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Pat Benatar - Precious Time
Pat Benatar - Rescue Me (From The Motion Picture Soundtrack 'Speed')
Pat Benatar - Run Between The Raindrops
Pat Benatar - Run Between The Raindrops (Live)
Pat Benatar - Shadows Of The Night
Pat Benatar - Shooting Star
Pat Benatar - Somebody's Baby
Pat Benatar - Suburban King
Pat Benatar - Suffer The Little Children/hell Is For Children (live)
Pat Benatar - Take It Any Way You Want It
Pat Benatar - Take It Anyway You Want It
Pat Benatar - The Effect You Have On Me
Pat Benatar - The Victim
Pat Benatar - Total Eclipse of the Heart
Pat Benatar - Tradin Down
Pat Benatar - Treat Me Right
Pat Benatar - True Love
Pat Benatar - We are young
Pat Benatar - We Belong
Pat Benatar - Wuthering Heights
Pat Benetar - Hell Is For Children
Pat Boon - Autumn Leaves (Joseph Cosma / Johnny Mercer)
Pat Boone - A Wonderful Time up There
Pat Boone - Ain't That A Shame
Pat Boone - Anastasia
Pat Boone - April Love
Pat Boone - Autumn Leaves
Pat Boone - Beach Girl
Pat Boone - Bernadine
Pat Boone - Big Cold Wind
Pat Boone - Candy Sweet
Pat Boone - Cherie, I Love You
Pat Boone - Dear John
Pat Boone - Deep Purple
Pat Boone - Don't Forbid me
Pat Boone - First Noel
Pat Boone - Fool's Hall Of Fame
Pat Boone - For a Penny
Pat Boone - Friendly Persuasion (thee i Love)
Pat Boone - Gee Whittakers
Pat Boone - Gee, But It's Lonely
Pat Boone - Good Rockin' Tonight
Pat Boone - I Almost Lost my Mind
Pat Boone - I'll be Home
Pat Boone - I'll Remember Tonight
Pat Boone - I'll See You In My Dreams
Pat Boone - I'm In Love With You
Pat Boone - I'm Waiting Just For You
Pat Boone - If Dreams Came True
Pat Boone - It's Too Soon To Know
Pat Boone - Jingle Bells
Pat Boone - Johnny Will
Pat Boone - July You're A Woman
Pat Boone - Long Tall Sally
Pat Boone - Love Hurts
Pat Boone - Love Letters In The Sand
Pat Boone - Moody River
Pat Boone - Mr. Blue
Pat Boone - No Other Arms
Pat Boone - Pictures In The Fire
Pat Boone - Remember You're Mine
Pat Boone - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
Pat Boone - Smoke On The Water
Pat Boone - Spring Rain
Pat Boone - Sugar Moon
Pat Boone - Ten Lonely Guys
Pat Boone - That's How Much I Love You
Pat Boone - The Exodus Song
Pat Boone - There's A Gold Mine In The Sky
Pat Boone - Twixt Twelve And Twenty
Pat Boone - Two Hearts
Pat Boone - Walking The Floor Over You
Pat Boone - When The Swallows Come Back To Capistrano
Pat Boone - Wish You Were Here, Buddy
Pat Boone - With The Wind And Rain In Your Hair
Pat Boone - With The Wind And The Rain in Your Hair
Pat Boone - Words
Pat Carroll - Poor Unfortunate Souls
Pat Carroll (м/ф Русалочка - песня ведьмы) - Poor Unfortunate Souls {From the Little Mermaid}
Pat D'Angelo - Tell Me How
Pat Green - 3 Days
Pat Green - Baby Doll
Pat Green - Bottle
Pat Green - Crazy
Pat Green - Dixie Lullaby
Pat Green - Don't Break My Heart
Pat Green - Family Man
Pat Green - Feeling Pretty Good Tonight
Pat Green - Feels Just Like It Should
Pat Green - I'm Tired
Pat Green - I'm Trying To Find It
Pat Green - If I Had A Million
Pat Green - In it for the money
Pat Green - In The Middle Of The Night
