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Clash, The - Inoculated City
Clash, The - London's Burning
Clash, The - Midnight To Stevens
Clash, The - Movers And Shakers
Clash, The - Overpowered By Funk
Clash, The - Police On My Back
Clash, The - Rudie Can't Fail
Clash, The - Safe European Home
Clash, The - Spanish Bombs
Clash, The - The Card Cheat
Clash, The - This Is Radio Clash
Clash, The - Washington Bullets
Clash, The - Wrong 'em Boyo
Classic Crime, The - The Poet
Classic Crime, The - Wake Up (Ship Wreck)
Cleptomaniacs - All I Do
Click Five, The - Angel To You (Devil To Me)
Click Five, The - Happy Birthday
Click Five, The - I'll Take My Chances
Click Five, The - The Reason Why
Clientele, The - I Can't Seem To Make You Mine
Clientele, The - I Want You More Than Ever
Clientele, The - Haunted Melody
Clientele, The - Here Comes The Phantom
Clientele, The - House On Fire
Clientele, The - Since K Got Over Me
Clientele, The - When I Came Home From The Party
Cohen - Pandora
Colby Stead - Motherly Love
Colby Stead - Segregation
Common Kings, The - Ends Meet
Connells, The - Just Like Us
Cooper Temple Clause, The - Head
Coral, The - Calendars And Clocks
Coral, The - Dreaming Of You
Coral, The - Late Afternoon
Coral, The - Time Travel
Coral, The - Wild Fire
Corrs, The - At Your Side
Corrs, The - Closer
Corrs, The - Hopelessly Addicted
Corrs, The - Humdrum
Corrs, The - Irresistible
Corrs, The - Long Night
Corrs, The - Looking In The Eyes Of Love
Corrs, The - Love In The Milky Way
Corrs, The - My Lagan Love
Corrs, The - Old Town
Corrs, The - Radio
Corrs, The - Rainy Day
Corrs, The - Runaway
Corrs, The - So Young
Corrs, The - The Right Time
Corrs, The - Una Noche Mas (ft. Alejandra Sanz)
Corrs, The - Would You Be Happier
Cracklin Moth - My Heart Is Leaking
Creatures, The - Don't Go To Sleep Without Me
Crimea, The - Bombay Sapphire Coma
Crimea, The - Requiem Aeternam
Crossin Dixon - Guitar Slinger
Cult, The - Ashes And Ghosts
Cult, The - Nirvana
Cult, The - Painted On My Heart
Cure, The - All I Have To Do Is Kill Her
Cure, The - Anniversary
Cure, The - Come On Eileen
Cure, The - Coming Up
Cure, The - Desperate Journalist
Cure, The - Disintegration
Cure, The - Fight
Cure, The - Foxy Lady
Cure, The - Happy Birthday
Cure, The - Icing Sugar
Cure, The - Kyoto Song
Cure, The - Let's Go To Bed
Cure, The - Mint Car
Cure, The - Piggy In The Mirror
Cure, The - See The Children
Cure, The - This Morning
Curt Smith - Coming Out
Curt Smith - Jasmine
Curt Smith - No One Knows Your Name
Cut City - Such Verve
Damned, The - Anything
Damned, The - Beat Girl
Damned, The - Disco Man
Damned, The - Disguise
Damned, The - Eloise
Damned, The - Heaven... Can Take Your Lies
Damned, The - I Believe The Impossible
Damned, The - I Need A Life
Damned, The - Life Goes On
Damned, The - Running Man
Damned, The - Sanctum Sanctorum
Damned, The - Smash It Up
Damned, The - Some Girls Are Ugly
Damned, The - Therapy
Damned, The - There Ain't No Sanity Clause
Damned, The - Thrill Kill
Damned, The - Twisted Nerve
Damnwells, The - Golden Days
Damnwells, The - Graceless
Dana Falconberry - My Sweetheart, My Dear
Dandi Wind - Hostages
Darkness, The - Hazel Eyes
Darkness, The - How Dare You Call This Love
Darkness, The - Is It Just Me?
Darkness, The - Knockers
Darlene Zschech - Lord Your Goodness
Darlene Zschech - Through It All
Darling Waste - Better I Swear
Darling Waste - I Love You...Get Away From Me
Darling Waste - I Will Be Fine
Darling Waste - Learn To Be Happy
Darling Waste - Your Friends Will Forgive You
Date This Diary - Like A Manager, I Have Many Positions Available
Datsuns, The - Don't Come Knocking
Datsuns, The - Fink For The Man
Datsuns, The - In Love
Dave End - Foresight
Dave Lichens - Let Go
Dear Hunter, The - Black Sandy Beaches
Dear Hunter, The - Blood Of The Rose
Dear Hunter, The - Evicted
Dear Hunter, The - The Bitter Suite II: Embrace
Deborah Conway - It's Only The Beginning
Deborah Harry - Two Times Blue
Departure, The - Talkshow
Dickies, The - Booby Trap
Dickies, The - Howdy Doody In The Woodshed II
Dickies, The - I Did It
Dickies, The - Killer Klowns From Outer Space
Dickies, The - Manny, Moe And Jack
Dickies, The - Marry Me Ann
Dickies, The - See My Way
Dickies, The - Shake & Bake
Dickies, The - Toxic Avenger
Didjits - Captain Ahab
Different Gear - A Little Bit Paranoid
Dillinger Escape Plan, The - Baby's First Coffin
Dillinger Escape Plan, The - When Good Dogs Do Bad Things
Dios (Argentine Band) - El Campeón
Diskreetse Mango Trio - Must Naine
Ditty Bops, The - Aluminum Can
Ditty Bops, The - Bye Bye Love
Ditty Bops, The - Your Head's Too Big
Divine Comedy, The - Absent Friends
Divine Comedy, The - Bernice Bobs Her Hair
Divine Comedy, The - Dear Lord And Father Of Mankind
Divine Comedy, The - Death Of A Supernaturalist
Divine Comedy, The - Sticks And Stones
Divine Comedy, The - Sunrise
Divine Comedy, The - The Wreck Of The Beautiful
Divine Comedy, The - Victoria Falls
Dog Day - End Of The World
Dog Day - Lydia
Dommin - I Still Lost
Doors, The - you Need Meat Don't Go No Further
Doors, The - Alabama Song (whisky Bar)
Doors, The - Black Train Song (Mystery Train)
Doors, The - Close To You
Doors, The - Don't Go No Farther
Doors, The - Easy Ride
Doors, The - Fever
Doors, The - Graveyard Poem
Doors, The - I Will Never Be Untrue
Doors, The - L.a. Woman
Doors, The - Land Ho!
