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Petey Pablo - Blow Your Whistle
Petey Pablo - Call It Gangster
Petey Pablo - Club Banger
Petey Pablo - Diary Of A Sinner
Petey Pablo - Freak-A-Leak
Petey Pablo - Freek-A-Leek
Petey Pablo - Get On Dis Motorcycle
Petey Pablo - Give It Up
Petey Pablo - Go
Petey Pablo - I Swear
Petey Pablo - I Told Y'all
Petey Pablo - Jam Y'all
Petey Pablo - Let's Roc
Petey Pablo - Need For Speed
Petey Pablo - On Fire
Petey Pablo - Petey Pablo
Petey Pablo - Pimp Hard
Petey Pablo - Stick 'Em Up
Petey Pablo - U Don't Want Dat
Petey Pablo - You Can't Fuck With Us
Pink Noisy feat. Radio Killer - Mestral
Pierre Medor - I Think She Likes Me
Phil Spector feat. The Ronettes - Baby I Love You
Phil Spector - Here Comes Santa Claus
Phil Spector - I Wonder
Phil Spector - Parade Of The Wooden Soldiers
Phil Spector - Sleigh Ride
Phil Spector - Winter Wonderland
The Pharcyde - All Live
The Pharcyde - Blaze
The Pharcyde - Bullshit
The Pharcyde - Drop
The Pharcyde - Front Line
The Pharcyde - I'm That Type of Nigga
The Pharcyde - Oh Shit
The Pharcyde - On The DL
The Pharcyde - Otha Fish
The Pharcyde - Pack The Pipe
The Pharcyde - Pain
The Pharcyde - Passin' Me By
The Pharcyde - Return of the B-Boy
The Pharcyde - Runnin'
The Pharcyde - She Said
The Pharcyde - Soul Flower (Remix)
The Pharcyde - The Rubbers Song
The Pharcyde - Ya Mama
Pietro Lombardi - Call My Name
Pietro Lombardi - Don't Cry These Tears
Sarah Engels feat. Pietro Lombardi - I Miss You
OP8 - If I Think Of Love
OP8 - Sand
OP8 - The Devil Loves L.A.
Pitty Sing - Go Cry
Pitty Sing - Radio
Peven Everett - Everyday Girl
Peven Everett - Futuristi
Peven Everett - I Can't Keep From Losing You
Pilotdrift - Dancing Bear
Placebo - 20th Century Boy
Placebo - 2468
Placebo - 36 Degrees
Placebo - A Million Little Pieces
Placebo - Ashtray Heart
Placebo - Ask For Answers
Placebo - Ballad Of Melody Nelson
Placebo - Battle For The Sun
Placebo - Brick Shithouse
Placebo - Bulletproof Cupid
Placebo - Burger Queen
Placebo - Burger Queen (Francais)
Placebo - Centrefolds
Placebo - Commercial For Levi
Placebo - Daddy Cool
Placebo - Dark Globe
Placebo - Devil In The Details
Placebo - Drowning By Numbers
Placebo - Evalia
Placebo - Evil Dildo
Placebo - Five Years
Placebo - Flesh Mechanic
Placebo - Fuck U
Placebo - Hang On To Your IQ
Placebo - Hardly Wait
Placebo - I Do
Placebo - I Feel You
Placebo - I Know
Placebo - Je T'Aime Moi Non Plus
Placebo - Kitsch Object
Placebo - Lady Of The Flowers
Placebo - Lazarus
Placebo - Leni
Placebo - Little Mo
Placebo - Long Division
Placebo - Loud Like Love
Placebo - Mars Landing Party
Placebo - Meds
Placebo - Miss Moneypenny
Placebo - My Sweet Prince
Placebo - One Of A Kind
Placebo - Pierrot The Clown
Placebo - Post Blue
Placebo - Protect Me From What I Want
Placebo - Protège-Moi
Placebo - Pure Morning
Placebo - Rob The Bank
Placebo - Scared Of Girls
Placebo - Slave To The Wage
Placebo - Sleeping With Ghosts
Placebo - Soulmates
Placebo - Space Monkey
Placebo - The Crawl
Placebo - The Extra
Placebo - The Metric System (Trash Palace Ft. Brian Molko)
Placebo - The Never-Ending Why
Placebo - Then The Clouds Will Open For Me
Placebo - Trigger Happy
Placebo - Twenty Years
Placebo - Waiting For The Son Of Man
Placebo - Where Is My Mind? [XFM live version]
Placebo - Without You I'm Nothing
Placebo - You Don't Care About Us
Planet P Project - A Boy Who Can't Talk
Planet P Project - Adam And Eve
Planet P Project - Armageddon
