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Sally Ann Howes - Truly Scrumptious
Sallyangie - Balloons
Sallyangie - Colours Of The World
Sallyangie - Lady Go Lightly
Sallyangie - Love In Ice Crystals
Sallyangie - Song Of The Healer
Sallyangie - Twilight Song
Sallyangie - Two Ships
Salt N Pepa - Hold On
Sam & Dave - I Thank You
Sam & Dave - Soul Man
Sam Bisbee - Alright
Sam Bisbee - You Are Here
Sam Brown - Kissing Gate
Sam Brown - With A Little Love
Sam Cooke - Cupid
Sam Cooke - Desire Me
Sam Cooke - For Sentimental Reasons
Sam Cooke - Just For You
Sam Cooke - Only Sixteen
Sam Cooke - Shake
Sam Cooke - Somebody Have Mercy
Sam Cooke - Sugar Dumpling
Sam Cooke - Tennessee Waltz
Sam Cooke - Touch The Hem Of His Garment
Sam Cooke - Wonderful World
Sam Cooke - You Were Made For Me
Sam Salter - There You Are
Samantha 7 - I Wanna Be Famous
Sammy Cahn - High Hopes
Sammy Davis, Jr. - Hey There
Sammy Davis, Jr. - Mr Bojangles
Sammy Hagar - I'll Fall In Love Again
Sammy Hagar - Keep On Rockin'
Sammy Hagar - Mas Tequila
Sammy Hagar - There's Only One Way To Rock
Sammy Kaye - Let's Remember Pearl Harbor
Samples (The) - African Ivory
Samples (The) - All My Thoughts
Samples (The) - Buffalo Herds And Windmills
Samples (The) - Could It Be Another Change
Samples (The) - Nothing Lasts For Long
Samples (The) - Taxi
Samsas Traum - Kein Einziges Wort
Sandie Shaw - Puppet On A String
Sandy Mouche - Cherry Pie
Sandy Mouche - Matador
Sangre Azul - Mil Y Una Noches
Sans Seraph - It Matters To Me
Sans Seraph - With The Greatest Of Ease
Sara Noxx - In My Fingers
Sarah - Close
Sarah - He's The One
Sarah - Round And Round
Sarah Bettens - Turn Around
Sarah Blasko - All Coming Back
Sarah Blasko - Cinders
Sarah Blasko - I Could Never Belong To You
Sarah Blasko - Queen Of Apology
Sarah Blasko - Remorse
Sarah Blasko - Sweet November
Sarah Dougher - My Kingdom
Sarah Dupuis - Disease
Sarah Dupuis - Raven Black
Sarah Martin - Free
Sarah Masen - Home
Sarah Vaughan - Black Coffee
Sarah Vaughan - Whatever Lola Wants
Sarah Vaughn - Whatever Lola Wants
Satisfact - Dysfunction
Satisfact - First Incision
Saturday Looks Good To Me - When You Got To New York
Saturday Looks Good To Me - You Work All Weekend
Sausage - Shattering Song
Save August - The Last One
Save the Queen - Fallen
Save the Queen - Preview
Savedayzed - Broken Hearted Healing
Savedayzed - If We Never Talk Again
Savedayzed - Incomplete Goodbye
Savedayzed - Never Forget
Savedayzed - Up In The Air
Saving Kid Icarus - 11:11
Saw Doctors (The) - I Know I've Got Your Love
Saw Doctors (The) - Letter From Louise
Sawyer Brown - Thank God For You
Sawyer Brown - The Dirt Road
Sawyer Brown - The Race Is On
Sawyer Brown - All These Years
Saxon Sunday - Monsters
Say Hello To Symphony - Filthy Trend
Say Yes - Mercedes Benz
Saybia - Dressed In Black
Saybia - Empty Stairs
Saybia - Fools Corner
Saybia - I Surrender
Saybia - In Spite Of
Saybia - Snake Tongued Beast
Saybia - Still Falling
Saybia - The Day After Tomorrow
Scallions (The) - Soldiers' Loss Of Strength
Scarecrow Hill - Dead
Scarecrow Hill - The Cypher
Scared Of Chaka - A Lie And A Cheat
Scared Of Chaka - How To Lose
Scarlet Grey - Scarlet Grey
Scarlet Pimpernel - When I Look At You
Scary German Guy - understanding
Scatman John - Everybody Jam
Scatman John - Scatman
Scatman John - Time (Take Your Time)
Scenic Route (The) - Dance With The Devil
Schleprock - No Heroes
Schneider Tm - Frogtoise
School Of Fish - Talk Like Strangers
School Of Fish - Wrong
