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The Platters - To Each His Own
The Platters - Where
The Platters - You'll Never, Never Know
Los Piojos - Chac Tu Chac
Los Piojos - Maria Y Jose
Los Piojos - Mi Babe
Los Piojos - Pega Pega
Los Piojos - Shup-Shup
Los Piojos - Verano Del '92 (Fasolita querido)
Prime Circle - As Long As I Am Here
Prime Circle - Hello Hello
Prime Circle - Let Me Go
Plain White T's - Can't Turn Away
Plain White T's - Easy Way Out
Plain White T's - It's So Easy
Plain White T's - Let Me Take You There
Plain White T's - Make It Up As You Go
Plain White T's - Meet Me In California
Plain White T's - Our Time Now
Plain White T's - Please Don't Do This
Plain White T's - Rhythm Of Love
Plain White T's - Season Of A Lifetime
Plain White T's - Shine
Plain White T's - Should've Gone To Bed
Plain White T's - Song 2
Plain White T's - Take Me Away
Plain White T's - Umbrella
Prince Of Spain - Brothers
Prince Markie Dee - So Very Happy
Pleasure P - Aloha
Pleasure P - Breaker Breaker
Pleasure P - Did You Wrong
Pleasure P - Dream In The Air
Pleasure P - Feel The Rush
Pleasure P - First Time
Pleasure P - Gotta Have U
Pleasure P - Hunt 4 U
Pleasure P - I Love Girls
Yo Gotti feat. Pleasure P - Lets Vibe
Pleasure P - Like A Stripper
Pleasure P - Make You Say
Pleasure P - Prostitute
Pleasure P - Say Yes
Pleasure P - Under
Pleasure P - Up Remix
Pleasure P - Who I Gotta Be
Pleasure P - You'll Never Know
Washed Out - Feel It All Around
Positive Energy - You Belong to Me
Presidential Candidates - High Score
A Predators Portrait - A Predators Portrait
Potluck - Let's Take a Ride
Potluck - Money Makes the World Go Round
Potluck - Say What Ya Wanna
Potluck - Shut The Fuck Up
Prinz Porno - 1,40m
Prinz Porno - 100x
Prinz Porno - Im Westen Nix Neues / Tochter
Prinz Porno - Kompass Ohne Norden
Prinz Porno - Rost
Prinz Porno - Simplizissimus (Nachts im Bett)
Prinz Porno - Unser Platz
Press Play - Ny2la
Prima J - Boom
Prima J - Go Hard
Prima J - Infatuated
Prima J - Tame
Playing With Matches - Joe Will Says It's Cocktail Hour
Preservation Hall Jazz Band - St. James Infirmary
Point Of Grace - Before The Throne Of Grace
Point Of Grace - Begin With Me
Point Of Grace - Heal The Wound
Point Of Grace - How You Live (turn Up The Music)
Point Of Grace - I Choose You
Point Of Grace - I Wish
Point Of Grace - Keep The Candle Burning
Point Of Grace - O Holy Night
Point Of Grace - Saving Grace
Point Of Grace - That's The Way It's Meant To Be
The Pierces - Boring
The Pierces - Come Alive
The Pierces - Creation
The Pierces - Elements
The Pierces - Hold
The Pierces - Honest Man
The Pierces - I Can Feel
The Pierces - I Feel Nothing
The Pierces - I'll Be Dreaming
The Pierces - It Was You
The Pierces - It Will Not Be Forgotten
The Pierces - Kill, Kill, Kill
The Pierces - Kings
The Pierces - Lies
The Pierces - Must Be Something
The Pierces - One For Me
The Pierces - Space & Time
The Pierces - Sticks & Stones
The Pierces - The Way
The Pierces - Tonight
The Pierces - We Are Stars
The Pierces - We Can Make It
The Pierces - You'll Be Mine
The Pretenders - Clean Up Woman
The Pretenders - Cuban Slide
The Pretenders - Fools Must Die
The Pretenders - Forever Young
The Pretenders - Get Out Of London
The Pretenders - Hold A Candle To This
The Pretenders - Human
The Pretenders - I Go To Sleep
The Pretenders - I Got You Babe
The Pretenders - I Hurt You
The Pretenders - I'm A Mother
The Pretenders - I'm Not In Love
The Pretenders - Lie To Me
The Pretenders - Light Of The Moon
The Pretenders - Lovers Of Today
The Pretenders - Loves A Mystery
Tom Jones and The Pretenders - Lust For Life
The Pretenders - Middle Of The Road
The Pretenders - Mystery Achievement
The Pretenders - Night In My Veins
The Pretenders - No Guarantee
The Pretenders - One More Time
The Pretenders - Pack It Up
The Pretenders - Popstar
The Pretenders - Precious
The Pretenders - Private Life
The Pretenders - Room Full Of Mirrors
The Pretenders - Sense Of Purpose
The Pretenders - Show Me
The Pretenders - Stop Your Sobbing
The Pretenders - The Adultress
The Pretenders - The English Roses
The Pretenders - The Last Ride
The Pretenders - The Losing
The Pretenders - Thin Line Between Love And Hate
The Pretenders - Thumbelina
The Pretenders - Time The Avenger
The Pretenders - Waste Not Want Not
The Pretenders - You Know Who Your Friends Are
The Prodigals - Ballybay
Priestess - Blood
Priestess - Living Like A Dog
Priestess - Performance
Priestess - Run Home
Priestess - Talk To Her
Preeya Kalidas - Shimmy
The Producers - 'Til Him
The Producers - Along Came Bialy
The Producers - Haben Sie Gehort Das Deutsche Band
The Producers - I Want To Be A Producer
The Producers - Never Say Good Luck On Opening Night
The Producers - Opening Night
The Producers - That Face
The Producers - The King Of Broadway
The Producers - We Can Do It
Serge Gainsbourg - Hey Man Amen
Serge Gainsbourg - Mon Légionnaire
Yves Simon - Nés En France
Sam Brown - Stop!
