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Paula Lima - Meu Coração Tá Aí
Paula Lima - Negras Perucas (Ao Vivo)
Paula Lima - O Samba É Do Bem
Paula Lima - Quem Ama Não Pisa
Paula Lima - Saudações
Paula Lima - Vou Deixar (Ao Vivo)
Paula Lima - Água De Beber
Pennywise - (intro) As Long As We Can
Pennywise - 6th Avenue Nightmare
Pennywise - Alien
Pennywise - All Or Nothing
Pennywise - American Dream
Pennywise - Broken
Pennywise - Can't Take Anymore
Pennywise - Change My Mind
Pennywise - Christmas In Hell
Pennywise - City Is Burning
Pennywise - Did You Really
Pennywise - Every Single Day
Pennywise - Fight Till You Die
Pennywise - Final Day
Pennywise - Fuck Authority
Pennywise - Go Away
Pennywise - Homeless
Pennywise - I Get Around
Pennywise - It's Up To Me
Pennywise - Land Of The Free?
Pennywise - Let Us Hear Your Voice
Pennywise - My God
Pennywise - My Own Country
Pennywise - My Own Way
Pennywise - Need More
Pennywise - Noise Pollution
Pennywise - Now I Know
Pennywise - Nowhere Fast
Pennywise - Peaceful Day
Pennywise - Pennywise
Pennywise - Revolution
Pennywise - Running Out Of Time
Pennywise - Searching
Pennywise - She's a Winner
Pennywise - Society
Pennywise - Something Wrong With Me
Pennywise - Stand By Me
Pennywise - Still Can Be Great
Pennywise - Straight Ahead
Pennywise - This Is Only A Test
Pennywise - Try To Conform
Pennywise - United
Pennywise - Waste Of Time
Pennywise - Watch Me As I Fall
Pennywise - Wouldn't It Be Nice
Pennywise - Yesterdays
Peter Bič Project - Hey Now
Pearl Bailey - A Woman Is A Sometime Thing
Pearl Bailey - Lady Be Good
The Pack - Booty Bounce Bopper
The Pack - Dum Ditty Dum
The Pack - Im Shinin'
The Pack - Jello
The Pack - My Gurl Gotta Gurl Too
The Pack - Oh Go
The Pack - Panty Droppers
The Pack - Ride My Bike
The Pack - The Ice Cream Song
The Pack - Vans
The Pack - Yes Sir
Penumbra - Falling Into My Soul
Penumbra - Moaning On Earth
Penumbra - New Scaring Senses
Penumbra - Pie Jesu
Paul Colman Trio - Save Me
Paula Fernandes - Além Da Vida
Paula Fernandes - Aos Olhos Do Tempo
Paula Fernandes - Apaixonados Pela Lua
Paula Fernandes - Complicado Demais
Paula Fernandes - Costumes
Paula Fernandes - Cuidar Mais De Mim
Paula Fernandes - Debaixo Do Cacho
Paula Fernandes - Eu Sem Voce
Paula Fernandes - Jeito De Mato
Paula Fernandes - Meu Eu Em Você
Paula Fernandes - Meus Encantos
Paula Fernandes - Nao Fui Eu
Paula Fernandes feat. Victor & Leo - Não Precisa
Paula Fernandes - Pássaro De Fogo
Paula Fernandes - Quero Sim
Paula Fernandes - Se O Coracao Viajar
Paula Fernandes - Sensações
Paula Fernandes - Todo Seu
Ozma - A Song For You
Ozma - Apple Trees
Ozma - Baseball
Ozma - Landing Of Yuri Gagarin
Ozma - Light Years Will Burn
Ozma - No One Needs To Know
Ozma - Trucks And Cars
Ozma - Turtleneck Coverup
Ozma - You Know The Story
Panteras Negras - Rapulento
Paul Miller Band - Serial Killer
Peroxwhy?gen - Resurrected
Pegi Young - When the Wild Life Betrays Me
Patty Larkin - Dear Diary
Patty Larkin - Home
Patty Larkin - Mary Magdalene
Patty Larkin - Pablo Neruda
Peter Gallagher - Still I Long For Your Kiss
Los Pericos - Jamaica Reggae
Los Pericos - Me Late
Los Pericos - PáRate Y Mira
Patricia Barber - Bye Bye Blackbird
Patricia Barber - Code Cool
Patricia Barber - Persephone
Patricia Barber - The Beat Goes On
Patricia Barber - You're The Top
A Perfect Day - Silent Cry
Party - I Want You
Party - Independent Woman
Party - It's Out Of My Heart
Party - Where Is My Romeo?
Penny And Sparrow - Brothers
Penny And Sparrow - Creature
Penny And Sparrow - Heroes And Monsters
Penny And Sparrow - Rattle
Pet Shop Boys - A Face Like That
Pet Shop Boys - A Man Could Get Arrested
Pet Shop Boys - After All
Pet Shop Boys - Always on My Mind/In My House
Pet Shop Boys - Before
Pet Shop Boys - Being Boring
Pet Shop Boys - Black Tie White Noise
Pet Shop Boys - Can You Forgive Her?
