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Moss Icon - Moth
Most Serene Republic (The) - Career In Shaping Clay
Mostly Autumn - Answer The Question
Mostly Autumn - Winter Mountain
Motels (The) - Suddenly Last Summer
Moth - Not Really
Motherlode - When I Die
Mothermania - Mom And Dad
Motherwell - A Long Day
Motor Ace - American Shoes
Motor Ace - Chairman Of The Board
Motorpsycho - Baby Jesus
Motorpsycho - Beautiful Sister
Motorpsycho - Have Fun
Motorpsycho - Home Of The Brave
Motorpsycho - Motorhead Mama
Motorpsycho - Mr Who?
Motorpsycho - Nothing To Say
Motorpsycho - The Other Fool
Moulin Rouge - Children Of The Revolution
Moulin Rouge - Come What May
Moulin Rouge - Diamond Dogs
Moulin Rouge - Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend
Moulin Rouge - Elephant Love Medley -
Moulin Rouge - Ewan Mcgregor And Cast
Moulin Rouge - Nature Boy
Moulin Rouge - Nicole Kidman And Cast- The Show Must Go On
Mount Eerie - I Hold Nothing
Mount Eerie - Let's Get Out Of The Romance
Mountain - Mississippi Queen
Mountain - Theme From An Imaginary Western
Mountain - For Yasgur's Farm
Mountain Con - Future Burn Out
Mourning Misery - My Heart Beats On
Mourning Misery - Outer Beauty Can Be Mistaken For Oxygen
Mourning Tide - Drop Of Poison
Mouses That Fight - Easter Eggs
Mousse T - Right About Now
Move (The) - Blackberry Way
Move (The) - Fire Brigade
Move (The) - Cherry Blossom Clinic
Movie Life (The) - One-way Ticket
Moving Lights (The) - Fall Out Of The Sky..
Moxie - Big Adventure
Moxie - Confusion
Moxie - Every Morning
Moxie - In My Sofa
Moxie - My Ideal
Mr Bad J - Dedicated To Bin Laden
Mr. Bungle - Carousel
Mr. Bungle - Love Is A Fist
Mr. Bungle - None Of Them Knew They Were Robots
Mr. Bungle - Pink Cigarette
Mr. Bungle - Retrovertigo
Mr. Mister - Broken Wings
Mr. Mister - Kyrie
Mr. President - Coco Jambo
Ms. John Soda - Solid Ground
Msg - Gimme Your Love
Msg - Nightmare
Msg - When I'm Gone
Msg - What Happens To Me
Mt Eerie - Do Not Be Afraid
Mt Eerie - The Air In The Morning
Mt Eerie - Waterfalls (By Thanksgiving)
Mt. Egypt - St. Augustine's Road
Muants At Table 9 - You Wish
Mud - 1-2-Love
Mud - As You Like It
Mud - Beating Round The Bush
Mud - Burn On Marlon
Mud - Car Friends
Mud - Careless Love
Mud - Crazy
Mud - Do You Love Me?
Mud - Don't You Say It
Mud - Drift Away
Mud - Dynamite
Mud - Gotta Good Reason
Mud - House On The Hill
Mud - How Many Times
Mud - Hypnosis
Mud - I Think I'll Go That Way
Mud - Laugh, Live, Love
Mud - Let Me (Get Close To You)
Mud - Living Doll
Mud - Lonely This Christmas
Mud - Moonshine Sally
Mud - One Night
Mud - Rocket
Mud - Running Bear
Mud - Sweet And Sour Lady
Mud - The Hippy Hippy Shake
Mud - Tiger Feet
Mud - Tobacco Road
Mud - Too Much Of Nothing
Mud - Vambo Rools
Mud - Yes I Do.
muddy waters - Mannish Boy
muddy waters - My Pencil Won't Write No More
muddy waters - You Can't Lose What You Never Had
muddy waters - I Just Want To Make Love To You
Mudmen - 5 O'clock
Mudmen - Underdog
Mugshot - Cadillac Sue
Mugshot - Are We Done?
