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Billie Piper - So Deep
Billie Piper - Thank Abba For The Music
Billie Piper - What's Missing
Billie Piper - Bring It On
Billie Piper - What Game Is This
Billie Piper - Ring My Bell
Gap Band (The) - Burn Rubber On Me
Eric Burdon Band (The) - Stop
Eric Burdon & The Animals - Year Of The Guru
Eric Burdon & The Animals - Madman
Eric Burdon & The Animals - Monterey
Fats Domino - I Want To Walk You Home
Fats Domino - I'm In Love Again
Fats Domino - Whole Lotta Lovin'
Les Charlots - Derrière Chez Moi
Charts - Soudain Mon Rêve S'arrête
Charlus - Les épouseux Du Berry (Au Pays Du Berry)
Backstreet Boys - Everything But Mine
Backstreet Boys - Inconsolable
Backstreet Boys - Something That I Already Knew
Backstreet Boys - Panic
Backstreet Boys - You Can Let Go
Backstreet Boys - Treat Me Right
Backstreet Boys - Love Will Keep You Up All Night
Backstreet Boys - Unmistakable
Backstreet Boys - Unsuspecting Sunday Afternoon
Frédéric Chateau - Le Malheur Des Uns Et Le Bonheur Des Autres
Dethklok - Murmaider
Dethklok - Bloodrocuted
Dethklok - Hatredcopter
Dethklok - Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle
Fink - All Cried Out
Davide Maggioni - Stai Con Me
Puddle Of Mudd - Psycho
Serj Tankian - Feed Us
Serj Tankian - Elect The Dead
Every Time I Die - Pigs Is Pigs
Every Time I Die - Leatherneck
Miguel Migs - Waiting
Amy MacDonald - This Is The Life
Girls Aloud - Girl Overboard
Girls Aloud - What You Crying For
Mando Diao - Welcome Home, Luc Robitaille
Mando Diao - The Wildfire (If It Was True)
Mando Diao - Song For Aberdeen
Robert Charlebois - Famille ComposÉe
Robert Charlebois - Le Vieux Rocker
Robert Charlebois - La CantilÈne De Catherine
Catupecu Machu - Magia Veneno (Acústico)
Labyrinth - Piece Of Time
Babybird - Back Together
Saratoga - Sigues Estando (En Mi Vida)
Saratoga - En Tu Cuerpo
Saratoga - Huracán
Alterkicks - Good Luck
Robert Charlebois - Conception
Robert Charlebois - 13 Ans
Robert Charlebois - Ma Bohème
Robert Charlebois - Le Sud De La Louisiane
Robert Charlebois - Autre Chanson Pour La Même Mouffe
Better Luck Next Time - Without You
Ajda Pekkan - Nasılsın İyi Misin
Ajda Pekkan - Hoşgör Sen
Ajda Pekkan - Kimler Geldi Kimler Geçti
Ajda Pekkan - Her Yaşın Ayrı Güzelliği Var
Ajda Pekkan - Ağlama Anne
Ajda Pekkan - İlk Aşkım
Ajda Pekkan - Oyalama Beni
Ajda Pekkan - İki Yabancı
Ajda Pekkan - Şarkılar
Ajda Pekkan - İlkokulda Tanışmıştı
Ajda Pekkan - Her Yerde Kar Var
Ajda Pekkan - Ya Sonra
Ajda Pekkan - Vitrin
Ajda Pekkan - İnanmam
Ajda Pekkan - Boş Sokak
Ajda Pekkan - İki Yüzlü Aşk
Ajda Pekkan - Çapkın
Ajda Pekkan - Yalnızlığa Hüküm Giydim
Ajda Pekkan - Ölüm Yok Ya Sonunda
Ardecore - L'eco Der Core
Musetta - Underneath The Mango Tree
Musetta - Some Toughts Are Hard To Die
Ajda Pekkan - Haykıracak Nefesim Kalmasa Bile
Ajda Pekkan - Herşeye Değersin
Eric Burdon & War - The Vision Of Rassan: Roll On Kirk
Eric Burdon & War - Laurel & Hardy
Eric Burdon & War - Home Cookin'
Juanes - Hoy Me Voy
Juanes - Minas Piedras
Juanes - Tú Y Yo
Juanes - Tres
Ryan Bingham - Hard Times
Dance Gavin Dance - Burning Down The Nicotine Armoire
Da Buzz - Let Me Love You
Da Buzz - Paradise
Da Buzz - Believe In Love
Da Buzz - Dangerous(1)
Da Buzz - I Love You
