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Lonnie Johnson - Love Story Blues (1926)
Lonnie Johnson - Man Killing Broad (1937)
Lonnie Johnson - Monkey And The Baboon (1930)
Lonnie Johnson - Mr. Johnson Swing (1938)
Lonnie Johnson - New Orleans Blues (1965)
Lonnie Johnson - New Years Blues (1960)
Lonnie Johnson - Please Baby (1961)
Lonnie Johnson - Rocks In My Bed (1946)
Lonnie Johnson - Secret Emotions (live, 1941)
Lonnie Johnson - Seven Long Days (1951)
Lonnie Johnson - She's So Sweet (1949)
Lonnie Johnson - Some Day Baby (1944)
Lonnie Johnson - Summertime (1960)
Lonnie Johnson - Sweet Woman, See For Yourself (1926)
Lonnie Johnson - The Bull Frog And The Toad (1930)
Lonnie Johnson - The Monkey And The Baboon-Part 2 (1930)
Lonnie Johnson - There Is No Justice (1932)
Lonnie Johnson - Tin Can Alley Blues (1927)
Lonnie Johnson - Too Late To Cry (1963)
Lonnie Johnson - When You Always By Yourself (1967)
Lonnie Johnson - When You Feel Low Down (1942)
Lonnie Johnson - You Don't Know What Love Is (1963)
Lonnie Johnson - You Don't Move Me (1960)
Lonnie Hunter - Anyway
Lokua Kanza - Mungu
Lokua Kanza - Yoka
Lookouts - Girl from outer space
Lookouts - I saw her standing there
Lookouts - Living behind bars
Lookouts - Once upon a time
Lookouts - Why don't you die?
The Long Blondes - Fulwood Babylon
The Long Blondes - Guilt
Longview - This Is
Longview - When You Sleep
Looney Tunes - El Botty
Looney Tunes - Todo Empezo
Lonyo - Garage Girls
Looking Glass - From Stanton Station
Lootpack - Law Of Physics
Longwave - Everywhere You Turn
Loquillo - Besos Robados
Loquillo - Cadillac Solitario
Loquillo - El Rompeolas
Long Since Forgotten - On My Way
Loona - Bailando
Loona - Colors
Loona - It's Love Para Siempre
Loona - Latino Lover
Loona - Mamboleo
Loona - Parapapapa
Loona - Parapapapapa
Loona - Salvador Dali
Lord Kitchener - Dr. Kitch
Lorca - Besame En La Boca
Lora - No More Tears
Looptroop Rockers - Fort Europa
Looptroop Rockers - Magic
Lordi - Bringing Back The Balls To Rock
Lordi - Candy For The Cannibal
Lordi - Chainsaw Buffet
Lordi - Discoevil
Lordi - Evilyn
Lordi - Forsaken Fashion Dolls
Lordi - Happy New Fear
Lordi - Hell Sent In The Clowns
Lordi - Horrifiction
Lordi - How To Slice A Whore
Lordi - I Luv Ugly
Lordi - It Snows In Hell
Lordi - Loud And Loaded
Lordi - Monster Is My Name
Lordi - Not The Nicest Guy
Lordi - Pyromite
Lordi - Schizo Doll
Lordi - The Riff
Lordi - They Only Come Out At Night
Lordi - This Is Heavy Metal
Lordi - We're Not Bad For The Kids (We're Worse)
Lordi - Who's Your Daddy?
Lordi - Would You Love A Monsterman?
Looptroop - Last Song
Looper - Tomorrow's World
Looper - Up A Tree Again
Lord Huron - Fool For Love
Lord Huron - Into The Sun
Lord Huron - Son Of Gun
Lord Huron - The Ghost On The Shore
Lord Huron - The Night We Met
Lord Huron - The Problem With Your Daughter
Lord Huron - The Stranger
Lord Huron - We Went Wild
Lord Huron - When Will I See You Again?
Lonewolf - Bloody Red Rose
Lonewolf - Dream Of The World
Lonewolf - Ease My Pain
Lonewolf - Unser The Sinners's Moon
Loreen - See You Again
Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz - Cross Bronx Expressway
Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz - Fiesta
Lorena Castellanos & Soulfire Revolution - Revolution
Lord - Megváltás Nélkül
Lord - Miért Jó, Ami Nem Jó?
Lord - Nem Kell
Lord - Te Légy Fény!
Lord - Vándor
Lorene Drive - God Knows I Love You Kid
Lorene Drive - Lip Service
Lorene Drive - So Easy
Lorene Drive - Some Kind Of Love
Lords Of Acid - Am I Sexy?
