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Vangelis - Monastery Of La Rabida
Vangelis - My Face In The Rain
Vangelis - Red Lights
Vangelis - See You Later
Vangelis - Shine For Me
Vangelis - State Of Independence
Vangelis - Tales Of The Future
Vangelis - Twilight
Veronica Ballestrini - Amazing
Vertigo - Ese Oscuro Objeto Del Deseo
Vavamuffin - Chwilunia
Vavamuffin - Paramonov
Vargas Blues Band - Get Ready
Ultrasound - Sovereign
Uness - Buggin' Out
Uness - Hideaway
Ufo & Yepha - Fluen På Væggen
Ufo & Yepha - Op Med Håret
Venus In Flames - Heart And Bones
Ugly Americans - Big Ole Head
Tymes 4 - Bodyrock
Tymes 4 - Tim Dog - Fuck Compton
Twila Paris - Sparks And Shadows
Twila Paris - Spring Water
Twila Paris - Sweet Victory
Twila Paris - Warrior Is A Child
Twila Paris - You Have Been Good
Victor Wooten - Bass Tribute
Victor Wooten - Heaven Is Where The Heart Is
Victor Wooten - Higher Law
Victor Wooten - On And On
Victor Wooten - Stay
Vasari Singers - Moon River (For The Film Breakfast At Tiffany's)
Vaneesa Stone - Don't Speak
Verse Simmonds - All I Want
Verse Simmonds - Boo Thang
Verse Simmonds - Situationships
Vazelina Bilopphøggers - GjøVik
Vanity Theft - Limb From Limb
Victorious Cast feat. Victoria Justice - Best Friend's Brother
Victorious Cast feat. Victoria Justice - Finally Falling
Victorious Cast feat. Victoria Justice - Make It Shine
Victorious Cast feat. Victoria Justice - You're The Reason
Vida Bohème, La - Calle Barcelona
Vida Bohème, La - Danz!
Vida Bohème, La - El Buen Salvaje
Vida Bohème, La - La Sangre Y El Eco
Vida Bohème, La - La Vida Mejor
Triniti - Daisy Chains
Victims Family - Creepy People
Victims Family - Friends
Victims Family - Mary's New Dress
Victims Family - White Picket Fence
Vahladian - L1grimas Negras Part.2
Vast - (untitled)
Vast - Candle
Vast - Dirty Hole
Vast - Don't Take Your Love Away
Vast - Falling From The Sky
Vast - Flames
Vast - Free
Vast - Frog
Vast - I Know How To Love
Vast - I'm Dying
Vast - My Tv And You
Vast - Need To Say Goodbye
Vast - One More Day
Vast - She Visits Me
Vast - Somewhere Else To Be
Vast - Temptation
Vast - What Else Do I Need
Vast - When We First Met
Vast - Winter In My Heart
Vast - You're The Same
Van Der Graaf Generator - A Place To Survive
Van Der Graaf Generator - A Plague Of Lighthouse Keepers
Van Der Graaf Generator - Childlike Faith In Childhood's End
Van Der Graaf Generator - Every Bloody Emperor
Van Der Graaf Generator - Killer
Van Der Graaf Generator - Lost
Van Der Graaf Generator - Nadir's Big Chance
Van Der Graaf Generator - Necromancer
Van Der Graaf Generator - Running Back
Van Der Graaf Generator - Still Life
Van Der Graaf Generator - The People You Were Going To
Van Der Graaf Generator - The Sphinx In The Face
Van Der Graaf Generator - Whatever Would Robert Have Said?
Van Der Graaf Generator - When She Comes
Van Der Graaf Generator - White Hammer
Van Der Graaf Generator - Wondering
Varsity Girls - Be You
Valerie Lagrange - Fleuve Congo
Valerie Lagrange - Kerouac
Underneath The Gun - Looking Deep In Shallow Water
V-mob - Sleep In Silence
Venetia Fair - A Lady And A Tramp
Usda feat. (Young) Jeezy - Check
(Young) Jeezy feat. Usda - Off Safety
Vanilla Sky - Goodbye
The Ventures - Beyond The Reef
The Ventures - Wipeout
Verde 70 - Irremediablemente Tarde
Versailles - Aristocrat's Symphony
Versailles - Catharsis
Versailles - Forbidden Gate
Versailles - Illusion
Versailles - Love will be born again (Japanese ver.)
