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Marilyn Is Dead - Playback Rewind
Marina Siertis - Berlin
Marina Siertis - Den tot
Marina Siertis - Plain
Marine Girls - He Got the Girl
Marine Girls - In Love
Marionette - My Most Memorable memories
Mark Hoffman - How I Feel About You
Mark Hoffman - Love (In the Face of Adversity)
Mark Hoffman - Never Leave My Side
Mark Mallman - Hardcore Romantics
Mark Mulcahy - Cookie Jar
Mark Olson & Gary Louris - Bicycle
Mark Pledger vs. Matt Hardwick - Fallen Tides
Mark Rose - Go On
Mark Rose - It's Cold Out There
Mark Seymour - Do You See What I See?
Mark Seymour - Dog
Mark Seymour - Everything's On Fire
Mark Seymour - Feel the Lord
Mark Seymour - Supagirl
Mark Seymour - Walk Through Fire
Markize - Paperdoll
Markize - Will You Be Here
Marko Novosel - A Ja Na Raketi
Marko Novosel - Cipele Čistim
Marko Novosel - Mi Smo Tu Navek
Markus Schulz - Travelling light
Marky Mark - Good Vibrations
Mars - stregBrain Shatteringly Intelligent
Mars Volta (The) - Candy and a Currant Bun (Pink Floyd cover)
Mars Volta (The) - Halo Of Nembutals
Mars Volta (The) - Luciforms
Mars Volta (The) - Teflon
Marshall Tucker Band (The) - A New Life
Marshmallow Coast - Ancient Chinese Secret
Marshmallow Coast - Sunrise
Martha And The Vandellas - Dancing In The Street
Martin Page - In my Room
Martin Page - Light in your Heart
Martin Page - Shape the Invisible
Martin Sexton - In The Journey
Martina Topley-bird - Baby Blue
Martina Topley-bird - Carnies
Martina Topley-bird - Phoenix
Martinelli - Cenerentola (Cinderella)
Marty Cain and the Humble Romans - I Sometimes Wonder
Marvin The Paranoid Android - Marvin I Love You
Marx Brothers - Ev'ryone Says "I Love You"
Marx Brothers - Lydia the Tattooed Lady
Mary Black - Katie
Mary's Danish - Ashes
Mary's Danish - Underwater
Maryslim - B.T.L
Masha Qrella - Unsolved Remained
Mason Proper - Safe for the Time Being
Mason Proper - Shiny
Mass - Deaf To Your Answers
Mass - Don't Want To Wait Anymore
Masters of the Microwave - A Different Perspective
Masters of the Microwave - Showdowwwn!
Matchbox Twenty - Breakfast At Tiffany's
Mathien - We Don't Need to Make Love to Know That We Got It
Matson Jones - He Means Nothing, Dear
Matt Beilis - Been Way Too Long
Matt Beilis - Hold On
Matt Beilis - If You Don't Let It Go
Matt Beilis - Make a Change
Matt Beilis - Speak Your Own Mind
Matt Berry - Snuff Box Theme
Matt Berry - Stick
Matt Berry - The Hangman's Song
Matt Berry - Woman
Matt Duke - Don't Ask (For Too Much)
Matt Duke - The Love We'll Never Know
Matt the Electrician - Animal Boy
Matthew and the Arrogant Sea - Mock Origami
Matthew Barber - Somebody Sometime
Matthew Barber - Where The River River Bends
Matthew Perryman Jones - Amelia
Matthew Perryman Jones - Swallow The Sea
Matthew Sweet - Thunderstorm
Matty Cries - Life as a Tree
Matty Pop Chart - Floating Dream
Matty Pop Chart - Ghost Dream
Matty Pop Chart - Jason Dear
Matty Pop Chart - Jimmy Jam II
Max Levine Ensemble (The) - It's Make Out Time...
Max Tundra - Which Song
Max Tundra - Will Get Fooled Again
Max Vernon - Around Your Finger
Maybeshewill - Co-Conspirators
Mayer Hawthorne - A Strange Arrangement
Mayer Hawthorne - Shiny and New
Maysa - Adeusi
Maysa - Bom Dia Tristeza
Maysa - Chão de Estrelas
Maysa - Eu Sei Que Eu Vou Te Amar
Maysa - Hino Ao Amor
Maysa - I love paris
Maysa - Meu Mundo Caiu
Maysa - O Barquinho
Maysa - Resposta
Maysa - Se Todos Fossem Iguais a Você
Maysa - Tarde Triste
MDM Presents Matt Darey - Mash It Up (Matt Darey's Hard On Mix)
Meaghan Martin - Magic
Meaghan Martin - Two Stars
Meandyoucrew - dance with you
Media Lab - As The Stars Melt Away
Medicine - She Knows Everything
Medicine 8 - Rock Music Pays Off
Meestro - Broken In Love
Meestro - Cloudy or Clear
Meestro - Empty Silence
Meestro - Trouble Comes Looking For You
Meestro - Where I Want to Be
Meeting of Important People - Brittney Lane Don't Care
Meeting of Important People - Dead Man
Meg And Dia Band (The) - Happy Birthday, Litttle Meg
Meg Baird - Dear Companion
Megafaun - Solid Ground
Megan Lancaster - I'll Be Your Sunshine
Megas (The) - I Want to be The One/Dr. Wily 1-2
Mel - Be Gone
Mel - Come Back Home
Mel - Princess
Melanie Horsnell - Pink High Heels
Melanie Horsnell - Sometimes...
