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Hush Sound, The - Don't Wake Me Up
Hush Sound, The - Eileen
Hush Sound, The - Momentum
Hush Sound, The - Sweet Tangerine
Hush Sound, The - The Market
Hush Sound, The - We Intertwined
Hush Sound, The - Where We Went Wrong
Hush Sound, The - Wine Red
Hush Sound, The - You Are The Moon
Icarus Line, The - Getting Bright At Night
Immigrants And Navigators - Put The Past Away
Impossibles, The - Everyday
Impossibles, The - Leave No Man Behind
Impossibles, The - The Week Of August First
India.Arie - Beautiful Flower
India.Arie - Promises
India.Arie - Purify Me
India.Arie - Summer
India.Arie - The Heart Of The Matter
India.Arie - The Truth
India.Arie - There's Hope
Innerpartysystem - The Heart Of Fire
Intercooler - If I Try
International Drive, The - So Call It Off
Ismo Alanko - Extaasiin
Ispystrangers - I Am The Next John Travolta!
Ivy Levan - Red
Jason Chain - You Got Me
Jeremy Buck and the Bang - Dance Floor
Jeremy Buck and the Bang - PCH Avenue
Jeremy Buck and the Bang - Things You Do
Jim Croce - A Long Time Ago
Jim Croce - Another Day, Another Town
Jim Croce - Box #10
Jim Croce - Child Of Midnight
Jim Croce - Dreamin' Again
Jim Croce - Hey Tomorrow
Jim Croce - I Am Who I Am
Jim Croce - I'll Have To Say I Love You In A Song
Jim Croce - Roller Derby Queen
Jim Croce - Salon And Saloon
Jim Croce - Stone Walls
Jim Croce - These Dreams
Jim Croce - Thursday
Jim Croce - You Don't Mess Around With Jim
Joey Ayala - We Are Never Alone
Joey Cape - Move The Car
Jon Crocker - Don't Wait Up For Me
Jon Foreman - Your Love Is Strong
Jonah Matranga - Every Mistake
Jose Vanders - Painting By Numbers
Josh Mcdermott - Like A Perfect...
Josh Moore - Burn At The Horizon
Josh Moore - Shadows In The Dark
Joshua James - Today
Juice Leskinen - Viidestoista Yö
Jump The Underground - Up For Days
June Spirit, The - Prologue
June Spirit, The - Sixteen Hours
June Spirit, The - Western Winds Blow Cold
Katie Noonan - Time To Begin
Kemopetrol - Everything That Surrounds Us
Kemopetrol - Hypno Eyes
Kevin Drew - Cocaine Skin
Kid Finish - Hips, Lips, And Fingertips
Kidcrash, The - Scalpel Cuts Concrete
Kilians - Enforce Yourself
Killers, The - A Great Big Sled
Killers, The - Exitlude
Killers, The - Show You How
Killing Moon, The - Sugar Pills
Kinison, The - I Have Something To Say
Kinison, The - New Way To Dance
Kinison, The - The Way I Used To Be
Kissaway Trail, The - Smother + Evil = Hurt
Knockout Kings, The - The Lion
Kooks, The - Already Miss You
Kooks, The - Crazy
Kooks, The - Do You Love Me Still
Kooks, The - Eddies Gun
Kooks, The - If Only
Kooks, The - Lonely Cat
Kooks, The - See The World
Meiko - Piano Song
Meiko - Under My Bed
Kung Fu Girls, The - Summer Rain
Kung Fu Girls, The - Thinking Of You
Kung Fu Girls, The - You Had Me At Goodbye
Lareine - Grand Pain
Lareine - Miss Carmila
Lashes, The - Sometimes The Sun
Last Goodnight, The - Incomplete
Last Goodnight, The - Push Me Away
Last Resort, The - Rose Of England
Laura Marling - No Hope In The Air
Laura Marling - It's Only My Opinion
Lawrence Arms, The - The Devil's Takin' Names
Lawrence Arms, The - Your Gravest Words
Ley Royal Scam - No, You Can't Change My Life
Ley Royal Scam - Who's Laughing Now?