Brenton Brown - Hallelujah [your Love Is Amazing]
John Waller - Calling For A Flood
T-Pain - Low
Swizz Beatz - Part Of The Plan
Ricky Blaze - Cut Dem Off
Juan Luis Guerra - Como Abeja Al Panal
Fuossera - Fuoc Ind E Ser
She Wants Revenge - True Romance
She Wants Revenge - What I Want
Hinder - Take Me Home Tonight
Carl Thomas - So Much Better
Carl Thomas - Late Night Rendezvous
Delta Goodrem - In This Life
Belinda - Ni Freud Ni Tu Mama
I Set My Friends On Fire - ASL
Merche - Yo Deberia
Merche - Si Tu Me Llamas
Merche - Como Duele
B-52's, The - Dry County
B-52's, The - Housework
B-52's, The - Private Idaho
B-52's, The - Roam
B-52's, The - Rock Lobster
B-52's, The - Song For A Future Generation
B-52's, The - Strobe Light
Ballet, The - When You Go Dancing
Bank Robbers, The - Four Leaf Clover
Bank Robbers, The - Sunday Night
Bank Robbers, The - The Definition Of Beauty
Bank Robbers, The - Two Many Questions
Banner, The - Marked By Life
Banner, The - Outgunned
Battle Of Land And Sea, The - The Beautiful Ones
Beatles, The - A Little Help From My Friends
Beatles, The - Act Naturally
Beatles, The - All Things Must Pass
Beatles, The - All Together Now
Beatles, The - All You Need Is Love
Beatles, The - Back In The U.S.S.R.
Beatles, The - Can't Buy Me Love
Beatles, The - Day Tripper
Beatles, The - Dizzy Miss Lizzie
Beatles, The - Don't Ever Change
Beatles, The - Don't Let Me Down
Beatles, The - From Me To You
Beatles, The - Get Back
Beatles, The - Getting Better
Beatles, The - Good Day Sunshine
Beatles, The - Good Morning, Good Morning
Beatles, The - Good Night
Beatles, The - Goodbye
Beatles, The - Got To Get You Into My Life
Beatles, The - Hello Little Girl
Beatles, The - Helter Skelter
Beatles, The - Hey Bulldog
Beatles, The - Hey Hey Hey Hey (medley)
Beatles, The - Hey Jude
Beatles, The - Hippy Hippy Shake
Beatles, The - Honey Pie
Beatles, The - I Got To Find My Baby
Beatles, The - I Me Mine
Beatles, The - I Saw Her Standing There
Beatles, The - I Want To Tell You
Beatles, The - I'm Happy Just To Dance With You
Beatles, The - I've Got A Feeling
Beatles, The - In My Life
Beatles, The - It Wont Be Long
Beatles, The - Let It Be
Beatles, The - Like Dreamers Do
Beatles, The - Live And Let Die
Beatles, The - Love Me Do
Beatles, The - Lovely Rita
Beatles, The - Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
Beatles, The - Michelle
Beatles, The - Money
Beatles, The - Not A Second Time
Beatles, The - Not Guilty
Beatles, The - Nowhere Man
Beatles, The - Octopus's Garden
Beatles, The - One After 909
Beatles, The - Only A Northern Song
Beatles, The - Pedro The Fisherman
Beatles, The - Please Mr. Postman
Beatles, The - Polythene Pam
Beatles, The - Real Love
Beatles, The - Savoy Truffle
Beatles, The - She Loves You
Beatles, The - Sour Milk Sea
Beatles, The - Stranger In My Arms
Beatles, The - Sweet Georgia Brown
Beatles, The - Sweet Little Sixteen
Beatles, The - Taxman
Beatles, The - That's All Right Mama
Beatles, The - The Beatles Movie Medley
Beatles, The - The Hippy Hippy Shake (live At The Bbc)
Beatles, The - There's A Place
Beatles, The - Think For Yourself
Beatles, The - Three Cool Cats
Beatles, The - Ticket To Ride
Beatles, The - To Know Her Is To Love Her
Beatles, The - Tomorrow Never Knows
Beatles, The - Two Of Us