Pet Shop Boys - Discoteca
Pet Shop Boys - Do I Have To?
Pet Shop Boys - Domino Dancing
Pet Shop Boys - Don Juan
Pet Shop Boys - Ego Music
Pet Shop Boys - Falling
Pet Shop Boys - Footsteps
Pet Shop Boys - Friendly Fire
Pet Shop Boys - Girls And Boys
Pet Shop Boys - Heart
Pet Shop Boys - Hold On
Pet Shop Boys - Home And Dry
Pet Shop Boys - Hooked On Radiation
Pet Shop Boys - I Get Along
Pet Shop Boys - I Want a Lover
Pet Shop Boys - I'm Not Scared
Pet Shop Boys - In Denial
Pet Shop Boys - In The Night
Pet Shop Boys - It Must Be Obviou
Pet Shop Boys - It's A Sin
Pet Shop Boys - Je T'aime...Moi Non Plus
Pet Shop Boys - Left To My Own Devices
Pet Shop Boys - Liberation
Pet Shop Boys - London
Pet Shop Boys - Losing My Mind
Pet Shop Boys - Love Etc
Pet Shop Boys - Minimal
Pet Shop Boys - More Than A Dream
Pet Shop Boys - My October Symphony
Pet Shop Boys - New York City Boy
Pet Shop Boys - Opportunities (Let's Make Lots Of Money)
Pet Shop Boys - Positive Role Model
Pet Shop Boys - Red Letter Day
Pet Shop Boys - Sail Away
Pet Shop Boys - Searching For The Face Of Jesus
Robbie Williams feat. Pet Shop Boys - She's Madonna
Pet Shop Boys - Single-Bilingual
Pet Shop Boys - The Boy Who Couldn't Keep His Clothes On
Pet Shop Boys - The End Of The World
Pet Shop Boys - The Man Who Has Everything
Pet Shop Boys - The Patience Of A Sain
Pet Shop Boys - The Pop Kids
Pet Shop Boys - The Survivors
Pet Shop Boys - The View From Your Balcony
Pet Shop Boys - The Way It Used To Be
Pet Shop Boys - This Must Be The Place I Waited Years To Leave
Pet Shop Boys - To Face The Truth
Pet Shop Boys - Tonight Is Forever
Pet Shop Boys - Twenty-Something
Pet Shop Boys - Vampires
Pet Shop Boys - Viva La Vida
Pet Shop Boys - We All Feel Better In The Dark
Pet Shop Boys - Where The Streets Have No Name
Pet Shop Boys - Yesterday, When I Was Mad
Pet Shop Boys - Your Funny Uncle
Peggy Seeger - Butchers Boy
Peggy Seeger - Old Crumley
Patrick Lindner - Kleine Dinge Des Lebens
Patrik Fitzgerald - Down Mexico Way
Patrik Fitzgerald - Smile
Peabo Bryson - By The Time This Night Is Over
Peabo Bryson - I Can Make It Better
Peabo Bryson - If Ever Your In My Arms Again
Peabo Bryson feat. Roberta Flack - More Than Everything
Peabo Bryson - Reaching For The Sky
Roberta Flack in duet with Peabo Bryson - Tonight I Celebrate My Love
Peabo Bryson - Why Goodbye
Peter Manjarres - El Angel
Peter Manjarres - El Soltero Mentiroso
Peret - Borriquito
Peret - Tracatra
Peret - Una Lágrima Cayó En La Arena
Peter Liam Holcross - (feel I've Been) Born Again!
