Список текстов и переводов песен - Страница 1116

The Tim Version - What Nothing Said
The Time - 777-9311
The Time - Cooking Class
The Time - Cool
The Time - Corporate World
The Time - Donald Trump (Black Version)
The Time - Donald Trump (Black Version) 2#
The Time - Get It Up
The Time - Gigolos Get Lonely Too
The Time - Girl
The Time - It's Your World
The Time - My Drawers
The Time - My Summertime Thang #3
The Time - Nine Lives
The Time - Oh, Baby
The Time - Pandemonium
The Time - Pretty Little Women
The Time - Shake!
The Time - The Character
The Time - The Oak Tree
The Time - The Stick
the time - we've lost
The Timelords - Doctorin' The Tardis
The Timetones - In My Heart
The Timewriter - Room of million rainbows
The Tin Lids - Alley Oop
The Tin Lids - Beat The Drums
The Tin Lids - Brachiosaurus
The Tin Lids - Dinosaur Roar
The Tin Lids - Swamp Stomp
The Tin Lids - Walk The Dinosaur
The Tin Thing - Shut up and let me go
The Tina Turner - Best
The Ting Things - That's Not My Name
The ting ting - Great DJ
The Ting Tings - Be The One
The Ting Tings - Be The One (Acoustic)
The Ting Tings - Day To Day
The Ting Tings - Dub Be Good To Me (acoustic cover)
The Ting Tings - Fruit Machine
The Ting Tings - Great DJ
The Ting Tings - Great DJ (Original Radio Edit)
The Ting Tings - Guggenheim
The Ting Tings - Hands
The Ting Tings - Happy Birthday
The Ting Tings - Impacilla Carpisung
The Ting Tings - Keep Your Head
The Ting Tings - One By One
The Ting Tings - Shut Up & Let Me Go
The Ting Tings - Shut up and let me go
The Ting Tings - Silence
The Ting Tings - Soul Killing
The Ting Tings - Standing In The Way Of Control
The Ting Tings - That's no my name
The Ting Tings - That's Not My Name
The Ting Tings - The Ting Tings - Great Dj
The Ting Tings - Traffic Light
The Ting Tings - We Started Nothing
The Ting Tings - We're Not The Same
The Tints - The City
The Tiny - Closer
The Tiny - Do You Want To
The Tiny - Don't
The Tiny - Everything Is Free
The Tiny - For Hallis
The Tiny - In My Back
The Tiny - Just Like You
The Tiny - Lake
The Tiny - No Money
The Tiny - Opened Up
The Tiny - They Say It's Weird
The Title - Last Song
The Title - Tearin' Up My Heart
The Title - Where You Are
The Title - Your Best, Your Last
The Toadies - Backslider
The Toadies - Dollskin
The Toadies - Don't Go My Way
The Toadies - Flash Ram
The Toadies - I Want Your Love
The Toadies - Not In Love
The Toadies - Possum Kingdom
The Toadies - Tyler
The Toadies - You'll Come Down
The Toadies - Your Day
The Toasters - Barney
The Toasters - Chuck Berry
The Toasters - Dancin'
The Toasters - Decision At Midnight
The Toasters - Dog Eat Dog
The Toasters - Don't Say Forever
The Toasters - Fire In My Soul
The Toasters - Hard Man Fe Dead
The Toasters - Havana (This Gun For Hire)
The Toasters - I'm Running Right Through The World
The Toasters - I'm Running Right Through The World
The Toasters - Keep On Going
The Toasters - Midnight Hour
The Toasters - Mona
The Toasters - No Respect
The Toasters - Paralyzed
The Toasters - Pool Shark
The Toasters - Properly
The Toasters - Razor Cut
The Toasters - Road To Rio
The Toasters - Roseanne
The Toasters - Run Rudy Run
The Toasters - Shocker!
