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Patsy Cline - Have You Ever Been Lonely
Patsy Cline - He Called Me Baby
Patsy Cline - He Will Do For You
Patsy Cline - Heartaches
Patsy Cline - Hidin' Out
Patsy Cline - How Can I Face Tomorrow
Patsy Cline - I Can See An Angel
Patsy Cline - I Can't Help It
Patsy Cline - I Don't Wanna
Patsy Cline - I Fall to Pieces
Patsy Cline - I Go To Church On Sunday
Patsy Cline - I Love You So Much
Patsy Cline - I Love You So Much It Hurts
Patsy Cline - I Love You, Honey
Patsy Cline - I've got your picture (She's got you)
Patsy Cline - I'm Blue Again
Patsy Cline - I'm Hungry, Hungry For Your Love
Patsy Cline - I'm Moving Along
Patsy Cline - I've Got Your Picture
Patsy Cline - I've Loved And Lost Again
Patsy Cline - If I Could Only Stay Asleep
Patsy Cline - If I Could See The World (Through The Eyes Of A Ch
Patsy Cline - If I Could See The World (Through The Eyes Of A Child)
Patsy Cline - Imagine That
Patsy Cline - In Care Of The Blues
Patsy Cline - It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels (Radio Transcription)
Patsy Cline - I`ve got your picture, she`s got you
Patsy Cline - Just A Closer Walk With Thee
Patsy Cline - Leavin' On Your Mind
Patsy Cline - Leavin' On Your Mind (Radio Transcription)
Patsy Cline - Let The Teardrops Fall
Patsy Cline - Life's Railway To Heaven
Patsy Cline - Loose Talk
Patsy Cline - Love, Love, Love Me Honey Do
Patsy Cline - Lovesick Blues
Patsy Cline - Lovin' In Vain
Patsy Cline - Never No More
Patsy Cline - Pick Me Up On Your Way Down
Patsy Cline - Poor Man's Roses
Patsy Cline - San Antonio Rose (Intermission)
Patsy Cline - She's Got You
Patsy Cline - Shes Got You
Patsy Cline - So Wrong
Patsy Cline - Someday
Patsy Cline - Someday (You'll Want Me To Love You)
Patsy Cline - Stand By Your Man
Patsy Cline - Stop The World
Patsy Cline - Stop The World And Let Me Off
Patsy Cline - Stop, Look And Listen
Patsy Cline - Strange
Patsy Cline - Stupid Cupid
Patsy Cline - Sweet Dreams
Patsy Cline - Sweet Dreams Of You
Patsy Cline - Tennessee Waltz
Patsy Cline - That Wonderful Someone
Patsy Cline - That's How Much I Love You
Patsy Cline - The Man Upstairs
Patsy Cline - Three Cigarettes in an Ashtray
Patsy Cline - Three Cigarettes In The Ashtray
Patsy Cline - Today, Tomorrow, And Forever
Patsy Cline - True Love
Patsy Cline - Try Again
Patsy Cline - Turn The Cards Slowly
Patsy Cline - Walkin After Midnight
Patsy Cline - Walkin' After Midnight
Patsy Cline - Walkin' Dream
Patsy Cline - Walking After Midnight
Patsy Cline - When I Get Through With You (You'll Love Me Too) [
Patsy Cline - When I Get Thru With You
Patsy Cline - When I Get Thru With You (You'll Love Me Too)
Patsy Cline - When You Need A Laugh
Patsy Cline - Why Can't he be You
Patsy Cline - Yes, I Understand
Patsy Cline - You Belong To Me
Patsy Cline - You Made Me Love You
Patsy Cline - You Took Him Off My Hands
Patsy Cline - You Were Only Fooling
Patsy Cline - You're Stronger Than me
Patsy Gallant - Are You Ready For Love
Patsy Gallant - Best Of The Woman In Me
Patsy Gallant - Sugar Daddy
Patterson Hood - Back Of A Bible
Patterson Hood - Come Back Little Star
Patterson Hood - Frances Farmer
Patterson Hood - Granddaddy
Patterson Hood - I Understand Now
Patti Austin - Ability To Swing
Patti Austin - Any Other Fool