Libertines, The - France
Libertines, The - Hooligans On E
Libertines, The - Road To Ruin
Libertines, The - The Good Old Days
Libertines, The - The Man Who Would Be King
Libertines, The - Through The Looking Glass
Libertines, The - Who's Got The Crack
Libertines, The - You're My Waterloo
Lightspeed Champion - Galaxy Of The Lost
Like, The - so I Sit Here Waiting
Like, The - End Of An Era
Like, The - June Gloom
Lipona - Success Stories
Lives Of Famous Men, The - Business As A Performing Art
Livin' Joy - Dreamer
Living End, The - Maitland Street
Living End, The - Nowhere Town
Living End, The - One Step Behind
Living End, The - Pictures In The Mirror
Living End, The - Second Solution
Living End, The - Sleep On It
Living End, The - State Of Emergency
Living End, The - Strange
Living End, The - The Room
Living End, The - Til The End
Living End, The - We Want More
Living End, The - Wrong Side Of The Tracks
Long Blondes, The - Darts
Long Blondes, The - Weekend Without Make-Up
Long Winters, The - It's A Departure
Long Winters, The - Cinnamon
Long Winters, The - Delicate Hands
Long Winters, The - Mimi
Long Winters, The - Nora
Louder Than Words - Monster And Demons
Love Machine, The - Green Tea & Honey
Loveandreverie - Tell Me It Wasn't Worth It
Loved Ones, The - Candy Cane
Loved Ones, The - The Loved One
Lovely Feathers, The - Breakfast Cake
Lovers Electric - Closer
Lovers Electric - Honey
Lovers Electric - I Don't Know
Lovers Electric - I'm In Love
Lovers Electric - Morning Sun
Lovers Electric - Start Again
Lovers, The - Hey Let's Go
Low Level Flight - Change For Me
Luba - Everytime I See Your Picture
Luba - Giving Away A Miracle
Lyric L - Doot Dude
Backstreet Boys - Close My Eyes
Maccabees, The - All In Your Rows
Maccabees, The - Lego
Maccabees, The - Mary Dress Super Hero
Maccabees, The - Tissue Shoulders
Magic Numbers, The - Hymn For Her
Magic Numbers, The - Morning's Eleven
Magic Numbers, The - This Love
Magic Numbers, The - Try
Magic Numbers, The - Wheels On Fire
Mamas and The Papas, The - Creeque Alley
Mamas and The Papas, The - Dancing Bear
Mamas and The Papas, The - Dedicated To The One I Love
Mamas and The Papas, The - I Call Your Name
Mamas and The Papas, The - I Saw Her Again Last Night
Mamas and The Papas, The - Safe In My Garden
Mamas and The Papas, The - Twelve-thirty (young Girls Are Coming To The Canyon)
Mamas and The Papas, The - Words Of Love
Marc Salmon - Summer Days
Mariee Sioux - Bravitzlana Rubakalva
Mariee Sioux - Flowers And Blood
Mariee Sioux - Ghosts In My Heart
Mariee Sioux - Gray Whale Winter
Marija Serifovic - Bez Tebe
Marija Serifovic - U Nedelju
Marija Serifovic - Znaj Da Znam
Mary Onettes, The - Explosions
Mascara Story, The - Conquer You
Masha Qrella - Feels Like
Matches, The - Follow The Lights Home
Matches, The - More Than Local Boys
Matches, The - My Soft And Deep
Matches, The - Say 18
Matches, The - Superman
Matches, The - The Barber's Unhappiness
Matthew Dear - Deserter
Matthew Dear - Shy
Matthew Perryman Jones - Save You
Melanie Horsnell - I Just Want Some Love
Melissa Desiree - Kissing You
Melt-banana - If It Is The Deep Sea, I Can See You There
Melt-banana - Lost Parts Stinging Me So Cold
Mercy Mercedes - Here We Are
Mestre Ambrósio - Usina (Tango No Mango)
Metafist - Ruined Myself
Milosh - It's Over
Mimas - Cats On Fire
Minus Scale, The - Before The Match Drops
Minus Scale, The - One Last Chance
Miracle Fortress - Have Your Seen In Your Dreams
Miss Li - I''m Sorry, He's Mine
Miss Saigon - I Still Believe
Mission, The - Beyond The Pale
Mission, The - Grip Of Disease
Mission, The - Never Again
Mission, The - Over The Hills
Mission, The - Stars Don't Shine
Mission, The - Swim With The Dolphins
Model Sons, The - Story Of My Love
Monkey Majik - Change
More Assured, The - Lets Get Kooky
Motocade - Bomb Squad
Mountain Goats, The - Alpha Double Negative: Going To Catalina
Mountain Goats, The - Alphabetizing
Mountain Goats, The - Bad Waves
Mountain Goats, The - Badger Song
Mountain Goats, The - Balance
Mountain Goats, The - Beach House
Mountain Goats, The - Butter Teeth
Mountain Goats, The - Cao Dai Blowout
Mountain Goats, The - Casetino's Nursery