Новые тексты и переводы песен - Страница 28

Nick Jonas - Chains
Алиса Милош - Дима
Александр Поздняков - За Тобой
M.D. - А Ты
Eddie Rabbitt - Pretty Lady
Eddie Rabbitt - So Deep In Your Love
Eddie Rabbitt - I Need To Fall In Love Again
Eddie Rabbitt - I Will Never Let You Go Again
Eddie Rabbitt - Girl On My Mind
Eddie Rabbitt - I Just Got To Have You
Eddie Rabbitt - Do You Right Tonight
Eddie Rabbitt - 747
Eddie Rabbitt - C-Rap (Country Rap)
Eddie Rabbitt - Sleepy Deepy Do
Eddie Rabbitt - Can You Tell Me A Story
Eddie Rabbitt - Woodchuck
Eddie Rabbitt - You Can Do Anything
Eddie Rabbitt - Mr. Eddie & Miss Angela #1
Стас Михайлов - Там
Ольга Горбачева - Самый Лучший День
Даша Русакова - Чем Дальше, Тем Больше
Эва - Свободна
Ди-Бронкс & Natali - От Сердца К Сердцу
Peppermint Trolley Company - Baby You Come Rollin' 'Cross My Mind
Peppermint Trolley Company - I've Got To Be Going
Eddie Rabbitt - Dim Dim The Lights
Fixx - Ocean Blue
Fixx - Silent House
James Gang - Woman
Orleans - You've Given Me Something
Orleans - Fresh Wind
Katri Helena - Vasten auringon siltaa
Orleans - The Last Song
Orleans - Let's Have A Good Time
Orleans - Ticonderoga Moon
Orleans - Two Faced World
Orleans - Please Be There
Tapani Kansa - Päättyneet on päivät
The Spectres - No Good, No Where World
The Mach V - If I Could
Strawberry Alarm Clock - California Day
Yello - Unreal
Yello - Time Palace
Yello - Distant Solution
Yello - Soul On Ice
Yello - Nervous
Gary Myrick - Time To Win
Лиза Лукашина - Королева-Ночь
Татьяна Дубовик - Ах, Это Лето
Манита - Спустя Года
Тамерлан и Алена - Держи Меня (Ost1n Remix)
Brentalfloss - The Bioshock Infinite Song
Brentalfloss - Just One Duck
Jacob Latimore - Heartbreak Heard Around The World (feat. T-Pain)
Jamie Scott - Unbreakable
Seven Lions - Strangers (feat. Myon, Shane 54 and Tove Lo)
Paramore - Ain't It Fun
Katy Perry - Birthday
Demi Lovato - Really Don't Care (feat. Cher Lloyd)
Pitbull - Wild Wild Love (feat. GRL)
Luke Bryan - Play It Again
Brentalfloss - Ballad Of The Mages
Noelle Bean - Let's Go
Brentalfloss - Zidane To Vivi
Jeff Lynne - Bewitched, Bothered, And Bewildered
Poni Hoax - You Of The Broken Hands
Poni Hoax - The Soundtrack Of Your Fears
Poni Hoax - Crash-Pad Driver
Poni Hoax - You're Gonna Miss My Love
Humans - I Live In The City
Adele - Never Tear Us Apart
Peppermint Trolley Company - Put Your Burden Down
James Gang - Sleepwalker
J. Michael Harter - Holy Cowgirl
James Gang - Standing In The Rain
Bara På Låtsas - Arvet
The Hollowed - IN SOLITUDE
Common - City to city
Lx24 - Ключи
Алексей Смирнов feat. Николя Демидов - Если Я Сойду С Ума
Кира Стертман - Всё Отдам
Roma Kenga - Прости, Моя Любовь
Motels - Slow Town
Motels - Whose Problem?
