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Annihilator - Battered
Annihilator - Ultra-Motion
Annihilator - Torn
Annihilator - Deadlock
ANOHNI - Drone Bomb Me
ANOHNI - 4 Degrees
ANOHNI - Watch Me
ANOHNI - Execution
ANOHNI - I Don’t Love You Anymore
ANOHNI - Obama
ANOHNI - Why Did You Separate Me From the Earth?
ANOHNI - Crisis
ANOHNI - Hopelessness
ANOHNI - Marrow
ANOHNI - Ricochet
ANOHNI - Paradise
Annihilator - Detonation
Annihilator - Chasing the High
Annihilator - My Precious Lunatic Asylum
Anti‐Flag - Their System Doesn't Work for You
Anti‐Flag - We Are the One
Anti‐Flag - The Weathermen Know Which Way The Wind Blows
Ann'Sannat - Idje Sen
Annihilator - Something Witchy
Annihilator - Phoenix Rising
Annihilator - My Revenge
Annihilator - Snap
Annihilator - Narcotic Avenue
Annihilator - Break, Enter
Annihilator - Every Minute
Anti‐Flag - Too Late
Anti‐Flag - I Don’t Need Anybody
Anti‐Flag - No Borders, No Nations
Anti‐Flag - The Great Depression (Re-Recorded)
Anti‐Flag - Kill The Rich (Re-Recorded)
Annihilator - Chicken and Corn
Annihilator - Nothing Left
Annihilator - Criteria for a Black Widow
Annihilator - Loving the Sinner
Annihilator - Sonic Homicide
Annihilator - Ritual
Annihilator - Prime Time Killing
Annihilator - Fire Power
Annihilator - Annihilator (1st-ever studio recording)
Andes - Luna lunita (Danza)
Animotion - Stealing Time
Animotion - Staring Down the Demons
Animotion - Turn Around
Diana Anaid - Addiction
Anotha Level - On Deck
Anotha Level - Phat-T
Ancesttral - Demolition Man
Ancesttral - Feel My Hate
Animaniacs - Multiplication
Animaniacs - The Presidents
Animaniacs - Yakko's Universe
Animaniacs - Wakko's America
Animaniacs - I'm Mad
Animaniacs - I'm Cute
Animaniacs - The Panama Canal
Animaniacs - The Hello Song
Alvarez Kings - Fear to Feel
Alvarez Kings - Tell-Tale Heart
Antares - Start Your Engines
The Angel - Spirit Of Love
Amazing Grace - Sunday
Amazing Grace - Faith Healing (Symbols)
Anja Elena Viken - Hobbynarkoman
Anja Elena Viken - Født Forbryter
Andy Andy - Como será mañana
Andy Andy - Fuego y pasión
Andy Andy - Maldito amor (Version Urbana)
Alcoholic Faith Mission - My Eyes to See
Allred - Your Hand in Mine
Allred - Hurry Up
Allred - Start Over
The Anniversary - Devil on My Side
Andréel - Ligne 2
Andréel - Ange
Andréel - Dans mon jardin des airs
Andréel - Avant l'hiver
The Alter Boys - Little White Lies
The Alter Boys - Surrounded by Porcelain Flies
Antimaniax - The Perfect Crime
Antimaniax - Don't Steal Because The Government Hates Competition
Carol Tatum - Primitive Kiss
Angelspit - Devilicious
Angelspit - Princess Chaos
Anders | Fahrenkrog - No More Tears on the Dancefloor
Anders | Fahrenkrog - Summer of Love
Anders | Fahrenkrog - Wicked Love
Anders | Fahrenkrog - Stay
Anders | Fahrenkrog - Maria
Anders | Fahrenkrog - I Miss You
Anonim - Hai Sa Vorbim
Angelspit - Because God
Angelspit feat. Miss Ballistic - Ambassador
Angelspit - Skinny Little Bich
Anjos - Nao venhas outra vez
Angkor Wat - Anne Marie
Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness - All Our Lives
Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness - "After The Fire"
Ankaralı Namık - Kafam Bozuk
Antis - Alio, alio
AnnaGrace - Should Have Known Better
All Out War - Still Crucified
Antis - Žaislas
Antoinette - Never Get Enough
Antoinette - Hit 'em With This
Andrew Bazzi - Bring You Home
Altan - Ten Thousand Miles
Altan - Dúlamán
Altan - An Cailín Gaelach
Altan - The Lass of Glenshee
Altan - ’Stór, a Stór, a Ghrá
Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh - An Spealadóir
Altan - No Ash Will Burn
Alisa - Sanja
Altan - The Wind and Rain
