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Rofo - You've Got To Move It On, Baby
Rocket Juice & The Moon - Hey, Shooter
Rocket Juice & The Moon - Poison
Rigby - Always You
Rigby - One Life To The Next
Rosi Golan - Been A Long Day
Rosi Golan - Between the Night, Between the Day
Rosi Golan - C'est L'amour
Rosi Golan - The Drifter And The Gypsy
Rosi Golan - Yesteryear
Rio Reiser - Junimond
Rodriguez - A Most Disgusting Song
Rodriguez - Can't Get Away
Rodriguez - Cause
Rodriguez - Climb Up On My Music
Sash! feat. Rodriguez - Ecuador
Rodriguez - Forget It
Rodriguez - Heikki's Suburbia Bus Tour
Rodriguez - I Think of You
Rodriguez - I Wonder
Rodriguez - Jane S. Piddy
Rodriguez - Only Good For Conversation
Rodriguez - Rich Folks Hoax
Rodriguez - Silver Words?
Rodriguez - Sugar Man
Rodriguez - Sugarman
Rodriguez - This Is Not A Song, It's An Outburst: Or, The Establishment Blues
Rock Master Scott - The Roof Is on Fire
Roger Troutman - Emotions
Roger Troutman - I Wanna Be Your Man
Rose Falcon - Fun
Rose Falcon - Home
Ronan Tynan - Amazing Grace (Going Home)
Rose Tattoo - Nice Boys
Rose Tattoo - Remedy
Rose Tattoo - Scarred For Life
Rose Tattoo - Suddenly
ROMEO (UK) - Romeo Dunn
Reigning Days - Empire
Reigning Days - Friendly Fire
Rossana Casale - No Se Mañana
Rose Maddox - At the First Fall of Snow
Rose Maddox - Blue Moon of Kentucky
Rose Maddox - Chocolate Ice Cream Cone
Rose Maddox - Cotton Fields
Rose Maddox - Early in the Morning
Rose Maddox - Gotta Travel On
Rose Maddox - Honky Tonkin'
Rose Maddox - How Beautiful Heaven Must Be
Rose Maddox - Let Those Brown Eyes Smile At Me
Rose Maddox - Live and Let Live
Rose Maddox - Philadelphia Lawyer
Rose Maddox - There's Better Times a Comin'
Rose Maddox - This World Is Not My Home
Rock House! - Against Me
Rock House! - Bullet In My Heart
Rock House! - Don't Need to Lie
Rock House! - I Don't Want To Go To School
Rock House! - It's a Wonderful World
Rock House! - Need You Then
Rock House! - Remember My Name
Rock House! - Rock Star
Rock House! - What I Want
Rose Blossom Punch - Beauty
Rose Blossom Punch - Sweet And Ordinary
Rootz Underground - Jah Love
Royal Family - Mä Voisin
Ronny Pøbel - Mandag
Roy Buchanan - A Nickel And A Nail
Roy Buchanan - Sweet Dreams
Roy Buchanan - When a Guitar Plays the Blues
Roxy Saint - Dark Dust Seed
Roxy Saint - Fuck Song
Roxy Saint - Whatever
Rodney Atkins - Farmer's Daughter
Rodney Atkins - Friends With Tractors
Rodney Atkins - He's Mine
Rodney Atkins - Honesty (Write Me A List)
Rodney Atkins - If You're Going Through Hell
Rodney Atkins - Invisibly Shaken
Rodney Atkins - It's America
Rodney Atkins - Rockin' Of The Cradle
Rodney Atkins - She'd Rather Fight
Rodney Atkins - The River Just Knows
Rodney Atkins - These Are My People
Rodney Atkins - Watching You
Rocky Hill - Bad Girl Blues
Roxy Music - 2hb
Roxy Music - A Really Good Time
Roxy Music - All I Want Is You
Roxy Music - Always Unknowing
Roxy Music - Angel Eyes
Roxy Music - Bitters End
Roxy Music - Both Ends Burning
Roxy Music - Can't Let Go
Roxy Music - Eight Miles High
Roxy Music - If It Takes All Night
Roxy Music - In Every Dream Home A Heartache
Roxy Music - Just Another High
Roxy Music - Just Like You
Roxy Music - Ladytron
Roxy Music - Lover
Roxy Music - My Only Love [Live/Live]
Roxy Music - Psalm
Roxy Music - Running Wild
Roxy Music - Same Old Scene
Roxy Music - Sentimental Fool
Roxy Music - Serenade
Roxy Music - She Sells
Roxy Music - Spin Me Round
Roxy Music - The Bogus Man
Roxy Music - The Main Thing
Roxy Music - To Turn You On
Roxy Music - While My Heart Is Still Beating
Roxy Music - Would You Believe?