Patti Austin - Baby Come To Me
Patti Austin - Captivated
Patti Austin - Every Home Should Have One
Patti Austin - Givin' In To Love
Patti Austin - How High The Moon
Patti Austin - I Will Remember You
Patti Austin - If I Believe
Patti Austin - If I Believed
Patti Austin - In And Out Of Love
Patti Austin - In My Life
Patti Austin - It Might Be You
Patti Austin - It's Gonna Be Special
Patti Austin - Lean On Me
Patti Austin - Leaving Yesterday Behind
Patti Austin - Let Me Be Me
Patti Austin - Say You Love Me
Patti Austin - Smoke Get In Your Eyes
Patti Austin - Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
Patti Austin - Stars In Your Eyes
Patti Austin - That Secret Place
Patti Austin - That's Enough For Me
Patti Austin - The Girl Who Used To Be Me
Patti Austin - The Look of Love
Patti Austin - The Man I Love
Patti Austin - Through The Test Of Time
Patti Austin - We're In Love
Patti Austin & James Ingram - Baby Come To Me (1983)
Patti Austin & James Ingram - Baby, Come To Me
Patti Austin & James Ingram - How Do You Keep The Music Playing
Patti Austin & James Ingram - Patti Austin W/ James Ingram - Baby Come To Me
Patti Austin and James Ingram - Baby Come To Me
Patti Casey - A Willing Heart
Patti Drew - Fever
Patti Drew - Hard To Handle
Patti Labelle - 2 Steps Away
Patti Labelle - Addicted To You
Patti Labelle - Ain't No Way
Patti Labelle - Can't Bring Me Down
Patti Labelle - Come As You Are
Patti LaBelle - Crazy Love
Patti Labelle - Didn't I (Blow Your Mind This Time)
Patti Labelle - Don't Block The Blessings
Patti LaBelle - Feels Like Another One
Patti Labelle - Gotta Go Solo
Patti Labelle - I Believe I Can Fly
Patti Labelle - I Don't Go Shopping
Patti Labelle - I Hear Your Voice
Patti Labelle - I Like The Way It Feels
Patti Labelle - I Sold My Heart To The Junkman
Patti Labelle - I Write A Song
Patti Labelle - I'll Still Love You More
Patti Labelle - If You Asked Me To
Patti Labelle - If You Only Knew - Single Version
Patti Labelle - Isn't It A Shame
Patti Labelle - It's Going To Be A Merry Christmas
Patti Labelle - Kiss Away The Pain
Patti Labelle - Lady & Marmalade
Patti LaBelle - Little Girls
Patti LaBelle - Look To The Rainbow
Patti Labelle - Love Will Lead You Back
Patti Labelle - Love, Need And Want You
Patti LaBelle - Lover Man
Patti Labelle - Lover Man (Oh Where Can He Be?)
Patti Labelle - MM, MM, MM
Patti Labelle - More Than Material
Patti LaBelle - My Love, Sweet Love
Patti Labelle - Nothing Could Be Better
Patti LaBelle - O Holy Night
Patti Labelle - Oh People
Patti Labelle - On My Own
Patti Labelle - Over The Rainbow
Patti Labelle - Release Yourself
Patti LaBelle - Shoot Him On Sight
Patti LaBelle - Somebody Loves You Baby '91
Patti Labelle - Somebody Loves You Baby (You Know Who It Is)
Patti Labelle - SOMETHING MORE
Patti Labelle - Something Special (Is Gonna Happen Tonight)
Patti Labelle - SOMETIMES LOVE
Patti Labelle - Somewhere Over The Rainbow
Patti Labelle - Stay In My Corner
Patti Labelle - Stir It Up
Patti Labelle - T'was Love
Patti LaBelle - The Best Is Yet To Come - Grover Washington, JrWith Patti Labelle
Patti Labelle - The Right Kinda Lover
Patti Labelle - The Voice Inside My Heart
Patti Labelle - Way Up There
Patti Labelle - When A Woman Loves
Patti Labelle - When You Smile
Patti Labelle - When You Smile - Sheila E.