Schoolhouse Rock - Three Is A Magic Number
Schooner - Long Long Time
Schooner - My Friend's Band
Schooner - Open Door
Schwarz Stein - Queen Of Decadence
Schwarz Stein - Queen Of Decadence[English]
Sci-Fi Lullaby - Beautifully Sick
Sci-Fi Lullaby - Put To Sleep
Scientists (The) - Blood Red River
Scientists (The) - Murderess In A Purple Dress
Scientists (The) - Solid Hell Gold
Scissors For Lefty - Mama Your Boys Will Find A Home
Scofflaws (The) - College Student
Scotland Yard Gospel Choir (The) - Fan Club
Scotland Yard Gospel Choir (The) - Mid America
Scotland Yard Gospel Choir (The) - Topsy Turvy
Scott Cowan - Down We Go
Scott Mallone - I'll Be With You
Scott Walker - A Lover Loves
Scott Walker - Angelica
Scott Walker - Bouncer See Bouncer
Scott Walker - Cossacks Are
Scott Walker - Farmer In The City
Scott Walker - Hand Me Ups
Scott Walker - Manhatten
Scott Walker - My Death
Scott Walker - Psoriatic
Scott Walker - Rosary
Scott Walker - The Escape
Scott Walker - Angels Of Ashes
Scott Walker - Duchess
Scott Walker - Hero Of The War
Scott Walker - The World's Strongest Man
Scout - There I Go Now
Scout - It's All Downhill From Here
Scout Niblett - Miss My Lion
Scratch Acid - Cannibal
Scratching Post - Bloodflame
Screamers (The) - 122 Hours Of Fear
Screamers (The) - Eva Braun
Screamers (The) - I Go For You
Screamers (The) - I Wanna Hurt
Screamers (The) - In A Better World
Screamers (The) - Magazine Love
Screamfeeder - Delusions Of Grandchildren
Screaming Trees - There'll Be Peace In The Valley for Me
Screaming Trees - All I Know
Screaming Trees - Back Together
Screaming Trees - Bed Of Roses
Screaming Trees - Butterfly
Screaming Trees - Change Has Come
Screaming Trees - Cold Rain
Screaming Trees - Dime Western
Screaming Trees - Dollar Bill
Screaming Trees - For Celebrations Past
Screaming Trees - Gospel Plow
Screaming Trees - In The Forest
Screaming Trees - Julie Paradise
Screaming Trees - Make My Mind
Screaming Trees - More Or Less
Screaming Trees - Nearly Lost You
Screaming Trees - No One Knows
Screaming Trees - Other Worlds
Screaming Trees - Shadow Of The Season
Screaming Trees - Shadow Song
Screaming Trees - She Knows
Screaming Trees - Something About Today
Screaming Trees - Straight Out To Any Place
Screaming Trees - Too Far Away
Screaming Trees - Transfiguration
Screaming Trees - Troubled Times
Screaming Trees - Uncle Anesthesia
Screaming Trees - Windows
Screaming Trees - Yard Trip #7
Rigos - Ловушка
Bahh Tee - Курортный роман
Kiesza - Give It To The Moment (feat. Djemba Djemba)
Gary Clark, Jr. - Wings
Gary Clark, Jr. - Our Love
Gary Clark, Jr. - The Healing
One Direction - Infinity
George Strait - Take Me to Texas
J.J. Cale - I'd Like to Love You Baby
Ry Cooder - Hey Porter
Johnny Desmond - The High and the Mighty
Chic - Everybody Dance [Album Version]
M People - Love Rendezvous [K-Klass Klub Mix]
Ryan Adams - Clean
Ryan Adams - This Love
Ryan Adams - How You Get the Girl
Ryan Adams - Wildest Dreams
Ryan Adams - I Wish You Would
Ryan Adams - Shake It Off
Ryan Adams - All You Had to Do Was Stay
Ryan Adams - Out of the Woods
Ryan Adams - Welcome to New York
Matt Monro - No Puedo Quitar Mis Ojos de Ti (Can't Take My Eyes off You)
Matt Monro - Fly Me to the Moon (In Other Words)
Matt Monro - Gonna Build a Mountain
Anna Eriksson - Pelasta mut häneltä
Anna Eriksson - Maailma palelee
Anna Eriksson - Sanokoot mitä vaan
Anna Eriksson - Lähden lentoon
Missy Elliott - X-tacy
Mister Metaphor - Sound Of Step
Mister Monster - The Torn Prince
Miyavi - Are You Ready To ROCK?