Melanie Safka - Alexander Beetle
Melanie Safka - Do You Believe
Melanie Safka - Lay Down (Candles in the Rain)
Melanie Safka - Lovin' the Boy Next Door
Melanie Safka - Ruby Tuesday
Melbourne Treatment (The) - The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
Mellow - Shinda Shima
Melody Club - Fever Fever
Melody. - Dear Love
Melpo Mene - Dead On Arrival
Melpo Mene - I Should Get Away
Melpo Mene - Jedi
Melpo Mene - Snakes & Lions
Melpo Mene - Under the Moon
Melpo Mene - Wait Up
Melt-banana - Blank page of the Blind
Melt-banana - Bright Splat (Red Point, Black Dot)
Melt-banana - Flash Cube, or Eyeball
Melt-banana - Green eyed Devil
Melt-banana - Last target on the Last day
Melt-banana - Lost in Mirror
Melt-banana - Spathic!!
Melt-banana - Tapir's flown away
Melvins (The) - Bar-x The Rocking M
Memories & Jersey - Stage Two Anger: The Infinite...
Memories & Jersey - Calm Me Honey
Memory Tapes - Bicycle
Memory Tapes - Stop Talking
Mercury Arc (The) - My Silent Call
Mercury Arc (The) - You're Killing Me
Mercury City - Between Us
Mercury City - Crazy
Mercury City - I'll Be There
Mercury City - Simple As It Seems
Mercury City - Smile
Mercury City - The Perfect Sign
Mercy Me - Bring The Rain
Meri Cetinić - Jubav Si Moja Zauvik
Mersey - Afterburn
Mersey - Little House
Mersey - Time To Waste
Mesh - Everything I Made
Mesh - If We Stay Here
Mesh - No Place Like Home
Mesh - Only Better
Mesh - Soul
Mess Hall (The) - Betty
Mess Hall (The) - City of Roses
Mess Hall (The) - Disco 2
Mess Hall (The) - Lorelei
Mess Hall (The) - Marlene
Mess Hall (The) - Metal and Hair
Mess Hall (The) - New Ornithology
Mess Hall (The) - Tijuana 500
Message - Any Other Girl
Message - Diana
Message - Give You My Loving
Message - In Your Heart
Message - Is There Love
Message - Jealous Heart
Message - Lessons
Message - Said And Done
Message - She's Gone
Message - Stories
Message - Swing
Metallic Falcons - Silent Night
Metalocalypse - hatredcopter
Metamorfosi - Malebolge
Metamorfosi - Sfruttatori
Meursault - The Furnace
Mexican Institute Of Sound - Alocatel
Mexicolas - Times Infinity
Mišo Kovač - Dobra Ti Večer, Mati Moja
Mišo Kovač - Ovo Je Naša Noć
Miami Horror - Make You Mine
Miami Horror - Sometimes
Micachu - Sweet Heart
Micah P Hinson - Caught In Between
Micah P Hinson - Diggin' a Grave
Micah P Hinson - Don't You Forget
Micah P Hinson - I Keep Having These Dreams
Micah P Hinson - This Old Guitar
Michael Bublé - A Foggy Day (In London Town)
Michael Bublé - Can't Buy Me Love
Michael Bublé - Cry Me A River
Michael Bublé - Grown Up Christmas List
Michael Bublé - Haven't Met You Yet
Michael Bublé - I'm Beginning To See The Light
Michael Bublé - Moondance
Michael Bublé - Orange Colored Sky
Michael Bublé - Spiderman
Michael Bublé - Sway
Michael Bublé - Try A Little Tenderness
Michael Bublé - What A Wonderful World
Michael Bublé - You Don't Know Me
Michael Cashmore - How God Moved At Twilight
Michael Castro - Home
