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Ted Nugent - Hey Baby
Ted Nugent - I Love You So I Told You A Lie
Teeter - Kiss Me And Kill Me After
Teeth (The) - Ball Of The Dead Rat
Television Personalities - A Picture Of Dorian Gray
Television Personalities - La Grande Illusion
Television Personalities - Part Time Punks
Television Personalities - Parties In Chelsea
Television Personalities - Silly Girl
Tema - Я Радиация
Ten Years After - I'd Love To Change The World
Testa Rosa - Ollie & Delilah
Thanksgiving - Welcome
That Strange Red Afternoon - Player, Play On
The (The) - Darkness Falls
The (The) - Sweet Bird Of Truth
Theart - No Friends
Think About Life - Paul Cries
This Beautiful Republic - Going Under
This Delicate Balance - Do You Remember
This Delicate Balance - I Am Gone
This Delicate Balance - Take A Break
This Endeavor - Don't Think You're Safe
This Fires Embrace - Take My Life
This Heat - Independence
This Heat - Makeshift Swahili
This Heat - Paper Hats
This Holiday Life - You Are The Moon
This Is Ivy League - A Summer Chill
This Is The Hospital - Hope Springs Eternal
This Is The Hospital - Whatever Helps You Sleep At Night
This Means You - This Is Classic You
This Runs Through - Writing Books And Changing Lives
This Song Is A Mess But So Am I - My Holy Bones Are Best For Breaking
This World Fair - Don't Make Me Wait
This World Fair - This Morning
Thomas D - Frisör
Thomas D - Rückenwind
Thomas Dolby - Dissidents
Thomas Dolby - The Flat Earth
Thomas Dolby - The Key To Her Ferrari
Thomas Dybdahl - Dice
Thomas Dybdahl - Honey
Thomas Dybdahl - How It Feels
Thompson Twins - Here's To Future Days
Thompson Twins - Roll Over
Thompson Twins - Sister Of Mercy
Thompson Twins - The Gap
Thompson Twins - Tokyo
Thompson Twins - We Are Detective
Thoushaltnot - Crawling Deeper
Throw Me The Statue - Lolita
Thujone - Cast Firaga
Thujone - Elixir
Thunder - Robert Johnson's Tombstone
Thunder - You'll Still Need A Friend
Thurston Moore - Feathers
Tiger Lou - Functions
Tigerparty - Ko
Tigerrr Beat - Hold My Hand
Tihuana - Não Vou Me Entregar
Tim Christensen - Tonight I'm Fine
Tim Finn - Funny Way
Tim Finn - Growing Pains
Tim Finn - Horizon
Tim Finn - How'm I Gonna Sleep
Tim Finn - Made My Day
Tim Finn - Not Even Close
Tim Finn - Protected
Tim Finn - Staring At The Embers
Tim Finn - Wait And See
Tim Finn - When The Winter Comes
Tim Minchin - Not Perfect
Tim Skold - Believe
Tim Skold - Chaos
Tim Skold - Remember
Tim Skold - Void
Tim Williams - Novel
Timesbold - I Hear You Hear
Timi Yuro - Hurt
Timo Rautiainen & Trio Niskalaukaus - Hyvä Ihminen
Timo Rautiainen & Trio Niskalaukaus - Hyvä Päivä
Timo Rautiainen & Trio Niskalaukaus - Hämmennys Ja Viha
Tin Armor - Raise High The Roof Beams
Tin Star - Head
Tina Dickow - Let's Get Lost
Tinkture - Enid
Tinkture - I'd Run
Tiny Masters Of Today - Hey Mr DJ (CSS Remix)
Title (The) - Where You Are
Tito And Tarantula - Back To The House That Love Built
Tito And Tarantula - The Strange Face Of Love
Tm Revolution - Love Saver [English]
To Die For - New Year's Day (U2 Cover)
To My Boy - Tell Me, Computer
Toby Mac - All In (Letting Go)/Mr. Talkbox
Toby Mac - Burn For You
Toby Mac - Hey Now
Toby Mac - Ignition
Tod Robbins - Back Row
Tom Cochrane - I Wonder
Tom Flannery - 60 Years
Tom Flannery - A Long Long Time Ago
Tom Flannery - Baghdad Blues
Tom Flannery - Can You See Me
Tom Flannery - Closing Time
Tom Flannery - Dave Brubeck
Tom Flannery - Do You Know How Hard It Is?