Miyavi - Ashita, Tenki Ni Naare
Miyavi - Freedom Fighters-Ice Cream Motta Hadashi No Megami To,Kikanju Motta Hadaka No Osama
Miyavi - Hit The Road Jack
Miyavi - Señor Señora Señorita
Mk Ultra - Fortune Cookies
Mm - Lost Friends
Mm - New Rules
Mm - Night Ride
Moan - Bad Karma
Moan - Uncertain Thoughts
Mobius Band - City Vs. Country
Mobius Band - Detach
Moby Grape - Come In The Morning
Mock Orange - 3 O'clock
Mock Orange - All You Have
Mode# - A-Team
Modern Day Zero - Way Out
Modern English - Beautiful People
Modern English - Grief
Modern English - Pillow Lips
Modern English - The Token Man
Modern Girlfriends - Ginger Kisses
Modern Lovers (The) - Dignified And Old
Modico - Chapter II
Modico - Sursum Corda
Modico - The Life Engine
Moe. - 20th Century Man
Moe. - Can't Seem To Find
Moe. - Captain America
Moe. - Opium
Moenia - Beber De Tu Sangre
Moenia - Contigo Estare
Moenia - Dejame Entrar
Moenia - En Algun Lugar
Moenia - Juegos De Amor
Moenia - Llegaste A Mi
Moenia - Lo Que Tu Digas
Moenia - Molde Perfecto
Moenia - No Puedo Estar Sin Ti
Moenia - Regreso A Casa
Moenia - Ya Me Acostumbre
Moenia - Volcán
Moev - Head Down
Moev - Sentencing
Moev - Wanting
Moev - Yeah Whatever
Moffatts (The) - All I Need Is You
Moffatts (The) - Girl Of My Dreams
Moffatts (The) - I Miss You Like Crazy
Moffatts (The) - I'll Be There For You
Moffatts (The) - If You Only Knew
Moffatts (The) - Just Another Phase
Moffatts (The) - Life On Mars
Moffatts (The) - Misery
Moffatts (The) - Walking Behind
Moirai (The) - A Terrible Secret
Moist - Alive
Moist - Baby Skin Tattoo
Moist - Break Her Down (Morphine)
Moist - Breathe
Moist - Comes And Goes
Moist - Deliver Me
Moist - Freaky Be Beautiful (Click)
Moist - Hate
Moist - Leave It Alone
Moist - Mandolin
Moist - Pleasing Falsetto
Moist - See Touch Feel
Moist - Tonight
Moldy Peaches (The) - Goodbye Song
Moldy Peaches (The) - Little Bunny Foo Foo
Mombi - Grace's Electric Lullaby
Momus - Life Of The Fields
Monaco - Sweet Lips
Monaco - What Do You Want From Me?