Beatles, The - When I Get Home
Beatles, The - Within You Without You
Beatles, The - Yes It Is
Beatles, The - You Know My Name (Look Up The Number)
Beatles, The - You Never Give Me Your Money
Beatles, The - You Wont See Me
Beatles, The - You'll Be Mine
Beautiful Mistake, The - Cold Hands (For Dying Hearts)
Beautiful Mistake, The - Fragile Fingers
Beautiful Mistake, The - Of Human Bondage
Beloved, The - Scarlet Beautiful
Beloved, The - Time After Time
Beyoncé - Crazy In Love (Feat. Jay-Z)
Beyoncé - Daddy
Beyoncé - Deja Vu
Beyoncé - Get Me Bodied
Beyoncé - Green Light
Beyoncé - Hey Goldmember
Beyoncé - Kitty Kat
Beyoncé - Me, Myself & I
Beyoncé - Summertime (Feat. P. Diddy)
Beyoncé - Work It Out
Bijelo Dugme - Hop Cup
Biltmores, The - Downtown Blues
Biltmores, The - Glowstick
Biltmores, The - Salt
Black Dahlia Murder, The - Apex
Black Dahlia Murder, The - What A Horrible Night To Have A Curse
Black Halos, The - Broken
Black Maria, The - A Thief In The Ranks (Your Bike)
Bled, The - I Never Met Another Gemini
Bled, The - Porcelain Hearts And Hammers For Teeth
Bled, The - Red Wedding
Bled, The - Silver Lining
Blood Arm, The - Mass Murder
Blood Brothers, The - Rat Rider
Blood Brothers, The - Wolf Party
Blue Nile, The - A Walk Across The Rooftops
Blue Nile, The - Heatwave
Blue Nile, The - Saturday Night
Blue Nile, The - Tinseltown In The Rain
Blue Öyster Cult - Astronomy (Imaginos)
Blue Öyster Cult - Blue Oyster Cult
Blue Öyster Cult - Divine Wind
Blue Öyster Cult - Dominance And Submission
Blue Öyster Cult - Feel The Thunder
Blue Öyster Cult - Goin' Through The Motions
Blue Öyster Cult - I Am The One You Warned Me Of
Blue Öyster Cult - Les Invisibles
Blue Öyster Cult - Lonely Teardrops
Blue Öyster Cult - Me262
Blue Öyster Cult - Shooting Shark
Blue Öyster Cult - Spy In The House Of Night
Blue Öyster Cult - The Great Sun Jester
Blue Öyster Cult - The Marshall Plan
Blues Brothers, The - Hey Bartender
Blues Brothers, The - Jailhouse Rock
Bobs, The - Giant Robot Store
Bobs, The - Weekend In Cincinnati
Boggs, The - If We Want (We Can)
Boggs, The - Little Windows
Boggs, The - So I So You
Bon Iver - The Wolves (Act I And II)
Bones Brigade - Endless Bummer
Born Of Osiris - Open Arms To Damnation
Boro Boogie Pickers, The - Georgia Bound
Boro Boogie Pickers, The - Highway
Boyz, The - Boyz In The House
Boyz, The - Let Me Show You The Way
Boyz, The - Memories
Boyz, The - You Don't Know What I Feel For You
Brave Optimistic, The - Let's Just Say I Got Lucky
Brave Optimistic, The - The Day Is Young
Brave Optimistic, The - There's No Atheism In Foxholes
Bravery, The - Every Word Is A Knife In My Ear
Bravery, The - Swollen Summer
Breeders, The - Iris
Breeders, The - Lord Of The Thighs
Breeders, The - Wicked Little Town (Hedwig Version)
Broadway Hush, The - Famous
Broadways, The - Broadway And Briar
Broadways, The - One Man Board Of Directors
Bronx, The - Mouth Money
Hedley - She's So Sorry
Hedley - Hand Grenade
Hedley - Dying To Live Again
Hedley - Bones Shatter (Never Say Never)
Hedley - Old School
Hedley - For The Nights I Can't Remember
Bronx, The - Notice Of Eviction
Brown Brigade - In The Mouth Of Badd(d)ness
Bruisers, The - Eyes Of Fire
Bruisers, The - My Pride
Bruisers, The - Never Fall
Bruisers, The - Ode To Johnny (aka You Cant Put Your Arms Around A Memory)