Tom Flannery - Festival Season
Tom Flannery - Flying Is Easy (It's The Landing That's Hard)
Tom Flannery - Frances
Tom Flannery - Ghost Town (Centralia)
Tom Flannery - Going Through The Motions
Tom Flannery - Government Man
Tom Flannery - Hands In The Dark
Tom Flannery - Haymarket Square
Tom Flannery - Hey, Guess What Happened Today?
Tom Flannery - Holy War
Tom Flannery - Hurry Home Baby
Tom Flannery - I Ain't Gonna Fight For You No More
Tom Flannery - I Feel Like An Orphan Train
Tom Flannery - I Got A Bad Feeling 'bout Dylan
Tom Flannery - I Just Wanna Got Home
Tom Flannery - I Want A Job Like Garrison Keillor's
Tom Flannery - I'll Tell You What He Did
Tom Flannery - I'm Gonna Fade Away
Tom Flannery - I've Seen War, Have You?
Tom Flannery - Iraqi Town
Tom Flannery - It's Almost Time For Curtain
Tom Flannery - It's Only Money
Tom Flannery - Jenny McLane
Tom Flannery - Steve Earle Blues
Tom Flannery - The Anthracite Shuffle
Tom Flannery - When You Pass Me By
Tom Mcshane - Don't Call Me
Tom Mcshane - Find A New Path
Tom Mcshane - I Know Not What I Do
Tom Mcshane - No Happy Ending
Tom Mcshane - Towards The Sun
Tom Robinson Band (The) - I'm Alright Jack
Tomas Andersson Wij - Hej Då
Tomi Swick - Easy Company
Ton Steine Scherben - Halt Dich An Deiner Liebe Fest
Ton Steine Scherben - Keine Macht Für Niemand
Ton Steine Scherben - Macht Kaputt Was Euch Kaputt Macht
Ton Steine Scherben - Samstag Nachmittag
Toni Childs - Because You're Beautiful
Toni Childs - Dreamer
Toni Childs - Put This Fire Out
Toni Childs - The Dead Are Dancing
Toni Childs - Welcome To The World
Toni Childs - Where's The Light
Toni Childs - Womb
Tony Bennett - All For You
Tony Bennett - There'll Be Some Changes Made
Tony Bennett - You're Easy To Dance With/Change Partners/Cheek To Cheek
Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza (The) - I Don't Mean To Impose But I Am The Ocean
Too Much Joy - Nothing On My Mind
Too Much Joy - Things I Hate About You
Too Much Joy - William Holden Caulfield
Tool Box Hero - Between The Earth And Moon
Toots And The Maytals - Gold And Silver
Toots And The Maytals - Peace, Perfect Peace
Tor Karseth - Kvite Svaner
Toranja - Laços
Toru Okada - Lights Out
Tose Proeski - Da L' Si Sretnija
Totally Michael - Death Hill (Over And Over)
Tough Alliance (The) - Something Special
Tough Guys Take Over - Common
Tough Guys Take Over - Number 4
Tough Guys Take Over - Take All Your Clothes Off
Tower Of Rome - Save Art; Kill An Art Kid
Toxic Guineapigs - California Dreamin'
Toy - Olhos De Água
Toy Box - The Wizard Of Oz
Toy Box - What About
Toy Dolls - Deirdre´s A Slag
Toy Dolls - She Goes To Finos
Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players (The) - Why Did We Decide To Take This Decision To You?
Tracy Bonham - Eyes
Tracy Bonham - I Was Born Without You
Tragedy Andy - Hear Lies: Everything You've Ever Wanted Too. Here.