Lords Of Acid - Crablouse
Lords Of Acid - Deep Sexy Space Chorale
Lords Of Acid - I Sit on Acid
Lords Of Acid - Kiss Eternal
Lords Of Acid - Little Mighty Rabbit
Lords Of Acid - Lords on 45
Lords Of Acid - Lucy's Fucking Sky
Lords Of Acid - Marijuana in Your Brain
Lords Of Acid - Praise the Lords
Lords Of Acid - Pump My Body To The Top
Lords Of Acid - Rough Sex
Lords Of Acid - Scrood Bi U
Lords Of Acid - Spank My Booty Reprise
Lords Of Acid - Take Control
Lords Of Acid - The Most Wonderful Girl
Lords Of Acid - Young Boys
Lonnie Donegan - Rock Island Line
The Lords of the New Church - Do What Thou Wilt
The Lords of the New Church - Eat Your Heart Out
The Lords of the New Church - Fresh Flesh
The Lords of the New Church - Holy War
The Lords of the New Church - Livin' On Livin'
The Lords of the New Church - The Method To My Madness
The Lords of the New Church - The Night Is Calling
Loreena McKennitt - Annachie Gordon
Loreena McKennitt - Blacksmith
Loreena McKennitt - Carrighfergus
Loreena McKennitt - Courtyard Lullaby
Loreena McKennitt - Emmanuel
Loreena McKennitt - God Rest Ye Merry,Gentlemen
Loreena McKennitt - Incantation
Loreena McKennitt - Moon Cradle
Loreena McKennitt - Noël Nouvelet!
Loreena McKennitt - Santiago
Loreena McKennitt - Snow
Loreena McKennitt - Standing Stones
Loreena McKennitt - The Bonny Swans
Loreena McKennitt - The English Ladye And The Knight
Loreena McKennitt - The Mummers' Dance
Loreena McKennitt - The Stolen Child
Loredana Bertè - Non Sono Una Signora
Loredana Bertè - Sei Bellissima
Lorentz & M.Sakarias - Baby!
Loretta Lynn - Back in Baby's Arms
Loretta Lynn - Big Sister, Little Sister
Loretta Lynn - Boy Like You
Loretta Lynn - Breakin' It
Loretta Lynn - Close My Eyes
Loretta Lynn - Country Christmas
Loretta Lynn - Country in My Genes
Loretta Lynn - Crazy
Loretta Lynn - Dear John Letter
Loretta Lynn - Don't Come Home a Drinkin' (With Lovin' on Your Mi
Loretta Lynn - Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven
Loretta Lynn - Fist City
Loretta Lynn - Gift of the Blues
Loretta Lynn - Hanky Panky Woman
Loretta Lynn - He's Got the Whole World in His Hands
Loretta Lynn - Hello Darlin'
Loretta Lynn - Hey Loretta
Loretta Lynn - High on a Mountain Top
Loretta Lynn - Home
Loretta Lynn - Hundred Proof Heartache
Loretta Lynn - I Can't Keep Away from You
Loretta Lynn - I Can't See Me Without You
Loretta Lynn - I Feel Like Traveling On
Loretta Lynn - I Need Someone to Hold Me
Loretta Lynn - I Only See the Things I Wanna See
Loretta Lynn - I Really Don't Want to Know
Loretta Lynn - I Won't Forget You
Loretta Lynn - I've Got Texas in My Heart
Loretta Lynn - It All Falls Down
Loretta Lynn - It Won't Seem Like Christmas
Loretta Lynn - Just Between the Two of Us
Loretta Lynn - Keep Those Cards and Letters Coming In
Loretta Lynn - Let Your Love Flow
Loretta Lynn - Let's Wait a Little Longer
Loretta Lynn - Living My Lifetime for You
Loretta Lynn - Living Together Alone
Loretta Lynn - Loose Talk
Loretta Lynn - Love Whatcha Got At Home
Loretta Lynn - Manhattan Kansas
Loretta Lynn - Miss Being Mrs.
Loretta Lynn - Mr. and Mrs. Used to Be
Loretta Lynn - One You Need
Loretta Lynn - Other Woman
Loretta Lynn - Please Help Me, I'm Falling in Love
Loretta Lynn - Secret Love
Loretta Lynn - Success
Loretta Lynn - To Heck With Ole Santa Claus
Loretta Lynn - Tomorrow Never Comes
Loretta Lynn - Two Lonely People
Loretta Lynn - Walk Through This World With Me
Loretta Lynn - We're Caught Between a Love and a Love Affair
Loretta Lynn - What Kind of a Girl (Do You Think I Am?)