Versailles - ROSE
Versailles - Shout & Bites
Versailles - Sympathia
Versailles - The Love From A Dead Orchestra
Versailles - The Revenant Choir
Versailles - Windress
Versailles - Zombie
Versailles - 妖-ayakashi
Vaudeville - Attack
Vaudeville - Bitter Prophecy
Vaudeville - Restless Souls
Vaudeville - Tainted Passerby
Vaudeville - Treason
Vaudeville - Vendetta
Urge - Jump Right In
The Vibrators - Amphetamine Blue
The Vibrators - Automatic Lover
The Vibrators - Baby Baby
The Vibrators - I Need A Slave
The Vibrators - Keep It Clean
The Vibrators - London Girls
The Vibrators - You Broke My Heart
Verbena - Desert
Viceroy - Back At The Start
Viceroy - Dream of Bombay
Veles - Black Hateful Metal
Vicentico - Algo Contigo
Vicentico - Culpable
Vicentico - El Barco
Vicentico - Esto De Quererte
Vicentico - Si Me Dejan
Vicentico - Solo Un Momento
Vicentico - Tiburon
Vicentico - Ya No Te Quiero
Urge Overkill - Blow Chopper
Urge Overkill - Bottle Of Fur
Urge Overkill - Crown Of Laffs
Urge Overkill - Digital Black Epilogue
Urge Overkill - Empire Builder
Urge Overkill - Out On The Airstrip
Urge Overkill - Smokehouse
Urge Overkill - Stitches
Urge Overkill - The Mistake
Urge Overkill - Very Sad Trousers
Urge Overkill - Woman 2 Woman
Vildsvin - Snygg
Vigilante - Answers
Vader - Apopheniac
Vader - Black To The Blind
Vader - Carnal
Vader - Carnal
Vader - Chaos
Vader - Cold Demons
Vader - Creatures Of Light And Darkness
Vader - Dark Age
Vader - Demon's Wind
Vader - Foetus God
Vader - I Shall Prevail
Vader - Kingdom
Vader - Kleine Fische Werden GroãŸ
Vader - Litany
Vader - North
Vader - Rapid Fire
Vader - The Revelations Of Black Moses
Vader - The Sea Came In At Last
Vader - Was Wird Sein
Vader - Was Wird Sein, Fragt Der Schlumpf
Vader - We Wait
Vader - What Colour Is Your Blood
Vader - Wings
Viet Thi - Chinky Eyes
Viet Thi - Vietnam
Vicious Rumors - Against The Grain
Vicious Rumors - Born Again Hard
Vicious Rumors - Chopping Block
Vicious Rumors - Concentration
Vicious Rumors - Don't Wait For Me
Vicious Rumors - Liquify
Vicious Rumors - March Or Die
Vicious Rumors - Thrill Of The Hunt
Vicious Rumors - You Only Live Twice
Unheilig - Abwärts
Unheilig - Als ich bei meinen Schafen wacht
Unheilig - Auf Kurs
Unheilig - Der Vorhang fällt
Unheilig - Ein Großes Leben
Unheilig - Eisenmann
Unheilig - Feier dich!
Unheilig - Freiheit
Unheilig - Für immer
Unheilig - Geboren Um Zu Leben
Unheilig - Gib mir mehr
Unheilig - Halt mich
Unheilig - Herzwerk
Unheilig - Ikarus
Unheilig - Kleine Puppe
Unheilig - Lass uns Liebe machen
Unheilig - Leise rieselt der Schnee
Unheilig - Maschine
Unheilig - Mona Lisa
Unheilig - Morgen kommt der Weihnachtsmann
Unheilig - O Tannenbaum
Unheilig - Rache
Unheilig - Schenk mir ein Wunder
Unheilig - Schleichfahrt
Unheilig - Schneeflöckchen Weißröckchen
Unheilig - Sieh in mein Gesicht
Unheilig - Sonnentag
Unheilig - Still, Still, Still
Unheilig - Stille Nacht heilige Nacht
Unheilig - Süßer die Glocken nie klingen
Unheilig - Unter Feuer
Unheilig - Vollendung
The View - Anfield Row
The View - Blondie
The View - Bullet
The View - Bunker (Solid Ground)
The View - Claudia
The View - Distant Doubloon
The View - Face For The Radio
The View - Fireworks & Flowers
The View - Gem of a Bird
The View - Happy
The View - Hole In The Bed
The View - Lean On My World
The View - Shock Horror
The View - Skag Trendy
The View - Tacky Tattoo
The View - The Don
The View - Tragic Magic
The View - Under The Rug
The View - Underneath the Lights
The View - Unexpected
The View - Walls
The View - Wasted Little DJs
Villagers - Grateful Song
Villagers - Home
Villagers - Memoir
Villagers - Nothing Arrived
Villagers - Passing A Message
Villagers - The Soul Serene
Villagers - To Be Counted Among Men
Villagers - Wichita Lineman
Vanilla Fudge - Bang Bang
Vanilla Fudge - She's Not There
Vanilla Fudge - Take Me For A Little While
Vanilla Fudge - You Keep Me Hangin' On
Vanessa Marquez - Lost Without You (remix)
Vic Chesnutt - Danny Carlisle
Vic Chesnutt - Guilty By Association
Vic Chesnutt - Hermitage
Vic Chesnutt - Miss Mary
Vic Chesnutt - Old Hotel
Vic Chesnutt - Scratch, Scratch, Scratch
Vic Chesnutt - Very Friendly Lighthouse
Vanessa Kafka - Speak In Words
Vedo The Singer - I Still Love You - Vedo
Victor Jara - A Luis Emilio Recabarren
Victor Jara - Angelita Huenuman
Victor Jara - El Lazo [The Lasso]
Victor Jara - El Arado
Victor Jara - El Derecho De Vivir En Paz
Victor Jara - Luchin
Victor Jara - Manifiesto
Victor Jara - Preguntas por Puerto Montt [Questions About Puerto Montt]
Victor Jara - Qué Saco Rogar Al Cielo
Victor Jara - Romance del Enamorada y de la Muerte [Song of the Lover and of DeAth]
Victor Jara - Te Recuerdo Amanda
Victor Jara - Vientos del Pueblo [Winds of the People]
Versailles the Everything - Artificial Intelligence
Undercroft - In Join With The Devil
Undercroft - Law Of Sacrifice
Undercroft - To The Final Battle
Undercroft - Unfit Earth
Unholy - Air
Unholy - Languish For Bliss
Unholy - Seeker
Villains To The Masses Heroes To The Holy - The Mushroom Cloud Should Be The New Republican Mascot
Villains To The Masses Heroes To The Holy - You Lull Me Into A False Sense Of Security
The Vincent Black Shadow - Metro
The Vincent Black Shadow - Surgery
VI Seconds - Death Note Rap
VI Seconds - I'll Body You
VI Seconds - Naruflow (The Best Naruto Rap Song)
VI Seconds - Thottie
Vad Vuc - La Turta
Van Velzen - Bigger Heart