The Toasters - Skafinger
The Toasters - Social Security
The Toasters - Speak Your Mind
The Toasters - Sweet Home Town Jamaica
The Toasters - Thrill Me Up
The Toasters - Underground Town
The Toasters - Weekend In L.A.
The Toasters - Woyay
The Toasters - You're Gonna Pay
The Tokens - A Thousand Miles Away
The Tokens - Don't Worry Baby
The Tokens - He's In Town
The Tokens - Rock And Roll Lullaby
The Tokens - The Lion Sleeps Tonight
The Tokens - The Lion Sleeps Tonight (The Lion Sleeps Tonight)
The Tokens - The Lion Sleeps Tonight In The Jungle
The Tokens - The lions sleep tonight
The Tokens - You're Nothing But A Girl
The Tolkien Ensemble - Namariё
The Tolkien Ensemble - Sam's Song in the Orc-tower
The Tolkien Ensemble - Song of Earendil
The Tolkien Ensemble - The Fall of Gil-Galad
The Tone - Relax
The Tone - Relax (Обалденный chill-out)
The Tone - Relax, Take It Easy (lounge version) (Mika's cover)
The Tone (it's not Mika, it's 80's) - Relax
The Tones - The First Dawning
The Tongue - Inheritance
The Tongue - The Punch
The Tontons - Leon
The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza - 12.21.12
The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza - Big Pun's Not Dead Because I Just Saw Him At The K
The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza - Cliff Burton Surprise
The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza - God Ain't Got No Use For No 180 Lb. Bag Of Sugar
The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza - I Am Sammy Jankis
The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza - The Lost & Damned
The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza - The Union
The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza - There's A Time And A Place For Everything
The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza - Vicky Mayhem
The Tony Furtado - Prisoner
The Toppers - Shine
The Toques - Breakdown
The Tornadoes - 05.Bustin' Surfboards (Pulp Fiction)
The Tossers - A Night On Earth
The Tossers - Claddagh
The Tossers - Dicey Riley
The Tossers - Everything's Bad
The Tossers - Finnegan's Wake
The Tossers - Late
The Tossers - Long Dim Road
The Tossers - Maidrin Rua / Tell Me Ma
The Tossers - Maidrin Rua / Tell Me Mae
The Tossers - Monday Morning
The Tossers - Not Forgotten
The Tossers - Out On The Road
The Tossers - Papers And Pins
The Tossers - Phoenix Park
The Tossers - Political Scum
The Tossers - Seven Cures
The Tossers - Seven Drunken Nights
The Tossers - The Ballad Of The Thoughtful Rover
The Tossers - The Parting Glass
The Tossers - The Valley Of The Shadow Of Death
The Tossers - Wedding
The Tossers - With The North Wind/here We Go Again
The Tossers - Young Ned Of The Hill
The Tough Alliance - A New Chance
The Tough Alliance - First Class Riot
the tough alliance - koka-kola veins
The Tough Alliance - Silly Crimes
The Tourists - Fools Paradise
The Town Pants - Breakfast With St. Swithin
The Town Pants - Fare Thee Well Inniskillen
The Town Pants - Johnson's Motorcar
The Town Pants - Monahan The Mutineer
The Town Pants - O'reilly's Daughter
The Town Pants - The Holy Ground
The Town Pants - The Weight Of Words
The Town Pants - Tim Finnegan's Wake
The Town Pants - Tim Finnigan's Wake
The Toy Dolls - Chenky Is A Puff
The Toy Dolls - Dig That Groove Baby
The Toy Dolls - I & m Gonna Be (500 Miles) [The Proclaimers Cover]
The Toy Dolls - James Bond Lives Down Our Street
The Toy Dolls - Livin' La Vida Loca(Ricky Martin Cover)
The Toy Dolls - Nelly The Elephant
The Toy Dolls - No One Knew The Real Emu
The Toy Dolls - Pot Belly Bill
The Toy Dolls - The Death Of Barry The Roofer With Vertigo