Bonnie Anderson - Unbroken
Antic Clay - Decades
Antic Clay - Undrown Yourself
Cody ChesnuTT - 5 on a Joyride
Michael Andrews feat. Gary Jules - Mad World
Anggun - Je partirai
Anggun - Promets-Moi Le Ciel
Anggun - Mon Coeur
Anggun - Si tu l'avoues
Anggun - Hynme à la vie
Anggun - Selamat tidur (Interlude)
Anggun - À nos enfants
Anggun - Nos vies parallèles
Anggun - Face au vent
Anggun - À quelques pas de nous
Anggun - Née quelque part
Deep Forest feat. Anggun - Deep Blue Sea
Anggun - Saviour
Daniela Andrade - Thinkin Bout You
Daniela Andrade - Creep
Daniela Andrade - Big Jet Plane
Daniela Andrade - Home
Daniela Andrade - River of Gold
Daniela Andrade - Something to Say
Daniela Andrade - Any Other Way
Daniela Andrade - Crazy
ANTEMASQUE - People Forget
ANTEMASQUE - Rome Armed to the Teeth
ANTEMASQUE - Hangin' in the Lurch
The Answer - Under the Sky
Anggun - Crazy
The Answer - Use Me
The Answer - Vida (I Want You)
Anggun - Summer in Paris (Duet With DJ Cam)
Anggun - Go
Anggun - No Stress
Anggun - Jadi Milikmu (Crazy)
Anggun - Marcher sur la mer
Anggun - Weapons
Anggun - Rollercoaster
Anggun - Impossible
Anggun - Lie to Me
Anggun - A Stranger
Anggun - Echo (You And I)
Anggun - My Addiction
Anggun - Buy Me Happiness
Anggun - Count on Me
Anggun - Quelques Mots D'amour
Carrie Underwood - Before He Cheats
Vonzell Solomon - Best of My Love
The Answer - Last Days of Summer
The Answer - I Am Cured
The Answer - Solas
The Answer - Always on My Mind
Lucky Ali - Maut
Vishal-Shekhar - Chhod Na Re
Lata Mangeshkar & Udit Narayan - Andekhi Anjaani
Lata Mangeshkar & Sonu Nigam - Jaane Dil Mein
Ali Amiri - You Crash My Heart
Ali Amiri - Naro, Naro (Don't Go)
Anchors - Crush Syndrome
Anchors - Everything's Amazing and Nobody's Happy
Ace Young - Father Figure
Kris Allen - No Boundaries
Siobhan Magnus - Paint It Black
Jordin Sparks - This Is My Now
AmpLive - Video Tapez
Anand Raj Anand - Pyar Karna Hai
Anand Raj Anand - Tere Pyar Mein
Anari - - Habiak
Antique - Opa opa
Antique - Mera meti mera
Antique - Se thello
Antique - I zoi ine tora
Antique - Follow Me
Antique - Why (Mellan)
Antique - Moro mou (My Baby)
Antique - List of Lovers
Antique - Ti sou 'dosa, ti mou 'doses
Antique - Moro Mou
Kree Harrison - Angel
Anna Jantar & Natalia Kukulska - Tyle słońca w całym mieście
Antique - Kainourgia agapi
Antique - Vima-vima
Antique - Dynata dynata
Emma Andersson - Weightless
La'Porsha Renae - Battles
Anímic - Taüt
A Hill to Die Upon - The King Never Smiles
A Hill to Die Upon - Satan, Your Kingdom Must Come Down
A Hill to Die Upon - A Jester Arrayed in Burning Gold
A Hill to Die Upon - Nekyia
A Hill to Die Upon - O Death
La'Porsha Renae - Stay With Me
Jax - Empire State of Mind, Pt. II (Broken Down)
Sonika Vaid - Loved Me Back to Life
Joshua Ledet - Ready for Love
Skylar Laine - Born This Way
Phillip Phillips - U Got It Bad
Haley Reinhart - Rolling in the Deep
Quentin Alexander - Sound of Silence
DeAndre Brackensick - I Like It
AngelMaker - Godless
AngelMaker - Dissentient
AngelMaker - Shia LaBeouf
Anti-System - So Long As
Anti-System - The Tables Must Turn
Joshua Ledet - Without You
Alpine - Crunches
Alpine - Shot Fox
Alpine - Much More
Alpine - Damn Baby
Alpine - Need Not Be
Jax - Beautiful Disaster
AngelSeed - Dancing with the Ghosts
AngelSeed - Schizohead
Anand-Milind - O Priya Priya
Anand-Milind - Sona Kitna Sona Hai
Anshelle - Think of Me / Indian Summer
AN21 & Max Vangeli - People of the Night
Alabama Shakes - Be Mine
Alabama Shakes - Future People
Alabama Shakes - This Feeling
Alabama Shakes - Always Alright
Ánima Sola - El valle de la oscuridad
Ánima Sola - Espejo
Angry Samoans - My Old Man's a Fatso