Tragedy Andy - Self-Destructive Romance
Tragedy Andy - Sunrise From The West
Tragic Black - MadHatter
Tragic Black - Surreal Catharsis
Transmission0 - Condor
Transmission0 - Paracas
Transporter - How'd You Get Along?
Transvision Vamp - I Want Your Love
Trashcan Sinatras (The) - All The Dark Horses
Travels - Sixty Five And Sunny
Travis Cottrell - 2000 Years
Tribal Ink - Try To Be Me
Triniti - Brighid's Kiss
Triniti - Glen Of Imaal
Triniti - In A Lifetime
Trinity Roots - Little Things
Trip Shakespeare - Toolmaster Of Brainerd
Triumph - Never Surrender
Trouble Over Tokyo - Eyes Off Me
Trouble Over Tokyo - The Liar
Troy Von Balthazar - Bad Controller
Tub Ring - Killers In Love
Tub Ring - The Charismatic Smile
Tunng - Arms
Tunng - Take
Tv Rock - The Others
Twarres - Wêr Bisto
Twilight Sad (The) - Cold Days From The Birdhouse
Twin Atlantic - Lightspeed
Twink - Just A Boy
Tyketto - Forever Young
Tyketto - Standing Alone
Tyketto - The End Of The Summer Days
Tyler Burkum - Goodbye Blues
Tysen - Another Mistake
Tysen - Hold My Breath
Tzu - Reminisce
Ub 40 - Kiss And Say Goodbye
Ultraphonic - Leaves Are Falling
Ultraphonic - Warrior
Ultravox - Cut And Run
Ultravox - Dangerous Rhythm
Ultravox - Herr X
Ultravox - I Want To Be A Machine
Ultravox - Serenade
Ultravox - The Man Who Dies Every Day
Ultravox - The Song (We Go)
Ultravox - Wide Boys
Umphrey's Mcgee - FF
Unbunny - Snow Tires
Uncle Monsterface - I'm Sorry (But Your Princess Is In Another Castle)
Under Foreign Skies - For All It's Worth
Under Foreign Skies - It Will Be Alright
Underground (The) - 11-52
Underwater Getdown - Hey
Uniklubi - Ei Kukaan
Uniklubi - Kaikki Mitä Mä Annoin
Uniklubi - Kiinni Jään
Uniklubi - Luotisade
Uniklubi - Niin Se Meidät Löytää
Uniklubi - Totta Vai Tarua
Uniklubi - Tuhka
Universal Hall Pass - Katrinah Josephina
Universal Poplab - Black Love Song
Universal Poplab - Go Back To Sleep
Universal Poplab - Heart Apart
Unjust - Home
Unknown - I Miss You, Selena
Unsensored - California
Unwound - We Invent You
Us Funk Team - Swear To God
User - Do You
Uss (ubiquitous Synergy Seeker) - 2 15/16
Uverworld - Burst
Uverworld - Sora
Vampire For Hire - Chicks Dig Scars
Vampire Hands - No Fun
Van Canto - King
Van Canto - The Mission
Van Canto - LIfetime
Van Canto - She's Alive
Van Canto - Starlight
Van Deleckis (The) - Your Pen
Van She - Mission
Vast - Dedicate (A Place For Me)
Vast - I Can't Say No To You
Vast - Like God
Vayden - For What It's Worth
Vedera - Forgive You
Vega Under Fire - Hollywood
Vega4 - A Billion Tons Of Light
Vega4 - Burn And Fade
Vega4 - Time Of Our Lives
Velabonz - Wrong Way
Veljanov - Summer Nights (kiss The Rain)
Vells - Fair's Fair
Vells - Once Upon A Whirlpool
Velvet Underground (The) - Take A Walk On The Wild Side
Venetian Snares - Dad
Venetian Snares - Vache
Venice Is Sinking - Undecided
Versailles - The Love From A Dead Orchestra Lyrics
Versus The Robot! - All I Want To Be
Vetiver - Save Me A Place
Vetiver - You May Be Blue
Vettes (The) - Give 'Em What They Want
Via Sahara - Never Leave Me