The Toy Dolls - The Final Countdown
The Toyes - Smoke Two Joints
The Toys - A Lover's Concerto
The Toys - Can't Get Enough Of You Baby
The Traceelords - Everything Is Just Perfect
The Traceelords - Mister Marple
The Traceelords - Sunflower
The Track Record - Absolute
The Track Record - Lazy Love
The Track Record - Letters To Summer
The Track Record - No Destination
The Track Record - Talk Radio
The Track Record - We Don't Remember Falling
The Track Team - Leaves from the Vine
The Tractors - The Santa Claus Boogie
The Tragically Hip - 38 Years Old
The Tragically Hip - Are We Family
The Tragically Hip - Bobcaygeon
The Tragically Hip - Boots or Hearts
The Tragically Hip - Born in The Water
The Tragically Hip - Bumblebee
The Tragically Hip - Coffee Girl
The Tragically Hip - Crack My Spine Like A Whip
The Tragically Hip - Don't Wake Daddy
The Tragically Hip - Emergency
The Tragically Hip - Fifty-mission Cap
The Tragically Hip - Fighter Fighter
The Tragically Hip - Fully Completely
The Tragically Hip - Goodnight Josephine
The Tragically Hip - Heart Attack Love
The Tragically Hip - Impossibilium
The Tragically Hip - In View
The Tragically Hip - Lake Fever
The Tragically Hip - Mean Streak
The Tragically Hip - Night Calls Out
The Tragically Hip - No Threat
The Tragically Hip - Not So Necessary
The Tragically Hip - Running For My Life
The Tragically Hip - Sharks
The Tragically Hip - She's Got What It Takes
The Tragically Hip - The Bear
The Tragically Hip - The Lonely End of the Rink
The Tragically Hip - Three Pistols
The Tragically Hip - Tiger The Lion
The Tragically Hip - Toronto Number 4
The Tragically Hip - Trickle Down
The Tragically Hip - Wheat Kings
The Tragically Hip - Wild Mountain Honey
The Traits' - Жизнь без правил
The Trammps - Disco Inferno
The Trammps - Disco Inferno OST Kingpin
The Trammps - Hold Back The Night
The Trammps - Shout
The Trammps - That's Where The Happy People Go
The Trammps - Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart
The Transit War - Hey! Is For Horses
The Transit War - Safety In The Air
the transplants - one seventeen
The Trap Door - Theme Song
The Trash Can Sinatras - Hayfever
The Trash Can Sinatras - You Made Me Feel
The Trashman - Bird Is A Word
The Trashman - Surfin Bird (OST Full Metal Jacket)
The Trashmen - A-Bone
The Trashmen - A-Well-A Bird, Bird, Bird, B-Bird & s the Word
The Trashmen - Bird Dance Beat
The Trashmen - Money
The Trashmen - Surfin & Bird
The Trashmen - Surfin & bird The Bird Is A Word
The Trashmen - Surfin' Bird
The Trashmen - Surfin' Bird (Bird Is The Word)
The Trashmen - Surfing Bird
The Trashmen - The Surfing Bird
The Trashmen -Surfin Bird - Surfin Bird
The Travel Agency - What's A Man
The Traveling Song - Alex On The Spot (Мадагаскар 2)
The Traveling Song - Madagascar 2: The Travelling Song
The Traveling Song - Мадагаскар 2
The Traveling Wilburys - 7 Deadly Sins
The Traveling Wilburys - Congratulations
The Traveling Wilburys - End Of The Line
The Traveling Wilburys - Handle With Care
The Traveling Wilburys - Inside Out
The Traveling Wilburys - Last Night
The Traveling Wilburys - Margarita
The Traveling Wilburys - Not Alone Anymore
The Traveling Wilburys - Poor House
The Traveling Wilburys - She's My Baby
The Traveling Wilburys - You Got It
The Traveling Wilburys - You Took My Breath Away
The Travelling Band - Only Waiting
The Travoltas - One-Der, One-Der
The Travoltas - You Got What I Need
The Trax - Blind
The Trax - Cold Hearted Man (Let You Go)
The Trax - Crazy
The Trax - Embrace My Soul
The Trax - End Of The World
The TRAX - Knife (Japanese Ver. )
The TRAX - Knife (Korean Ver.)