Multi Purpose Chemical - Hop Skip Jump
Mundane - Days Long Gone
Muppets (The) - Can You Picture That? (The Electric Mayhem)
Murder City Devils - I Drink The Wine
Murder City Devils - Tokyo Gold
Murray Gold - Love Don't Roam
Murray Head - One Night In Bangkok
Mushroom Ann - Death Of Fire
Mushroom Ann - Little Box
Mushroom Ann - Slow
Mutabaruka - Skins
Mutton Birds (The) - Don't Fight It, Marsha, It's Bigger Than Both Of Us
Mutton Birds (The) - Wellington
My Bloody Valentine - Feed Me With Your Kiss
My Bloody Valentine - Never Say Goodbye
My Darling You! - I'm Sitting Here
My Darling You! - Keep On Talking About Going Out
My Early Mustang - Driving Down
My Fair Lady Soundtrack - On The Street Where You Live
My Favorite Band - Human Disease
My Favorite Band - Questions
My Friend Steve - All In All
My Friend Steve - Arnie
My Friend Steve - Better Left Behind
My Golden Nipples - Boots Herbal Inhalent Oil
My Hotel Year - Center Circle
My Hotel Year - Walking And Dreaming
My Hotel Year - Your Survival
My Life In The Knife Trade - You Forget, We're Barely Alive
My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult - Savage Sexteen
My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult - X-communication
My Lost Cause - Begin The End
My Lost Cause - Distance From You
My Lost Cause - Last Fight
My Precious - Thy Lord Is She
My Precious - You Are My Breakfast
My Red Cell - Me Look You Look
My Second Chance - My Time For You
My Vitriol - All Of Me
My Vitriol - War Of The Worlds
Mylestone - 4 Leaf
Mynx - Dollar 99 Wine
Mysteries Of Life (The) - Hey Kate
Mythical Beasts (The) - Nerf Prom
N-Trance - Stayin' Alive
N. Lannon - Hollow Heart
N. Lannon - The Catch
N.U.F.A.N. - Let Me Down
N.W.A - Express Yourself
Nadas (The) - Celebrate
Nadas (The) - I Didn't See You Standing There
Nail In The Tree - Juggle Those Chinchillas
Naio Ssaion - Teen
Naio Ssaion - Shut Up
Name Brand - Long Road To Nowhere
Nameless Shame - Switched
Names Without Numbers - Sleeps With The Fishes
NamNamBulu - Beaten
NamNamBulu - Now Or Never
NamNamBulu - Surviving
NamNamBulu - Trapped
Nana - Dreams
Natalia Lafourcade - Mañana Olvidare
Natalia Lafourcade - Un Pato
Natalia Zukerman - Ice Cream
Natalia Zukerman - Only One
Natalia Zukerman - Sweet Time
Natalie Brown - More Today Than Yesterday
Natalie Walker - Quicksand
Natalise - How
Natasha's Ghost - Natalie
Nathalie Nordnes - Between Sheets
Nathalie Nordnes - Chocolate Hot
Nathan Leigh Jones - 3D (All That I Want)
Nathan Wiley - Betty, Betty (ride That Hog)
Nathan Wiley - High Low
Nathan Wiley - Home
Nathan Wiley - Old Familiar Things
Natural History (The) - Run De Run
Nature And Organization - Blood Stream Runs
Nazz - Some People
Nazz - When I Get My Plane
Ndx - A Loss
Neal Morse - It's Not Too Late
Nearly - All Is Lost
Nearly - Blackwing
Neccos For Breakfast - Blue Hair Day
Ned's Atomic Dustbin - Grey Cell Green
Nedelle - Heatstroke
Negative Space - Anthem
Negatyw - Jesteœ Jaki Jesteœ
Negro Problem (The) - Bleed
Neil Sedaka - Alice In Wonderland
Neko Case And Her Boyfriends - Deep Red Bells
Nektar - King Of Twilight
Nellansay - Never Forget
Nemesis 66 - Just Friends
Nemesis 66 - Summer Games
Nemo - Take Hold
Neo Cortex - Elements
Nephew - Police Bells and Church Sirens
Nephew - Sov For Satan Mand
Nephew - Gong Gong
Nephew - Va Fangool!
Nephew - Focus On The Sound
Nero - I Keep Your Dreams
Netinho - Menina
Neuroactive - As If We Didn't Know
Neuroactive - Wonders Of The World
Neuroactive - You
Neuroticfish - I Never Chose You
Neuroticfish - Ich Spuere Keinen Schmerz
Neuroticfish - Need
Neuroticfish - Pain
Neuroticfish - Waving Hands
Neuroticfish - Why Don't You Hate Me?
