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Anti-Nowhere League - Fucked Up and Wasted
Anti-Nowhere League - Long Live Punk
Appaloosa - Non posso stare senza di te
Animal Liberation Orchestra - Shine
Animal Liberation Orchestra - Room for Bloomin'
Animal Liberation Orchestra - Put Away the Past
Apache Indian - Magic Carpet
Animesika - Let's Run Away
Allyse Smith - Come Thou Fount
Los amos de Nuevo León - Que Perra
Los amos de Nuevo León - Ingrata mujer
Apache Indian - Jump Up
Apache Indian - Nachle
Apache Indian - Mention
Anya - Moscow Nights
AM & Shawn Lee - All the Love
AM & Shawn Lee - Replay
AM & Shawn Lee - Persuasion
Anthem Lights - Can't Shut Up
Anthem Lights - We Are Never Getting Back Together
Anthem Lights - One Direction Medley
Anthem Lights - Say Something
Anthem Lights - Let It Go
Anthem Lights - Demons
Anthem Lights - Everything Will Change
Anthem Lights - Burn/Burn
Anthem Lights - One Republic Mash-Up
Anthem Lights - Heart Attack
Anthem Lights - Mirrors
Anthem Lights - Best of 2013 Mash-Up
Anthem Lights - Taylor Swift Mash-Up
Anthem Lights - Just the Way You Are
Anthem Lights - You Have My Heart
Renzo Arbore - La società dei magnaccioni
Renzo Arbore - Bongo bongo bongo
Renzo Arbore - A 15 anni
Paul Anka - I'm Still Waiting Here for You
Paul Anka - Tonight My Love, Tonight
Paul Anka - Eso Beso (That Kiss!)
Paul Anka & Dolly Parton - Do I Love You (Yes, in Every Way)
Paul Anka - Goodnight My Love
Paul Anka - (You're) Having My Baby
Anvil - Mothra
Anvil - Shut the Fuck Up
Paul Anka - Eso Beso
Arafel - Color of Death
Anvil - Still Going Strong
Apollonia 6 - Blue Limousine
Anvil - AC/DC
Anvil - Axe to Grind
Anvil - Big Business
Anvil - Don't Ask Me
DJ Antoine & diMaro - Best Trick
Paul Anka - Do I Love You
Paul Anka - Dejame Conocerte (Let Me Get To Know You)
All Star United - Smash Hit
All Star United - Revolution
Refused - New Noise
Bloc Party feat. Peaches - Helicopter
Steve Aoki feat. Linkin Park - Darker Than Blood
Steve Aoki - Lightning Strikes
Steve Aoki feat. Fall Out Boy - Back to Earth
Steve Aoki feat. - Born to Get Wild
Steve Aoki feat. Waka Flocka Flame - Rage the Night Away
Steve Aoki feat. Machine Gun Kelly - Free the Madness
Steve Aoki & Headhunterz - The Power of Now
Amplify Dot - Kurt Cobain
Amplify Dot - Get Down
Antony & Gabriel - Me Deixe Ir
Itch‐E & Scratch‐E feat. MDNA - Other Planets
Steve Aoki feat. Polina Goudieva - Come With Me (Deadmeat)
Steve Aoki feat. Lovefoxxx - Heartbreaker
Autoérotique - Roll the Drums
Datsik - Need You
Steve Aoki - Cudi the Kid
Steve Aoki - Neon Future
Steve Aoki - I Love It When You Cry (Moxoki)
Steve Aoki - The Power Of Now
Arctic Plateau - Melancholy Is Not Only for Soldiers
April Rain - I Loved You on This Day
April Rain - One Is Glad to Be of Service (In Memory of Robin Williams)
Arches - Every Moment of the Day
Paul Anka - (All of Sudden) My Heart Sings
Paul Anka - She's My Woman, She's My Friend
Paul Anka - Walk a Fine Line
American Royalty - Mariah
American Royalty - Hungry
Arena - Sirens
Arena - Out of the Wilderness
Arena - Crying for Help IV
Arena - Rapture
Arena - How Did it Come to This?