Michael Castro - Perfect Strangers
Michael Froh - The Birds and Bees
Michael Hurley - Hog of the Forsaken
Michael Hurley - Jocko's Lament
Michael Hurley - The Tea Song
Michael Hurley - Troubled Waters
Michael Leviton - I'm In Love With The Tip Of Your Iceberg
Michael Leviton - Ships Passing In The Night
Michael Mclinn - Nothing Hurts
Michael Mclinn - Rock and Roll
Michael Miller - I Don't Want to Leave You
Michael Miller - Mary
Michael Penn - I Can Tell
Michael Runion - The Daylight
Michael Runion - Why You Got o Make it so Hard
Michael Warren - You
Mick Smiley - Magic
Micro Audio Waves - At the Age of Five
Microphones (The) - Florida Beach
Microphones (The) - I'm in Hell
Microphones (The) - Ocean 1, 2, 3
Microphones (The) - Universe (5)
Middle Ones (The) - Sam Said
Midi & the Modern Dance - You and Everyone We Love
Midnight Choir - Electric Rain
Midnight Choir - Lift Me Up
Midnight Choir - Mrs. Donald
Midnight Choir - Muddy River of Loneliness
Midnight Choir - Sister of Mercy
Mieka Pauley - All the Same Mistakes
Mieka Pauley - Marked Man
Mighty Baby - Egyptian Tomb
Mighty Boosh (The) - The Crimp
Mighty Boosh (The) - Married On The Morrow
Mighty Hannibal - Please Take a Chance on Me
Mighty Joe Plum - Live Through This (Fifteen Stories)
Mighty Lemon Drops (The) - Fall Down (Like The Rain)
Mighty Mighty Bosstones (The) - Graffiti Worth Reading
Mighty Mighty Bosstones (The) - Her Man
Mighty Mighty Bosstones (The) - Impossible Dream
Mighty Mighty Bosstones (The) - Next to Nothing
Mighty Mighty Bosstones (The) - The Route That I Took
Mighty Narwhale (The) - Shake Your Beautiful
Mighty Six Ninety - Mistakes Like These
Mika Miko - Business Cats
Mika Miko - I Got A Lot (New New New)
Mikael Simpson - Inden du falder i søvn
Mike Reno And Ann Wilson - Almost Paradise (Love Theme From Footloose)
Miki Jevremović - Moja Mater
Miki Jevremović - Nema Te
Miki Jevremović - Ponekad U Ponoć
Miki Jevremović - Staro Vino
Miki Jevremović - Vrati Mi Dane Mladosti
Mildred Bailey - It's so Peaceful in the Country
Miles Fisher - Half A Beer Left
Milkman's Union (The) - June June June
Milkman's Union (The) - Player Piano
Milkman's Union (The) - Tomato
Milla Jovovich - Bang Your Head
Milla Jovovich - Calm Water
Milla Jovovich - In A Glade
Millenia Nova - Disconnected Minds
Milloy - Deuce
Milloy - Eveready
Milloy - Le Coup De Grace
Milloy - Mary Rose
Mills Brothers - Smoke Rings
Milo Hrnić - Slađe Od Vina
Mimi Goese - I Spy
Mimicking Birds - Cabin Fever
Mimicking Birds - The Loop
Miniature Tigers - Miami
Mink - Crazy World
Mink - Get It Right
Mink - Jodi
Mink - New York Summer
Mink - Untouchable
Minnie Riperton - Memory Lane
Minnie Riperton - Only When I'm Dreaming
Minnie Riperton - Return to Forever
Minnie Riperton - Whenever, Wherever
Minnutes - Discover
Minnutes - ICan
Minnutes - Ice Dream
Minor Constellations - Invitation
Mint - Commuters Unite!
Mint - Giving Blood To Machines
Mint - The More I...