Via Sahara - Storybook Romance
Vic Ruggiero - Lies
Vic Ruggiero - Taking Care Of Business
Victim Effect - Stutter
Victory At Sea - Mary In June
Video Nasties - Devil
Videosforpictures - Little Wolf
Villains (The) - Hatred Sow
Virginia Coalition - Look My Way
Visage - In The Year 2525
Voice Of Sleep (The) - Stone Statues
Von Thronstahl - Re-Turn Your Revolt Into Style
Von Thronstahl - We Walked In Line
Von Zippers - Incediary
Voodoo Grace Notes - Dissociative Fugue
Voom Blooms (The) - Lovers
Vyncent Flaw - Kiss From A Rose
Värttinä - Fanfaari
Värttinä - Kiiriminna
Värttinä - Lemmennosto
Värttinä - Marilaulu
Värttinä - Miinan Laulu
Värttinä - Mikä Miulla Mielessä
Värttinä - Paukkuvat Pasuunat
Värttinä - Sulhassii
Värttinä - Tupa Täynnä Tuppasuita
Värttinä - Yks On Huoli
Raconteurs, The - Attention
Raconteurs, The - Hold Up
Raconteurs, The - Many Shades Of Black
Raconteurs, The - Old Enough
Raconteurs, The - The Switch And The Spur
Raincoats, The - You're A Million
Raine Maida - The Less I Know
Raintree (The) - Collapsing
Raintree (The) - Shorelines
RaphaáƒÂ«l - Les Petits Bateaux
Rasmus, The - Panda
Raveonettes, The - Dead Sound
Ready Aim Fire! (The) - Die Young Get Free Drinks
Ready Aim Fire! (The) - Escape Artist
Ready Set (The) - The Scientist
Real Group (The) - Uti Vår Hage
Recoys (The) - Shake Off Your Nerve
Little Jackie - The Stoop
Red Jezebel - Trust In Us
Ride Your Bike - We Couldn't Walk With Such Noise
Riefenstahl - Ich Halt Dich Fest
Rika Muranaka - Can't Say GoodBye To Yesterday
Rising (The) - Coming Down
Rising (The) - Future Unknown
Rising (The) - Gone Again
Rising (The) - Let You Go
Rising (The) - Miss You Love
Rising (The) - Pieces
Rising (The) - So Alive
Rising (The) - Statues
Rising (The) - Take It All Away
Rising (The) - These Days
Rising (The) - Who You Are
Rock Plaza Central - We've Got A Lot To Be Glad For
Rolling Stones (The) - Like A Rolling Stone
Rosebuds, The - Silja Line
Rosebuds, The - When The Lights Went Dim
Ruby Vileos - 99
Runrig - Pride Of The Summer
Dan Tyminski - Heads You Win Tails I Lose
Guaraná - Partiendo De Cero
Matt Shockley - Every Time I See You Smiling (your Love)
Lenine - Toma Lá, Dá Cá
John Mellencamp - Longest Days
John Mellencamp - Troubled Land
John Mellencamp - Young Without Lovers
John Mellencamp - A Ride Back Home
LazyTown - Anything Can Happen
LazyTown - I Can Move
LazyTown - Spooky Song
Vetusta Morla - Copenhague
Vetusta Morla - Pequeño Desastre Animal
Vetusta Morla - La Cuadratura Del Círculo
Ilaria Porceddu - Io Ce La Farò
Ilaria Porceddu - Dopo Un Grande Amore
Ilaria Porceddu - Stella Che Cadi
Giusy Ferreri - Remedios
Giusy Ferreri - Che Cosa C'è
Alex Campos - Come On
Yuridia - Ahora Entendi [rocasound Phunk Mix]
Yuridia - Eclipse Total Del Amor (Total Eclipse Of The Heart) [rocasound Mix]
Yuridia - Yo Por El [rocasound Peaktime Dub]
Three Graces - 1000 Pieces
Thousands Millions - Do You Full Bloom?
Thousands Millions - Swim, Mix, Cool
Thousands Millions - Back Back Back
Nocternity - A Fallen Unicorn
Noctiferia - Mara