Тексты и переводы песен X-Fusion

Already Dead
Anorexia Nervosa
Ashes to ashes
Beware of the Scribes
Black Clouds
Black Clouds
Bloody Pictures
Bloody Pictures
Bloody Revenge
Book Of Lies
Bouncer of the Pearly Gate (Alternative End)
Bringer Of The Light
Bringer of Light
Choir of Damnation
Commercial Whore
Daily Dose
Daily Dose
Dead End
Dead End
Dead Love
Dead love
Dear God
Death Plan
Defiled And Raped
Defiled and Raped
Demons Of Hate
Demons of Hate
Dial D For Demons (2003)
Divine Spite
Don't You See The Lies
Drowning In Deep Silence
Drowning in Deep Silence (remixed by Essexx)
Easy To Hate
Easy to Hate
Empty Souls
Empty Souls
Eternal Sleep
Eternal Sleep
Face Your Disgrace
Face Your Disgrace
Flesh And Blood
Flesh and Blood
Follow Your Leader
God & Devil
God And Devil
Good Gloomy Night
Holy Grail
House Of Mirrors
House of Mirrors
Human Consistency
I Don't Want
I Don't Want
I Saw You
Ich Will Deine Seele
Industrial Dreams
Industrial Dreams
Jesus Hates You
Kalter Schatten
Kalter Schatten
Kalter Schatten/en
Leave No Seed
Left Hand Path
Legion Of The Damned
Let My Body Burn
Let My Body Burn (Original Version)
Lost in Myself
My Inner Storm Blows
My Revelation
My Revelation
Near End
Near End
No Fiend To Exorcise
Nothing To Loose
Nothing To Lose
Odd One Out
Pitch Black
Pitch Black
Pitch Black (remixed by Heimatærde)
Please Kill Yourself
Psycho Maniac
Rage Attack
Reap The Whirlwind
Reap the Whirlwind
Rest In Pieces
Rotten To The Core
Rotten to the Core
Satans Macht
Second Sight
Shadow Of Myself
Still Breathing
Strange New World
Stroke By Stroke
Stuprum Violentum
Sturpum Violentum
The Dungeon Of Reality
The Dungeon of Reality
The Time Between
This Gloomy Alleyway
Thorn in My Flesh
Traitors Of Our Age
Traitors of Our Age
Transition Of Power
Ultima Ratio
Vicious Eyes
Waiting for Apocalypse
War And Hate
War and Hate
When The Curtain Falls
Witness Of Your Decease