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Sonata Arctica - Tonight I Dance Alone
Songs - Ohia:Just Be Simple
Songs For Kids - Hickory Dickory Dock
Songs of Civil War - When Johnny Comes Marching Home
Songs of the Vaisnavas - 19 - Молитва Маха-прасаде Говинде
Songs: Ohia - Coxcomb Red
Songs: Ohia - So You Can See To Go (There Will Be Distance)
Sonic - Sonic X
Sonic Adventure - Open Your Heart
Sonic Adventure DX - Believe In Myself (Tails Theme)
Sonic Adventure Soundtrack - Unknown from M.E.
Sonic and the Secret Rings - Seven Rings In Hand
Sonic Palms - On The Beach
Sonic R - Diamond in the Sky (Radiant Emerald)
Sonic R - Super Sonic Racing (Instrumental)
Sonic Rivals - Race to win
Sonic Syndicate - Plans Are For People
Sonic Syndicate - Это всё о нас. (cover)
Sonic The Hedgehog - Escape From The City
Sonic Underground - Someday
Sonic Unleashed - Endless Possibility
Sonic Youth - Forever young
Sonic Youth - Forever Young(Alphaville cover)
Sonic Youth - I Love You Golden Blue
Sonic Youth - Reena
Sonic Youth - Superstar (The Carpenters cover)
Sonik - Зима (Скорей бы лето!)
Sonik - Монолог Эдварда
Sonique - It Feel So Good
Sonique - Look at me
Sonique feat. Dj Sub - Sky (radio edit)
SONIX - Вернись ко мне опять