Patti Labelle - When You've Been Blessed
Patti Labelle - When You've Been Blessed (Feels Like Heaven)
Patti Labelle - Why Do We Hurt Each Other
Patti Labelle - You Are My Friend
Patti Labelle - You Are My Solid Ground
Patti Labelle - You Saved My Life
Patti LaBelle - You Turn Me On
Patti Labelle - You'll Never Walk Alone
Patti Labelle - You're Gonna Make Me Love Someone Else
Patti Labelle & Joss Stone - Stir It Up
Patti LaBelle And Michael McDonald - On My Own
Patti Labelle, Yolanda Adams & Fantasia Barrino - I Wish
Patti LuPone - A New Argentina
Patti Lupone - Don't Cry For Me Argentina
Patti LuPone - Everything's Coming Up Roses
Patti LuPone - Poor Thing
Patti LuPone - Rose's Turn
Patti LuPone - Some People
Patti Page - Allegheny Moon
Patti Page - Am I That Easy To Forget
Patti Page - Amazing Grace
Patti Page - Changing Partners
Patti Page - Croce Di Oro
Patti Page - Cross Over The Bridge
Patti Page - Doggie In The Window
Patti Page - Every Time (I Feel His Spirit)
Patti Page - Gentle On My Mind
Patti Page - Go On With The Wedding
Patti Page - I Didn't Know About You
Patti Page - I Went To Your Wedding
Patti Page - I Wish I'd Never Been Born
Patti Page - I'll Remember Today
Patti Page - It's A Sin To Tell A Lie
Patti Page - Left Right Out Of Your Heart
Patti Page - Left Right Out Of Your Heart (Hi Lee Hi Lo Hi Lup
Patti Page - Little Green Apples
Patti Page - Love Letters
Patti Page - Mama From The Train
Patti Page - Mockin' Bird Hill
Patti Page - Mom And Dad's Waltz
Patti Page - Moon River
Patti Page - Old Cape Cod
Patti Page - Old Cape Cod (Groove Armada - At The River)
Patti Page - Poor Man's Roses
Patti Page - Repeat After Me
Patti Page - Tennessee Waltz (1950)
Patti Page - The Boys' Night Out
Patti Page - The Tennessee Waltz
Patti Page - Till We Meet Again
Patti Page - Try To Remember
Patti Page - Two Thousand, Two Hundred, Twenty-Three Miles
Patti page - We wish you a merry christmas
Patti Page - What A Dream
Patti Page - Why Don't You Believe Me
Patti Page - Would I Love You (Love You, Love You)
Patti Page - You Belong To Me
Patti Page - You Can't Be True, Dear
Patti Rothberg - Forgive Me
Patti Scialfa - As Long As I (Can Be With You)
Patti Scialfa - Baby Don't
Patti Scialfa - Charm Light
Patti Scialfa - Each Other's Medicine
Patti Scialfa - Lucky Girl
Patti Scialfa - Romeo
Patti Scialfa - Rumble Doll
Patti Scialfa - Valerie
Patti Scialfa - You Can't Go Back
Patti Smith - 1959
Patti Smith - About A Boy
Patti Smith - After The Gold Rush
Patti Smith - Ain't It Strange
Patti Smith - April Fool
Patti Smith - As The Night Goes By
Patti Smith - Ask The Angels
Patti Smith - Baby, It & s You
Patti Smith - Banga
Patti Smith - Beneath The Southern Cross
Patti Smith - Boy Cried Wolf
Patti Smith - Cartwheels
Patti Smith - Changing Of The Guards
Patti Smith - Changing Of The Guards (Bob Dylan Cover)
Patti Smith - China Bird
Patti Smith - Citizen Ship
Patti Smith - Constantine's Dream
Patti Smith - Dancing Barefoot
Patti Smith - Dancing Barefoot oh god I fell for you . .