Rollergirl - Close To You
Rollergirl - Geisha Dreams
Rollergirl - Now It's The Time
Rollergirl - Rollergirl
Rollergirl - Superstar
Robyn Lynch - Love Is Pure
Rory Block - Hellhound on My Trail
Rory Block - Walk in Jerusalem
Roland Orzabal - Bullets For Brains
Roland Orzabal - Hey Andy!
Roland Orzabal - Maybe Our Days Are Numbered
Rocco Granata - Marina
Rosa De Saron - Dualismo
Rosa De Saron - Linda Menina
Rosa De Saron - Parusia
Rosa De Saron - Passos Lentos
Rosa De Saron - Sangria
Rosa De Saron - Tempo
Rosa De Saron - Uma Trilha Sem Dor
Rosa De Saron - Via Crucis
Royal Crown Revue - A Bronx Hello
Royal Crown Revue - Barflies At The Beach
Royal Crown Revue - Big Boss Lee
Royal Crown Revue - Hey Pachuco!
Royal Crown Revue - Honey Child
Royal Crown Revue - The Contender
Royal Crown Revue - The Rise And Fall Of The Great Mondello
Royal Crown Revue - Who Dat?
Royal Crown Revue - Work Baby Work
Royal Crown Revue - Zip Gun Bop
Roni Size - Brown Paper Bag
Roni Size feat. Van Wilks - Fassyhole
Roni Size - Mexican
Roy Orbison - (they Call You) Gigolette
Roy Orbison - A New Star
Roy Orbison - After All
Roy Orbison - All I Have To Do Is Dream
Roy Orbison - Baby's Gone
Roy Orbison - Beautiful Dreamer
Roy Orbison - Big As I Can Dream
Roy Orbison - Blue Angel
Roy Orbison - Blue Avenue
Roy Orbison - Blue Bayou
Roy Orbison - Bridge Over Troubled Water
Roy Orbison - Californian Blue
Roy Orbison - Candy Man
Roy Orbison - Chicken Hearted
Roy Orbison - Class Of '55
Roy Orbison - Claudette
Roy Orbison - Come Back To Me My Love
Roy Orbison - Coming Home
Roy Orbison - Crawling Back
Roy Orbison - Dance (Alt Version)
Roy Orbison - Down The Line
Roy Orbison - Give Myself A Party
Roy Orbison - God Love You
Roy Orbison - Heartache
Roy Orbison - Heartbreak Radio
Roy Orbison - Help Me Rhonda
Roy Orbison - Hey Good Lookin'
Roy Orbison - Hey Miss Fanny
Roy Orbison - How Are Things In Paradise
Roy Orbison - I Can't Stop Loving You
Roy Orbison - I Fought The Law
Roy Orbison - I Got Nothing
Roy Orbison - I Wanna Live
Roy Orbison - I'll Say It's My Fault
Roy Orbison - I'm Hurtin'
Roy Orbison - If You Can't Say Something Nice
Roy Orbison - In The Real World
Roy Orbison - It's Too Late
Roy Orbison - Keep My Motor Running
Roy Orbison - Let's Make A Memory
Roy Orbison - Life Fades Away
Roy Orbison - Lillian
Roy Orbison - Loneliness
Roy Orbison - Lonely Wine
Roy Orbison - Love Is A Cold Wind
Roy Orbison - My Prayer
Roy Orbison - Mystery Girl
Roy Orbison - No Chain At All
Roy Orbison - Oh Such A Stranger
Roy Orbison - Old Love Song
Roy Orbison - Only The Lonely
Roy Orbison - Pantomime
Roy Orbison - Problem Child
Roy Orbison - Rainbow Love
Roy Orbison - Running Scared
Roy Orbison - Sasson Woman
Roy Orbison - Say, You're My Girl
Roy Orbison - See Ruby Fall