PRhyme - Courtesy
PRhyme - PRhyme
Prodigal Son - Ketch A Fire
Prodigal Son - Shake Off The Devil
The Pretty Reckless - Blonde Rebellion
The Pretty Reckless - Burn
The Pretty Reckless - Cold Blooded
The Pretty Reckless - Far From Never
The Pretty Reckless - Follow Me Down
The Pretty Reckless - He Loves You
The Pretty Reckless - Heart
The Pretty Reckless - Heaven Knows
The Pretty Reckless - Just Tonight
The Pretty Reckless - Kill Me
The Pretty Reckless - Light Me Up
The Pretty Reckless - Miss Nothing
The Pretty Reckless - My Medicine
The Pretty Reckless - Shut Up Slut
The Pretty Reckless - Sweet Things
The Pretty Reckless - Under The Water
The Pretty Reckless - Zombie
Private Line - Alive
Private Line - Anyway
Private Line - Downstairs Upstairs
Private Line - Forever And A Day
Private Line - Last Night On Earth
Private Line - Little Sister
Powerspace - Prologue: Adam Beckett
Prething - Can't Stop (22nd Century Lifestyle)
La Prole - En Las Calles
Prayers - 187 A.C.A.B.
Prayers - Drugs
Prayers - From Dog to God
Prayers - Love Is The Enemy
Prayers - Ready To Bleed
Prayers - Young Gods
Project Pitchfork - Awakening
Project Pitchfork - En Garde
Project Pitchfork - Fire And Ice
Project Pitchfork - Green World
Project Pitchfork - Message
Project Pitchfork - Souls
Project Pitchfork - The Longing
Professor X - Close The Crackhouse
Petter - Allt Dras Av (Tro Det Eller Ej!)
Petter - Det Går Bra Nu
Petter - Emancipation
Petter feat. Pugh Rogefeldt - En Liten Snubbe
Petter - God Damn It
Petter - Henry Hård
Petter - Hjärtats Ensamma Slag
Petter - Intro (ft. Mikael Persbrandt)
Petter - Samma Samma
Piston - Grey Flap
Pro Era - Come Come
Primal Fear - Angel In Black
Primal Fear - Armageddon
Primal Fear - Breaker
Primal Fear - Carniwar
Primal Fear - Colony 13
Primal Fear - Diabolus
Primal Fear - Dollars
Primal Fear - Evil Spell
Primal Fear - Hatred In My Soul
Primal Fear - In Metal
Primal Fear - Iron Fist In A Velvet Glove
Primal Fear - Killbound
Primal Fear - Lightyears From Home
Primal Fear - Magic Eye
Primal Fear - Metal Gods
Primal Fear - Play To Kill
Primal Fear - Psycho
Primal Fear - Revolution
Primal Fear - Running In The Dust
Primal Fear - Save A Prayer
Primal Fear - Six Times Dead
Primal Fear - Soar
Primal Fear - Soulchaser
Primal Fear - Speed King
Primal Fear - Tears Of Rage
Primal Fear - The Curse Of Sharon
Primal Fear - The Immortal Ones
Primal Fear - Two Minutes To Midnight
Primal Fear - Under Your Spell
Primal Fear - Visions Of Fate
Primal Fear - We Go Down
Primal Fear - When The Night Comes
Prolapse - Serpico
The Pipkins - Gimme Dat Ding
Profound Intent - Blinded
Primordial - Beneath A Bronze Sky
Primordial - Empire Falls
Primordial - No Nation On This Earth
Primordial - The Coffin Ships
Primordial - The Gathering Wilderness
Primordial - The Golden Spiral
Primordial - The Song Of The Tomb
Los Picantes - El Golazo
Los Picantes - Falso Amor
Los Picantes - Papito Corazón
Project Kla - E.M.U
Primal Scream - (I'm Gonna) Cry Myself Blind
Primal Scream - 100% or Nothing
Primal Scream - Accelerator
Primal Scream - Aftermath
Primal Scream - Beautiful Future
Primal Scream - Big Jet Plane
Primal Scream - Burning Wheel
Primal Scream - Call on Me
