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Pyramids (The) - Drifting
PYT - Something More Beautiful
Q And Not U - Dine
Q And Not U - Meet Me In The Pocket
Q And Not U - Tag-Tag
Q And Not U - Wonderful People
Qkamba Zoo - The Child Inside
Quakes (The) - Revenge Is Mine
Queen Adreena - Beneath The Skin
Queen Adreena - Hide From Time
Queen Adreena - I Adore You
Queen Adreena - Madraykin
Queen Adreena - Pretty Polly
Queen Adreena - Pull Me Under
Queen Adreena - Razorblade Sky
Quick Addiction - Paradise
Quickening - Find Yourself
Quicksand - Fazer
Quicksand - Shovel
Quix*o*tic - Anonymous Face
Quix*o*tic - I Am The Light Of The World
Quix*o*tic - My Birthday Party
Quix*o*tic - Witch Hazel
R Kelly And Jay-z - The Worlds Greatest
Race For Titles - We Can Start Here
Racebannon - Fox Boogie
Rachael Cantu - Movie In Spanish
Rachael Cantu - Saturday
Rachael Lampa - Live For You
Rachael Lampa - No Other One
Rachael Sage - Cyanide & Cinnamon
Rachael Sage - 93 Maidens
Rachael Sage - Alright, OK
Rachael Sage - Bravedancing
Rachael Sage - Too Many Women
Rachel Farris - I Am Not The Girl
Rachel Ries - You Only
Rachel Stamp - Dirty Bone
Rachel Yamagata - Be Be Your Love
Rachel's - Last Things Last
Racoon - By Your Side
Racoon - Particular
Radio Birdman - 455-SD
Radio Iodine - Go Ahead
Radio Iodine - I Am
Rah Band (The) - Clouds Across The Moon
Raine Maida - Careful What You Wish For
Rainer Maria - Ears Ring
Rainer Maria - Hell And High Water
Rainer Maria - Up Untill This Time
Rainmakers - Hoo Dee Hoo
Rainmakers - Let My People Go-Go
Rainmakers - You Remind Me Of Someone
Rainy Taylor - No One's Little Girl
Ralph McTell - Ballad Of Dancing Doreen
Ralph McTell - Bentley And Craig
Ralph McTell - England 1914
Ralph McTell - From Clare To Here
Ralph McTell - Genesis 1 Verse 20
Ralph McTell - Girl On A Bicycle
Ralph McTell - Last Train And Ride
Ralph McTell - My First Song
Ralph McTell - Nannas Song
Ralph McTell - Streets Of London
Ralph McTell - Streets Of London (+C)
Ralph McTell - The Ferryman
Ram Jam - 404
Ram Jam - Hey Boogie Woman
Ram Jam - Hurricane Ride
Ram Jam - Keep Your Hands On The Wheel
Ram Jam - Too Bad On Your Birthday
Ramones (The) - A Real Cool Time
Ramones (The) - Born To Die In Berlin
Ramones (The) - Bye Bye Baby
Ramones (The) - California Sun
Ramones (The) - Come On Now
Ramones (The) - Cretin Hop
Ramones (The) - Danger Zone
Ramones (The) - Daytime Dilemma (dangers Of Love)
Ramones (The) - Every Time I Eat Vegetables, It Makes Me Think Of You
Ramones (The) - Garden Of Serenity
Ramones (The) - Glad To See You Go
Ramones (The) - Here Today Gone Tomorrow
Ramones (The) - I'm Not Jesus
Ramones (The) - Let's Go
Ramones (The) - Little Bit O'soul
Ramones (The) - Merry Christmas (I Don't Want To Fight Tonight)
Ramones (The) - Outsider
Ramones (The) - Palisades Park
Ramones (The) - Punishment Fits The Crime
Ramones (The) - She Belongs To Me
Ramones (The) - Sheena Is A Punk Rocker
Ramones (The) - Somebody Put Something In My Drink
Ramones (The) - Something To Believe In
Ramones (The) - The Crusher
Ramones (The) - The Return Of Jackie And Judy
Ramones (The) - Touring
Ramones (The) - We Want The Airwaves
Ramones (The) - Weasel Face
Ramones (The) - Breakfast At Tiffanys
Rankins (The) - You Feel The Same Way Too
Rankins (The) - Tell My Ma
Rapers (The) - Beer 'n Weed
Rapers (The) - I Love To Rap (sic)
Rappa, O - Coincidências E Paixões
Rappa, O - Óia O Rapa
Rara Avis (The) - I Didnt Even Say It Like That
Raspberries (The) - Go All The Way
Raspberries (The) - I Wanna Be With You
Raul Seixas - Canceriano Sem Lar
Raul Seixas - O Trem Das 7
Raul Seixas - Gitã
Ravenous - Heart Of Stone