Loretta Lynn - When the Tingle Becomes a Chill
Loretta Lynn - When They Ring Those Golden Bells
Loretta Lynn - Who Was That Stranger
Loretta Lynn - Will You Visit Me on Sunday
Loretta Lynn - Wine, Women and Song
Loretta Lynn - World of Forgotten People
Loretta Lynn - You Ain't Woman Enough (To Take My Man)
Loretta Lynn - You Lay So Easy on My Mind
Loretta Lynn - You Wanna Give Me a Lift
Loretta Lynn - Your Squaw Is on the Warpath
Long Shot Party - Distance
Lorena Herrera - Abrázame (Remix)
Lorena Herrera - Sobreviviré
Lorena Herrera - Sobreviviré (Club Mix)
Lorena Herrera - Soy
Lorenzo Antonio - Doce Rosas
The Lords - Poor Boy
Lori Perry - Up Against The Wind
Longview [US] - I Heard My Mother Weeping
Lorenzo Piani - Blu Notte
Lorenzo Piani - La Mia Preghiera
Lorenzo Piani - La Morosa Nuova
Lorenzo Piani - Mio Figlio
Lorenzo Piani - Siamo Noi
Lord Est feat. Spekti - Hanat Auki
Lordz Of Brooklyn - Brooklyn Pride
Lordz Of Brooklyn - White Trash
Lord Jamar - Revolution
Lord Jamar - Supreme Mathematics (Born Mix)
Lord Jamar - Young Godz
Loon - Don't Wanna Die
Loon - Down For Me
3LW feat. Loon - I Do (Wanna Get Close To You)
Puff Daddy and Loon feat. Usher - I Need A Girl (Part One)
Loon - Like A Movie
Loon - Special Ed Special Head
Loon - Things You Do
Lori Carson - 16 Days
Lori Carson - Snow Come Down
Lori Carson - Take Your Time
Lorie - Fashion Victim'
Lorie - Forget Me Not
Lorie - J'Ai Besoin D'Amour
Lorie - Je Fonce
Lorie - Je T'Aime Maman
Lorie - Juste À Tes Côtés
Lorie - L'Amour Autrement
Lorie - L'Homme De Ma Vie
Lorie - L'Intégrale
Lorie - La Positive Attitude
Lorie - Le Coup De Soleil
Lorie - Le Soleil De Ma Vie
Lorie - Les Ventres Ronds
Lorie - On Chante
Lorie - On Ne Grandit Vraiment Jamais
Lorie - Oser Ses Rêves
Lorie - Parle-Lui
Lorie - Pas Comme Les Autres
Lorie - Pas Un Ange
Lorie - Peur De L'Amour
Lorie - Santiago De Cuba
Lorie - Si Demain...
Lorie - Si Je Tombe
Lorie - Soleil
Lorie - Sous Le Soleil De Bodega
Lorie - Tout Pour Toi
Lorie - Tropique
Lorie - Un Signe Du Destin
Lorie - Week-End
Lorie - When I Think About You
Lorie - À Vingt Ans
Lorrie Morgan - Crazy from the Heart
Lorrie Morgan - Eight Days a Week
Lorrie Morgan - Evening Up the Odds
Lorrie Morgan - Five Minutes
Lorrie Morgan - I've Enjoyed as Much of This as I Can Stand
Lorrie Morgan - It's a Heartache
Lorrie Morgan - Out of Your Shoes
Lorrie Morgan - War Paint
Lorien - Human Beings
Lorna - Papi Chulo(Dj Papito Y El Chombo)
Los Acosta - Por Estar Pensando En Ti
Los Amigos - Dictatorship is for life, Not just for Christmas
Los Amigos - Intro
Los Amigos - Jolly Song
Los Amigos - My lovely Horse (Final Version)
Los Amigos - Purple People Eater
Los Amigos - Rye or the keiser
Los Amigos - Who Shot King Henry VIII?
Lori McKenna - Fireflies
Lori McKenna - How To Survive
Lori McKenna - Lorraine
Lori McKenna - Swallows Me Whole
Los - 6 Foot 7 Foot (Freestyle)
Los - Goodnight
Los - Kind Of A Big Deal
Los - Light Up
Los - Look At Me Now
Los - Moment For Life
Los - Next Black President
Los - Run This Town (Remix)
Lorde - 400 Lux
Lorde - A World Alone
Lorde - Buzzcut Season
Lorde - Ribs
Lorde - Still Sane
Lorde - Swingin' Party
Lorde - Tennis Court
Lori Lieberman - Il Chantait Ma Vie En Musique
Lory Bianco - Contender For Your Love