Primal Scream - City
Primal Scream - Come Together (Uk Album Version)
Primal Scream - Damaged
Primal Scream - Deep Hit of Morning Sun
Primal Scream - Detroit
Primal Scream - Exterminator
Primal Scream - Free
Primal Scream - Funky Jam
Primal Scream - Give Out But Don't Give Up
Primal Scream - Higher Than The Sun
Primal Scream - I Can Change
Primal Scream - I'll Be There for You
Primal Scream - I'm 5 Years Ahead Of My Time
Primal Scream - I'm Gonna Make You Mine
Primal Scream - It's Alright, It's Ok
Primal Scream - Kill All Hippies
Primal Scream - Kowalski (Edit)
Primal Scream - Leaves
Primal Scream - Little Death
Primal Scream - Long Life
Primal Scream - Love You
Primal Scream - Miss Lucifer
Primal Scream - Motley Crue
Primal Scream - Out of the Void
Primal Scream - Rise
Primal Scream - Rocks
Primal Scream - Shine Like Stars
Primal Scream - Shoot Speed/Kill Light
Prohaize - Wade In The Water
Primal Scream - Sonic Sister Love
Primal Scream - Star
Primal Scream - The Glory of Love
Primal Scream - The Lord Is My Shotgun
Primal Scream - We Go Down Slowly Rising
Primal Scream - When the Bomb Drops
Primal Scream - Where The Light Gets In
Primal Scream - You're Just Dead Skin to Me
Das Pop - The Game
Pras feat. The Product G&B - Blue Angels
Pras - Don't Be Afraid
Pras - Light My Fire
Pras - Murder Dem
Pras - One Monkey Don't Stop The Show
Pras - Win Lose Or Draw
PrizmaX - Our Zone
Prince Damien - Glücksmoment
Positive Vibes - Doodles
Powderfinger - All Of The Dreamers
Powderfinger - Bless My Soul
Powderfinger - Boing Boing
Powderfinger - Burn Your Name
Powderfinger - Drifting Further Away
Powderfinger - Head Up In The Clouds
Powderfinger - How Far Have We Really Come?
Powderfinger - I Don't Remember
Powderfinger - Living Type
Powderfinger - Nobody Sees
Powderfinger - Pick You Up
Powderfinger - Roll Right By You
Powderfinger - Sail The Wildest Stretch
Powderfinger - Sunsets
Powderfinger - The Day You Come
Plavi Orkestar - Fa, Fa, Fasista Nemoj Biti Ti
Probot - Centuries Of Sin
Probot - I Am The Warlock
Probot - My Tortured Soul
Probot - Red War
Projector Band - Sudah Ku Tahu
Project Pat - Bitch Smackin Killa
Project Pat - Chickenhead
Project Pat - Chickenheads (Feat. Dj Paul, Lil Chat, Juicy J)
Project Pat - Don't Save Her
Project Pat - Get Down
Project Pat - Good Googly Moogly
Project Pat - Gorilla Pimp
Project Pat - High Off The Ground
Project Pat - Life We Live
Project Pat - Motivated
Project Pat - North Memphis
Project Pat - Raised In The Projects
Project Pat - Rubberband Me
Project Pat - Shake That Ass
Three 6 Mafia feat. Project Pat and UGK - Sippin' On Some Syrup
Project Pat - Still Ridin' Clean
Project Pat - Sucks On Dick
Project Pat - This Pimp
Project Pat - What Money Do
Project Pat - Y'all Niggaz Ain't No Killaz, Y'all Niggaz Some Hoes
Patti Drew - Tell Him
Proyecto Uno - Cruzando La Calle
Proyecto Uno - Latinos
Proyecto Uno - Monotonia
Prism - Hello
Prism - It's Over
Prism - Jealousy
Prism - Party Line
Prism - Young And Restless
Playground Etiquette - More Than I Can Take
Plume Latraverse - Marie-Lou (Plume Latraverse)
Prong - (get A) Grip (On Yourself)
Prong - Avenue Of The Finest
Prong - Broken Peace