Motels - Cry Baby
Motels - Bonjour Baby
Human Sexual Response - 12345678910
The Truth - Exception Of Love
Fashion - Love Shadow
Hurricane Smith - My Mother Was Her Name
The Megas - Melody From The Past
The Megas - Make Your Choice
The Megas - Afraid Of The Dark
The Megas - Fly On A Dog
The Megas - Walk Away From Light
The Megas - History Repeating Pt. 2 (One Last Time)
The Megas - History Repeating Pt. 1
The Megas - Hell Has Frozen Over
Giorgio Moroder - First Hand Experience In Second Hand Love
Giorgio Moroder - Faster Than The Speed Of Love
Кристина Орбакайте - Крылья
Firefall - Mirror Of The World
Men Without Hats - Dreaming
Men Without Hats - How Does It Feel
Men Without Hats - Today Tomorrow Yesterday
Leah Mcfall - Home (feat. Will.I.Am)
Melissa Steel - Kisses For Breakfast (feat. Popcaan)
The Shaggs - Shaggs' Own Thing (Vocal Version)
The Shaggs - I Love
The Shaggs - My Cutie
The Shaggs - What Should I Do?
The Shaggs - Sweet Thing
The Shaggs - Things I Wonder
The Shaggs - I'm So Happy When You're Near
The Shaggs - My Companion
The Shaggs - Who Are Parents?
Dot Wiggin Band - Speed Limit
Divinity Amor - Beautiful
Wide Boy Awake - Ravers Red Light
Foxley - Donde Va A Parar
Yandel - Mi Peor Error
Mado - Пушка
Артем Пивоваров - Цунами
Becky Hill - Irreplaceable
Becky Hill - Ordinary People
Carl Douglas - Changing Times
Soda - Где Лето
Елизавета Бахмач - Нужно Быть Вдвоём Нам
Влад Топалов и Настя Новикова - Хочу
Jo Jo Gunne - Babylon
I Fight Dragons - Working
I Fight Dragons - Fight For You
I Fight Dragons - cRaZie$
I Fight Dragons - Save World Get Girl
I Fight Dragons - Not I
I Fight Dragons - The Power Of Love
I Fight Dragons - Welcome To The Breakdown
Shawn Mendes - The Weight
Shawn Mendes - Show You
Nico & Vinz - What We Here For
Nico & Vinz - Go Loud
Nico & Vinz - One Song
Miguel Aceves Mejia - dos angelitos negros (feat. Pedro Vargas)
Nico & Vinz - In Your Arms
Pavlov's Dog - Stop Short
Pavlov's Dog - Motorcycle
Pavlov's Dog - It's All For You
Pavlov's Dog - Jenny
Pavlov's Dog - I Love You Still
Pavlov's Dog - Painted Ladies
Pavlov's Dog - Only You
Pavlov's Dog - Trafalgar
Pavlov's Dog - A Hardly Innocent Mind
Pavlov's Dog - Lost In America
Paper Heart - Tongue
Paper Heart - Activate
Firefall - Ya Never Know
Firefall - Tropical Night
Wild Cherry - Hot To Trot
Wild Cherry - What In The Funk Do You See
Wild Cherry - The Lady Wants Your Money
Paper Heart - Not Together (Part 1)
Meghan Trainor - Like I'm Going To Lose You
Miguel Aceves Mejia - Cana de azucar
Jay Ferguson - White Noise
Overkill - Miss Misery
Miguel Aceves Mejia - Costa Rica
Melanie Martinez - Bittersweet Tragedy
Deorro - Don't Hold Me Back (Five Hours)
Miguel Aceves Mejia - Siete leguas
Cessyl Orchestra - Did it ever cross your mind
Cessyl Orchestra - Into the trance
Cee Lo Green - Woman of the world
Bear McCreary - Outlander Main Title Theme (Skye Boat Song)
Thompson Square - I Can't Outrun You
Hozier - Cherry Wine
Hozier - Angel of Small Death and the Codeine Scene
Hozier - Like Real People Do