Ravenous - Some Say
Ravenous - Traces
Ravenous - Voices You Hear
Ray Noble - Cherokee (Indian Love Song)
Ray Parker Jr. - Ghostbusters
Ray Price - Crazy Arms
Ray Price - Don't You Ever Get Tired Of Hurting Me
Ray Price - For The Good Times
Ray Price - Heartaches By The Number
Ray Thomas - Didn't I
Ray Thomas - Hey Mama Life
Ray Thomas - Migration
Ray Thomas - Rock-A-Bye Baby Blues
Ray Thomas - The Last Dream
Raymond & Maria - Ingen Vill Veta Var Du Köpt Din Tröja
Razlog Za - Hardcore
Razorbladekisses - The Butterfly
Re-flex - The Politics Of Dancing
Real Life - Catch Me I'm Falling
Real Life - Face To Face
Real Life - One Blind Love
Real McCoy (The) - Sleeping With An Angel
Real Tuesday Weld (The) - Anything But Love
Reality Check - The Way I Am
Rearview Mirror - Hold Your Eyes
Rebecca St. James - Be Thou My Vision
Rebecca St. James - Go And Sin No More
Rebecca St. James - Let My Words Be Few
Rebecca St. James - Universe
Rebecca St. James - Yes, I Believe In God
Rebecca St. James - Lest I Forget
Rebekah - Keep It A Secret
Recoil - Bloodline
Recoil - Faith Healer
Recoil - Strange Hours
Recoil - Want
Record Life (The) - My Lover The Floodlight
Red 7 - Heartbeat
Red Animal War - Making Zealots
Red Animal War - The Day After Yesterday
Red Box - For America
Red Carpet - Alright (Radio Edit)
Red Delicious - Casualties
Red Hot Valentines (The) - Firecracker
Red Hot Valentines (The) - Linger Longer
Red Hot Valentines (The) - My Girlfriend Has A Boyfriend
Red Hot Valentines (The) - So Far Away
Red Hot Valentines (The) - You've Gotta Love
Red House Painters - Helicopter
Red House Painters - I'm Sorry
Red House Painters - Katy Song
Red Letter Union - Listen
Red Light Sting (The) - Congratulations Mr. Crocodile, You're Pregnant
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry - Big Stick
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry - Feel A Piece
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry - Head All Fire
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry - Jipp
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry - Nothing Wrong
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry - Shout At The Sky
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry - Strange Dream
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry - Talk About The Weather
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry - Temptation?
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry - Walking On Your Hands
Red Panda - Stay The Night
Red Rider - Light In The Tunnel/Human Race
Red Riders - C'mon
Red Riders - My Love Is Stronger Than Your Love
Red Rover - Samantha
Red Sky (The) - Hungry Zombies
Red Sleeping Beauty - For Once
Red Top Road - Over-analytical
Redrum - Shattered Life
Reef - Consideration
Reef - I Do Not Know What They Will Do
Reef - Set The Record Straight
Reef - Yer Old
Reefer Madness - Mary Jane/Mary Lane
Reefer Madness - Romeo & Juliet
Refill - Little Red Wagon
Refill - Pictures Of The Day
Reflected Glory - Porchstep
Reflectiostack - Magic Mountain
Reflexion - Journey To Tragedy
Reflexion - Me And Myself
Reflexion - Storm
Regatta 69 - I Wanna Smack You
Regurgitator - Crush The Losers
Regurgitator - Fat Cop
Regurgitator - Kong Fu Sing
Reina - If I Close My Eyes
Reindeer Section (The) - Deviance
Reindeer Section (The) - I'll Be Here When You Wake
Reindeer Section (The) - Sting
Reindeer Section (The) - Your Sweet Voice
Reliant K - Gibberish
Reliant K - I So Hate Consequences
Reliant K - Let It All Out
Reliant K - May The Horse Be With You
Reliant K - My Girl's Ex-Boyfriend
Reliant K - This Week The Trend
Reliant K - What Have You Been Doing Laterly?