Doors, The - Mean Mustard Blues
Doors, The - My Wild Love
Doors, The - Mystery Train
Doors, The - Mystery Train (Backstage And Dangerous: The Private Rehearsal)
Doors, The - Orange County Suite
Doors, The - Paris Blues
Doors, The - Riders On The Storm
Doors, The - Running Blue
Doors, The - Shaman's Blues
Doors, The - St. James Infirmary
Doors, The - Twentieth Century Fox
Doors, The - Universal Mind
Doors, The - Waiting For The Sun
Doors, The - We Could Be So Good Together
Doors, The - Who Scared You
Dr. Steel - Build The Robots
Dr. Steel - Marionette
Dr. Steel - Raja
Dr. Steel - Spaceboy
Drama Club, The - Brand New Day
Drama Club, The - November
Drama Club, The - Walk Away (Boomerang)
Dreamside, The - Above, Below, Around
Dreamside, The - Forsaken
Dreamside, The - Open Your Eyes
Dresden Dolls, The - Ampersand
Dresden Dolls, The - Baby One More Time
Dresden Dolls, The - Drunken Butterfly
Dresden Dolls, The - Have To Drive
Dresden Dolls, The - Losing My Religion
Dresden Dolls, The - Mother
Dresden Dolls, The - My Alcoholic Friends
Dresden Dolls, The - Necessary Evil
Dresden Dolls, The - No One Knows
Dresden Dolls, The - The Gardener
Dresden Dolls, The - Two Headed Boy
Dresden Dolls, The - War Pigs
Drew Alexander - Shake
Ducky - Low Frequency Days
Ducky - Miss American Pride
Ducky - One Two Three
Dudes Of Wrath - Shocker
Dweeb - There Is No Try
Dynamite Walls - Spinning In Circles
Demis Roussos - Follow Me
Demis Roussos - Island Of Love
Demis Roussos - Gloria In Excelsis Deo
Demis Roussos - The First Noel
Demis Roussos - The Promise
Demis Roussos - Viso Di Donna
Getaway Plan (The) - Streetlight
Demis Roussos - Lamento (Spanish)
Demis Roussos - Seasons Of Love
Gerson - Sto Solo Dormendo
Gerson - Correvo Per Salvarmi
Gerson - Sotto Lo Spot
Etienne Daho - L'adorer
Etienne Daho - Toi Jamais Toujours
Dionysos - Tokyo Montana
Dionysos - Thème De Joe
Dionysos - La Panique Mécanique
Adriano Celentano - Dormi Amore
Taylor Swift - Tied Together With A Smile
Taylor Swift - Stay Beautiful
Taylor Swift - Mary's Song (oh My My My)
Taylor Swift - I'm Only Me When I'm With You
Dark Lunacy - Motherland
Diana Ross - Love Is All That Matters
Damien Leith - 22 Steps
Deas Vail - Life As A Breath
Jack Johnson - All At Once
Jack Johnson - Same Girl
Jack Johnson - What You Thought You Needed
Jack Johnson - Adrift
Jack Johnson - Go On
Green River Ordinance - Everything You Are
Edu K - Gatas Gatas Gatas
Neon Plastix - Dream
Piero Pelù - Segni In Faccia
Garth Brooks - More Than A Memory
Gilberto Santa Rosa - Reproche
Gilberto Santa Rosa - Tocan A La Puerta
Olga Tañon - Cosas Del Amor (Feat. Jenni Rivera)
Olga Tañon - La Tercera Es La Vencida
Olga Tañon - Amor Eterno
Olga Tañon - Amame En Camara Lenta (Tropical)
Olga Tañon - Se Nos Rompio El Amor (Merengue)
Juan Luis Guerra - Como Yo
Juan Luis Guerra - Sólo Tengo Ojos Para Ti
Juan Luis Guerra - La Llave De Mi Corazón
Joan Sebastian - Honor
Mr. Vegas - Do You Know
Ashlee Simpson - Outta My Head
Dj Drama - No More
Sheryfa Luna - D'ici Et D'ailleurs
Mary J. Blige - Grown Woman
Mary J. Blige - Stay Down
Mary J. Blige - Hurt Again
Mary J. Blige - Smoke