Tim McGraw - Keep On Truckin'
Сестры Толмачевы - Уходи
Den'S Project - Реально
Александр Олешко - Одинаково Разные
Buck 65 - Only War
Jags - Little Boy Lost
Jags - Last Picture Show
Spoon - Outlier
Spoon - They Want My Soul
Spoon - Rainy Taxi
Spoon - New York Kiss
Spoon - I Just Don't Understand
Spoon - Inside Out
Spoon - Let Me Be Mine
Мариетта - Первая
Ирина Ортман feat. DJM Гребенщиков - Может
Nino De Angelo - If There Is One Thing That's Forever
Eddy Grant - She's Standing At The Corner
Eddy Grant - Village Life
Jermaine Stewart - Wear Out The Grooves
Jermaine Stewart - Holes In My Jeans
Jermaine Stewart - I'd Rather Be With You
Nino De Angelo - La Valle Dell'Eden
Malukah - Beauty Of Dawn
Malukah - The Age Of Aggression
Malukah - Tale Of The Tongues
Malukah - Frozen Sleep
Malukah - Fear Not This Night
Malukah - Run
Malukah - Fear Front
Malukah - Covered In Red
Malukah - I Can't Make It Rain
Malukah - Everything
Malukah - Happy
Malukah - High
Malukah - Fairytale
Atlas Genius - Symptoms
Atlas Genius - When It Was Now
Atlas Genius - All These Girls
Atlas Genius - Don't Make A Scene
Atlas Genius - On A Day
Atlas Genius - Through The Glass
Atlas Genius - If So
Atlas Genius - Electric
Jermaine Stewart - Don't Ever Leave Me
Лера Массква - Отвоюю
One OK Rock - Pieces Of Me
One OK Rock - Decision
OLDCODEX - Dried Up Youthful Fame
Project Pitchfork - Rain
Playmates - Beep Beep
A Taste Of Honey - I Love You
Leslie Hall - Here To Win
Saturday Night Band - Come On Dance, Dance
Leslie Hall - Tight Pants / Body Rolls
Player - In Like Flynn
Player - Born To Be With You
Player - My Survival
Player - Take Me Back
Player - My Mind's Made Up
Player - Thank You For The Use Of Your Love
Player - Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid
Gary US Bonds - Love's On The Line
Gary US Bonds - Out Of Work
Gary US Bonds - Hold On (To What You Got)
Gary US Bonds - Twist, Twist Senora
Gary US Bonds - Dear Lady Twist
Jan Terri - If You Want A Divorce
Tim Moore - Strengthen My Love
Tim Moore - Gonna Try Again
Tim Moore - Bye Bye Man
Shot - Солнце
Влад Соколовский и Анастасия Смолл - Вслед За Ветрами
RIZUPS - Заплакані Вікна
Дана Борисова - Держи Меня
Шоколадка - Україна
Таисия Повалий - Женщина, Которая Любит
DJ Kirill Boninio & Женя Поликарпова feat. Stilet - Ночной Город
Solu Music - Fade (feat. Kimblee)
Neon Jungle - Royals (The Line Of Best Fit Session)
Deafheaven - Please Remember
Deafheaven - Vertigo
Deafheaven - Sunbather
Deafheaven - Dream House
Deafheaven - The Pecan Tree
Deafheaven - Unrequited
Deafheaven - Violet
Deafheaven - Language Games
Debbie Sims - Everytime I Remember Your Name
Jonathan Edwards - Train Of Glory
Jonathan Edwards - Sometimes
Hilary Duff - All About You
Hardwell - Arcadia (feat. Luciana)
Vamps - Rough Night
Vamps - Sweather Weather
Vamps - That Girl
Vamps - Midnight Memories
Will Arnett - Untitled Self Portrait
Auryn - Puppeteer
O'Jays - Cry Together
Itch - Another Man (feat. Megan Joy)
Carl Carlton - Morning, Noon And Night
Dalida - Col Tempo
Dalida - Ciao, Come Stai?
