Тексты и переводы песен Sopor Aeternus

...And Bringer Of Sadness
20,000 Leagues Under The Sea (Or: The History Of S
A Little Bar Of Soap
A Strange Thing To Say
Alone (- The Innocence Of Devils) 1
Alone (Эдгар По)
Alone By Edgar Allan Poe
Alone II
An Die Sterne
Anima II
Backbone Practice
Backbone Practise
Beautiful Thorn
Beyond The Wall Of Sleep
Bitter Sweet
Bitter Sweet
Children Of The Corn
Cornucopia D'amour (Füllhorn Der Liebe)
Dark Delight
Day Of The Dead
Dead Souls
Do You Know About The Water Of Life?
Do You Know My Name
Do You Know My Name?
Do You Know My Name? / What Has Happened While We Slept?
Drama Der Geschlechtslosigkeit
Drama der Geschlechtslosigkeit (Part I)
Eldorado (Эдгар По)
Feralia Genitalia
Feralia Genitalia (Arrival Of The Jugglers)
Gebt: An Die Glìcklichen Eroberer
Helvetia Sexualis
Holy Water Moonlight
Idleness & Consequence
If Loneliness Was All
Im Garten Des Nichts (A Secret Light In The Garden Of My Void)
In An Hour Darkly
In Der Palästra
Interlude - The Quiet Earth
La Mort D'Arthur
Leeches & Deception
Les Fleurs Du Mal
Les Fleurs Du Mal
Little Velveteen Knight
May I Kiss Your Wound
Memories Are Haunted Places
Modela Est
Modela Est (Kraftwerk cover)
No-One Is There
Not Dead But Dying
On Satur(N)Days We Used To Sleep
On Satur(N)days We Used To Sleep
On Saturdays
One Day My Prince Will Come
Only The Dead In The Mist
Only The Dead In The Mist
Only The Dead In The Twist
Penance & Pain
Resume -
Saturn Devouring His Children
Shadowsphere (Ii)
Shadowsphere (Part I)
Shave If You Love Me
Shave, if you love me
Some Men Are Like Chocolate
Something Wicked This Way Comes...
Somnambulist's Secret Bardo-Life
Sopor Fratrem Mortis Est
Sopor Fratrem Mortis Est
Soror Sui Excidium
Soror Sui Excidium
Sternblumennacht (Original Version)
Synchronicity (To Saturn Orion)
Tab r C'alan O'itan
Tales From The Inverted Womb
Tanz Der Grausamkeit
The Conqueror Worm
The Devil's Instrument
The Dreadful Mirror
The Encoded Cloister
The Feast Of Blood
The Goat
The Innocence Of Devils - Alone (By Edgar Allan Poe)
The Lion's Promise
The Skeletal Garden
The Sleeper
The Sleeper By Edgar Allan Poe
The Virgin Queen
The simple Joys of Maidenhood
There Was A Country By The Sea
Time Stand Still
Time Stands Still... (...But Stops For No-One)
To Walk Behind The Rows
Totes Kind / Little Dead Boy
Totes Kind/Little dead boy
Uber den Fluss
Va(r)nitas, vanitas (omnia vanitas)
Vanitas, vanitas ( omnia vanitas) ~ [Пустота, пустота ( все есть пустота)]
Watch Your Step (Previously Unreleased Demo, 1994)
We Have A Dog To Exercise