Monade - Das Kind
Monday In London - Lights Camera Attraction
Monday In London - Lie To Me Baby
Monday Mourning - Everyone Is Gone
Moneybrother - Born Under A Bad Sign
Monica Zetterlund - Sakta Vi Gå Genom Stan
Monika Brodka - Miałeś Być
Monkees (The) - Hey Hey We're The Monkeys (Theme)
Monkey Business - Kiss Me On My Ego
Monkey Swallows The Universe - 22
Monks (The) - Drugs In My Pocket
Monks (The) - I Hate You
Monolithic - Goodbye (for Now)
Monorail (The) - 16,17,18
Monorail (The) - The Shizampah
Monoral - Goodbye
Monotary Theory - When I Think Back
Monsters Are Waiting - Dont Go
Monte Montgomery - When Will I
Monty Python - Dennis Moore
Monty Python - Oliver Cromwell
monza - Van God Los
Moody Blues (The) - Are You Sitting Comfortably
Moody Blues (The) - Blue World
Moody Blues (The) - Come Back (I Don't Want To Go On Without You)
Moody Blues (The) - Dear Diary
Moody Blues (The) - Don't You Feel Small
Moody Blues (The) - Eternity Road
Moody Blues (The) - For My Lady
Moody Blues (The) - Gypsy
Moody Blues (The) - Higher And Higher
Moody Blues (The) - Hope And Pray
Moody Blues (The) - House Of Four Doors, Part 2
Moody Blues (The) - I Don't Mind
Moody Blues (The) - I Just Don't Care
Moody Blues (The) - I Know You're Out There Somewhere
Moody Blues (The) - I'm Your Man
Moody Blues (The) - Isn't Life Strange
Moody Blues (The) - It Ain't Necessarily So
Moody Blues (The) - It May Be A Fire
Moody Blues (The) - It's Cold Outside Of Your Heart
Moody Blues (The) - Lean On Me (Tonight)
Moody Blues (The) - Legend Of A Mind
Moody Blues (The) - Lose Your Money
Moody Blues (The) - Lost In A Lost World
Moody Blues (The) - Love Don't Come Easy
Moody Blues (The) - Love Is On The Run
Moody Blues (The) - Meet Me Halfway
Moody Blues (The) - Melancholy Man
Moody Blues (The) - Nice To Be Here
Moody Blues (The) - One More Time To Live
Moody Blues (The) - Painted Smile
Moody Blues (The) - Question
Moody Blues (The) - Running Out Of Love
Moody Blues (The) - Running Water
Moody Blues (The) - Say What You Mean, Part 1
Moody Blues (The) - Shadows On The Wall
Moody Blues (The) - Simple Game
Moody Blues (The) - Slings And Arrows
Moody Blues (The) - So Deep Within You
Moody Blues (The) - Sun Is Still Shining
Moody Blues (The) - Talking Out Of Turn
Moody Blues (The) - The Balance
Moody Blues (The) - The Dream
Moody Blues (The) - The Spirit
Moody Blues (The) - The Story In Your Eyes
Moody Blues (The) - Tortoise
Moody Blues (The) - Tuesday Afternoon
Moody Blues (The) - Under My Feet
Moody Blues (The) - Veteran Cosmic Rocker
Moody Blues (The) - Visions Of Paradise
Moody Blues (The) - Watching And Waiting
Moody Blues (The) - Wherever You Are
Moody Blues (The) - Yes I Believe
Moody Blues (The) - You And Me
Moody Blues (The) - Your Wildest Dreams
Moody Blues (The) - Life's Not Life
Mook - Hooded Hawks
Moondog Jr. - Moondog
Mooney Monday - Confusion
Moonpools And Caterpillars - Hear
Moonpools And Caterpillars - Soon
Moonstar 88 - Torete
Mor Ve áƒâ€“tesi - Aşk İçinde
Morally Sound - Stop The Blood
More Than A Thousand - In Loving Memory (Life Flashes)
Morgan Cunningham - California Dreamin'
Morgans Project (The) - Every Day Is A Saturday
Morgans Project (The) - Garden
Morgans Project (The) - Lost At Me (Cocaine Version)
Morning Again - No Path To Follow
Morning Again - Martyr
Morning Belle - Take The Bull By The Horns
Morning Musume - Love Machine
Morning Musume - Roman ~My Dear Boy~
Morning Musume - Sou Da! We're Alive
Morning Wood - Pathetic Reasoning
Morning Wood - Rain Roof
Morning Wood - Should Have Been Me (Behind The Wheel)
Morning Wood - Summerville
Morning Wood - Yay [For Love]!
Morphine - Buena
Morphine - Cure For Pain
Morphine - Empty Box
Morphine - Free Love
Morphine - Gone For Good
Morphine - Honey White
Morphine - Mail
Morphine - Pulled Over The Car
Morphine - Scratch
Morphine - So Many Ways
Morphine - The Night
Morphine - Wishing Well
Morphine - You Speak My Language
Mortal Constraint - Toture Game
Morten Abel - Don't Forget Me
Morten Abel - Let The Good Times Roll
Morten Harket - A Kind Of Christmas Card
Moss Icon - Locket
Moss Icon - Lyburnum Wit's End Liberation Fly