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Richard Thompson - Put It There Pal
Richard Thompson - Roll Over Vaughan Williams
Richard Thompson - Row, Boys, Row
Richard Thompson - Sidney Wells
Richard Thompson - So Ben Mi Ch'a Bon Tempo
Richard Thompson - The Snow Goose
Richard Thompson - Time To Ring Some Changes
Richard Thompson - Two-Faced Love
Richard Thompson - When The Spell Is Broken
Rev Theory - Deep Six
Rev Theory - Enemy Within
Rev Theory - Falling Down
Rev Theory - Favorite Disease
Rev Theory - Guilty By Design
Rev Theory - Hell Yeah
Rev Theory - Kill The Headlights
Rev Theory - Light It Up
Rev Theory - Loaded Gun
Rev Theory - Loathe
Rev Theory - Ten Years
Rev Theory - Undone
Rev Theory - Voices
Rev Theory - Wanted Man
Rev Theory - Wicked Wonderland
Richie Cole - On Green Dolphin Street
Richie Cole - Pure Imagination
Richie Cole - Sunday In New York
Richie Cole - The Lady Is A Tramp
Rick Price - Heaven Knows
Rick Price - It Only Reminds Me Of You
Rich Mullins - Be With You
Rich Mullins - Both Feet On The Ground
Rich Mullins - Creed
Rich Mullins - First Family
Rich Mullins - For Unto Us
Rich Mullins - Hope To Carry On
Rich Mullins - I See You
Rich Mullins - Land Of My Sojourn
Rich Mullins - New Heart
Rich Mullins - Peace
Rich Mullins - Ready For The Storm
Rich Mullins - Step By Step
Rich Mullins - The Color Green [Gloris in Excelsis]
Rich Mullins - The Howling
Rich Mullins - Where You Are
Richard Mcgraw - Leaving You Forever
Rin Kagamine - Aku No Musume
Rin Kagamine - Kokoro
Rin Kagamine - Meltdown
Rin Kagamine - Message Of Regret
Rin Kagamine - Paper Plane
Richard Marx - Alleluia
Richard Marx - Big Boy Now
Richard Marx - Boy Next Door
Richard Marx - Breathless
Richard Marx - Can't Lie To My Heart
Richard Marx - Chains Around My Heart
Richard Marx - Children Of The Night
Richard Marx - Don't Mean Nothing
Richard Marx - Falling
Richard Marx - Hands In Your Pocket
Richard Marx - Have A Little Faith
Richard Marx - Hazard
Richard Marx - I Can't Help Falling In Love
Richard Marx - I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day
Richard Marx - Little Miss Heartbreak
Richard Marx - Lonely Heart
Richard Marx - Luke The World Is Ending
Richard Marx - Miracle
Richard Marx - More Than A Mystery
Richard Marx - Nothing Left Behind Us
Richard Marx - Nothing You Can Do About It
Richard Marx - O Holy Night
Richard Marx - Slipping Away
Richard Marx - Someone Special
Richard Marx - Soul Motion
Richard Marx - The Edge Of Forever
Richard Marx - The Flame Of Love
Richard Marx - The Other Side
Richard Marx - This I Promise You
Richard Marx - To Where You Are
Richard Marx - Touch Of Heaven
Richard Marx - Turn Off The Night
Richard Marx - Until I Find You Again
Richard Marx - Wait For The Sunrise
Richard Marx - What's The Story
Richard Marx - Wouldn't Let Me Love You
Richard Marx - Your Goodbye
Ringo - Elle, Je Ne Veux Qu'Elle (Get Me Some Help)
Ringo - Goodbye, Elvis
Ringo - Les Oiseaux De Thaïlande (Volo AZ 504)
Ringo - Qui Est Ce Grand Corbeau Noir ? (Video Killed The Radio Star)
Renaud Hantson - Bof Génération
Renaud Hantson - Lady Karen
Rick James - 17
Rick James - Back In You Again
Rick James - Big Time
Rick James - Bustin' Out
Rick James - Can't Stop [Single Edit]
Rick James - Cold Blooded
Rick James - Dance Wit' Me
Rick James - Ebony Eyes
Rick James - Hard To Get (Revisited)
Rick James - I'm A Sucker For Love
Teena Marie feat. Rick James - I'm A Sucker For Your Love
Rick James - Love Gun
Riff Raff - Aquaberry Dolphin
Riff Raff - Change Your Mind
Riff Raff - Dolce & Gabbana
Riff Raff - Get Free
Riff Raff - How To Be The Man