Neuroticfish - You're The Fool
Neutral Agreement - The First Day Of The End Of Your Life
Neutral Milk Hotel - April 8th
Neutral Milk Hotel - Everything Is
Neutral Milk Hotel - Heroin Bag
Neutral Milk Hotel - In The Aeroplane Over The Sea
Neutral Milk Hotel - Three Peaches
Neva Dinova - Can't Wait To See You
Neva Dinova - Dances Fantastic
Neva Dinova - Did You Disappoint Your God?
Neva Dinova - Meetings For Surrender
Neva Dinova - The Tin Man
Neve - Absent
Neve - Digital On
Neve - Don't Tell Me
Neve - Want To Be Where You Are
Never (The) - Summer Girl
Never Engine (The) - Run From Fire
Never Say Forever - "Last Chance"
Never Say Forever - "When I'm Gone"
Never's A Promise - Static Winter
Nevergoinghome - Blind By Beauty
Neverstore - Nanana
New & Very Welcome (The) - (Trust Me) There Is No Accidents
New & Very Welcome (The) - And No One Said "No" (Acoustic)
New Blood Revival - He's No Good For You
New Christy Minstrels (The) - The Cat
New Empire - Nothing Last Forever
New Empire - Three Times Daily
New Harmful (The) - Trip To The City
New Jersey Joystick - Nowhere Fast
New Model Army - 1984
New Model Army - 51st State
New Model Army - No Rest
New Model Army - Poison Street
New Rags (The) - Surf Seven Seas
New Relics (The) - Ann Arbor
New Relics (The) - Change
New Relics (The) - Evaporating
New Relics (The) - What He Sees In Her
New Riders Of The Purple Sage - Panama Red
New Seekers (The) - I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing (In Perfect Harmony)
New Song - Hope Changes Everything
New Vaudeville Band (The) - Diana Goodbye
New Vaudeville Band (The) - I Was Lord Kitchener's Valet
New Vaudeville Band (The) - Sadie Moonshine
New Year (The) - Disease
New York Dolls (The) - Dance Like A Monkey
New York Dolls (The) - Stranded In The Jungle
Newsies - Santa Fe
Newsies - The World Will Know
Next Door - The One
Nexus - Mayhem
Nhchristian - Curse The Day You Met(Dysfunctional)
Nhchristian - Electric Religion
Nhchristian - Yoo Bik Wi Tes
Nhchristian - You Let Me Fall
Nichya - Навсегда! (Navsegda!)
Nichya - Никому.Никогда (Nikomu.Nikogda)
Nichya - Ничья (Nich'ya)
Nick Gilder - Hot Child In The City
Nick Kershaw - Human Racing
Nick Kershaw - Wide Boy
Nick Kershaw - Wouldn't It Be Good
Nickel - 1000 Nights
Nickel - Stupid Thing
Nicky - Just Breath
Nicky - Weekend Ties
Nicofiends - All Ive Done
Nicola Hitchcock - Moving Into A New Space
Nicola Hitchcock - Ordinary Day
Nicolai Dunger - What Tomorrow
Nicole C. Mullen - Everyday People
Nicole C. Mullen - I Am
Nicole Kidman - One Day I'll Fly Away
Nicole Nordman - Every Season
Nicole Nordman - What If
Nicoles (The) - Shes Got Her Rainbow Inside
Nields (The) - Easy People
Night Ranger - Four In The Morning
Night Ranger - Sister Christian
Nightmare Scenario (The) - Say The Words
Nikki Hassman - Any Lucky Penny
Nikki Webster - Strawberry Kisses
Nil Lara - Money Makes The Monkey Dance
Nim Vind - Jackknife
Nim Vind - The Still Blue
Nina Hagen - Live On Mars
Nina Hagen - The Art
Ninety-nines (the Devotchkas) (The) - My Scars
Nino Ferrer - La Maison Près De La Fontaine
Nino Ferrer - Oh ! Hé ! Hein ! Bon !
Ninth Grade Spotlight - One Million Miles Away
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - Fishing In The Dark
Nitzer Ebb - Shame
Nixons (The) - Heaven Tonight
No Alternative - Home Alone Again
No Cause - Acid/Base
No Cause - Something Good