Peter Liam Holcross - And The Light Came Down
Pawz One - Mind Power
The Perishers - Get Well Soon
The Perishers - In The Blink Of An Eye
The Perishers - My Home Town
The Perishers - My Own
The Perishers - Never Bloom Again
The Perishers - Sway
The Perishers - What We Once Had
The Perishers - When I Fall
Peter Gabriel - And Through The Wire
Peter Gabriel - Après Moi
Peter Gabriel - Big Time
Peter Gabriel - Burn You Up, Burn You Down
Peter Gabriel - Come Talk To Me
Peter Gabriel - Courage
Peter Gabriel - Curtains
Peter Gabriel - Darkness
Peter Gabriel - Digging In The Dirt
Peter Gabriel - Excuse Me
Peter Gabriel - Exposure
Peter Gabriel - Father, Son
Peter Gabriel - Frag Mich Nicht Immer
Peter Gabriel - Games Without Frontiers
Peter Gabriel - Home Sweet Home
Peter Gabriel - I Don't Remember
Peter Gabriel - Kiss That Frog
Peter Gabriel - Love To Be Loved
Peter Gabriel - Lovetown
Peter Gabriel - Me and my teddy bear
Peter Gabriel - Mercy Street
Peter Gabriel - Moribund The Burgermeister
Peter Gabriel - Mother of violence
Peter Gabriel - Only Us
Peter Gabriel - Party man
Peter Gabriel - Philadelphia
Peter Gabriel - Salala
Peter Gabriel - Schnappschuss
Peter Gabriel - Secret World
Peter Gabriel - Shaking The Tree
Peter Gabriel - Shock The Monkey
Peter Gabriel - Sledgehammer
Peter Gabriel - Spiel Ohne Grenzen
Peter Gabriel - That voice again
Peter Gabriel - The Barry Williams Show
Peter Gabriel - The Book Of Love
Peter Gabriel - The Book Of Love - Shall We Dance Soundtrack
Peter Gabriel - The family and the fishing-net
Peter Gabriel - This Is The Picture (Excellent Birds)
Peter Gabriel - Waiting for the big one
Peter Gabriel - White Ashes
Peter Gabriel - Whole Thing
Peter Gabriel - Why Don't You Show Yourself
Peggy Zina - Den Aksizis
Peggy Zina - Efiges
Peggy Zina - Eixa Pei Tha Figo
Peggy Zina - Ime Kala
Peggy Zina - Matono
Peggy Zina - Mazi Sou
Peggy Zina - Mi rotate
Peggy Zina - Monaha emena na rotas
Peggy Zina - Nixta Mi Me Maloneis
Peggy Zina - Ola
Peggy Zina - Ti Kalo Mou Kaneis
Paul Westerberg - Down Love
Paul Westerberg - Fugitive Kind
Paul Westerberg - Silent Film Star
Paul Westerberg - Silver Naked Ladies
Paul Westerberg - Someone I Once Knew
Paul Westerberg - Trumpet Clip
Paul Westerberg - Waiting For Somebody
Paul Westerberg - World Class Fad
Pete Seeger - Aimee Semple Mcpherson
Pete Seeger - Bells Of Rhymney/sinking Of The Reuben James/there Was An Old Woman Wh
Pete Seeger - Bring Them Home (If You Love Your Uncle Sam)
Pete Seeger - Deep Blue Sea
Pete Seeger - Froggie Went A-Courtin'
Pete Seeger - Goodnight, Irene
Pete Seeger feat. Woody Guthrie - House Of The Rising Sun
Pete Seeger - I'm Gonna Be An Engineer
Pete Seeger - Jesse James
Pete Seeger - John Henry
Pete Seeger - John Riley
Pete Seeger - Mrs. Mcgrath
Pete Seeger - Skip to My Lou [#]
Pete Seeger - Talking Union
Pete Seeger - The Bourgeois Blues
Pete Seeger - The Foolish Frog
Pete Seeger - Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There Is a Season)
Pete Seeger - Waist Deep In The Big Muddy
Pete Seeger - What Did You Learn In School Today?
Peter Cornelius - Geisterbahn
Pete Rock - 914
Pete Rock - Fire
Pete Rock - Fly Till I Die
Pete Rock - I Got A Love
Pete Rock - It's The Postaboy
Pete Rock - Take Your Time
Pete Rock - The Pj's
Pauline Ester - Le Monde Est Fou
Pauline Ester - Petits Riens
Pauline Ester - Une Fenêtre Ouverte
Paul Davis - '65 Love Affair
Paul Davis - Oriental Eyes
Peter Murphy - A Strange Kind Of Love
Peter Murphy - Blue Heart
Peter Murphy - Cool Cool Breeze
Peter Murphy - Cuts You Up
Peter Murphy - Deep Ocean Vast Sea
Peter Murphy - Fake Sparkle Or Golden Dust?
Peter Murphy - Final Solution
Peter Murphy - Hit Song
Peter Murphy - Just For Love
Peter Murphy - Mercy Rain
Peter Murphy - Never Fall Out
Peter Murphy - No Home Without Its Sire
Peter Murphy - Secret Silk Society
Peter Murphy - Seesaw Sway
Peter Murphy - Seven Veils
Peter Murphy - Socrates The Python
Peter Murphy - The Prince & Old Lady Shade
Peter Murphy - The Scarlet Thing In You
Peter Murphy - The Sweetest Drop
Peter Murphy - Time Has Got Nothing To Do With It
Peter Murphy - You're So Close
Persuader - Escape
Peter Furler - No Compromise
Paul McDonald - Counting Stars
Peter Schilling - Die Wüste Lebt
Peter Schilling - Hurricane
Peter Schilling - Major Tom (Vollig Losgelost)
Peter Schilling - The Different Story (World Of Lust And Crime)
Peter Schilling - The Noah Plan
Perry Blake - Bury Me With Her
Perry Blake - California
Perry Blake - Little Boys & Little Girls
Perry Blake - Still Lives
Perry Blake - Widows By The Radio
Peter Luts - On My Own
The People Now - Hong Kong Time Bomb
The People Now - Light Years
Penguin Prison - A Funny Thing
Penguin Prison - Someone Got Everything
Viceroy feat. Penguin Prison - The Life
Per Norberg - Jämtlandssången
Peter Lemarc - Du Och Jag Mot Världen
Peter Lemarc - Kort Vals Till Min älskade
Peter Lemarc - På Andra Sidan Bron