Pat Green - John Wayne & Jesus
Pat Green - John Wayne And Jesus
Pat Green - Let Me
Pat Green - Long Way To Go (Headed Home)
Pat Green - Lost Without You
Pat Green - Lucky
Pat Green - One Thing
Pat Green - Snowing On Raton
Pat Green - Somewhere Between Texas And Mexico
Pat Green - Songs About Texas
Pat Green - Sweet Revenge
Pat Green - Take Me Out To A Dancehall
Pat Green - Temporary Angel
Pat Green - Three Days
Pat Green - Virginia Belle
Pat Green - Washington Ave
Pat Green - Wave On Wave
Pat Green - Way Back Texas
Pat Green - We've All Got Our Reasons
Pat Green - When Winter Comes To Town
Pat Green - Who's To Say
Pat Green - Winter Wonderland
Pat Hervey - Pain (RCA Victor PCS/PC-1021)
Pat Kelly - How Long (will it Take)
Pat Kelly - Somebody's Baby
Pat Kelly - That Special One
Pat Kelly - Where Music i go
Pat Maine - People I Claim
Pat Maine - Woe
Pat Mccurdy - I'll Get Over You
Pat Mccurdy - Practically Out Of My Mind
Pat Mcgee - Annabel
Pat Mcgee - Beautiful Ways
Pat McGee - Can't Miss What You Never Had
Pat Mcgee - Don't Give Up
Pat Mcgee - Gibby
Pat Mcgee - Must Have Been Love
Pat Mcgee - Never Around
Pat McGee - On Your Way Out Of Here
Pat Mcgee Band - All Around Us
Pat Mcgee Band - Anybody
Pat Mcgee Band - Girl From Athens
Pat Mcgee Band - Haven't Seen For A While
Pat Mcgee Band - Identity
Pat Mcgee Band - Minute
Pat Mcgee Band - Never Around
Pat Mcgee Band - Shine
Pat Mcgee Band - Straight Curve
Pat Mcgee Band - Sweet Melissa
Pat Mcgee Band - The Story
Pat Mcgee Band - Wonderful
Pat Mcgee Band - You And I
Pat Mcgee Band - You And I (acoustic)
Pat Metheny - America
Pat Metheny - Dream Of The Return
Pat Metheny - Third Stone From The Sun
Pat Metheny "Secret Story" - Above The Treetops
Pat Metheny "Secret Story" - Always And Forever
Pat Metheny "Secret Story" - Antonia
Pat Metheny "Secret Story" - Rain River
Pat Metheny "Secret Story" - The Truth Will Always Be
Pat Metheny & Dominic Miller - Shape Of My Heart
Pat Metheny & Lyle Mays - It's For You
Pat Metheny Group - Mas Alla (Beyond)
Pat Metheny Group - San Lorenzo
Pat Monahan - Always Midnight
Pat Monahan - Girlfriend
Pat Monahan - Great Escape
Pat Monahan - Ooh My My
Pat Monahan - Pirate On The Run
Pat Monahan - Raise Your Hands
Pat Monahan - Shine
Pat Monahan - Thinkin Bout You
Pat Monahan - Two Ways To Say Goodbye
Pat Travers - Boom Boom (Out Go The Lights)
Pat Travers - Born Under A Bad Sign
Pat Travers - Calling Card Blues
Pat Travers - Crash And Burn
Pat Travers - I La La La Love You
Pat Travers - Ice Queen
Pat Travers - Just Enough Money
Pat Travers - La La La Love You
Pat Travers - Play It Like You See It
Pat Travers - Rock N Roll Susie
Pat Travers - Snortin Whiskey, Drinkin Cocaine
Pat Travers - Snortin' Whiskey
Pat Wilson - Bop Girl
Pata Negra - Pasa La Vida
Patachou - J'Ai Rendez-Vous Avec Vous
Patachou - Le Bricoleur
Patachou - Le Chaland Qui Passe
Patachou - Le Mariage D'Angèle
Patachou - Maman, Papa
Patachou - Nini-Peau-D'chien
Patachou - Sous Les Ponts De Paris
Patapon - из игры - "pon pon pata pon" :)
Patchwork Grace - Nancy
Patcy Cline - Crazy
Pate De Fua - La Cancion Del Linyera
Patenbrigade - Wolff:Gefahrstoffe