Bruisers, The - Still Standing Up
Burdocks - Made In The World
Business, The - Anywhere But Here
Business, The - Belmarsh Prison
Business, The - Drinking And Driving
Business, The - Guinness Boys
Byrds, The - Blue Canadian Rockies
Byrds, The - Changing Heart
Byrds, The - Here Without You
Byrds, The - My Back Pages
Byrds, The - Natural Harmony
Byrds, The - Satisfied Mind
Byrds, The - Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There Is A Season)
Byrds, The - You Won't Have To Cry
Call, The - Scene Beyond Dreams
Call, The - The Walls Came Down
Callback - I Don't Know
Callback - Turn
Calling, The - Somebody Out There
Captain Chaos - Hey Hey Hey
Car Crash Show, the - About The Future
Car Crash Show, the - Carcrash
Car Crash Show, the - Dont Lose Me
Car Crash Show, the - FACTORY
Car Crash Show, the - Paper Bag
Cardigans, The - Been It
Cardigans, The - Communication
Cardigans, The - Feathers And Down
Cardigans, The - For What It's Worth
Cardigans, The - Godspell
Cardigans, The - Lovefool
Cardigans, The - Our Space
Cardigans, The - You're The Storm
Cardigans, The - Your New Cuckoo
Carmireli - I Ain't Buyin'
Cars, The - Don't Cha Stop
Cars, The - Dont Tell Me No
Cars, The - Double Trouble
Cars, The - Fine Line
Cars, The - Gimme Some Slack
Cars, The - Heartbeat City
Cars, The - I'm Not The One
Cars, The - It's All I Can Do
Cars, The - Looking For Love
Cars, The - Shake It Up
Cars, The - Strap Me In
Cars, The - Touch And Go
Cars, The - Wound Up On You
Cars, The - You Are The Girl
Cars, The - You Might Think
Cars, The - You're All I've Got Tonight
Casanatra - Same Room
Casanatra - Slow Motion XTC
Casualties, The - Oi! Song
Casualties, The - Street Punk
Cat Empire, The - Days Like These
Cat Empire, The - Lonely Moon
Cat Empire, The - One Four Five
Cat Empire, The - Rhyme And Reason
Cat Empire, The - Song For Elias
Cat Empire, The - Strong Coffee
Cat Empire, The - The Lost Song
Cathie Ryan - Home Sweet Home
Catman Cohen - No Luck At All
Chakra - I Am
Chakra - Love Shines Through
Chariot, The - The Deaf Policemen
Chariot, The - Then Came To Kill
Charlotte Sometimes - How I Could Just Kill A Man
Charming - Working Man
Chase Emery - I Can't Wait
Chemical Brothers, The - Asleep From Day
Chemical Brothers, The - Close Your Eyes
Chemical Brothers, The - Elektrobank
Chemical Brothers, The - Hold Tight London
Chenelle - I Fell In Love With The Dj (Feat. Baby Cham)
Children Of The Anachronistic Dynasty - 25 Hours
Children Of The Anachronistic Dynasty - Wait Now, Cry Now
Chip Skylark - Find Your Voice
Chip Skylark - Icky Vicky
Chords, The - Sh-Boom
Cinematics, The - A Strange Education
Circle Jerks, The - Meet The Press
Circle Jerks, The - Red Tape
Circle Jerks, The - Stars & Stripes
Circle Jerks, The - Wild In The Streets
City Drive, The - Bring Me Everything
City Drive, The - Runner
City Drive, The - What He Doesn't Know
Clarks, The - Butterflies And Airplanes
Clarks, The - Daylights
Clarks, The - I'm A Fool
Clarks, The - King Of The Asylum
Clarks, The - Let Me Die
Clarks, The - Pretty As You Please
Clarks, The - So You Can Sleep At Night
Clarks, The - Superstar
Clarks, The - The River
Clarks, The - Wait A Minute
Clash, The - In The Pouring Rain
Clash, The - 1977
Clash, The - Clampdown