Roy Orbison - Shahadaroba
Roy Orbison - Suddenly
Roy Orbison - Summer Song
Roy Orbison - Suzie
Roy Orbison - The Great Pretender
Roy Orbison - The Only One
Roy Orbison - The Three Bells
Roy Orbison - There Won't Be Many Coming Home
Roy Orbison - Things Go Better With Coke #1
Roy Orbison - Today's Teardrops
Roy Orbison - Twinkle Toes
Roy Orbison - Uptown
Roy Orbison - Wedding Day
Roy Orbison - What'd I Say
Roy Orbison - When I Stop Dreaming
Roy Orbison - Windsurfer
Roy Orbison - With The Bug
Roy Orbison - Wondering
Roy Orbison - Yo Te Amo Maria
Roy Orbison - You Lay So Easy On My Mind
Roy Orbison - You're The One
Rose Chronicles - Blood Red
Rose - Magic Carillon
Rosemary Gates - Twist
Royal Trux - I'm Looking Through You
The Rosebuds - Life Like
The Rosebuds - When the Lights Went Dim
Ronnie Milsap - (I'm A) Stand By My Woman Man
Ronnie Milsap - 20-20 Vision
Ronnie Milsap - A Day In The Life Of America
Ronnie Milsap - All My Roads (Lead Back to You)
Ronnie Milsap - Back on My Mind Again
Ronnie Milsap - Don't You Ever Get Tired (Of Hurtin' Me)
Ronnie Milsap - Don't You Know How Much I Love You
Ronnie Milsap - Houston Solution
Ronnie Milsap - I Got Home Just in Time to Say Goodbye
Ronnie Milsap - I'd Be a Legend in My Time
Ronnie Milsap - I'll Fly Away
Ronnie Milsap - I'll Leave This World Loving You
Ronnie Milsap - Inside
Ronnie Milsap - Lovesick Blues
Ronnie Milsap - My Love Is Deep, My Love Is Wide
Ronnie Milsap - Turn That Radio On
Ronnie Milsap - What a Difference You've Made in My Life
Roger Waters - 4:30 Am (Apparently They Were Travelling Abroad)
Roger Waters - 4:33 Am (Running Shoes)
Roger Waters - 4:37 Am (Arabs With Knives And West German Skies)
Roger Waters - 4:39 Am (For The First Time Today, Part 2)
Roger Waters - 4:41 Am (Sexual Revolution)
Roger Waters - 4:56 Am (For The First Time Today, Part 2)
Roger Waters - 4:58 Am (Dunroamin, Duncarin, Dunlivin)
Roger Waters - 5:01 Am (The Pros & Cons Of Hitch Hiking, Part 10)
Roger Waters - Amused To Death
Roger Waters - Another Brick In The Wall
Roger Waters - Body Transport
Roger Waters - Bring the Boys Back Home
Roger Waters - Dogs
Roger Waters - Eclipse
Roger Waters - Empty Spaces
Roger Waters - Facts And Figures
Roger Waters - Goodbye Cruel World
Roger Waters - Home
Roger Waters feat. Scorpions - In The Flesh
Roger Waters - It's A Miracle
Roger Waters - Leaving Beirut
Roger Waters - Me Or Him
Roger Waters - Mother
Roger Waters - Nobody Home
Roger Waters - Oh My God-What a Fabulous Room
Roger Waters - One Of My Turns
Roger Waters - Perfect Sense, Part I
Roger Waters - Radio Waves
Roger Waters - The Bravery Of Being Out Of Range
Roger Waters - The Trial
Roger Waters - To Kill The Child
Roger Waters - Too Much Rope
Roger Waters - Towers Of Faith
Roger Waters - Vera