The Trax - Oh My Goddess
The Trax - Over The Rainbow
the TRAX - Over The Rainbow (K-Rock)
The TRAX - Over The Rainbow (Piano Version)
The Trax - Paradise
The Trax - Paradox
The Trax - Running My Way
The Trax - Rush
The Trax - Silent River
The Trax - Tears
the TRAX - Tears [Korean Ver]
The Trax - Tell Me Your Love
The Trax - Total Eclipse
The TRAX - yeong-hon-eul gam-ssa-an-a / Embrace One's Soul
The Tremeloes - A Very Good Year For Girls
The Tremeloes - Ain't Nothing But A Houseparty
The Tremeloes - Be Mine (Mi Seguirai)
The Tremeloes - By The Way
The Tremeloes - Candy Man
The Tremeloes - Come On Home
The Tremeloes - Do You Love Me?
The Tremeloes - En Tu Mundo (In Your Own World)
The Tremeloes - Even The Bad Times Are Good
The Tremeloes - Fa La La, La La, La Le
The Tremeloes - Good Day, Sunshine
The Tremeloes - Hello, Buddy
The Tremeloes - Hello, World
The Tremeloes - Here Comes My Baby
The Tremeloes - I Shall Be Released
The Tremeloes - I Will See You There
The Tremeloes - Michael, Row The Boat Ashore
The Tremeloes - My Little Lady
The Tremeloes - Once On A Sunday Morning
The Tremeloes - Rag Doll
The Tremeloes - Round And Round
The Tremeloes - Running Out
The Tremeloes - Silence Is Golden
The Tremeloes - Someone, Someone
The Tremeloes - Suddenly You Love Me
The Tremeloes - Why Can't You Love Me
The Tremeloes - Words
The Tremeloes - Yellow River
The Tremolo Beer Gut - Promise Ring
The Tremoloes - Hello Buddy
The Tremoloes - Me And My Life
The Tremoloes - My Little Lady
The Tremoloes - Silence Is Golden
The Tremors - The Beat Goes Off
The Tremors - Tremor Down Low
The Trevor Horn Orchestra - Istanbul (Not Constantinople)
The Trews - Can't Stop Laughing
The Trews - Cry
The Trews - Fire Up Ahead
The Trews - Got Myself To Blame
The Trews - I Can't Stop Laughing
The Trews - I Feel The Rain
The Trews - I'm Not Ready To Go
The Trews - Ishmael & Maggie
The Trews - Man Of Two Minds
The Trews - Rockin' The Cradle
The Trews - Stay With Me
The Trews - Sweetness
The Trews - Tired Of Waiting
The Trews - Why Bother
The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire - A Lesser Extent Of Self Destruction
The Triangles - Applejack
The Tribe - The Dream Must Stay Alive
The Tribute - In Case OF Emergency
The Tribute - With Love, Disaster
The Triffids - Ballad Of Jack Frost
The Triffids - Bottle Of Love
The Triffids - Bury Me Deep In Love
The Triffids - Chickenkiller
The Triffids - Clown Prince
The Triffids - Day Of My Ascension
The Triffids - Embedded
The Triffids - Estuary Bed
The Triffids - Good Fortune Rose
The Triffids - In The Pines
The Triffids - Inside Of Me
The Triffids - Kelly's Blues
The Triffids - Lonely Stretch
The Triffids - Monkey On My Back
The Triffids - Once A Day
The Triffids - One Soul Less On Your Fiery List
The Triffids - Only One Life
The Triffids - Open For You
The Triffids - Pack Up Your Troubles
The Triffids - Personal Things
The Triffids - Red Pony
The Triffids - Save What You Can
The Triffids - Stolen Property