Riff Raff - Jody Highroller
Riff Raff - Kokayne
Riff Raff - Maybe You Love Me
Riff Raff - Og Bobby Johnson (Remix)
Riff Raff - Only in America
Riff Raff - Rap Game Patrick Ewing )
Riff Raff - Tip Toe Wing In My Jawwdinz
Riff Raff - Versace Python
Riff Raff - Wetter Than Tsunami
Righeira - L'Estate Sta Finendo
Rick Wakeman - Don't Fly Away
Rick Wakeman - Ghost Of A Rock'n' Roll Star
Rick Wakeman - Glory Boys
Rick Wakeman - Guinevere
Rick Wakeman - Hymn Of Hope
Rick Wakeman - Merlin The Magician
Rick Wakeman - Silent Nights
Rick Wakeman - Sir Galahad
Rick Wakeman - The Story Of Love (King John)
Richard Carpenter - Calling Your Name Again
Regi - Hey Now
Ringer - Beautiful Girl
Ringer - Okay Okay
Rich Gang - Givenchy
Rich Gang - Imma Ride (Riding)
Rich Gang feat. Rich Homie Quan and Young Thug - Lifestyle
Rich Gang - Milk Marie
Rich Gang - Never Made Love
Rich Gang - Tell Em (Lies)
The Rifles - Fat Cat
The Rifles - Local Boy
The Rifles - Repeated Offender
The Rifles - She's Got Standard
The Rifles - Sweetest Thing
Revive - Almost Missed This Moment
Revive - Blink
Revive - Can't Change Yesterday
Revive - The Truth Is
Revive - We Were Meant To Be
Ricky Skaggs - A Work Of Love
Ricky Skaggs - Baby I'm in Love With You
Ricky Skaggs - Can't Control the Wind
Ricky Skaggs - Can't You Hear Me Calling
Ricky Skaggs - Coal Minin' Man
Ricky Skaggs - Country Boy
Ricky Skaggs - Every Drop of Water
Ricky Skaggs - Father Knows Best
Ricky Skaggs - From the Word Love
Ricky Skaggs - He Was on to Somethin' (So He Made You)
Ricky Skaggs - Hillbilly Highway
Ricky Skaggs - Home Is Wherever You Are
Ricky Skaggs - How Mountain Girls Can Love
Ricky Skaggs - Hummingbird
Ricky Skaggs - Lonesome Night
Ricky Skaggs - My Father's Son
Ricky Skaggs - My Little Georgia Rose feat. Travis Tritt
Ricky Skaggs - When
Ricky Skaggs - Where the Soul of Man Never Dies
Ricky Skaggs - You Make Me Feel Like A Man
Ride - Castle On The Hill
Ride - Chrome Waves
Ride - Going Blank Again
Ride - Here And Now
Ride - Like A Daydream
Ride - Mouse Trap
Ride - Nowhere
Ride - Taste
Ride - Time Machine
Ride - Vapour Trail
Renga, La - El Juicio Del Ganso
Renga, La - El Rito De Los Corazones Sangrando
Renga, La - Psilocybe Mexicana
Renga, La - Ruta 40
Redefining The Fall - Among The Ash
Redefining The Fall - Like Rain
Redefining The Fall - The Storm
Rich Homie Quan - Differences
Rim'k feat. Rich Homie Quan - Everyday
YG feat. (Young) Jeezy and Rich Homie Quan - My Hitta
YG feat. (Young) Jeezy and Rich Homie Quan - My Nigga
Rich Homie Quan - Type Of Way
Ricky Blaze - Just You And I
Rie Tanaka - Fields Of Hope
Rico Bernasconi & Tuklan - Ebony Eyes (feat.. A-Class & Sean Paul)
Redgum - Blood Upon The Rain
Redgum - Yarralumla Wine
Ringo Starr - $15 Draw
Ringo Starr - (It's All Da-Da-Down to) Goodnight Vienna
Ringo Starr - After All These Years
Ringo Starr - All In The Name Of Love
Ringo Starr - As Far As We Can Go
Ringo Starr - Baby I Love Your Way
Ringo Starr - Back Off Boogaloo
Ringo Starr - Bad Boy
Ringo Starr - Bye Bye Blackbird
Ringo Starr - Can't Do It Wrong
Ringo Starr - Christmas Time Is Here Again
Ringo Starr - Cookin' (In the Kitchen of Love)
Ringo Starr - Dear Santa
Ringo Starr - Devil Woman
Ringo Starr - Don't Go Where The Road Don't Go
Ringo Starr - Drowning in the Sea of Love
Ringo Starr - Drumming Is My Madness
Ringo Starr - Early 1970
Ringo Starr - Elizabeth Reigns
Ringo Starr - English Garden
Ringo Starr - Eye to Eye
Ringo Starr - Gave It All Up
Ringo Starr - Give It a Try
Ringo Starr - Good News
Ringo Starr - Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?