Arena - Welcome to the Cage
Apostasy - Supreme Architecture
Ampop - 3 Hours of Daylight
Ampop - Sociopath
Ampop - Fairy Tale
Eddy Antonini - Dream
Eddy Antonini - Andromeda
Amoral - The Last Round
Amoral - Last October
Aquilo - It All Comes Down To This
Aquilo - You There
Aquilo - Part of Your Life
Aquilo - Human
Aquilo - Losing You
Aquilo - I Gave It All
Aquilo - Best of Us Go Down
Aquilo - Put Me Down
Aquilo - Calling Me
Aquilo - Better Off Without You
Aquilo - Waiting
Aquilo - Never Seen You Get So Low
Aquilo - Almost Over
Aquilo - Blindside
Anointed - Gotta Move
Anointed - Head Above Water
Amoral - Rude Awakening
Amoral - The Next One to Go
Anointed - In the Need of Love
Anointed - Answer to My Prayer
Anointed - That'll Do It
Archie - Heart Attack
Archie - Art of the Dress
Archie - Babs Seed
Apulanta - Mitä kuuluu
Angelfish - Trash It
Angelfish - Kimberly
Apulanta - Puolet
Apulanta - Kirous
The Andrews Sisters & Bing Crosby - Pistol Packin' Mama
Apulanta - Zombeja!
Apulanta - Palava pensas
John Anaya - The Assumption Song
Apulanta - Paska meininki (ässä hihassa)
Apulanta - Höyryksi ilmassa
Apulanta - Mä nauran tälle
Marian Anderson - Go Down, Moses
[traditional] - I Can't Stay Away
Marian Anderson - Oh, Heaven is One Beautiful Place, I Know
Anúna - Hymn to the Virgin
Anúna - Gaudete
Anúna - The Last Rose
Anúna - La Chanson De Mardi Gras
Anúna - Ah, Robin
Anúna - Fionnghuala
Amarna Reign - Deceiver
Amarna Reign - The Fall
Amarna Reign - Sacrifice
Amarna Reign - Shrines
Anúna - The Raid
Asia Argento - My Stomach Is the Most Violent of All of Italy
Ariztía - Dile
Aris San - Dam Dam
The Arcadian Wild - Roots
The Arcadian Wild - Whispers
Apparatjik - Sequential
Angker - Lingkaran Mimpi
Tuck Andress - Man in the Mirror
The Apers - Back Against The Wall
a crowd of rebellion - Aquarium
a crowd of rebellion - Smells Like Unknown
a crowd of rebellion - Satellitear
a crowd of rebellion - The Ilex Allowed Clarity Hate
a crowd of rebellion - Crocus
a crowd of rebellion - The Crow
The Apers - I Hate Guys With Girlfriends
Annotations of an Autopsy - Human Dust
ANIME THAT JAZZ - Zankoku na Tenshi no Thesis (Evangelion)
Architecture in Helsinki - Frenchy, I'm Faking
Architecture in Helsinki - Need to Shout
Architecture in Helsinki - Lazy (Lazy)
Architecture in Helsinki - Contact High
Antestor - Rites of Death
Antestor - Old Times Cruelty
Antestor - The Crown I Carry
Antestor - Jesus, Jesus, ver du hja meg
AOR - You're My Obsession
Another Tale - Nothing Changes
Antoinette + The Kings Men - Elephant + The Spoon
Lisandro Aristimuño - ABC
Lisandro Aristimuño - Fecundación (Te llamo sin parar)
Shreya Ghoshal - Chikni Chameli
Roop Kumar Rathod - O Saiyyan
Sonu Nigam - Abhi Mujh Main Kahin
Ajay Gogavale - Deva Shree Ganesha
Ajay-Atul - Singham
Vishal Dadlani - Brothers Anthem
Ajay-Atul - Sapna Jahan
Ajay-Atul - Gun Gun Guna
Ajay-Atul - O Saiyyan
Anti-Mortem - Wake Up
Anti-Mortem - Stagnant Water
Anti-Mortem - Truck Stop Special
Arkangel - Hope You Die by Overdose
Bryan John Appleby - Honey Jars
Bryan John Appleby - No One Knows
Apocalipse 16 - Um Mundo Bem Melhor
Apocalipse 16 - Libertação (interludio)
Apocalipse 16 - Alivio
Apocalipse 16 - Eu Te Amo Tanto
Apocalipse 16 - Muita Treta
Ricardo Arjona - Adiós melancolía
Ricardo Arjona - Mojado
Ricardo Arjona - Se nos muere el amor