Roger Waters - Watching Tv
Roger Waters - What God Wants, Part I
Roger Waters - What God Wants, Pt. 1 [Lp Version]
Roger Waters - When The Wind Blows
Roger Waters - Wish You Were Here
Robin Bengtsson - Another Lover's Gone
Roy Jones Jr. - 24's
Roy Jones Jr. - And Still
Roy Jones Jr. - Ballers
Roy Jones Jr. - Big Bodies
Roy Jones Jr. - Body Head Anthem
Roy Jones Jr. - Can't Be Touched
Roy Jones Jr. - Don't Start It
Roy Jones Jr. - Go Hard, Go Home
Roy Jones Jr. - I Smoke I Drank [Remix]
Roy Jones Jr. - I Smoke, I Drank
Roy Jones Jr. - Invincible
Roy Jones Jr. - Keep It Movin'
Roy Jones Jr. - U Know My Kind
Roy Jones Jr. - Who Wanna Get Knocked Out
Roy Jones Jr. - Ya'll Must've Forgot
Roy Jones Jr. - You A Freak
Rondellus - Funambulus Domesticus - A National Acrobat
Rondellus - Post Aeternitatem - After Forever
Rondellus - Rotae Confusionis - Wheels of Confusion
Rondellus - Verres Militares - War Pigs
The Velvet Underground - Stephanie Says
Rosenstolz - 2 Sekunden
Rosenstolz - Alles über uns
Rosenstolz - Anders Als Geplant
Rosenstolz - Aus Liebe Wollt Ich Alles Wissen
Rosenstolz - Bastard
Rosenstolz - Das gelbe Monster
Rosenstolz - Die Dame Von Der Akademie
Rosenstolz - Die Einsamkeit der Rosen
Rosenstolz - Die Im Dunkeln
Rosenstolz - Die Liebe ist tot
Rosenstolz - Die Psychologin
Rosenstolz - Die Schlampen sind müde
Rosenstolz - Die Zigarette Danach
Rosenstolz - E.N.E.R.G.I.E.
Rosenstolz - Ein anderes Gefühl von Schmerz
Rosenstolz - Eine Frage Des Lichts
Rosenstolz - Es Ist Vorbei
Rosenstolz - Es Tut Immer Noch Weh
Rosenstolz - Flugzeug
Rosenstolz - Frau Im Traum
Rosenstolz - Ganz unten
Rosenstolz - Herzensschöner
Rosenstolz - Heut' Nacht
Rosenstolz - Ich Geh in Flammen Auf
Rosenstolz - In Den Sand Gesetzt
Rosenstolz - Irgendwo In Berlin
Rosenstolz - Ja Ich Will
Rosenstolz - Januar (wenn die Mona Lisa weint)
Rosenstolz - Kleiner Prinz
Rosenstolz - Kosmos
Rosenstolz - Lass sie reden
Rosenstolz - Mann Im Ohr
Rosenstolz - Mein Leben Im Aschenbecher
Rosenstolz - Mein Sex
Rosenstolz - Mondkuss
Rosenstolz - Perlentaucher
Rosenstolz - Raubtier
Rosenstolz - Schlange
Rosenstolz - Sex im Hotel
Rosenstolz - Sprachlos
Rosenstolz - Stolz Der Rose
Rosenstolz - Traum Vom Fliegen (März)
Rosenstolz - Vom Wesen Der Liebe
Rosenstolz - Voyeur
Rosenstolz - Was Kann Ich Für Eure Welt
Rosenstolz - Wenn Du Aufwachst
Rosenstolz - Überdosis Glück
Ron Browz - Jumping (Out the Window)
Ron Browz - Pop Champagne
Ron Browz - Undress You
Ronin - Memories
Rocío Dúrcal - Como Han Pasado Los Años
Rocío Dúrcal - Dejame Vivir
Rocío Dúrcal - El destino
Rocío Dúrcal - La Gata Bajo La Lluvia
Rocío Dúrcal - La gitana
Rocío Dúrcal - Nostalgias
Rocío Dúrcal - Porque Te Quiero
Rocío Dúrcal - Quédate Conmigo ésta Noche
Romeo En Julia - Ouverture
The Rubinoos - Leave My Heart Alone