Patti Smith - Dead To The World
Patti Smith - Death Singing
Patti Smith - Distant Fingers
Patti Smith - Dream Of Life
Patti Smith - Everybody Hurts
Patti Smith - Everybody Wants To Rule The World
Patti Smith - Fire Of Unknown Origin
Patti Smith - Fireflies
Patti Smith - Frederick
Patti Smith - Free Money
Patti Smith - Fuji-San
Patti Smith - Ghost Dance
Patti Smith - Gloria
Patti Smith - Gloria (Радио "Культура")
Patti Smith - Gloria: In Excelsis Deo/Gloria
Patti Smith - Going Under
Patti Smith - Gone Again
Patti Smith - Grateful
Patti Smith - Gung Ho
Patti Smith - Helpless
Patti Smith - Hey Joe
Patti Smith - Hey Joe (Version)
Patti Smith - High On Rebellion
Patti Smith - It Takes Time
Patti Smith - Jubilee
Patti Smith - Kimberly
Patti Smith - Land
Patti Smith - Libbie's Song
Patti Smith - Look At What Love Has Done
Patti Smith - Looking For You
Patti Smith - Looking For You (I Was)
Patti Smith - Maria
Patti Smith - Memento Mori
Patti Smith - Memorial Tribute
Patti Smith - Midnight Rider
Patti Smith - Mosaic
Patti Smith - Mother Rose
Patti Smith - My Blakean Year
Patti Smith - My Blakean Year (Радио "Культура")
Patti Smith - My Madrigal
Patti Smith - Nine
Patti Smith - No Mistakes
Patti Smith - Notes To The Future
Patti Smith - One Voice
Patti Smith - Pastime Paradise
Patti Smith - Pastime Paradise ( Stevie Wonder cover )
Patti Smith - Paths That Cross
Patti Smith - People Have The Power
Patti Smith - Pumping
Patti Smith - Pumping (My Heart)
Patti Smith - Ravens
Patti Smith - Redondo Beach
Patti Smith - Revenge
Patti Smith - Seneca
Patti Smith - Smells Like Teen Spirit
Patti Smith - Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana cover )
Patti Smith - So You Wanna Be
Patti Smith - So You Want To Be
Patti Smith - Somalia
Patti Smith - Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough
Patti Smith - Soul Kitchen
Patti Smith - The Jackson Song
Patti Smith - This Is The Girl
Patti Smith - Trampin'
Patti Smith - Trespasses
Patti Smith - Until The End Of The World
Patti Smith - Up There Down There
Patti Smith - Waiting Underground
Patti Smith - Walkin Blind
Patti Smith - Wave
Patti Smith - We Three
Patti Smith - We Three Kings
Patti Smith - We're Gonna Have a Real Good Time Together (Live)
Patti Smith - When Doves Cry
Patti Smith - Whirl Away
Patti Smith - Wild Leaves
Patti Smith - Wing
Patti Smith - Wish I Were You
Patti Smith - Within You Without You
Patti Smith & Земфира - Everybody Hurts (Live)
Patti Smith And Fred Smith - It Takes Time
Patti Smith Group - Dancing Barefoot
Patti Smith Group - So You Want To Be (A Rock 'n Roll Star)
Patto - Give It All Away
Patto - Government Man
Patto - Hanging Rope
Patto - Magic Door
Patto - Money Bag
Patto - San Antone
Patto - See You At The Dance Tonight
Patto - Sittin' Back Easy
Patto - Tell Me Where You've Been
Patto - The Man
Patto - Time To Die
Patty Andrews - Suddenly There's A Valley
Patty Boyd & Demis Roussos - Summerwine
Patty Bravo - La Bambola
Patty Duke - Don't Just Stand There
Patty Griffin - A Place To Stand
Patty Griffin - All Creatures Of Our God And King
Patty Griffin - All The Rain
Patty Griffin - Ballad Of Gary Gilmore
Patty Griffin - Be Careful
Patty Griffin - Blue Sky
Patty Griffin - Boston
Patty Griffin - Carry Me
Patty Griffin - Cat's Out Of The Bag
Patty Griffin - Christina
Patty Griffin - Clap Hands
Patty Griffin - Cold As It Gets
Patty Griffin - Coming Home To Me
Patty Griffin - Copenhagen
Patty Griffin - Crazy
Patty Griffin - Driving
Patty Griffin - Every Little Bit
Patty Griffin - Faded Love