Patent Ochsner - Ave Verum Corpus
Patent Ochsner - Chäuer
Patent Ochsner - Companero
Patent Ochsner - Domino
Patent Ochsner - Globetrotter
Patent Ochsner - I Ha Letscht Nacht E Troum Gha
Patent Ochsner - Ludmilla
Patent Ochsner - Niemer Im Nt
Patent Ochsner - Scharlachrot
Patent Ochsner - Schlammschlacht
Patent Ochsner - Seemanns Wärmuet
Patent Ochsner - Vohinger & Vovor
Patent Ochsner - Wysses Papier
Patent Pending - Bad News Bear
Patent Pending - Blind Stare
Patent Pending - Dance Till We Die
Patent Pending - Drop The Chalupa
Patent Pending - It's All On Me
Patent Pending - Lights Out In Mississippi
Patent Pending - One Less Heart To Break
Patent Pending - Red Martians
Patent Pending - Set The Sun On Fire
Patent Pending - She's A Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas
Patent Pending - Sixty-Seven Dollars And No Sense
Patent Pending - Sweet Tooth
Patent Pending - The L-Town Shakedown
Patent Pending - The Website Is Under Construction
Patent Pending - Tipperary
Patent Pending - Yellow Snow
Pater Moeskroen - Hela Hola
Path Of No Return - Black Nights Coming
Path Of No Return - Face Of Angels
Path Of No Return - Holocaust
Path Of Resistance - At Full Strength
Path Of Resistance - Blood Trail
Path Of Resistance - Fallen Prey
Path Of Resistance - In Honor's Name
Path Of Resistance - See The Damage
Pathfinder - Beyond The Space, Beyond The Time
Pathfinder - Pathway To The Moon
Pathfinder - Undiscovered Dreams
Pathogen - Beyond Repent
Pathogen - Bleeding Eye
Pathogen - Fallen Kind
Pathogen - Warchild
Pathologist - Cadavers In Medical Jurisprudence
Pathology - A Perverse Existence
Pathology - Afterlife
Pathology - Among Giants
Pathology - Code Injection
Pathology - Creation Of Mass Destruction
Pathology - Cyst Excise
Pathology - Impious Brain Donor
Pathology - Legacy Of The Ancients
Pathology - Opposing Globalization
Pathology - The Extinction Of Flesh
Pathology - Tower Of Babel
Pathology - Zodiac Principles
Pathos - Borrowed Time
Pathos - Innerspace
Pathos - Rest Your Mind
Pathos - Time To Act
Pathos - Torn
Pathos - Transform
Pathos - Upstream
Pathos - Wake Up Call
Paths Of Possession - Darklands
Pathway To Providence - Good, Bad, I'm The Guy With The Gun
Pathway To Providence - Mess Wit The Fro,you Gotta Go
Pati Yang - 1986
Pati Yang - Air Stands Still
Pati Yang - All That Is Thirst
Pati Yang - All thats is thirst
Pati Yang - Giant cat woman
Pati Yang - Jaszczurka
Pati Yang - Over
Pati Yang - Pretty Fin
Pati Yang - Reverse The Day
Pati Yang - Si
Pati Yang - Soul for me
Pati Yang - Summer Of Tears
Pati Yang - The Boy In Your Eyes
pati yang - underlegend
Pati Yang - Underlegend (1998)
Pati Yang - Unquiet
Patience & Prudence - A Smile and a Ribbon (1956 )
Patience & Prudence - Gonna Get Along Without Ya Now
Patience & Prudence - The Money Tree
Patience & Prudence - Tonight You Belong To Me
Patience And Prudence - A Smile And A Ribbon
Patience And Prudence - Tonight You Belong To Me
Patience, Patients - 6 24 05
Patience, Patients - Miss Hollywood
Patients - Mind Ur Manners
Patito Feo - Alma De Fuego
Patito Feo - Amor
Patito Feo - Aqui Mandan Euge Y Brenda!!