Planet P Project - Baby's At The Door
Planet P Project - Behind The Barrier
Planet P Project - One Star Falling
Planet P Project - Only You And Me
Planet P Project - Power Tools
Planet P Project - Ruby
Planet P Project - Static
Planet P Project - This Perfect Place
Planet P Project - Top Of The World
Planet P Project - What I See
Pénélope - Face Au Silence Du Monde
Pénélope - La Débandade
Pilfers - Climbing
Pilfers - My Time Now
Pernice Brothers - Judy
Pernice Brothers - Shoes and Clothes
Pernice Brothers - The Weakest Shade of Blue
Pia Toscano - This Time
Peter Allen - Quiet Please, There's A Lady On Stage
Peter Allen - The More I See You
Phil Manzanera - Walking Through Heaven's Door
Pete Kilpatrick Band - Coming Home
Pete Kilpatrick Band - Searching
The Pied Pipers - It's Only A Paper Moon
Pigeonhed - Battle Flag
Pearl - Fashion Girl
Pearl - J'Ai Des Choses À Te Dire
Peter Hammill - A Louse Is Not A Home
Peter Hammill - Breakthrough
Peter Hammill - Candle
Peter Hammill - Child
Peter Hammill - Curtains
Peter Hammill - Dont Tell Me
Peter Hammill - Faint-Heart And The Sermon
Peter Hammill - Fogwalking
Peter Hammill - Forsaken Gardens
Peter Hammill - German Overalls
Peter Hammill - I Will Find You
Peter Hammill - Labour Of Love
Peter Hammill - Losing Faith In Words
Peter Hammill - No More (The Submariner)
Peter Hammill - People You Were Going To
Peter Hammill - Solitude
Peter Hammill - Still Life
Peter Hammill - Sunshine
Peter Hammill - Wilhelmina
Plants and Animals - 2010
Plants and Animals - Lightshow
Plants and Animals - Song For Love
Pinback - Boo
Pinback - Denslow, You Idiot!
Pinback - Grey Machine
Pinback - Non Photo-Blue
Pinback - Proceed To Memory
Pinback - This Red Book
Pinback - Torch
Pinback - Tripoli
Pinback - True North
Pete Jason - Wood Is Good
Pigeon John - Hello Everybody
Pigeon John - Matter
Pigeon John - The Bomb
Pierre Perret - Amour, Liberté, Vérité
Pierre Perret - Au Café Du Canal
Pierre Perret - Au Nom De Dieu
Pierre Perret - C'Est Bon Pour La Santé
Pierre Perret - C'Est Bon, C'Est Bon
Pierre Perret - C'Est L'Printemps !
Pierre Perret - Demain Dès L'Aube
Pierre Perret - Des Poux Et Des Sous
Pierre Perret - Elle M'A Dit Non, T'Es Trop Moche
Pierre Perret - Emilia
Pierre Perret - Et Vous ?
Pierre Perret - Ferdinand
Pierre Perret - Gourrance
Pierre Perret - J'Peux Pas
Pierre Perret - Je Bande
Pierre Perret - Je N'Ai Jamais Aimé Que Vous
Pierre Perret - Je Ne Sais Plus Sur Quel Pied Danser
Pierre Perret - Je Suis Zou, Zou, Zou
Pierre Perret - L'Ami Fidèle
Pierre Perret - L'Amour Sans Amour
Pierre Perret - L'Eau De La Rivière
Pierre Perret - L'Homme Facile
Pierre Perret - L'Idole Des Femmes
Pierre Perret - La Bérésina
Pierre Perret - La Cage Aux Oiseaux
Pierre Perret - La Corde
Pierre Perret - La Grande Ourse
Pierre Perret - La Porte De Ta Douche Est Restée Entr'Ouverte
Pierre Perret - La Veuve
Pierre Perret - Le Con
Pierre Perret - Le Cul De Lucette
Pierre Perret - Le Tord-Boyaux
Pierre Perret - Le Vieux Marin
Pierre Perret - Le Zizi
Pierre Perret - Les Auverploums
Pierre Perret - Les Baisers
Pierre Perret - Les Enfants, Foutez-Leur La Paix
Pierre Perret - Les Ours Heureux
Pierre Perret - Les Proverbes
Pierre Perret - Ma P'tite Julia
Pierre Perret - Marcel
Pierre Perret - Marie Et Moi
Pierre Perret - Mon Chibre
Pierre Perret - Mon P'tit Loup
Pierre Perret - Mon Petit Amour
Pierre Perret - Mon Père M'A Dit
Pierre Perret - Mon Père, Ce Satyre
Pierre Perret - Monsieur Victor
Pierre Perret - Ne Partez Pas En Vacances !
