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Pere Ubu - Humor Me
Pere Ubu - On The Surface
Perfect Distance - Hold On Tonight
Perfect Stranger - I Am A Stranger Here Myself
Perfect Stranger - One More Repossession
Perfect Thyroid - Take Care
Perishers (The) - Weekends
Perishers (The) - All Wrong
Pernice Brothers - Amazing Glow
Pernice Brothers - Shaken Baby
Peroxwhy?gen - X-World
Perry And The Poor Boys - Say More
Perry Como - A Bushel And A Peck
Perry Como - Magic Moments
Perry Como - You Made Me Love You
Perry Farrell - Happy Birthday Jubilee
Perry Farrell - Shekina
Persone - Du Homoj
Persone - Estu ĉiam
Persone - Liza Pentras Bildojn
Pest Control - Hell-o
Peste Noire - Spleen
Peste Noire - Deuil Angoisseux (Christine De Pisan, 1362-1431)
Pete Droge - Hardest Thing To Do
Pete Droge - Sunspot Stopwatch
Pete Lesperance - Skeleton Tree
Pete Seeger - Little Boxes
Pete Seeger - Where Have All The Flowers Gone?
Pete Stewart - Better Off
Pete's Dragon - Its Not Easy
Peter Adams - Elevators
Peter Adams - Mister Grieves
Peter And Gordon - Nobody I Know
Peter And Gordon - True Love Ways
Peter And The Wolf - The Fall
Peter Cetera - Glory Of Love
Peter Frampton - Changing All The Time
Peter Frampton - Do You Feel Like We Do?
Peter Frampton - Flying Without Wings
Peter Frampton - Got My Feet Back On The Ground
Peter Frampton - The Bigger They Come
Peter Frampton - You
Peter Murphy - Cuts You Up
Peter Murphy - His Circle And Her's Meet
Peter Murphy - Huuvola
Peter Murphy - Marlene Dietrich's Favourite Poem
Peter Murphy - Mirror To My Woman's Mind
Peter Murphy - Our Secret Garden
Peter Murphy - Roll Call
Peter Murphy - Shy
Peter Salett - Magdalene
Peter Salett - The Way Things Used To Be
Peter Tosh - Lion
Peter, Paul & Mary - I Dig Rock And Roll Music
Petra - Ask Him In
Petra - Beat The System
Petra - Come And Join Us
Petra - Fool's Gold
Petra - Grave Robber
Petra - Holy Ghost Power
Petra - Lift Him Up
Petra - Not Of This World
Petra - Pied Piper
Petra - Road To Zion
Petra - Run For The Prize
Petra - Thankful Heart
Petra - The Coloring Song
Petra - Voice In The Wind
Petra - Wake Up
Petra - Witch Hunt
Petra - Without You I Would Surely Die
Petra - Love
Petra - What's In A Name
Pettit Project (The) - Fully Aware, Fully Prepared
Pettit Project (The) - Perfect Summer
Pettit Project (The) - The Sad Clown
Phantasmagoria - Fairy Times Memory
Phantom Limbs - Somebody Twisted Your Arms
Phantom Of The Opera (The) - A Performance Of 'il Muto' By Albrizzio (scene 9)
Phantom Of The Opera (The) - Beyond The Lake The Next Morning (scene 5)
Phantom Of The Opera (The) - Christine's Dressing Room (scene 3)
Phantom Of The Opera (The) - The Roof Of The Opera House (scene 10)
Phantom Of The Opera (The) - The Staircase Of The Opera House (scene 1)
Phantom Of The Opera (The) - Think Of Me
Phantom Of The Opera (The) - "don Juan Triumphant" (scene 7)
Phantom Of The Opera (The) - Rehearsals For "hannibal" By Chalumeau (scene 1)
Phat Chance - Protection
Phat Chance - Without You
Phats and Small - Sweet Like Chocolate
Phenomenauts (The) - Composite Synthesizer
Phil Lynott - Old Town
Phil Ochs - Basket In The Pool
Phil Ochs - Bullets Of Mexico
Phil Ochs - Going Down To Mississippi
Phil Ochs - Green Hills
Phil Ochs - Hunger And Cold
Phil Ochs - I Going To Say It Now
Phil Ochs - Is There Anybody Here
Phil Ochs - It's Been A Long, Long Story
Phil Ochs - Love Me, I'm A Liberal
Phil Ochs - My Life
Phil Ochs - No More Songs
Phil Ochs - One More Parade
Phil Ochs - Paul Crump
Phil Ochs - Rehearsals For Retirement
Phil Ochs - That's What I Want To Hear
Phil Ochs - The Ballad Of John Henry Faulk
Phil Ochs - The Sad And Silent Song Of A Soldier
Phil Ochs - The Thresher
Phil Ochs - The War Is Over
Phil Ochs - There But For Fortune
Phil Ochs - Too Many Martyrs
Phil Ochs - When First Unto This Country
Philosopher Kings (The) - Charms
Philosopher Kings (The) - Lay My Body Down
Phlux - Home
Phlux - Rhetorical Questions
Phosphorescent - Joe Tex, These Taming Blues
Phunk Junkeez - Million Rappers
Pietasters - How We Were Before
Pig Killer - War Poetry
Pigface - I Can Do No Wrong
Pilate - Alright
Pilate - Baby I've Been Waiting
Pilfers - Jolly Jolly Jolly
Pilfers - My Time Now
Pillows (The) - Crazy Sunshine
Pillows (The) - Crazy Sunshine (English)
Pillows (The) - Dead Stock Paradise
Pillows (The) - I Know You
Pillows (The) - I Think I Can
Pillows (The) - I Think I Can (English Version)
Pillows (The) - Last Dinosaur
Pillows (The) - Lesser Hamster No Yuuutsu (Melancholy Of A Lesser Hamster)
Pillows (The) - Midnight Down
Pillows (The) - Ride On Shooting Star (English Version)
Pilot (The) - Miss Mirage
Pilot Lies (The) - Proud Father
Pinay - Everything (you'll Be Missing)
Pineapple Thief (The) - Vapour Trails
Pink Military - After Hiroshima
Pink Military - Do Animals Believe In God?