Remedy Session (The) - Rescue
Remedy Session (The) - Starting Over
Remik - Best Wishes
Renaissance - Ocean Gypsy
Rent - I Should Tell You
Rent - Rent
Rent - Voice Mail #2
Rentals (The) - Mrs. Young
Rentals (The) - Please Let That Be You
Rentals (The) - Sweetness & Tenderness
Rentals (The) - Translator
Replacements (The) - Can't Hardly Wait (Tim Demo Version)
Replacements (The) - Birthday Gal
Requiem (The) - Red Necks...die!!!
Requiem (The) - Requiem
Research (The) - When You Get Home
Residents (The) - Elvis And His Boss
Residents (The) - From The Plains Of Mexico
Residents (The) - Ghost Child
Residents (The) - Home Age Conversation
Residents (The) - Neediness
Residents (The) - Not Available, Part 2: The Making Of A Soul
Residents (The) - Not Available, Part 4: Never Known Questions
Residents (The) - The Car Thief
Residents (The) - The Old Woman
Residents (The) - The Weatherman
Residents (The) - Would We Be Alive?
Resurrection Band - In My Room
Resurrection Band - Mommy Don't Love Daddy Anymore
Resurrection Band - Pauper's Grave
Resurrection Band - Players
Retrosexuals (The) - With You
Return (The) - Black Cat
Return (The) - Dangerous Creatures
Return (The) - Dirty Bird
Return (The) - Substance
Reverend Horton Heat - Crooked Cigarette
Reverend Horton Heat - Generation Why
Reverend Horton Heat - It's Martini Time
Reverend Horton Heat - Jimbo Song
Reverend Horton Heat - The Devil's Chasing Me
Revolution Smile (The) - I Was A Werewolf
Revolutionary Hydra (The) - There Is A Certain Shift
Rex Harrison - Why Can't The English?
Rhubarb - Exerciser
Rhubarb - Got A Feeling
Rhubarb - Wasting Too Much Time
Rialto - Catherine's Wheel
Rialto - Drive
Rialto - Lucky Number
Rialto - Monday Morning 5:19
Ric Ocasek - Emotion In Motion
Rich Mullins - A Place To Stand
Rich Mullins - All The Way To Kingdom Come
Rich Mullins - Both Feet On The Ground
Rich Mullins - Creed
Rich Mullins - Growing Young
Rich Mullins - Heaven Is Waiting
Rich Mullins - Hold Me Jesus
Rich Mullins - How To Grow Up Big And Strong
Rich Mullins - If I Stand
Rich Mullins - In Your Hands
Rich Mullins - Live Right
Rich Mullins - Love That Knows No Bounds
Rich Mullins - Love's As Strong
Rich Mullins - My Deliverer
Rich Mullins - Nothing Is Beyond You
Rich Mullins - Pictures In The Sky
Rich Mullins - Ready For The Storm
Rich Mullins - Sing Your Praise To The LORD
Rich Mullins - That Where I Am, There You...
Rich Mullins - The Color Green
Rich Mullins - The Howling
Rich Mullins - When You Love
Rich Mullins - While The Nations Rage
Richard Buckner - Rainsquall
Richard Cheese - Gangsta's Paradise
Richard Harris - MacArthur Park
Richard Shindell - Nora
Richie Kotzen - Loose Again
Richie Sambora - Made In America
Richie Sambora - Fallen From Graceland
Richie Sambora - In It For Love
Richie Sambora - Downside Of Love
Richie Valens - Come On, Let's Go
Richmond Hill - Sleep On This
Rick Derringer - Real American
Rick Derringer - Rock And Roll Hootchie Koo
Rick Moranis - SOS
Rick Springfield - I Need You
rick wright - Confusion
rick wright - How Do You Do It?
Ricky Nelson - Garden Party
Ricky Nelson - Poor Little Fool