Pierre Perret - Olga
Pierre Perret - Papa Maman
Pierre Perret - Plein La Poire
Pierre Perret - Pour Les Beaux Yeux De Sylvie
Pierre Perret - Qu'Est-Ce Qu'Elle Est Belle !
Pierre Perret - Quand L'Amour Vous Fait Signe
Pierre Perret - S'Il Vous Plaît, Merci Encore
Pierre Perret - Savez-Vous Compter ?
Pierre Perret - Si Je T'Envoie Des Fraises
Pierre Perret - Vaisselle Cassée
Pierre Perret - Vert De Colère
Pierre Perret - Vingt-Six Ans À Nous Deux
Pierre Perret - Vis Et Versa
Pierre Perret - Ça Va T'Faire Du Bien
Pist-On - Turbulent
Pet - Why
Pipe Calderon - Tus Recuerdos Son Mi Dios
Pilate - Ambulance
Pilate - Before Your Eyes
Pilate - Don't Waste Your Breath
Pilate - Into Your Hideout
Pilate - Never Shed A Tear
Play & Win - Only
Play & Win - Slow Motion
Platinum Blonde - Diamonds
Platinum Blonde - Doesn't Really Matter
Platinum Blonde - Lost In Space
Platinum Blonde - Not In Love
Platinum Blonde - Situation Critical
Platinum Blonde - Standing In The Dark
The Overtones - Beggin
The Overtones - Come Back My Love
The Overtones - Hit The Road Jack
The Overtones - Loving The Sound
The Overtones - Rolling In The Deep
The Overtones - Saturday Night At The Movies
The Overtones - Superstar
The Overtones - We Can Work It Out
The Overtones - When You Say My Name
Peter Green - 32-20 Blues
Peter Green - A Fool No More
Peter Green - Baby When The Sun Goes Down
Peter Green - Got To See Her Tonight
Peter Green - I Could Not Ask For More
Peter Green - I'm A Steady Rollin' Man
Peter Green - In The Skies
Peter Green - Just For You
Peter Green - Need Your Love So Bad
Peter Green - One Woman Love
Peter Green - Ooh Baby
Peter Green - Seven Stars
Peter Green - Walkin' The Road
Peter Green - When You Got A Good Friend
The Pineapple Thief - Shoot First
The Pineapple Thief - Ster
The Pineapple Thief - Too Much To Lose
Pj And Duncan - U Krazy Katz
The Treblemakers - Don't Stop The Music
Skylar Astin - Since U Been Gone
Playgroup - Number One
Os Azeitonas - Anda Comigo Ver Os Avioes
Phone Calls From Home - Coming Back to the World
Petra Haden - 05. Yellow
Petra Haden - Rael
Pixinguinha - Carinhoso
Pito Perez - Sábado
Peter Katz - Carried Away
Peter Katz - The Fence - Matthew Shepard's Song
Place 2 Go - Save It For Somebody Else
Place Of Skulls - Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
Pilot Speed - Alright
Platypus - Platt Opus
Planetshakers - All That I Want
Planetshakers - Beautiful Saviour
Planetshakers - Big
Planetshakers - Come To Praise
Planetshakers - Enter In
Planetshakers - Evermore
Planetshakers - Here I Am
Planetshakers - Here I Stand
Planetshakers - Hero
Planetshakers - How I Love You
Planetshakers - It's All About Jesus
Planetshakers - Nothing Is Impossible
Planetshakers - Open Up The Gates
Planetshakers - Overwhelmed
Planetshakers - Perfect Day
Planetshakers - Pick It Up
Planetshakers - Reflector
Planetshakers - Running After You
Planetshakers - Send Me
Planetshakers - Shout It Out
Planetshakers - Sing
Planetshakers - The Anthem
Planetshakers - Worship Forevermore
Plàsi - More Than Ever
Plàsi - Who Are We
Playaz Circle - All The Way Turnt Up
Playaz Circle - Duffle Bag Boy
Playaz Circle - Look What I Got
Playaz Circle - Why You Hate Hoe?