Pink Military - I Cry
Pinko And The Action Boys - Doomsday Rock
Pinto - Iron And Rust
Pipas - Cruel And Unusual
Pipas - Tout Va Bien
Pitty - Brinquedo Torto
Pivit - Millennium
Pivitplex - You Know
Pivitplex - Hello Monday
Pixies Three (The) - Birthday Party
Pizzicato Five - Aloha E Blues
Pizzicato Five - Arrivederci A Capri
Pizzicato Five - Audrey Hepburn Complex
Pizzicato Five - Baby Love Child
Pizzicato Five - Baby Mexican Rock
Pizzicato Five - Birth Of Cool
Pizzicato Five - Cosmic Blues
Pizzicato Five - Do Re Me
Pizzicato Five - Flower Drum Song
Pizzicato Five - Funky Love Child
Pizzicato Five - Gin-chan's Love Letter
Pizzicato Five - GoGo Dancer
Pizzicato Five - Good
Pizzicato Five - Goodbye Baby And Amen
Pizzicato Five - Groovy Is My Name
Pizzicato Five - Let's Spend The Night Together
Pizzicato Five - Lovesong Lovesong
Pizzicato Five - My Name Is Jack
Pizzicato Five - Nata Di Marzo
Pizzicato Five - Playboy, Playgirl
Pizzicato Five - Rock N Roll
Pizzicato Five - Rolls Royce
Pizzicato Five - Seven O'Clock News
Pizzicato Five - Statue Of Liberty
Pizzicato Five - Such A Beautiful Girl Like You
Pizzicato Five - Sweet Soul Review
Pizzicato Five - To Our Childern's Childern's Children
Pizzicato Five - Top 40
Pizzicato Five - What Now Our Love
Pizzicato Five - Yubikiri
Planet Rockers (The) - Trouble Up The Road
Planet Shakers - Here I Am
Planet Shakers - Its All About Jesus
Planet Shakers - You Are
Planet Shakers - You Are Holy
Planet Smashers (The) - Repo Man
Planet Smashers (The) - This Song Is For You
Plankeye - Landmarks
Plankeye - Open Eyes
Plankeye - Say Now That You're Sorry
Plankeye - So Far From Home
Plankeye - Wings To Fly
Plasmatics (The) - 12 Noon
Plasmatics (The) - Monkey Suit
Plastic Constellations (The) - Belly Of The Beast
Plastic Constellations (The) - Ghost In The House
Plastic Constellations (The) - Phoenix And The Faultline
Plastikman - Okx
Play Oliver - Here's To Opportunity
Player - Baby Come Back
Playing Enemy - Insomnia, Ohio
Playradioplay - At This Particular Moment
Playradioplay - Madi Don't Leave
Plazma - Fading Like A Rose
Pleasure Seekers (The) - Never Thought You'd Leave Me
Plimsouls (The) - A Million Miles Away
Plus Ones (The) - It's Still Not Happening
Plus Ones (The) - Nowhere To Go But Up
Plus Ones (The) - Serve In Heaven/Rule In Hell
Plus Ones (The) - She's My Sister
Plus Ones (The) - You've Been Had
Pm Dawn - Even After I Die
Pm Dawn - Lost In You
Pm Dawn - More Than Likely
Pm Dawn - Paper Doll
Pm Dawn - Sometimes I Miss You So Much
Pm Dawn - Take Care Of My Love
Pm Dawn - There's No Reason
Pm Dawn - When I Think About Love ( I Think About You )
PN - Dignity
PN - Freestyle
PN - Romance
PO Box - Papo De Jacaré
Poco - Angel
Poco - Barbados
Poco - Bitter Blue
Poco - Crazy Love
Poco - Cry No More
Poco - Find Out In Time
Poco - Friends In The Distance
Poco - Heart Of The Night
Poco - Just For Me And You
Poco - Just Like Me
Poco - Keep On Tryin'
Poco - Midnight Rain
Poco - One Horse Blue
Poco - Rocky Mountain Breakdown
Poco - Shoot For The Moon
Poco - Under The Gun
Poco - What If I Should Say I Love You?
Poco - Win Or Lose
Polaris - Hey Sandy
Polaris - The Monster's Loose
Police (The) - Bring On The Night
Police (The) - Deathwish
Police (The) - Demolition Man
Police (The) - Hole In My Life
Police (The) - Hungry For You (j'aurais Toujours Faim De Toi)
Police (The) - Miss Gradenko
Police (The) - No Time This Time
Police (The) - Peanuts
Police (The) - Roxanne
Police (The) - Secret Journey
Police (The) - So Lonely
Police (The) - Synchronicity Ii
Police (The) - Truth Hits Everybody
Polvo - Can I Ride
Polvo - Every Holy Shroud
Polvo - Fast Canoe
Polvo - Taste Of Your Mind
Polvo - The Curtain Remembers
Polvo - The Purple Bear
Polyphonic Spree (The) - Move Away And Shine
Polyphonic Spree (The) - Move Away And Shine (In A Dream Version)
Ponce De Leon - Fin
Ponce De Leon - Like Something Not Like That