The Triffids - Unmade Love
The Triffids - Wide Open Road
The Trigger Quintet - Kill Me Before I Die
The Triplets - You Don't Have To Go Home Tonight
The Troggs - 66-5-4-3-2-1
The Troggs - A Little Girl
The Troggs - Always Something There To Remind Me
The Troggs - Any Way That You Want Me
The Troggs - Bass For My Birthday
The Troggs - Come Now
The Troggs - Cousin Jane
The Troggs - Dust Bowl
The Troggs - Evil Woman
The Troggs - From Home
The Troggs - Girl In Black
The Troggs - Gonna Make You
The Troggs - Hi-hi Hazel
The Troggs - Hip Hip Hooray
The Troggs - Hot Days
The Troggs - I Can't Control Myself
The Troggs - I Just Sing
The Troggs - I Need You
The Troggs - I Want to Spend My Life With a Girl Like You
The Troggs - I Want You To Come Into My Life
The Troggs - It's Over
The Troggs - It's Too Late
The Troggs - Jaguar And Thunderbird
The Troggs - Jingle Jangle
The Troggs - Last Summer
The Troggs - Little Girl
The Troggs - Little Queenie
The Troggs - Lost Girl
The Troggs - Louie Louie
The Troggs - Love is all around
The Troggs - Mona
The Troggs - Night Of The Long Grass
The Troggs - No.10 Downing Street
The Troggs - Our Love Will Still Be There
The Troggs - Purple Shades
The Troggs - Satisfaction
The Troggs - Say Darlin'
The Troggs - Strange Movie
The Troggs - Summertime
The Troggs - The Kitty Cat Song
The Troggs - The Yella In Me
The Troggs - There's Something About You
The Troggs - Walking The Dog
The Troggs - What's Your Game
The Troggs - When I'm With You
The Troggs - When Will The Rain Come?
The Troggs - Wild Thing
The Troggs - With A Girl Like You
The Troggs - You Can't Beat It
The Troggs - Your Love
The Trophy Boyz - Du The Dudek
The Trouble - Dead and Gone
The trouble is - that you & re in love with someone else
The Troys - Dream On You
The Troys - Kiss My Sister
The Troys - What Do You Do
The Trucks - Messages
The Trucks - Zombie
The True Believers - True Believer
The Truth - Hidden
The Truth - The Edge Of Town
The Truth - Weapons Of Love
The Truth - Winterland
The Tryanglz - Burnin' in the Third Degree
The Tubes - A Matter Of Pride
The Tubes - Be Mine Tonight
The Tubes - Big Brother's Still Watching
The Tubes - Bora Bora 2000
The Tubes - Boy Crazy
The Tubes - Come As You Are
The Tubes - Crime Medley
The Tubes - Don't Touch Me There
The Tubes - Don't Want To Wait Anymore
The Tubes - Fastest Gun Alive
The Tubes - For A Song
The Tubes - Glass House
The Tubes - Golden Boy
The Tubes - Got Yourself A Deal
The Tubes - Mondo Bondage
The Tubes - Mr. Hate
The Tubes - No Not Again
The Tubes - No Way Out
The Tubes - One Good Reason
The Tubes - Only The Strong Survive
The Tubes - Power Tools
The Tubes - Prime Time
The Tubes - Say What You Want
The Tubes - She's A Beauty
The Tubes - She's A Beauty
The Tubes - Show Me A Reason
The Tubes - Smoke (La Vie En Fumer)
The Tubes - Space Baby
The Tubes - Talk To Ya Later
The Tubes - Think About Me
The Tubes - Tubes World Tour
The Tubes - Turn Me On
The Tubes - What Do You Want From Life?