Patty Griffin - Fatigue D'attendre
Patty Griffin - Florida
Patty Griffin - Fly Away
Patty Griffin - Forgiveness
Patty Griffin - Free
Patty Griffin - Heavenly Day
Patty Griffin - Holy Water
Patty Griffin - I Am Not A Bad Man
Patty Griffin - I Flew Over Our House Last Night
Patty Griffin - I Smell A Rat
Patty Griffin - I Write The Book
Patty Griffin - I'm Gonna Miss You When You're Gone
Patty Griffin - Impossible Dream
Patty Griffin - Kite
Patty Griffin - Let Your Freedom Ring
Patty Griffin - Little Fire
Patty Griffin - Little God
Patty Griffin - Long Ride (Long Road Home)
Patty Griffin - Long Road
Patty Griffin - Lost And Looking
Patty Griffin - Love Be Heard
Patty Griffin - Made Of Clay
Patty Griffin - Mary
Patty Griffin - Moon River
Patty Griffin - Move Up
Patty Griffin - My Dear Old Friend
Patty Griffin - Nail In The Coffin
Patty Griffin - Never Gonna Be
Patty Griffin - Never Grow Old
Patty Griffin - Not Alone
Patty Griffin - Off You Go
Patty Griffin - One Big Love
Patty Griffin - Only Up Or Down
Patty Griffin - Our Love Is A Dud
Patty Griffin - Peter Pan
Patty Griffin - Poor Man's House
Patty Griffin - Racing In The Streets
Patty Griffin - Rain
Patty Griffin - Rowing Song
Patty Griffin - Silver Bell
Patty Griffin - Someone Else's Tomorrow
Patty Griffin - Sorry And Sad
Patty Griffin - Stay On The Ride
Patty Griffin - The Longer You Wait
Patty Griffin - The Strange Man
Patty Griffin - Time Will Do The Talking
Patty Griffin - Truth
Patty Griffin - Up And Flying
Patty Griffin - Up to the mountain
Patty Griffin - Wade In The Water
Patty Griffin - Waiting For A Superman
Patty Griffin - Waiting For My Child
Patty Griffin - Waiting For My Child To Come Home
Patty Griffin - What You Are
Patty Griffin - When It Don't Come Easy
Patty Griffin - Whole Heap Of Little Horses
Patty Griffin - You Don't Have Me
Patty Griffin - You'll Remember
Patty Griffin - You're Not Alone
Patty Larkin - Anyway The Main Thing Is
Patty Larkin - Birmingham
Patty Larkin - Italian Shoes
Patty Larkin - Open Arms (Don't Explain)
Patty Larkin - Phone Message
Patty Larkin - Tenderness On The Block
Patty Larkin - Walking In My Sleep
Patty Loveless - A Little On The Lonely Side
Patty Loveless - Big Chance
Patty Loveless - Blame It On Your Heart
Patty Loveless - Blue Memories
Patty Loveless - Blue Side Of Town
Patty Loveless - Bluegrass, White Snow
Patty Loveless - Can't Stop Myself From Loving You
Patty Loveless - Color Of The Blues
Patty Loveless - Daniel Prayed
Patty Loveless - Dreamin' My Dreams
Patty Loveless - Feelings Of Love
Patty Loveless - Fly Away
Patty Loveless - Handful Of Dust
Patty Loveless - How Can I Help You
Patty Loveless - I Already Miss You (Like You're Already Gone)
Patty Loveless - I Can't Get You Off My Mind
Patty Loveless - I Don't Want To Feel Like That
Patty Loveless - I Just Wanna Be Loved By You
Patty Loveless - I Won't Gamble With Your Love
Patty Loveless - I'll Never Grow Tired Of You
Patty Loveless - I'm That Kind Of Girl
Patty Loveless - I've Got To Stop Loving You (And Start…
Patty Loveless - I've Got To Stop Loving You And Start Living Again
Patty Loveless - I've Gotta Stop Loving You (And Start Living Again
Patty Loveless - If It's The Last Thing I Do
Patty Loveless - If My Heart Had Windows
Patty Loveless - If You Don't Want Me
Patty Loveless - Just Someone I Used To Know
Patty Loveless - Key Of Love
Patty Loveless - Like Water Into Wine
Patty Loveless - Lonely Side Of Love
Patty Loveless - Lookin' For A Heartache Like You
Patty Loveless - My Heart Will Never Break This Way Again