Dalida - Mama (Italiano)
All About She - Happiness
All About She - Like That
All About She - Remedy
B.J. Thomas - Hey Won't You Play Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song
Johnny Mathis - Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me
The Offspring - No Reason Why
The Offspring - No Control
Foster The People - Cassius Clay's Pearly Whites
Trammps - The Night The Lights Went Out
Trammps - Hooked For Life
Trammps - Sixty Minute Man
Bowties - Drop it
Nilda Fernandez - J'Y Pense Et Puis J'Oublie
Young Fathers - Ebony Sky
Young Fathers - I Heard
Young Fathers - Queen Is Dead
Young Fathers - Only Child
Young Fathers - Deadline
Young Fathers - I've Arrived
Young Fathers - Am I Not Your Boy
Marsh - Mind Reader
Marsh - A Major Distraction
Firefall - Every Little Word
Marsh - All I'll Ever Need
Becky Hill - Like A Star
Marsh - John Doe
Omnia - Gröne Lunden
Kill Paradise - Let It Go
Gaither Vocal Band - We'll Stand Together
Gaither Vocal Band - What Once Was A River
Gaither Vocal Band - I Wanna Put My Armor On
Corvus Corax - Pacel Aqua
Corvus Corax - Meie Din Lihtershin
Samantha Sang - La La La - I Love You
Samantha Sang - Living Without Your Love
Samantha Sang - Charade
Sonya feat. Artik - Мой Рай
Hello - Эйфория
Смысловые Галлюцинации - Мысленный Волк
Yogurt With Sprinkles - DIMMADUBSTEP
Mastgrr - Stopagaben
Godsmack - Something Different
Godsmack - Nothing Comes Easy
Godsmack - Turning To Stone
Godsmack - What's Next
Godsmack - Generation Day
Godsmack - Livin' In The Gray
Godsmack - I Don't Belong
Mayday Parade - Somebody That I Used To Know
Upon This Dawning - Call Me Maybe
The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die - Getting Sodas
The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die - Low Light Assembly
The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die - Gig Life
The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die - Ultimate Steve
The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die - You Will Never Go To Space
The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die - Heartbeat In The Brain
Paracoccidioidomicosisproctitissarcomucosis - Sarcastica Y Sofocante Micoplasma Neumonia Con Clamidias En La Monucle
For All Those Sleeping - You Belong With Me
Solitary Confinement - When It Snows
Авиатор - Над Дніпровою Сагою
Jags - She's So Considerate
Hunter & The Bear - On The Run
Hunter & The Bear - Pick Me Up
Taco - Mas Que Nada
DFX2 - Emotion
Jennifer Hudson - I Can't Describe (The Way I Feel) (feat. T.I.)
Andy Grammer - Sinner
Andy Grammer - Pushing
Andy Grammer - Blame It On The Stars
Andy Grammer - Remind You
Andy Grammer - Red Eye
The Gaslight Anthem - Rollin' And Tumblin'
The Gaslight Anthem - Get Hurt
The Gaslight Anthem - Stray Paper
The Gaslight Anthem - Red Violins
The Gaslight Anthem - Mama's Boys
The Gaslight Anthem - Stay Vicious
The Gaslight Anthem - Sweet Morphine