Pitch Perfect - Bellas Finals
Pitch Perfect - Please Don't Stop The Music
Pitch Perfect - Pool Mashup: Just The Way You Are/just A Dream
Pitch Perfect - Pricetag / Don't You / Give Me Everything
The Plan - Embrace Me Beauty
Pilar Montenegro - Adicta [Reggaeton]
Pilar Montenegro - Noche De Adrenalina ft Don Omar
Pilar Montenegro - Prisionera
Pilar Montenegro - Que Lastima
Pilar Montenegro - Temerosa-Pilar Montenegro
Pilar Montenegro - Tomalo Suave [Reggaeton Version]
Peter White - Year Of The Cat
Pinball - Make It Happen
La Plebe - Campesino
La Plebe - Drink
La Plebe - Que Barbaridad
La Plebe - Siempre Unidos
Peggy Lee - (ah, The Apple Trees) When The World Was Young
Peggy Lee - A Doodlin' Song
Peggy Lee - Ain't We Got Fun?
Peggy Lee - Alright, Okay, You Win
Peggy Lee - Bella Notte
Peggy Lee - Big Spender
Peggy Lee - Boston Beans
Peggy Lee - Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show
Peggy Lee - Caramba! It's The Samba
Peggy Lee - Chi-Baba, Chi-Baba (My Bambino Go To Sleep)
Peggy Lee - Come Dance With Me
Peggy Lee - Don't Smoke In Bed
Peggy Lee - Gee Baby, Ain't I Good To You
Peggy Lee - Hey There [From The Pajama Game]
Peggy Lee - Hey, Look Me Over!
Peggy Lee - How Long Has This Been Going On
Peggy Lee - I Don't Know Enough About You
Peggy Lee - I Enjoy Being A Girl
Peggy Lee - I Hear Music
Peggy Lee - I'm A Woman
Peggy Lee - I've Got The World On A String
Peggy Lee - It's A Good Day
Peggy Lee - Johnny Guitar
Peggy Lee - Love And Marriage
Peggy Lee - Love, You Didn't Do Right by Me
Peggy Lee - Lover
Peggy Lee - Mack The Knife
Peggy Lee - Manana
Peggy Lee - My Heart Belongs To Daddy
Peggy Lee - Oh! No! (Please Don't Go)
Peggy Lee - Oh, Didn't He Ramble
Peggy Lee - Oh, What A Beautiful Morning
Peggy Lee - Sugar [From Pete Kelly's Blues]
Peggy Lee - Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
Peggy Lee - Tango
Peggy Lee - The Siamese Cat Song
Plan B (Puerto Rico) - Frikitona
Plan B (Puerto Rico) - Guatauba
Plan B (Puerto Rico) - Karel Y Voltio Ft. Plan B
Peggy Lee - They Can't Take That Away from Me
Plan B (Puerto Rico) - Los Matadores Del Genero
Plan B (Puerto Rico) - me la explota
Peggy Lee - Too Close For Comfort
Plan B (Puerto Rico) - No Puedo Estar Sin Ti
Peggy Lee - Waitin' For The Train To Come In
Peggy Lee - Walking Happy
Plan B (Puerto Rico) - Plan B
Peggy Lee - Whatever Lola Wants
Peggy Lee - When In Rome (I Do As The Romans Do)
Peggy Lee - Why Don't You Do Right
Peggy Lee - You're Driving Me Crazy (What Did I Do?)
Peggy Lee - You're My Thrill
Phora - A Song For Her
Phora - As The Wind Blows
Phora - Despair
Phora - Donuts
Phora - Dragonflies
Phora - Forgive Me Mother
Phora - Gotta Move On
Phora - Halos & Devil Horns
Phora - Hope
Phora - I Think I Love You
Phora - Kid On The Block
Phora - My Story
Phora - Night Owls
Phora - Nothing Like