Patito Feo - Cuando Pienso En Ti
Patito Feo - Estoy Enamorada
Patito Feo - Fiesta
Patito Feo - Grupo 2
Patito Feo - Las Caspitas
Patito Feo - Las Divinas
Patito Feo - Las Jaguares!!
Patito Feo - Llenos De Sol
Patito Feo - No Importo
Patito Feo - Patito Feo
Patito Feo - Quiero , Quiero Bailar
Patito Feo - Quiero Mas Respeto
Patito Feo - Si Y No
Patito Feo - Sueño De Amor
Patito Feo - Tarde De Otoño
Patito Feo - Un Beso Para Mi
Patito Feo - Un poco mas
Patito Feo - Yo Soy Lo Mas Cool!
Pato Banton - Baby Come Back
Pato Banton - Bad Man And Woman (New Version)
Pato Banton - Don't Sniff Coke
Pato Banton - Go Pato
Pato Banton - Legalize It!
Pato Banton - Life Is A Miracle
Pato Banton - My Opinion
Pato Banton - My Opinion pt III
Pato Banton - Roots, Rock, Reggae
Pato Banton - Tudo De Bom
Pato Fu - A Hora Da Estrela
Pato Fu - A Volta Do Boêmio
Pato Fu - Ando Meio Desligado
Pato Fu - Boa Noite
Pato Fu - Boa Noite Brasil
Pato Fu - Canção Pra Você Viver Mais
Pato Fu - Dentro/fora
Pato Fu - E O Vento Levou
Pato Fu - Eu
Pato Fu - Eu Sou O Umbigo Do Mundo
Pato Fu - G.R.E.S.
Pato Fu - Mamã Papá
Pato Fu - Me Explica
Pato Fu - Meu Pai, Meu Irmão
Pato Fu - Morto
Pato Fu - My Girl
Pato Fu - Ninguém
Pato Fu - O Prato Do Dia
Pato Fu - Onofle
Pato Fu - Pato - Alla Vill
Pato Fu - Perdendo Dentes
Pato Fu - Pinga
Pato Fu - Porque Te Vas
Pato Fu - Simplicidade
Pato Fu - Ska
Pato Fu - Tudo
Pato Fu - Tudo Vai Ficar Bem
Pato Fu - Twiggy Twiggy
Pato Fu - Vida Imbecil
Patra - Pull Up To The Bumper
Patriarchs - Emerge
Patrica Kaas - Mon Mec a Moi
Patrice - Ain't Got No (I Got Life)
Patrice - Another One
Patrice - Blue Overtones
Patrice - Clouds
Patrice - Do Things To You
Patrice - Don't Cry
Patrice - Dove Of Peace
Patrice - Everyday Good
Patrice - Have You Seen It?