Ringo Starr - Have You Seen My Baby
Ringo Starr - Husbands And Wives
Ringo Starr - I Keep Forgettin'
Ringo Starr - I Wanna Be Santa Claus
Ringo Starr - Imagine Me There
Ringo Starr - In A Heartbeat
Ringo Starr - La De Da
Ringo Starr - Memphis in Your Mind
Ringo Starr - Missouri Loves Company
Ringo Starr - Monkey See - Monkey Do
Ringo Starr - Mystery of the Night
Ringo Starr - Oh My Lord
Ringo Starr - Oo-Wee
Ringo Starr - Out On The Streets
Ringo Starr - Puppet
Ringo Starr - Pure Gold
Ringo Starr - Rory and the Hurricanes
Ringo Starr - Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer
Ringo Starr - Satisfied
Ringo Starr - She's About A Mover
Ringo Starr - Show Me The Way
Ringo Starr - Six O'Clock
Ringo Starr - The Christmas Dance
Ringo Starr - The Moonbeam Song
Ringo Starr - The Really "serious" Introduction
Ringo Starr - Think About You
Ringo Starr - Tonight
Ringo Starr - Without Understanding
Ringo Starr - Wrong All the Time
Ringo Starr - Y Not
Ringo Starr - Yellow Submarine
Ringo Starr - You And Me (Babe)
Ringo Starr - You Don't Know Me At All
Ressu Redford - Jos vielä oot vapaa
Ressu Redford - Mee!
Ressu Redford - Muisto vain jää
Ressu Redford - Raising My Family
Rio Febrian - Salahi Aku
Rigeo - Lupita
The Rincon Surfside Band - Tu Serás Mi Baby
Rich Girl - He Ain't Wit Me Now (Tho)
Rigo Tovar - Dos Tardes De Mi Vida
Rigo Tovar - Te Quiero Dijiste
Rise Against - A Gentlemen's Coup
Rise Against - Anywhere But Here
Rise Against - Architects
Rise Against - Blood To Bleed
Rise Against - Blood-Red, White, And Blue
Rise Against - Boy's No Good
Rise Against - Built To Last
Rise Against - But Tonight We Dance (bonus)
Rise Against - Collapse (Post-Amerika)
Rise Against - Diaspora
Rise Against - Done With The Compass
Rise Against - Drones
Rise Against - Endgame
Rise Against - Everchanging
Rise Against - Fix Me
Rise Against - Give It All
Rise Against - Grammatizator
Rise Against - Hairline Fracture
Rise Against - Historia Calamitatum
Rise Against - Like The Angel
Rise Against - Make It Stop (September's Children)
Rise Against - My Life Inside Your Heart
Rise Against - Nervous Breakdown
Rise Against - People Live Here
Rise Against - Remains Of Summer Memories
Rise Against - Roadside
Rise Against - Satellite
Rise Against - Survive
Rise Against - Survivor Guilt
Rise Against - The Approaching Curve
Rise Against - The Great Die-Off
Rise Against - Under The Knife
Rise Against - Wait For Me
Rise Against - Wait For Me
Rise Against - Whereabouts Unknown
Rise Against - Worth Dying For
River City Extension - Adrianne
River City Extension - Clever & Quickness
River City Extension - Our New Intelligence
River City Extension - Something Salty, Something Sweet
River City Extension - South For The Winter
River City Extension - Waiting In The Airport
Sigma feat. Rita Ora - Coming Home
Rita Ora - Facemelt
Rita Ora - Meet Ya
Rita Ora - Party And Bullshit
Rita Ora - Young, Single & Sexy
Ritchie Valens - Dooby Dooby Wah
Ritchie Valens - Hurry Up
Ritchie Valens - In A Turkish Town
Ritchie Valens - La Bamba
Ritchie Valens - Little Girl
Ritchie Valens - That's My Little Suzie
Ripface Invasion - Ripface Attack
Rio Grande - Kill Me Now
Replicants - Life's A Gas
Replicants - The Bewlay Brothers
Rifflord - Olde Fashion Black Magik
Rick Pino - Come Make War
Rick Pino - Fire Of The Holy Ghost
Rick Pino - Heaven's Song
Rick Pino - How I Love You
Rick Pino - I Am A Voice
Rick Pino - I Can Hear The Sound
Rick Pino - I Will Search
Rick Pino - Jesus Song
Rick Pino - Kingdom Of Heaven
Rick Pino - Spirit Of Elijah
Rick Pino - The Undiscovered
Rick Pino - This Is Why I Am Alive
Rick Pino - You're An Army
Rick Pino - Zerubbabel