Mint - White Line
Mint Chicks (The) - I Don't Want to Grow Old
Mint Chicks (The) - Welcome to Nowhere
mint royale - Princess
Minuit - Fuji
Minuit - I Hate Guns
Minuit - Milk
Minuit - We're All Scared, Professor
Mir - Be Stong and Walk On
Mir - Take it to Extremes
Mira Craig - Dinner In Bed
Mischief Brew - Jobs in Steel Town
Mishka - Coastline Journey
Miss Kittin - Kittin Is High
Mission District (The) - Just Dont Feel The Same
Mississippi John Hurt - If You Don't Want Me Baby
Misty Edwards - Like a Rushing River
Misty Edwards - Made To Love You
Mobiles (The) - Drowning In Berlin
Moby Grape - I Am Not Willing
Mock Orange - Holiday Dinner Song
Mock Orange - Mind Is Not Brain
Mock Orange - Smile On
Mock Orange - Supergang
Mockingbird, Wish Me Luck - Let's watch the sunrise
Moe. - Another One Gone
Moe. - Spaz Medicine
Moe. - Waiting For the Punchline
Moi - When She Wakes Up It Is Cold
Moi Caprice - Love at Last Sight
Moinho da Bahia - Esnoba
Moke - Emigration Song
Molly Drake - All My Trials
Mona Mur - Candy Cane
Mona Mur - The Man on the Satellite
Monarch - Perform
Moneta - No Surrender
Moneta - Patterns in the Static
Moneta - We Fall As One
Moneybrother - ^Keep The Hurt At Bay
Monika - Fraud
Monofog - Sucklefang
Monoral - I don't mind
Monoral - Safira
Monoral - You
Monster Machismo - Me Blindfolded vs. Mike Tyson
Montrose - Paper Money
Monty Python - Bells
Moody Blues (The) - Boulevard De La Madeleine
Moondoggies (The) - Old Hound
Moonpools And Caterpillars - Ooh, ooh, ooh
Moray Eel - Oncoming War
Morcheeba And Hubert Laws - Summertime
More Assured, The - Ain't It Stange
Morgan and the Hidden Hands - White Flag
Morgan Laurence - Sundresses and Sweater Vests
Morning Benders (The) - Chasing a Ghost
Morning Bride - Death Rattle
Morning Bride - KX
Mose Allison - Your Mind Is On Vacation
Moshav Band - Cold Cry
Moths (The) - Valentine
Moto Boy - Blue Motorbike
Motorcycle Industry (The) - The Lost Weekend
Motorpsycho - Custer's Last Stand
Motorpsycho - Serpentine
Mount Eerie - Between Two Mysteries
Mount Eerie - My Heart Is Not at Peace
Mount Eerie - Through The Trees
Mount Eerie - Wind Speaks
Mount Eerie - Wind's Dark Poem
Mount Righteous - I Got A Car!
Mount Righteous - Push Yourself (Do Anything)
Mount Righteous - Seaman
Mount Righteous - You! The Magic Number
Mountain Asleep - Don't Tell Bad Jokes
Mountain Goats, The - Bring Our Curses Home
Mountain Goats, The - Ezekiel 7 and the Permanent Efficacy Of Grace
Mountain Goats, The - Hebrews 11:40
Mountain Goats, The - Hello Sarah
Mountain Goats, The - Roger Patterson Van
Mountain Goats, The - Thank You Mario, but Our Princess Is in Another Castle
Move To Strike - This Year
Movement (The) - Bring Back the Sun
Movement (The) - Can't Stop
Movement (The) - Catch Me
Moving Image (The) - Dont Call Me Baby
Moving Picture Show - Saturday Night
Moving Units - Wrong Again
Mr Fox - Mendle
Mr Hudson - Learning To Live
Mr Hudson & The Library - Ghosts
Mr Hudson & The Library - Lift Your Head
Mr Hudson & The Library - Time
mr. Gnome - Pirates
Mucc - Garo (English)
Mucc - Kokonoka (English)
Mucc - Mikan no Kaiga (English)
Mucc - Oboreru Sakana (English)
Mucc - Tsuki no sankyuu (English)
muddy waters - Mean Red Spider
Mugees, The - Kings and Queens
Mugison - To The Bone
Mumbo Gumbo - Wild Ride
Mumlers (The) - Don't Throw Me Away
Mumlers (The) - Tangled Up With You
Music Go Music - Explorers Of The Heart
Music Go Music - Goodbye, Everybody
Music Go Music - Just Me
Music, The - Cold Blooded
Music, The - No Weapon Sharper Than Will
My Autumn - Court of the crucified [English lyrics]
My Autumn - Last day of war [English lyrics]
My Autumn - Stereotypes [English lyrics]
My Autumn - Such as you [English lyrics]
My Children My Bride - Faithless
My Dad is Dead - Seven Years
My Dad is Dead - The Big Picture
My Darling You! - The youthful feelings taken to the end
My Epic - I Am Undone
My Favorite - Cult Hero Come Home [demo]
My First Earthquake - Fa La Freezing
My First Earthquake - In The Forest With Frenemies
My First Earthquake - Mad Tight
My First Earthquake - Meat Pies
My First Earthquake - Sleep In The Sea
My First Earthquake - Teleprompt
My Genuine Find - Hello Universe
My Genuine Find - I Don't Want to Keep Her
My Hidden Track - I Gave Her My Heart, She Gave Me A Pen
My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult - Euro Freak Hustle
My Little Pony - A Song For You On Your 40th Birthday
My Little Pony - Skipping Down the Street
My Little Pony - The Sun Turns (Metaphorically Speaking, That Is)
My Platinum Nightmare - The collapse of Las Palmas
My Robot Friend - By Your Side
My Sister's Machine - Cracking New Ground
My Sister's Machine - Diva
My Sister's Machine - Empty Room
My Sister's Machine - I'm Sorry
My Sister's Machine - Inside of Me
My Sister's Machine - This Is Fear
My Summer As A Salvation Soldier - 2 Minutes to Midnight
My Summer As A Salvation Soldier - Nupur Lala
Mygrain - Translucent Dreams