Patrice - Head To Toe
Patrice - How Do You Call It
Patrice - I'll Be Near
Patrice - It Hurts To Be Alone
Patrice - Jah Jah Deh Deh
Patrice - Jesus
Patrice - Kingfish
Patrice - Life Hard
Patrice - Murderer
Patrice - My Place
Patrice - New Day
Patrice - Nobody Else's
Patrice - Praise His Name
Patrice - Queens
Patrice - Shine On My Way
Patrice - Slave To The River
Patrice - Soulstorm
Patrice - Sunshine
Patrice - Ten Man Down
Patrice - The Maker
Patrice - There Goes Another One
Patrice - Thought I knew
Patrice - Town
Patrice - Uncried
Patrice - Up In My Room
Patrice - Walking Alone
Patrice - Where Do We Go Wrong
Patrice - Wiggle & Rock
Patrice - Wonder (Shinin' On)
Patrice - You Always You
Patrice Pike - All My Love
Patrice Rushen - Feels So Real (Won't Let Go)
Patrice Rushen - Forget Me Nots
Patrice Rushen - Forget Me Nots (Longe version)
Patrice Rushen - Hang it up ( Fahrenheit OST )
Patrice Rushen - Haven't You Heard
Patrice Rushen - Settle For My Love
Patrice Rushen - Watch Out
Patrice Rushen - Where There Is Love
Patricia Barber - Autumn Leaves
Patricia Barber - Bye Bye Blackbird
Patricia Barber - C'est Magnifique
Patricia Barber - Easy To Love
Patricia Barber - Get Out Of Town
Patricia Barber - I Wait For Late Afternoon And You
Patricia Barber - Icarus
Patricia Barber - Just One Of Those Things
Patricia Barber - Laura
Patricia Barber - Narcissus
Patricia Barber - Ode To Billy Joe
Patricia Barber - Persephone
Patricia Barber - Snow
Patricia Barber - Summer Samba
Patricia Barber - The Thrill Is Gone
Patricia Barber - Too Rich For My Blood
Patricia Barber - Touch Of Trash
Patricia Barber - You Don't Know Me
Patrícia Candoso - Love So Deep
Patricia Carli - JAi Besoin De Toi
Patricia Carli - Je Suis À Toi
Patricia Carli - LAmour En Cage
Patricia Carli - Le Lion
Patricia Carli - LHomme Sur La Plage
Patricia Carli - Nous, On SAime
Patricia Carli - Qu'elle Est Belle Cette Nuit
Patricia Carli - Trois Fois Rien
Patricia Dahlquist - Keep Our Love Alive
Patricia Kaas - Ain't No Way
Patricia Kaas - Ain't No Sunshine
Patricia Kaas - And Now... Ladies And Gentlemen (Générique)
Patricia Kaas - Autumn Leaves (Les Feuilles Mortes)
Patricia Kaas - Autums leaves
Patricia Kaas - Avec le temps
Patricia Kaas - Bessie
Patricia Kaas - Black Coffee (Album Version)
Patricia Kaas - Ceux Qui N'Ont Rien
Patricia Kaas - Chanson D & amour Pas Finie
Patricia Kaas - Chanson Simple
Patricia Kaas - Coeurs Brisés
Patricia Kaas - D'allemagne
Patricia Kaas - D'Allemagne [2001 - Rien Ne Sarrete]
Patricia Kaas - Dans Ma Chair
Patricia Kaas - Des Mensonges En Musique
Patricia Kaas - Et je m'en veux
Patricia Kaas - Et s'il fallait le faire ("И если нужно это сделать")
Patricia Kaas - Et s`il fallait le faire (Eurovision 2009 France)
Patricia Kaas - Falling In Love Again
Patricia Kaas - Fatiguee D & attendre
Patricia Kaas - Fatiguée D'Attendre
Patricia Kaas - Ganz Und Gar
Patricia Kaas - Gentleman Cambrioleur
Patricia Kaas - Hotel Normandie
Patricia Kaas - I Wish You Love ( Мой лучший любовник )
Patricia Kaas - I Wish You Love (Que Reste-T-Il De Nos Amours?)
Patricia Kaas - If You Go Away
Patricia Kaas - If You Go Away ( если ты уйдешь )
Patricia Kaas - If You Go Away (Ne me quitte pas) "Если ты уйдешь…"
Patricia Kaas - If You Go Away Remix
Patricia Kaas - If you stay I'll make you a day Like no day has been
Patricia Kaas - J'Ai Tout Quitté Pour Toi
Patricia Kaas - J'en Tremblerai Encore
Patricia Kaas - Je Maudis
Patricia Kaas - Je Me Souviens De Rien
Patricia Kaas - Je Ne Veux Plus Te Pardonner