The Gaslight Anthem - Dark Places
The Gaslight Anthem - Helter Skeleton
The Gaslight Anthem - Break Your Heart
The Gaslight Anthem - 1,000 Years
The Gaslight Anthem - Have Mercy
The Gaslight Anthem - Selected Poems
The Gaslight Anthem - This Is Where We Part
The Gaslight Anthem - Ain't That A Shame
The Gaslight Anthem - Underneath The Ground
Righteous Brothers - Substitute
Domino & Chillout - Поцелуй
Алёна Высотская - Я Обменяю Всё На Тебя
Лолита - На Скотч
Оля Цибульская - А Он Мне Нужен
Screen People - Now In Stores
Screen People - Always The Same
Screen People - One You Want
Jo Jo Gunne - Take It Easy
Corvus Corax - Ougenweyde
Members - The Sound Of The Suburbs
Beccy Cole - Hello Happiness
Adam Brand - Most People I Know
Adam Brand - Quit This Time
Adam Brand - Hearts I Leave Behind
Adam Brand - One Can Be A Lot
Adam Brand - What Your Love Looks Like
Adam Brand - Faith In You
Babymetal - Gimme Chocolate
Александр Ягья и Юлия Далия - Нас Где-то Ждет Любовь
РЭЙ feat. Misha Pioner - Не Отдам
Тріода - Історія
Mado feat. Наталья Федоровская - Ждать
Kimbra - Nobody But You
Kimbra - Everlovin' Ya
Kimbra - Rescue Him
Kimbra - Madhouse
Kimbra - Goldmine
Kimbra - Teen Heat
Kimbra - As You Are
Kimbra - Waltz Me To The Grave
Beatsteaks - Gentleman Of The Year
Beatsteaks - A Real Paradise
Finkle - Letters to the Heart
The Early Bird Specials - Happy Marriage
The Early Bird Specials - Happy Divorce
The Early Bird Specials - Happy Birthday
Midnight Star - Playmates
Colonel Abrams - Trapped
Rubber Rodeo - Before I Go Away
Rubber Rodeo - Souvenir
GQ - Sitting In The Park
GQ - Standing Ovation
Flatlinerz - Scary-Us
Марлен - Океаны
Александр Кривошапко - Где Ты?
Jack & Jack - Cold Hearted
Taylor Swift - Shake It Off
Laidback Luke - Turbulence (feat. Lil Jon and Steve Aoki)
In-Flight Safety - Animals
El Joni - Como Me Gusta Esa Chica
Tanja - Forevermore
Gaither Vocal Band - It Took A Faith
Debby Boone - Your Love Broke Through
Debby Boone - Hey Everybody
Debby Boone - Micol's Theme
Debby Boone - A Rock And Roll Song
Emmelie De Forest - Drunk Tonight
Мила Нитич - Дети Войны
Catrine - Мой День
Davlad - Носки
USB - История Повторяется
Janelle Monáe - What Is Love
Charli XCX - Supermodels And Holiday Stunners
Charli XCX - Machines
Charli XCX - I'll Teach You A Lesson
Charli XCX - Watch The Rain
Charli XCX - Mauritius
Charli XCX - Leave Me
Charli XCX - Chas's Song
Joyce Berry - Moments To Remember
Colton Dixon - The Shape Of Your Love
Нодар Ревия - Я Уходил
Zlata (Злата) - Скажи, Что Будешь Со Мной
НЕ ОН - Капли Дождя
Ярослава - Герой
Та Сторона - Морская
Виктор Павлик - Радість і Сила
Bingo Players - Knock you out (Hardwell remix) (and Hardwell)
Hybrid - Finished Symphony
Nico Rooney - My Gift
Nico Rooney - Faded
Денис Майданов и Баян-Микс - Мы С Тобой Одной Крови
DJ Vini feat. Eva Bristol & Nikita Malinin - Не Забывай Меня
Lx24 - Не Зови Меня
Полина Смолова - Вова, Постой!
