Тексты и переводы песен Young Buck

24's Freestyle
All About Money
All by Myself
Bang Bang
Bang Bang
Blood in Blood Out
Bonafide Hustler
Bonofide Hustler
Born To Be A Thug
Buck The World
Buck the World
Bury Me Alive
Buss Yo' Head
Can't Keep Livin'
Cant Catch Me
Cashville Solid
Caught in the Wind
Count Me Out
Court Date
Crime Pays
DPG Unit
Dickie Fits
Did You Miss Me
Died and Came Back
Dirty South (interlude)
Do It Like Me
Do It Like Me
Do It My Self
Do It Myself
Doin' My Thing
Don't Make Me Hurt You
Done Wit Y'all
Dope Game
Drivin Down The Freeway
Freak (Classic)
G Shit - All Star
Get Buck
Get High
Get Your Murder On
Get Your Murder On
Gone in the Morning
Hard Hitters
Hit 'em Up
Hold It Down
I Ain't Fucking Wit U!
I Aint Fuckin' Wit Ya
I Got It
I Luv Da Hood
I know You Want Me
I'll Be Back
Karate Chop (Remix) Lyrics
Keep It Moving
Kill Me a Nigga
Last Of A Dying Breed
Let Me In
Let Me In
Like a Million
Live in Sumfest 2006 Jamaica (Weed Break)
Look At Me Now
Look At Me Now
Lose My Mind
Lose My Mind / 50 Cent - Funeral Music
Man Down
Married to My Gun
Money Good
Money Good
Money In The Walls
Money in the Bank
Move It Like I Do
My Interview
My Whole Life
Niggas a Change on You
Pocket Full Of Paper
Pocket Full of Paper
Pop A Pill
Postin Up
Prepare For War
Prices on My Head
Project Niggas
Proud Of You
Puff Puff Pass
Puff Puff Pass
Purse First
Push Em Back
Push Em Back
Rap City Freestyle
Say It to My Face
Shit Head
Shorty Wanna Ride
Shorty Wanna Ride
Since Way Back
Slow Ya Roll
Slow Ya Roll
Slow Your Role
Smoke Our Life Away
Somethings Got Me On It
Stomp (Collector's Edition)
Straight Up
Stupid Money
Swag On Em
Taking Hits
The Taped Conversatioin
Thou Shall
Thou Shall
Thou Shell
Thugged Out
United Snakes Of America
War Witcha Homeboy
We Don't Need No Help
Welcome To The South
Ya Betta Know It
Your Hood