The Fire
Hint, The - St. Augustine
His Orchestra - Hibernation
His Orchestra - Wooden House
Hitide.Lotide - the koala
Hitide.Lotide - the willow tree
Hitmen - Young & Free
HODGES - My Side of The Story
Hogni Lisberg - Desert
Hokey - A Life Worth Living
Hold Steady, The - American Music
Hold Steady, The - Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window? (Bob Dylan cover)
Holly Miranda - No One Just Is
Holly Miranda - Waves
Holy Ghost Tent Revival - Down the Street
Holy Ghost Tent Revival - Hammer Fell
HOLY GHOST! - I Will Come Back
Home Video - Every Love That Ever Was
Home Video - Gas Tank
Honeyhoney - Black Crows
Honor By August - Half a Day Away
Honorary Title, The - City on Christmas
Honorary Title, The - How Long?
Honorary Title, The - No One (Alicia Keys cover)
Honorary Title, The - Ten Years Older
Hoots And Hellmouth - This Hand Is A Mighty Hand
Hop Along, Queen Ansleis - Elizabeth & Elizabeth
Hope - Let Go, Let Go
Hope 7 - Breakthrough
Hope Sandoval And The Warm Inventions - Blanchard
Hope Sandoval And The Warm Inventions - For The Rest Of Your Life
Hopkirk & Lee - Summershine
Horace Andy - Skylarking
Horns Become Halos - Heart to Heart
Horse Feathers - Helen
Hot Lava - Blue Dragon
Hot Lava - Ghosties
Hot Lava - Iggy
Hot Lava - JPG in the Sun
Hot Melts (The) - I Wish I Had Never Been In Love
Hot Melts (The) - 24
Hot Melts (The) - Happiness Is A Weakness
Hot Melts (The) - Sweetness Making Me Ill
Hot Panda - Whale Headed Girl
Hot Tuna - Hesitation Blues
Hot Tuna - Winin' Boy Blues
Hotel Persona - To The Light
Hothouse Flowers - Good For You
Hothouse Flowers - This Is It (Your Soul)
Hours, The - Let Me Breathe
How I Became Invisible - Goodbye Baby Rabbits
How I Became Invisible - Still Alive (Jonathan Coulton cover)
How I Became Invisible - Thanks For Playing The Home Game (Enjoy The Consolation Prize)
How I Became the Bomb - Kneel Before Zod
How I Became the Bomb - Minute Romance
How I Became the Bomb - Robo
How Lost We Are - So Far
How Lost We Are - Tomorrow You'll Be Gone
How Lost We Are - When We Lost Control
How Lost We Are - Your Last Scene
Howie Beck - Byrd
Howie Beck - If I Ever Come Home
Howie Beck - La La La
Howie Beck - Save me
Howlin' Wolf - Smokestack Lightning
Hrsta - Lucy's Sad
Human Abstract, The - Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers
Humble Pie - Take Me Back
Humms (The) - Are You Dead?
Humms (The) - Ceiling Fan
Humms (The) - Do The Graverobber!
Humms (The) - Jupiter
Hunter Pecunia - He Said She Said
Hunter Valentine - Just A LIttle While Longer
Hurray For The Riff Raff - Amelia's Song
Hurray For The Riff Raff - Bricks
Hurray For The Riff Raff - Daniella
Hurricane Bells - Monsters
Hurricane Bells - This Year
Husky Rescue - Blueberry Tree part II
Husky Rescue - Silent Woods
Donots - Break My Stride
Marco Mengoni - Insieme A Te Sto Bene
Marco Mengoni - L'amore Si Odia
Gritando En Silencio - Dos Copas De Más
Mago De Oz - Desde Mi Cielo
Mago De Oz - Creo (la Voz Dormida - Parte Ii)
Stars Of Track And Field - End Of All Time
Shuarma - Otra Ráfaga De Luz
Shuarma - Un Pececito Blanco
Brainstorm - Fire Walk With Me
Brainstorm - How Do You Feel
Brainstorm - All Alone
Elefante - Tus Ojos
Atesh 65 - Gözler Aglar Askim
Aldo Ranks - El Baile Del Pescao
Aldo Ranks - La Calle
Samir Bazzi - Nacimos Para Amarnos
Samir Bazzi - Tu Eres La Unica [Ver.balada]
Samir Bazzi - Ponme Un Angel
Samir Bazzi - La Culpa Fue De Los Dos
Samir Bazzi - Te Amo Mucho
Dani Blau - Dime Ya
Dani Blau - Sin Ti Muero
Dani Blau - Contigo Bajo Ella
Natalia Lafourcade - Cursis Melodías
Natalia Lafourcade - Hu Hu Hu
Natalia Lafourcade - Ella Es Bonita
Natalia Lafourcade - Look Outside
Natalia Lafourcade - Casa
Natalia Lafourcade - O Pato (un Pato)
Natalia Lafourcade - Mango
Broilers - Hey Suburbia
Broilers - Paul Der Hooligan
Broilers - Glück Auf!
Broilers - Deine Stadt
Broilers - Sag Die Wahrheit
Jason Derulo - Broken Record
Jason Derulo - Skys The Limits
Gsälzbär - Hoimatländle Schwobaländle
Broilers - Zusammen
Roser - El Sonido De Mi Gente
Roser - Solo En Ti
Roser - Dueña De Mi Corazón
Roser - Don't Come Back
Roser - Boca A Boca