Patty Loveless - My Kind Of Woman/my Kind Of Man
Patty Loveless - Night's Too Long
Patty Loveless - Nobody Loves You Like I Do
Patty Loveless - Nothing But The Wheel
Patty Loveless - On Down The Line
Patty Loveless - On The Verge Of Tears
Patty Loveless - On Your Way Home
Patty Loveless - Out Of Control Raging Fire
Patty Loveless - Out Of Control Raging Fire Feat, Travis Tritt
Patty Loveless - Overtime
Patty Loveless - Prisoner's Tears
Patty Loveless - Some Blue Moons Ago
Patty Loveless - Strong Heart
Patty Loveless - That's Exactly What I Mean
Patty Loveless - The First Noel
Patty Loveless - The Grandpa That I Know
Patty Loveless - The Key Of Love
Patty Loveless - The Night's Too Long
Patty Loveless - The Pain Of Loving You
Patty Loveless - The Rainbow Down The Road
Patty Loveless - There Stands The Glass
Patty Loveless - Timber I'm Falling In Love
Patty Loveless - To Have You Back Again
Patty Loveless - Two Coats
Patty Loveless - We Are All / Children Of Abraham
Patty Loveless - When Being Who You Are Is Not Enough
Patty Loveless - When I Reach The Place I'm Going
Patty Loveless - You Can Feel Bad
Patty Loveless - You Can't Run Away From Your Heart
Patty Loveless - You Don't Even Know I Am
Patty Loveless - You Don't Even Know Who I Am
Patty Loveless - You Don't Get No More
Patty Loveless - You're All I Think About
Patty Loveless - You're All I Think About These Days
Patty Loveless - You're So Cool
Patty Medina - Blah, Blah, Blah
Patty Medina - Bye Bye Love
Patty Medina - I Forgot To Say
Patty Medina - Still Life
Patty Pravo - Ambra
Patty Pravo - Baby Blu
Patty Pravo - Buongiorno A Te
Patty Pravo - Cieli Di Bahia
Patty Pravo - Col Tempo (Avec Le Temps)
Patty Pravo - Come Un Pierrot
Patty Pravo - Five Foot Two Eyes Of Blue
Patty Pravo - Gocce Di Pioggia Su Di Me (Raindrops Keep Fallin On My Head)
Patty Pravo - Hey You
Patty Pravo - Il Mercato Dei Fiori
Patty Pravo - Il Paradiso
Patty Pravo - Innamorata DAmore
Patty Pravo - L'immenso
Patty Pravo - La Bambola
Patty Pravo - Les Etrangers
Patty Pravo - Morire Tra Le Viole
Patty Pravo - Old Man River
Patty Pravo - Passeggiata
Patty Pravo - Pazza Idea
Patty Pravo - Pensiero Stupendo
Patty Pravo - Per Una Bambola
Patty Pravo - Qui E Là
Patty Pravo - Ragazzo Triste
Patty Pravo - Se Chiudi Gli Occhi
Patty Pravo - Se Mi Vuoi Bene
Patty Pravo - Se Perdo Te
Patty Pravo - Sentimento
Patty Pravo - Sola In Capo Al Mondo
Patty Pravo - Una Mattina D'estate
Patty Pravo - Yesterday
Patty Ryan - Love Is The Name Of The Game
Patty Ryan - You & re my Love, You & re my Life
Patty Ryan - You' re my Love, Yuo're my Life
Patty Smith - China Bird
Patty Smith - Gone Pie
Patty Smith - Grateful
Patty Smith - Look What Love Has Done
Patty Smith - People Have The Power
Patty Smith - Wish I Were You
Patty Smith And Don Henley - Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough
Patty Smyth - Beat Of A Heart
Patty Smyth - Downtown Train
Patty Smyth - Everyone Gets Older
Patty Smyth - Goodbye To You
Patty Smyth - Look What Love Has Done
Patty Smyth - No Mistakes
Patty Smyth - Shine
Patty Smyth - Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough
Patty Smyth - The Warrior
Patty Smyth - Too Much Love
Patty Smyth - Wish I Were You
Patty Smyth - You Hung The Moon
Patty Smyth & Don Henley - Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough
Patxi Garat - Mon Vieil Amour
Paty Cantú - Clavo Que Saca Otro Clavo
Paty Cantú - De Nuevo
Paty Cantú - Eclipse
Paty Cantú - Me Quedo Sola
Paty Cantú - Se Desintegra El Amor