Annie Cordy - Boing-Boing
Annie Cordy - L'Abominable Femme Des Neiges
Chris Rainbow - Body Music
Chris Rainbow - Mr. Man
Chris Rainbow - Tarzana Reseda
Magnetic Man - Anthemic (New Version) (feat. P Money)
Jermaine Jackson - Stay With Love (and Syreeta)
C-Clown - Let's Love (나랑만나)
Climax Blues Band - Last Chance Saloon
Fitz & The Tantrums - House On Fire
Fitz & The Tantrums - Keepin Our Eyes Out
Fitz & The Tantrums - Fools Gold
Fitz & The Tantrums - 6AM
Fitz & The Tantrums - MerryGoRound
Дискотека Авария - После Школы
Дискотека Авария - Самуи
Дискотека Авария - До Свиданья, Лето
Edgar feat. Nana - Это Любовь
Сергей Зверев и DJ Sasha Dith - Завтра
The Courteeners - Summer
The Courteeners - Black & Blue
The Courteeners - White Horses
The Courteeners - Next Time You Call
The Courteeners - International
The Courteeners - Small Bones
Collabro - Stars (From Les Misérables)
Collabro - Let It Go From (From Frozen)
Елена Галицына и Дмитрий Дубинский - Не Пара Ноя
H.a.N.D. - Метаморфозы
Sonya - Лезвие
3G - Звонки
The Outsiders [NL] - Lying All The Time
Climax [CH] - Harley Davidson
New Pornographers - Champions Of Red Wine
New Pornographers - Brill Bruisers
Soja - She Still Loves Me
Soja - Shadow
Soja - Easier
Soja - Your Song
Soja - Lucid Dreams
Soja - Once Upon a Time
Tank - Missing You
Tank - I Gotta Have It
Tank - Thanking You
Tank - Hope This Makes You Love Me
Tank - If That's What It Takes
Tank - Same Way
Tank - Nobody Better
Tank - You're My Star
Tank - Dance With Me
Hilltop Hoods - Live and Let Go (feat. Brother Ali and Maverick Sabre)
DJ Schmolli - Rock Of Ages
Nick & Knight - One More Time
Royal Blood - Better Strangers
Royal Blood - Ten Tonne Skeleton
Royal Blood - Blood Hands
Royal Blood - Loose Change
Royal Blood - Careless
Kem - It's You
Gravediggaz - Intro
Timbuk 3 - Acid Rain
Timbuk 3 - Count To Ten
Timbuk 3 - Tarzan Was A Bluesman
Сацура - ЯНаСпорте
Стен feat. Мари Краймбрери - Двигай
Ярослав Левченко - Ты Предала Любовь
Александр Яшин - Милая Моя
ZaRiNa - Stop Time
Полина Гриффис & The Stereo Flow - Открываю Глаза (Radio Edit)
Виктор Павлик и MaSha GoYa - Бо В Сні Відлітаю
PIVO - Пиво
Tarja Ylitalo - Yksi kerrallaan
Freemasons - True Love Survivor
Andrew Jackson Jihad - Dad Song
Fitz & The Tantrums - We Don't Need Love Songs
Fitz & The Tantrums - Darkest Street
Stone Temple Pilots - Tomorrow (with Chester Bennington)
Stone Temple Pilots - Cry Cry (with Chester Bennington)
Stone Temple Pilots - Same On The Inside (with Chester Bennington)
Stone Temple Pilots - Black Heart (with Chester Bennington)
Stone Temple Pilots - Out Of Time (with Chester Bennington)
The Troyes - Love Comes, Love Dies
Little Jinder - Youth Blood
Little Jinder - I Like It Casual
Jessie Ware - Valentine (and Sampha)
Дмитрий Климашенко - Трудно Стать Чужим
Прохор Шаляпин - Отпусти
110-Volt - Сны В Облаках
Rippingtons - If I Owned The World
Chuck Loeb - When I'm with you
Spyro Gyra - Let's Say Goodbye
Jamie T - Don't You Find
Capitão Fausto - Lameira
Capitão Fausto - Prefiro que não concordem
Anais - L'Amour Avec Toi
Tinchy Stryder - Never Leave You (Remix) (feat. Amelle Berrabah)
Tinchy Stryder - Express Urself
Tinchy Stryder - Tryna Be Me (feat. Ruff Sqwad)
Tinchy Stryder - First Place
Tinchy Stryder - Perfect Timing
The War - Goodbye July
The War - Thought I Had Died
The War - Love Come Down
Tarja Ylitalo - Kukasta kukkaan
Tarja Ylitalo - Et ole yksin
Dustin Lynch - Mind Reader